Wenger dismisses striker link as ‘fake news’ !

Wenger dismisses striker link as 'fake news' !

Over the last few weeks there have been extremely spurious links to Torino striker Andrea Belotti.

Despite what some of the worst red-tops and click-bait merchants would have you believe, there was nothing to the story at all – and especially not a £65m bid from a club that is currently awash with attacking talent.

Asked about it today at his pre-Swansea press conference, Arsene Wenger showed he’s keeping track of current affairs by dismissing it completely.

“That is what you call these days ‘fake news’,” quipped the boss.

“We have Welbeck coming back, we have Giroud, we have Sanchez, we have Walcott, we have Perez who is doing very well now.

“We have Chuba Akpom, we have Sanogo, we have many strikers!”

We’re putting the fact he’s included Sanogo in there, who hasn’t been seen in an Arsenal shirt for a very long time now, as a cherry on the icing of the ‘this is completely made-up’ cake.

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Would he take the #Peenalties?

(not even remotely sorry).


He didn’t mentioned park chu young? He ia still on blog’s rating system…err


Remember that 99% of transfer news is rubbish, made up by the agents or other club etc. Or clickbait websites.

Until it’s official don’t waste time on it. Unless you have lots of spare time and like to be disappointed.

Andy Mack

Unfortunately we have loads of gullible fans, so the bullshit reporting will continue as long as they keep clicking the bait/believing the papers.


I’m British, disappointment is my very reason for being 🙂


Arsene assembled a top 4 team for £65 m.

Arsene's coat

Dick, let’s go all in. Call them back and offer £65,000,000.10


Sanogo is fake news

Bob's Mexican Cousin

Where is he? On loan?


Injured or seriously ill. Bad enough that Wenger will not speak about it out of respect for Sanogo.


haha… brilliant!

Arshavin's fake moustache



Boss always has a sense of humour. ‘Fake news’ haha

Ex-Priest Tobin

A genuinely witty comment from Wenger, unlike a lot of the faux-intellectual bullshit he often spouts.

David C

HUH?!?! you must be drinking some strange kool-aid to believe that. I follow lots of sports (footie, hockey, baseball, etc.) and Wenger has to be one of the most interest coaches to listen to.

He never throws his players under the bus, doesn’t do much to create distractions for the team, doesn’t use too many cheesy cliches, and always has something insightful to say.

Lord Bendnter

Hmm interesting, just last night I was thinking about Sanogo. Dont know why. I even checked if there was anything on him on arsenal.com

Lord Bendnter

Sanogo’s case has been the most perplexing for me. Is he injured or not? Does he train with the team or not? Does he have an agent or not? I mean I don’t recall him coming out and saying anything regarding well anything. Where is Sanogo??

#YOLO Toure

I remember reading something about Wenger saying that Sanogo has had quite a bad illness, which is why no one’s seen him? I seem to remember it not being life-threatening or anything but it’s serious.


He forgot to mention one more name “who can also play there”.

Crash Fistfight

Arsene, the satirical genius ?

Giroud's Beard

So glad Arseblog News didn’t report that shit. Nowadays if I read something, I come to Arseblog News to check. Keep up the good work guys!


Yaya Sanogo is a fake striker.

Remember that time he scored four goals in a fake match? That was faking impressive.


We got Podolski, we got Giroud, even Gervinho up front too…


Wenger forgot to add – “Let’s not forget we have Campbell who can play there and he is out on loan”.