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Southampton 0-5 Arsenal: By the Numbers

11 – Goals + assists by Lucas Perez for Arsenal this season (all competitions)
15 – Starts by Lucas Perez for Arsenal
5 – Career hat tricks for Arsenal by Theo Walcott
11 – Career hat tricks for Arsenal by Ian Wright
3 – Career hat tricks for Arsenal by Robin van Persie
9 – Career hat tricks for Arsenal by Thierry Henry
9 – Players who have more hat tricks for Arsenal than Theo Walcott. Can you name them?
99 – Career goals for Arsenal by Theo Walcott
17 – Number of players who have scored 100+ goals for Arsenal. Can you name them?
365 – Appearances Theo Walcott has made for Arsenal and when he scores his 100th goal it will be the latest any player has ever scored a hundo for Arsenal (the previous most was Joe Hulme who scored his 100th goal in his 307th appearance)
14 – Number of goals Walcott has scored this season, the most he’s scored since 2012/13 when he scored 21 goals
23 – Percent of his shots that Walcott is scoring this season
12 – Percent of his shots that Walcott scored last season
17 – Goals for Arsenal by Alexis this season
12 – Assists for Arsenal by Alexis this season

In-Game Stats

Sometimes great finishing can cover up a poor performance and sometimes poor finishing can kill a great performance, Arsenal have been both beneficiary and victims of both. But against Southampton, Arsenal started strong, finished their chances, and killed the game off before adding insult to injury.

According to the pass dominance chart, Arsenal dominated the first 40 minutes of the match leading the passing stats 254 to 153, including 6 key passes and a cracking 4 through balls. Three of those through balls were from Perez and the last was from Oxlade-Chamberlain which was an assist for Welbeck’s second goal.

After the 40th minute there was an incredible 5 minutes or so where Arsenal allowed Southampton to pass the ball around and conceded possession 13-77 (passes). Southampton created nothing in this time.

After that, Arsenal were happy to concede the ball but still probed looking for chances. Arsenal had three more through balls, two from Ox and one from Lucas, all three were long balls. Arsenal also created 5 key passes in this time, two from late sub Alexis

So, while Arsenal were only dominant in terms of passing in the first 40 minutes, they kept looking for goals throughout.

The shot chart shows that Arsenal scored 5 goals but only finished the match with 1.5 “expected” goals. Arsenal only managed 7 shots on goal but scored 5 goals off those 7 shots.

This follows the trend this season for Arsenal who are finishing almost 4% better than they did last season in all competitions. Taking their chances is really paying off.

Some of the standout players today:

8 – Tackles by Maitland-Niles (led all players, won possession 6 times)
5 – Times Maitland-Niles lost possession (led Arsenal tied with Walcott)
4 – Number of those lost possession which were just poor touch (this is especially bad for a CDM, Xhaka averages 0.6 poor touches per game)
103 – Maitland-Niles led all players with 103 touches (yes, it’s still a lot of turnovers, Xhaka had 88 touches and 0 bad touches against Swansea)
5 – Maitland-Niles led Arsenal with 5 blocks (combination of blocked shots, crosses, and passes)
3 – Maitland-Niles led all players with 3 interceptions (tied with Hojbjerg, Sims, and McQueen)
6 – Reine-Adelaide led all players with 6 successful dribbles (of 7 – Southampton’s Sims attempted 7 but only successfully dribbled 5 times)
3 – Oxlade-Chamberlain led all players with three key passes
3 – Oxlade-Chamberlain was second on Arsenal with three through balls
4 – Lucas led all players with 4 through balls
0 – Southampton had zero through balls
4 – Alexis had 4 unsuccessful touches
2 – Alexis was also dispossessed 2 times
2 – Alexis also had two assists
90 – Maitland-Niles, Reine-Adelaide, and Oxlade-Chamberlain combined for 90% pass completion
3 – Arsenal became the first team in world football to start three center-mids with three hyphenated last names




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Niles can be groomed into that position. He looked like song with discipline. Was very impressed with his composure and availability. Kept things really simple. He was the stand out performance for me cos no one really expected it.
Glad that theo will get his hundo this season. Such a remarkable turnaround from d vilification he rightly received last season. Sure blogs is glad to eat d humble pie.
Great work as usual 7am. Keep up d good work


Based on pure numbers Theo is clearly under appreciated


If he stays fit and plays then he will be appreciated as he is coming into his prime.

Calgary Gooner

That game was as deeply satisfying as a cupa on a cold day.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

Which one? Tommy Cupa or Mini Cupa? You inspired me to think of the most satisfying things I have experienced. They came to me like this… The joy of seeing Arsenal win a trophy. The joy of seeing Arsenal win big. The flood of relaxation that you get with a hot cuppa. The flood of relief that you get from a pee after holding it in. The moment in a rock song that always makes you want to punch the air. The wind-down after bedroom calisthenics (not forgetting the kaboom). My life’s ambition is now to get them all happening… Read more »


” 3 – Arsenal became the first team in world football to start three center-mids with three hyphenated last names ”



A midfield 6 could be the way forward!

0 – the number of stupid fouls leading to cards by Niles – if you need to make comparisons with Xhaka. I think most of his poor touches/passes came early in the game before he settled down to a great performance both at back and pushing forward.

75 – minutes longer that TheJeff lasted than his Diaby lookalike usually did.

100 – percent chance that Ox should be given on Tuesday to continue his Santi role.


0 – amount of class you’re showing


?? I give a big up to all three of our midfielders and that’s lacking class??
Oh well.


You could do it without trashing our other players. That explains the thumbs down.

Being endlessly harsh on Xhaka and Diaby doesn’t help anything. Reine-Adelaide being a countryman of Diaby it probably hurts, if anything. The man gave his career for the club.

Bould's Eyeliner

He’s forgetting that we essentially sic’ed Danny Welbeck, Lucas Perez, Theo Walcott, Hector Bellerin, and Alexis Sanchez on a U21 Southampton def., with Oxlade-Chamberlain to bring up the rear.

Basically from top to some of the fastest attackers on the league just took their turns dismantling a defense that probably has less than ten times first league match experience than our forwards… don’t get me wrong I loved every second of it, but yeah we should have definitely won that on paper in spades so, glad reality matched up this time around.


Agree completely. People are losing their minds based on a win over Southampton’s reserves. The Ox plays a few nice long balls when he has all day to pick out a pass and suddenly he’s the heir to Santi Cazorla.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

Yeah, and it was “only” Wycombe Wanderers who damn near beat Spurs and made them look ordinary.

It was 11 v 11 professional footballers. We did what was necessary, we did it with class and style, and we didn’t look ordinary doing it.


No one is forgetting that the Saints didn’t put their first team out there, or that they’d just played Liverpool midweek. But the players our guys faced were professionals and were giving it a real go. It’s encouraging that the Jeff and Maitland-Niles played as well as they did, right? And Ox made some great passes that I guarantee few others would make in similar circumstances. The comparisons with Cazorla are not crazy. He has a similar ability to make space for himself, retain the ball under pressure, and get off the occasional defense-breaking through ball. He can score too.… Read more »


Perez also had 2 Hleb assists in this game.

Unyoke the Ox

Probably going to watch the highlights (for the 4th time) layer. Good times!

Unyoke the Ox



Welbz doesn’t appear much in the stats; but for me, with two well taken and difficult strikers goals, scored quite early in the game, he more than anyone, influenced how the game played out. It’s so good to have him back.


Was Bergkamp one of those Hattrick scorers?

Who Chec? Wojiech...

The other hat trick men were: Ian Selley, Kwame Ampadu, Francis Jeffers, David Suker, Glenn Helder, Pat Jennings, Eddie McGoldrick, Silvestre and Viv Anderson.


Would you mind writing an article about this blogs?


Bergkamp scored a hat trick against Leicester in the 1997/98 season. Check stats @


Inresting as always. Just a note on bar chart on passing:might be better visualised with bars+line upright and the opposition passes represented by negative vs Arsenal positive numbers.


Welbz adding insalt to injury…


You forgot your coat…

Dave Swain

Does anybody know if any team has ever fielded a team with as long names? It must be a record for the midfield… Is that McWherter fella still alive??? Surely a World record…


Have you forgotten a certain Johannes “Jan” Vennegoor of Hesse link?

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

You forgot Pele 🙂

belmont gooner

7amkickoff, curious as to where you got the “1.5 xg” stat for the Arsenal. @Caley_graphics had it at 4.1.

Michigan gooner

The Lucas Perez stat must be 15 appearances, not 15 starts, right?

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