Tuesday, September 26, 2023

Big Guns return: Arsenal v Watford team news

It’s back to Premier League action tonight as we face Watford at the Emirates.

After making a lot of changes for the FA Cup, there are some big names returning tonight. Here are the official line-ups.

Arsenal: Cech, Gabriel, Mustafi, Koscielny, Monreal, Coquelin, Ramsey, Ozil, Alexis, Iwobi, Giroud

Subs: Ospina, Gibbs, Bellerin, Oxlade-Chamberlain, Maitland-Niles, Lucas, Walcott

Watford: Gomes (GK); Cathcart, Kaboul, Prödl, Britos; Behrami; Janmaat, Cleverley, Capoue, Niang; Deeney

Subs: Arlauskis (GK), Mariappa, Mason, Watson, Doucoure, Success, Okaka.

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Is welbeck injured?

Giovani Rampeloti

No, he must be restin

ospina's thumb

All right, if he’s resting, I’ll wake him up..

Hello Danny?? Daaa–nnny???? Danny Welbeck.. wake up..


Dan? DAN? Dan? Dan? Daaaan? DAAAAAAANNNNNNN?….



Hope not. Probably easing him back from injury very gently which means he gets a well deserved night off tonight.


He was in yesterday’s training session per photos on official website. But i can’t help but be a little nervous for him after he came off with limp on Saturday. Hopefully just resting and back for weekend.


Wenger should have let the kids play. Down 2-0 at home to watford what a joke! And why can’t Perez get a start again. I should have stayed at work

SA Gooner

As long as Ramsey is starting games Arsenal are not going to win the league.

I hope Wenger can see this now that he has a better tactical view from the stand.

Out Ramsey


Bellerin on the bench?


He’s got to play v Chelsea and three games in a week after an injury would be a risk.


Keeping the turbochargers fresh for Saturday.


Really interested to see if this team performs better that the previous one!


Granted this is a home game, but the quality of opposition is much tougher than Southampton reserves.


It depends a lot on the opposition you know.


Shall I stop being interested then? 😉

Vincent Kompany's Forehead


Thierry Bergkamp

Will be a different type of game. No way Watford will play so open.


“performance” can be measured regardless of the opposition. I am not meaning “will they do better than 5 nil” anyway…

bus wanker

no intention of downgrading iwobi, but it would be really interesting to see perez get the nod from start in the pl. not much more the lad can do in terms of performance to deserve it. competition is real atm

Edus Braces

I was hoping for Perez, Walcott (Iwobi if he’s not 100%) & Sanchez. It’s harsh on Giroud but our best performances have been with a dynamic nimble 3 up top. Hasn’t been available for a while but it is now so I’m surprised to see the big man, still, matter of preference, not life or death.


giroud and perez have a unique connection. whenever they play together they seem to be combining a lot. i honestly think if giroud is being played as our striker then perez should start on the right wing

In Bergkamp We Trust 3:16

I don’t know what it is but I’m just not a fan of Iwobi. I can appreciate Welbeck being rested but I would be happier seeing Perez starting. He’s due some minutes in the league.

Billy no mates

Iwobi needs to run about a bit doesn’t he.

If you trust Bergkamp then have faith in Iwobi.


bet you’d be a fan if he chose england instead of nigeria…

Don Cazorleone

plucked that out of thin air didn’t you?

In Bergkamp We Trust 3:16

Lol. Not really, I’m actually Nigerian (though born in England)


you better look at iwobi play carefully cause he is going to run the show for the read army for many years to come if things go as planned. not flashy, but makes play run smoothly and quick thinker. Lucas should be in for giroud. COYG.

Big Ticket

I’d have rather seen Alexis up top and Lucas on the wing


Giroud’s got this. 2-0 arsenal. Giroud brace.


Good call


Nah I don’t think so. We won’t have that cutting edge.

I have a bad feeling about this one.


With Watford parking the bus in a 4-5-1 formation, Giroud is the right call up front. We’re going to find it hard to break them down. I expect he’ll be back on the scoresheet today.


Good line-up against bottom half opposition. I really hope Giroud doesn’t get found out against better opposition, with 3 at the back, like Chelsea. I am of the opinion of many, including blogs, that we seem more fluid with pacy forwards like Sanchez and Walcott, proven by the number of goals we score with such line-ups.

Collins Masea



Anyone know if it’s on tv anywhere?


This is where resting those players for the cup game needs to pay off, a good fast start and our big players on top of their game please. Coyg


Well thats a turd fest first 20. So 5 steps forward at the wkend..quickly followed by 11 back on Tuesday. Oh to be a gooner?


Huge huge sigh!!!!!! The grief of being a gunner supporter. I know it’s still early, but a tough day at work is making me say I don’t feel for this shit…. Hoping for the best fellow gunners. Goodnight.

Lord Bendnter

I had decided to skip watching the first half, but my phone kept vibrating with Google goal updates. What the heck I mean what the heck, two down to Watford at home, really really !!!


I am unable to “skip” watching…but that’s just me. COYG!!

Lord Bendnter

I had something to attend to, but clearly after that second goal I felt the need to run to the TV screen


Kind of wretched performance this team always has in their locker I’m afraid. All too often, brings us down to earth after a champagne display in the previous game – it’s shaping up to be a long evening.


Long evening? How about a long decade.


Too complacent and fucked up everything.

cheesed off

No wonder I can’t get onto the live blog lol its probably gone into complete melt down at the shockingly bad performance of the first team!!! Not gunner win the league with performances like that!!! Bet the chav scum are loving it!!!


wretched team performance, but…time to move on from Ramsey?


A few hours of the transfer window to go… there’s still hope


Seriously jog him on. He was walking back on the 2nd goal. At least Mustafi had a go at him. Otherwise it’s the same old record skipping at the same spot, year in year out.

Tony Hall

This is why we will never win the PL
We have the consistency of a fucking blancmange


Well 11 points behind the leader with 15 games to go is not a title challenge. This is not progress and it is not the squad, it is not money, it is not depth.

It is preparation, mainly mental, and only the manager can be held responsible in my view.


Watford are playing like the home team and with Giroud up top our chances of lightning quick counters are slim. Walcott and Bellerin on from the start of the 2nd if we’re to salvage this.


Half time analysis:
1. We are shit in the rain please stop raining!
2. Alexis is having a ‘mare, the vast majority of our attacks are breaking down because he is passing to the opponents.
3. Gabriel is having a ‘mare.
4. Ox in that position looks brilliant.
5. Supporting Arsenal is a nightmare at times. COYG!


And then we were shit again

Tony Hall

Anyone else having a nightmare trying to get this site to load up or to join in the live blog chat. I upgraded but it keeps telling me I still need to … bugger !


Everybody wants to come on here and complain

Last minute winner anybody?


Walcott on

Leave a Reply

Yeah Arsenal if you could go ahead and put some effort in that would be great.

Tony Hall

I would have brought on Hector as well for his speed down the wing. No point saving him for the weekend if we are 11 points behind by then

Tony Hall

Iwobi !!!

Tony Hall

I despair of the team sometimes, how can we be so good in one match then so bad in the next. Is it written into their contracts that they must make sure they fuck up the season by February ?

Tony Hall

To put it bluntly losing at home to Watford is fucking appalling …


Too much complacency in the first half. I don’t even know what there is to complacent about. Wenger needs to start rewarding good performances instead of playing who he likes even if they are playing really poorly


Now…this ends the season.To be honest, I don’t even care who stays or goes. They all should be ashamed to wear the shirt.

Tony Hall

If I was them I would be too embarassed to take my wages this week …


Absolutely gutted…. let’s face it we’re no where good enough to win the Premier League


FA Cup and 2nd place. You heard it here first!


Absolutely gutted. This team simply pisses me off. The kids over the weekend showed most of these overpaid embarrassments how to win. Walcott should have started as well as Perez. We lacked pace on the first half and it cost us dearly. Pathetic from management to team performance.

cheesed off

Getting beat at the start of the season by liverpoo was when we blew the title, seems an extreme thing to say but we had all summer to get the right players in and hit the ground running!!! Instead we find our title bid ended in January, makes a change from February I guess!!!!


Started slowly and that happened. Who would have thought???


If only we had our minds focused on Watford during the first half rather than the weekend. Oh well disappointing would be a huge understatement


Oh for fuck sake out comes that absolutely shit first half performance that always seems to be lurking.you hope it’s gone away but it keeps on lingering like a really bad smell.


Chelsea, Liverpool and Spuds drop points and we lose to Watford at home. Ramsey and possibly the Ox injured. Bad stuff…

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