Wednesday, May 31, 2023

Awkward ‘interview’ welcomes Zelalem to Holland

Gedion Zelalem has begun training with Dutch second tier side VVV-Venlo while he waits for his loan move to be made official.

The USA Youth international is currently waiting on paperwork to be finished before being unveiled.

Eagle-eyed local publication Omroep Venlo caught sight of the 20-year-old this morning and asked him a few questions about the move.

While he confirmed the new surroundings represent a good opportunity for him, it’s fair to say young Gedion wasn’t overly chuffed to be the centre of their attention…

Zelalem becomes the fifth young Gunner to make a temporary move to Holland since the summer.

For more on Zelalem’s chances of making it at Arsenal, check out the latest article by our resident youth expert Jeorge Bird.   

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Loaded Cannon

Why didn’t he go back to rangers on loan? I thought they rated him over there?

David Hillier's luggage

They got Toral from us instead, probably more suited to what they need right now

Andy Mack

If you want him to learn new stuff then it wouldn’t necessarily be a good idea to send him back to a team he’d already been with.


his main challenge right now is to bulk up a bit or develop physically to have a shot at arsenal.. I can’t believe he’s 20yrs old already he looks 17…Iwobi is 20 and Adelaide Jeff is 19 and physically he’s no where near them. Technically he’s good but also other than physically he needs to work out where his best position is. When he plays deeper in midfield he can’t tackle and he doesn’t win enough duels to be suitable for that position even though his ball retention is very good his transition is slow he enjoys a slow build… Read more »


Still looks like he’d blow over in a breeze. Lad need to start filling out. Wonderful technique.


“he needs to fill out” always confuses me when we say that, Iniesta is hardly an Arnold Schwarzenegger lookalike

Brendan from NY

What Iniesta, Sanchez, Messi, lack in size, they make up for in balance, core strength, and a low center of gravity. If you are tall and lanky, you better be very strong as well or have an afro and sharp elbows.


Well said. David Silva came to mind. And to a large extent our very own Santi. Technique over size and strength is the football we all love to watch!


I’m not sure but may be having a Dutch guy in charge of our youth set up has something to do with the Gunner brigade in The Netherlands


Yeah probably has his connections


Just waiting for someone with a sarcastic, ‘You don’t say’


Surly twat!

Le Jim

Bloody hell. He’s got a bit of an attitude for someone whose career has gone nowhere for four(?) years.

Bai Blagoi

Simply unprofessional, if you ask me.


I mean I don’t imagine he is thrilled he missed out on first team football in London again this year. Not to mention, who knows what had just happened in his personal life. Getting a camera shoved in your face early in the morning probably won’t bring out the best


You don’t know what was going on there. What if he just got bad news? Not in a mood to talk, that is about it.


A Google translate for that page calls him an Arsenal mercenary!!


Hope he does well @Venlo
the lad got talent

chippy's chip

I reckon he is in a hurry to get to the nearest coffee shop! What? I mean for a coffee…for shoor.

Toure motors

Jesus, millennials


There was a player in the youth ranks not too long ago Alban Bunjaku who was extremely skillfull, scoring plenty of goals in the youth set up and showing lots of promise.

He became a bit of a contract rebel wanting to be part of the first team. He left and since then, nothing heard of him.

Its a fine margin between a successful career and falling by wayside.


Bunjaku looked a huge prospect, Cesc level of calmness and technique in midfield and a great goal scorer too at youth level at least. Real shame he didn’t work out as he looked a nailed on first teamer! Fine line as you say!


When someone is talking to you, it is generally common courtesy to look at them. I mean, I know it’s the press, but it is not as if he is harassing him or asking him difficult questions. Does not bode well…


You have no idea what took place before that clip started, whether he politely declined to stand for an interview first thing in the morning or whether he told the reporter to f*ck off.

Jeezus, you guys are so judgmental!

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