Giroud & Ramsey react to beating Preston


After scoring the goals that secured a 2-1 win over Preston North End, Olivier Giroud and Aaron Ramsey faced the BT Sport cameras to discuss what it took to secure safe passage to the FA Cup fourth round.

Here’s what they had to say.

On his winner…

OG: We wanted to start better than the last game against Bournemouth. Unfortunately, they surprised us with their commitment. We were not in the game in the first half and obviously we wanted to bounce back in the second half and show some character. We’ve done it with an early goal in the second half, a nice goal by Aaron, and after we pushed and pushed until the end. Once more we scored in the last minute. One more time we’ve shown a strong team character but we want to start the games better.

On being surprised by Preston…

OG: Surprised, yeah. I don’t know. They put a lot of intensity into the duels and all the team was beaten basically. It was not Arsenal. We wanted to show something else in the second half. We’ve done it, but we need to start the games better. We’re pleased with the amazing support of the fans tonight and to win this game.

On what was said at half time…

AR: I’ve played in the Championship and I know how difficult the teams are to play against. They took us by surprise with their level of commitment and effort. We didn’t match that. In the second half we needed to have a different attitude and I think we showed that. It was nice to score and that gave us the momentum to go forward and win the game with a late winner from Ollie.

On his goal…

AR: Finally one has gone in now, hopefully a few more will follow. I’m just happy that we won the game.

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How is it that we are still getting “surprised” by the opposition’s commitment?! Desperately need more of it ourselves – especially in the opening minutes of games.

David C

“team tries to win game, they surprised us!”

Did we just expect them to rollover and give us the game? I think we need to do 2 warm-ups to get into the beginning of games.


we should start every game in the 70th minute from now on!


Since Arsenal plays (mostly) a possession-based game, they automatically expect teams to sit back, soak up pressure, and try the occasional counter (unless you’re Man $hitty, Barca, or Bayern). When a team like Preston or Bournemouth try to match Arsenal in pressing, winning the ball back, possession and attacking football, then it is surprising, to everyone. Kudos to Preston, with more clinical strikers they would have disgraced Arsenal today.

Gunning for glory

I mean we shuld not be suprised by opposition at all. I dont think any opposition is in for a chit chat.


true — but did you genuinely think we wouldn’t grow into this game? Yes, we looked leggy in the opening stages and the defense was an absolute shambles to start, but I never truly felt we wouldn’t get something from this game, especially once the lads regrouped and began to play. The away support was fantastic, we got a goal from Ramsey and anther clutch one from Giroud…you can be frustrated with how they started the game but I found it enjoyable to see them believe in themselves and get the winner. Honestly, what more can you ask for as… Read more »

Giroud Awakening

On a side note, how much of a little dickhead was that Preston player Pearson?


He should have had three yellow cards.


I’d love a fit Pearson in our squad. (Flamini I miss thee..) Many of our lilyassed players shirk away from physical contests. Loved Giroud, Gabriel and Iwobi hustling and bustling the opposition. High press and aggressive posturing demands a response. Liverpool and Tottenham will eat up Ramseys every day of the week.


Pearson the joey barton wannabe


Which is just sad, not even Joey Barton really wants to be Joey Barton.

chippy's chip

Suprised at their commitment!!REALLY??


Yes, it almost sounds like..’What? We’re playing a cup game for the first time?!’


is it better to score first, blow up spectacularly and lose the game or concede first, show mental strength and win it??


It’s better to score first, start the game with some bollocks and remember your playing for Arsenal. I’m fed up of the these shit, going through the motions starts. You have to earn the right to play, div.2 team or prem, is regardless. Your meant to be professional, so act like it!


Pearson should have had two yellows but that would only have led to whinges from the Northerners.

I’ve thinking for some time that Xhaka reminds of someone and I am certain now it’s Paul Davies. It’s both to do with his very upright stance but also about how he distributes the ball and then makes himself available as an out ball and then recycles without being flashy in any way.

chippy's chip

Paul davis, steve williams they both had it. Xhakas got it. And we need it. Get hard.

chippy's chip

Or get fucked

Giroud Awakening

I thought Xhaka was quite poor today, he was a bit wasteful

Post January Blip

I’ll only agree with your comparison if Xhaka scores as many headers as Davis did. Man I feel old!


Or he brakes someone’s jaw….

chippy's chip

If only we could show the same level of commitment, passion, desire as them in every game excluding Alexis obviously.

chippy's chip

For BOTH halves.


I think they probably meant that they expected Preston to park the bus and play on the counter.There were a lot of snide fouls and loose elbows going on that the ref was blatantly ignoring, and a season or two ago we wouldn’t have coped with that and would have lost the game. We were very poor in the first half but we’re through what I expected to be a hard and dirty game, and with no apparent injuries, so I’ll happily take that!
Also the away fans were absolutely superb.

Giroud Awakening

It was really quite refreshing to see Giroud retaliate to a shove with a big fuck off shoulder. It was the first time for a while that I have seen an Arsenal player properly stick up for themselves


Also loved Gabriels most intentional foul and yellow for revenge of the elbow earlier.

Wenger's Philosophy Teacher

Did you see how Captain Giroud stopped paying attention to the ref’s lecture to Gabriel and looked like the bored kid in class? ?


Great comeback. We were basically out of the game again first half. The team and manager need desperately to sort that out. We havent had enough solid 90min performances this season.

chippy's chip

Yeah instead of going down to easily, sitting on his arse with arms outstretched loking at the ref or himself on the big screen

Lance Banner

Someone should have put that twat Pearson on his ass.


Please, could be nice to be surprised by your commitment in the first half, sometimes.


Sunday morning, New Zealand, 7am, wake, feel reasonably positive about game. No correct TV scheduling of Arse game so going to Arseblog for score. But turn on ESPN first to see Arsenal 0-1 down in 37th. Clench. Feel queasy. Drink of water. I can hear the taunts from the Manure and other fans now. Tk fuck I didn’t see most of the first half. Wife asks if “this is going to be another horrible day”. Halftime she ramps up the positivity with aid of tea and toast. Rambo the man conjures up memories of FA Cup final winner. Whinge/cheer/cringe at… Read more »


this was awesome.


A lot of commenters said Pearson of PNE needed doing , if any Arsenal had committed any of those fouls and the amount of them they surely would have been sent off
Arsenal play football to a different set of laws/rules Xhaka gets penalised against Bournemouth for a push result a penalty Bellerin gets pushed to the ground in the build up to a goal no decision they score
What’s the difference ? the media have said he’s (Bellerin) not strong enough no mention of double standards just one example of how we are seen by others


We made hard work of the game yet ramsey loves to score in fa cup games dont he,anyway we got there in the end so bring on next team

pumbush gunner

Am really excited for Ramsey bcos he really needs that goal for his confidence and geroud is really saving our blushes.