Saturday, December 10, 2022

Wenger predicting big things for Iwobi

Arsene Wenger says he has high hopes that Alex Iwobi can go ‘much higher up’, highlighting the young midfielder’s ‘team attitude’ as a key factor in his development.

Iwobi, 20, was instrumental in setting up two of Arsenal’s four goals at Swansea on Saturday and now has five assists and four goals to his name in 30 Premier League appearances.

Wenger says the latest performance was indicative of a player growing in confidence.

“He is more and more comfortable in the team,” Wenger said to Arsenal Player after the game.

“But I think Alex Iwobi, above all his talent, is a guy who has a fantastic team attitude.

“He is gaining in confidence as well. You could see overall that he develops very well. If he keeps that kind of spirit he has at the moment, he can go much higher up. That’s my wish.”

After the victory at the Liberty Stadium, Iwobi was confident he’d be able to claim a goal after his second half effort looped in via a big deflection off Jack Cork.

“I’m claiming the first one! It’s on target so I’m going to claim that one,” Iwobi said.

“Second one I can let slide, but the first one is definitely my goal.

“It was quite big [the deflection] I’m not saying, but they all go in, they all count. But that one at least, I’m praying it’s my goal.”

Unfortunately, on this occasion the mysterious panel that decides these things has ruled against him.

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Alex Iwobi is seriously talented ,already looking comfortable on either flank , as a 10 and also when he drops back to support he still looks confident. At just 20 years of age it’s remarkable.


When he first got into the team he did really well and all those who sit near me agreed he looked a great prospect. He then had a few games where he stuttered a bit. What makes me believe who can go on to achieve great things is the way he responded, not only got back his form and confidence but his game improved further. I was hoping that Mr Wenger would keep him in the team to further build his confidence, he has and Alex is doing the business. If only we could give more of our young players… Read more »


Looks like Iwobi another Nasri for sure.

Heavenly Chapecoense

Strictly on football basis, why not?


Poor pun and I’ve learned my lesson lol

Naija Gunner

Lol! Glad you did

Jay Jay

Great prospect, i love watching him play. I’m interested to see what his stats are like compared to Walcott and The Ox when they were his age?

Heavenly Chapecoense

Walcott scored more goals but was erratic which Iwobi isn’t.


I love his ability, pedigree, intelligence and attitude. Baring mishaps I think h will be huge for us over the next few years.


And, given that I lived there when I was young, I like that he is Nigerian.


Where are you from?


I grew up in Clapham Bedfordshire. Now Twickenham.

Ned Flanders Bible

He is doing very well and just needs the cretins who carries him when he makes a minor error to shut the duck up and let him develop. Good luck to the lad.


Good player, likeable guy, hope he has a great career, Good Luck.


Recovered well from a small dip a month or so ago. If he keeps working on his defensive contribution (looks like he has) and tightens up his shooting a little the sky is the limit for him…Very few weaknesses in his game. Never looks out of place and even when the team has been poor which has been a fair few games he is usually the bright spark.


I thought there has been a noticeable difference in pressing at the top. Probably inspired by Sanchez!

Mayor of Woolwich

Here’s hoping that he does greater exploits than his uncle JayJay Okocha.

What’s there not to like?


Not really important but does that PL panel officially award assists for own goals? It used to be that way in earlier FM versions too, but in the latest one it’s not happening anymore. Genuinely curious.


Thank the Lord he chose Nigeria over England.

Couldn’t survive watching the tabloids big him up as the next Messi. What a talent we have here!


Why hasnt he gone to the ACN yet?


He’d be a bit lonely without his other Nigeria teammates.

Crash Fistfight

You mean Nigeria didn’t qualify? I would’ve thought it would’ve been brought up in the comments section before now.


Nigeria didn’t qualify.


I love his strength and positioning when holding or winning the ball, allows him to bring others into the play or to break things up and reset our offense. I also enjoy his somewhat unorthodox perhaps feminine arm position at times when running, reminds me of a friend from growing up who ran that way


It’s not to over hype or get carried with Iwobi. Just some games ago, some were bemoaning him and wanted to drop him in favourite of theach Ox. The word Fickle comes to mind. Both Ox and Iwobi will come in and out of form. CONSISTENCY IS THE ISSUE FOR MOST YOUNG PLAYERS. We frankly need the whole squad to be at top level. There is no room for plan B Welbeck will be needed as Lucas. Walcott too. Coquelin. Efficient rotation is key because aside from the league, we are also ng for the FA cup and will give… Read more »

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