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Wenger ready to deploy ‘naturally impatient’ Welbeck

Arsene Wenger says Danny Welbeck could be involved against Preston North End in Saturday’s FA Cup third round tie at Deepdale.

While the boss made clear that the England international is not ready to start a game, he hinted that there may be a role for him off the bench should Lucas Perez not recover from an ankle knock picked up in the draw at Bournemouth.

The striker has been sidelined since May when he suffered significant cartilage damage in his right knee during the 2-2 draw with Manchester City and required surgery.

Welbeck’s current injury came just four months after his recovery from cruciate knee ligament damage in his left knee which had ruled him out for ten months until February.

“I haven’t decided yet [whether Welbeck will be involved], he could be,” Wenger told his pre-game press conference on Thursday morning.

“It depends on [Lucas] Perez a little bit, depends on how he [Welbeck] feels as well.

“Physically, his fitness is at quite a good level but of course, the ideal way would be to give him two or three games with the under-23s but the situation is not always ideal. Sometimes you have to hurry up.”

He added: “He wants to play, but Danny is as well conscious…he came back after a long injury and had a setback. He suffered a lot. At the moment I think he listens well to what people advise him to do, even if he’s naturally impatient.

“When you have been out for such a long time you don’t want a setback.”

The Evening Standard’s James Olley also put it to Wenger that Welbeck’s absence ended up playing a part in the deployment of Alexis Sanchez in a central role; a position that the Chilean has thrived in since the start of the season.

“It’s a coincidence of the availability and of the injuries,” admitted the boss.

“It’s true, Danny and Sanchez are similar type of players in the fact the love both to play on the left but they can both play through the middle. There is always an uncertainty as to what is there best position.”

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Time to unleash Danny, from the treatment dungeon!


Monsieur Wenger, do whatever you like. Just bring 3 points!


Errr, it’s a cup game

When Skies Are Grey

Dat Guy!


Wele-Sanchez-Lucas attacking line up would be awesome

Heavenly Chapecoense

Sorry but I want Theo in there. He is the man.

Scott P

He may be the man, but he isn’t dat guy.


My eyeballs went all over the place trying track them in my visualisation of them playing together. Damn, I even ended up missing the goal I was fantasising about.


Oh god I just can’t wait another second to witness the greatness of Dat Guy once again!!!


So Wenger STILL isn’t certain of Sanchez and Welbeck’s best position!!
Absolute joke now.

Scott P

Are you sure of Welbeck’s? I don’t think any of us can say with any confidence.

Alexis has been great up front this season, but how much of that has been because of him playing in the right position and how much due to it suiting the rest of the team better than Giroud? Does it matter?


Nope, doesn’t matter if it works. Could be Gabriel up top and Debuchy on the left for all I care if we’re scoring and winning.


Bore off…


They are good everywhere! What are you even talking about??


At last someone with as much passion as Sanchez someone who won’t be happy with a point while a win would be possible.


Have a look at the post-Bournemouth interview with Goroud and Ramsey. They weren’t thrilled either.


*Giroud !

Heavenly Chapecoense

I want the entire team to rush to the tunnel very unhappy and head down. I do not buy shaking hands and waving to fans after a disappointing performance.


Yeah but that’s probably because you aren’t one of the fans that made the journey to Bournemouth. It’s ok to be gutted and skill applaud your supporters.


Why stop there? We can have them whipped and quartered too if you wish…

Santi's Flip Flop

I like Dat Guy, Wele, Weblz etc. as much as the next bloke. However, the fact that we’re looking forward to and are almost in need of his return says a lot about our heralded “depth”. Welbz seems a lovely bloke, but he’s an average footballer. He might be useful, but he’s no more than a squad player. I just think we should be striving for better, instead of clamouring for mediocrity.


SAF started him in pretty much every important match.


Welbeck would have scored the winner against Bournemouth. Remember Leicester?


‘Course he would, mate!….’course he would.

The Lungs of Ljungberg

Yeah, I member!


I thought Sanchez was our preferred striker and he was moved to the left we didn’t have as strong an option on the left, like we have Giroud in the middle.

With Iwobi rediscovering his form and Lucas improving with every game, we would probably go back to Sanchez and Giroud fighting it for the centre position?


For me Alexis-Lucas-Welbeck front three would be fun to see (When Welbeck is match fit). All of them can play each position and can track back.


Yes. But none to run behind defence


That’s the key tracking back. Easy to be on the ball and attacking not as much fun to bust a gut and help out your defenders when your opponent is breaking out on the counter. welbeck and Perez seem not to mind helping on the otherside of the ball and we know Sanchez turns into a tazmanian devil when he loses the ball. Could be a great line and a blast to watch.




Thank fuck. I was lining it up myself, before sandpapering my own eyeballs…


Our coach isn’t sure of the best positons for his players… What an unprofessional it sounds… Poor wenger… Time out


I bet preston cant wait for our game sat whos in the arsenal team oh yeah may be welbeck the cup is ours last min match winner

St. Cathorla

Who are these Sp*rs trolls who have invaded the comments section?


I hear you man. Some people are happy and about only when we draw/lose.


I wasnt being serious bout the welbeck thing , there are 10 other players in the team , we av played all these games with out him think we can play another one with out him

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