Wenger: Giroud is a top-quality man

Wenger: Giroud is a top-quality man

Arsene Wenger says that Olivier Giroud is both a top-quality striker and a top-quality man as the French international continues to lap up the plaudits for that sensational goal yesterday.

It’s been a difficult season for him in some regards, losing his place, getting injured, and not starting anywhere near as many games as he has in seasons gone by.

But the Arsenal manager says it’s to his credit that he’s reminded people of what he can do.

“It shows you how quickly things can change because two months ago everyone said, ‘Giroud doesn’t play’, then today he is a hero,” said Wenger.

“When it didn’t go well for him, he worked and that is something that I rate. Our job is to be ready for a chance, and he worked hard when he didn’t play and now he gets rewarded, and that is right.”

“He is a top striker, who is a top-quality man as well, so I am very pleased that he can compete for us.”

It was Giroud’s 7th goal of the season from just 4 starts, and undoubtedly one of the best he’s ever scored. For more on the goal, and why people should enjoy it for what it is, check out today’s fresh-off-the-presses Arsecast Extra.

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It is easy to spot his weaknesses, slow off the mark (though he did bomb up the pitch for the goal) and overly left footed.

But his stats are very strong, which shows his strengths. Him or Sanchez upfront, two quality options.


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bSWaeTs9G9k his top 10 goals, all headers or left footed (apart from one that came off his right heel I think).

Bould's Eyeliner

Giroud is not slow, but he is not agile. His top pace is perfectly fine and even faster than you’d expect, but if you think he’s going to twist and turn like Alexis, then have a good night being disappointed. That difference makes him a better target man, but also makes Alexis a more independently dangerous striker.


Nice twist and turn here! https://youtu.be/jt72C2ePHf4


I think he is at his best when he is fresh. In seasons past when he played every single game he would not have had the energy for that bombing run from his own half to score.

And playing so much probably made him even more static as he maybe conserved more energy or was just fatigued.

I just think he seem to impose himself on games alot more when he comes off the bench or only Start the odd game.

Another yank

Agreed, very well put.

Lord Bendnter

That’s two tops. Hats off to Giroud


2 games…2 game winners for us. Scoring lots for us yet still people love to point out his shortcomings like others don’t have them. He’s in good form now…let’s enjoy it.


Don’t forget the equaliser agains United


If he’s our second choice striker, there isn’t a better second choice in the league. In form like this there aren’t many better first choices either


I still think our best line up is Giroud as the striker & Alexis as a winger/second striker. Not only because our attacking is more complete & has more variety that way, but also because Alexis is the best LWF that we’ve been looking for so long! Arshavin, Gervinho, Poldi, etc, all fall short in that position because they only do half the things that Alexis does. And now when we finally got the perfect lwf, we want to make him a striker. I love Arsene to death but sometimes he does this weird things that doesn’t make any sense… Read more »


I know he gets a lot of slacks, but man, his stats are quite good
Off topic, two matches in 3 days, wtf man


What the fuck is going on in Chelsea, 40 points in 19 matches is quite impressive, any other season I’d have been vey happy….this is so frustrating and so ridiculous, can’t believe it’s the same team we made look like boys vs men

Mike de |Jong

Perhaps this will stop some of the snide comments and simply unfair criticism of Olivier Giroud. I have always had faith in him as our best snapper up of chances since Freddie Ljungberg. Look at the goal away at Palace last season, not as spectacular as yesterday’s, but the ball was behind him along the ground and he still turned it in


Giroud will stay sanxhez will leave for more coinage


There are subs that are just that, subs. Then there are subs of Giroud’s quality, who are as important as anyone in the starting 11. The title race is long. I don’t think anyone doubted he would have a crucial role to play.


He is SO much more than a “Plan B’ . Aside from strength in the air”, he has an immaculate first touch and is a creative player bringing others into the box (offering us an outlet and hold up play). He scores plenty with feet too (particularly near pst runs) and as we now know, he has audacious creativity too. Souness was such a prat on MOTD babbling on about how the goal was a huge slice of luck. Even Carragher had to disagree. Of course there’s luck involve with the more intrepid attempts at goal but the audaciousness of… Read more »