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Arsenal stay 7th in football’s rich list

Arsenal have retained their status as the world’s seventh-richest club, according to Deloitte’s latest Football Money League report.

The analysis for 2015/16 suggests the Gunners enjoyed 6% growth, largely attributable to the increased distributions received from UEFA for their participation in the Champions League.

Interestingly, the matchday revenue generated by Manchester United – who top the report after usurping Real Madrid (3rd) and Barcelona (2nd) – has overtaken the figures ‘achieved’ at the Emirates. Last year, Arsenal’s matchday revenue was higher than any other club in European football.

Arsenal’s revenue continues to grow

Deloitte notes that Arsenal will have to significantly increase commercial revenue if they are to break into Europe’s top five, dominated by the aforementioned United, Barcelona and Real Madrid, as well as Bayern Munich (4th) and Manchester City.

Deloitte Football Money League 2017

Arsenal 6% growth ensures they retain 7th place

You can read the full report, here.


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Are people still taking City’s amd PSG’s position seriously?

5th and 6th lol What a fucking joke…


7th is the new 4th

Cape Town Gooner

Fucking nuts that Man U can effectively spend €200m more than us on salaries and transfers, every single year.


That’s the risk Arsenal does not want to take. Hopefully they will find someone to justify that risk


They are still reaping the benefits of their consistent on pitch success during the fergie era. Our revenue would increase too if we are successful on the pitch

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

…over a prolonged period.

Having so many other rich clubs in our league does make it rather unlikely that any one club will ever get such a prolonged period of success, ergo, we aren’t going to top this in my grandchildren’s lifetime

…and before that happens global warming will have left Ashburton Grove under 50 feet of warm seawater.


They can, but there still shit.

Andy Mack

They have to earn much more as they have an enormous debt to service.
Having said that, their real benefit is that they have the biggest and best marketing machine which has been going since the 60s whereas the rest of the teams have only really been on to it in the last 20 years.


Huge Man U leap in revenue, and not due to much they have done on the pitch in the last few seasons. Annoying that Mourinho will get more to spend, though he usually goes for the richest club in the country.

We need to improve our sponsorship revenue, I’m sure there is scope there.

Good to see Sp*rs so far behind.

Toure Motors

Money can’t buy you love… unless its Wagner Love. I’ll get my coat

Heavenly Chapecoense

Arsenal needs to further develop its market in China. Bring best talents from China to the academy. We will soon leap to second place.


Thanks heavens you surmised such a complex thing as running a multi million pound football club into such a neat equation. Have you sent this onto Arsene??


and yet we are 16th best in europe and 4th best in England


Well, no, last year we were 2nd best in England (you do understand how leagues work?) and between 9th and 16th best in Europe.


9th and 16th? Phew. That’s a relief.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

Technically speaking we were equal 9th best with seven other teams.

Frank Bascombe

Nice one 49er.

Lord Nicki B

Not even surprised to see Utd there, I mean cmon, they have a fucking official tractor partner and a global lubricant partner. I mean ffs, how does either of these things have to do with Football.

Credit to their business team in all honesty though.

Rohit Arora

Credit to Ferguson actually. He made them a real force and they were up there as champions league contenders for a long spell and title contenders even when their team was shit.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

Actually, for a quite a long period Arsene Wenger had us up there going to to toe with United for top spot every year. The real difference was that United’s commercial department capitalised on his success while Arsenal’s commercial department did bugger all with ours… and then our bloody expensive stadium and social development scheme and Roman Abramovic and all the other billionaires buying up top European clubs and sinking fortunes into them.

We missed the boat when it was docked and then had to chase it out to sea to get on board.

A Different George

I would like to have a global lubricant partner too. Even if it has nothing to do with football.


Meh, as long as we enough to give Alexis and Ozil what they need.


As I have mentioned, there are 7-8 clubs that can and will be prepared to spend more than us. We are 7th richest but thew likes of say Chelsea are prepared to go into debt and have revenue from other means. So its never easy to say we can simply go out and out spend other teams. Those other teams have not only more money but will likely also have need in similar positions as us. Put in the Chinese at the moment and you can see how much more competitive the operating environment is. With that perspective in mind,… Read more »

Gudang Pelor

Whan have you mentioned this before Santori?
You seem to always mentioned things before, but l really want to know when did you mentioned one of these things before.

Make mine a Swiss miss

Believe me he has, oh so many times in case we didn’t get it the first ten.


Couple of surprises. Amazing Leicester City is that high up!

And West Ham. Zenit.

Italian clubs seem to be struggling from financial situation. It hasn’t been good for the Calcio.

Schalke look to be a team in Germany which should/could be doing a little better.


To watch, commercial revenue increase. This is the target to offset ticket prices in the future.

We still need to be doing better here.


PSG and City are a joke given their money spinning deals for PSGs ‘Qatar friendlies’ (Est €100m) and Man City’s women’s/MLS/Australian League team ‘partnership rights’ respectively.


7th? Not 4th!?

Viva la Prof

I’m pretty sure I read the other day that Man Utd are ranked number 1 in debt. Now I’m no economics expert but seems to me a simple layman that they aren’t the richest at all.


I wouldnt mind seeing a list of debts at each club too. Really give an indication of how clubs sit….. if clubs continue to operate with huge debts eventually the bubble will burst in a leaguewhere there isnt 1 or 2 clubs that dominate every single year.

Rohit Arora

Debt is not necessarily bad, unless you don’t have the potential to earn enough revenues.

Andy Mack

Andy debt is always worse than zero debt, but yes occasionally it’s not as bad as it sounds.

Andy Mack

Any debt…


A club with such history and heritage, based in London can’t be stay behind club like City & PSG. That means the people working have serious lack of competence in generating revenue. After such match day revenue they can’t put any excuse and fans are contributing their part. The club has a big brand image world wide. Not sure how they come behind City and PSG. Real, Barca, United and Bryan is understandable as they established their brand better (?) and the success they have.


I’m actually surprised Bryan is on the list. He hasn’t written a good song since ‘Summer of 69’.
Also, I think the fact that PSG are bank rolled by Qatar Investment Authority (worth £400m) might have something to do with why they’re ahead of us in the rich list

Andy Mack

I think you’re over estimating our history.
We’ve rarely had the consistency season to season in our results that those other teams have had (Excluding City and Bryan of course), until Wenger took over. Between Chapman and Wenger we had a very erratic time where we went for long periods where we were considered only a Cup team…

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