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Wenger tackles repeated questions about transferzzzzzzz

The January transfer window closes tomorrow and it’s fair to say that it’s been the quietest for quite some time on the Arsenal front.

Aside from signing Cohen Bramall from Non-League United FC in exchange for a couple of old Mitre footballs and a guest appearance by Boro Primorac at their end of season awards, we’ve done nothing. Nor have we even pretended that we might.

And that’s good…because it means we’re happy with the quality at our disposal.

Of course, with clickbait headlines to generate the media weren’t going to give up on a potential EXCLUSIVE transfer scoop as the boss squeezed in a Monday morning press conference ahead of the game with Watford.

In addition to questions about the futures of Carl Jenkinson and Mathieu Debuchy, there were no fewer than six transfer-related questions.

Here’s how the boss tackled them…

It’s that time of year again, not long left before the winter transfer window closes, how would you assess it from your point of view?

Very quiet. On our front we have a big squad, we don’t have a need to buy. On a general front, it has been very quiet. That shows that the players available that can strengthen the English teams are not many [in number]. And that all the teams in England, especially the big teams, have big squads. That’s why not a lot happened.

This strength in depth you have, your squad is fit and strong – only Santi Cazorla is missing – has that influenced your thinking in this transfer window ahead of a defining month?

Yes, of course. It’s not only to buy players [for the sake of it], you have to have a need in your squad. I believe number-wise and quality-wise we have what we need to do well. Now it’s down to us to perform with the quality of our focus, the quality of our ambition and our desire to perform in every single game.

Does Welbeck’s return take the pressure off you not to buy a player in January?

Yes, his return, the quality of all our strikers. I think on the offensive front…we played with Perez, Walcott and Welbeck up front [on Saturday]. Giroud was not involved, Sanchez was on the bench, Ozil did not play – offensively we have a strong squad.

This being January and the transfer window, you’re linked with Karim Benzema, you’re linked again, why do you think this is the case?

Because he’s French. Maybe there are some noises that he would leave Madrid. As I just told you, there’s no need for us to buy a striker.

He’s not a player you’d consider even in the summer window?

The summer window? That’s not my worry at the moment, my worry is the next game against Watford. Thank you.

Are you surprised there’s a round of games on deadline day?

It’s not easy but all the big clubs are organised now to have special departments that take care of the transfers. Maybe the managers have a bit less their eye on the transfers than on the game because they have to prepare. I believe that there are people inside the club who take care of the transfers. On the last day of the transfer window it’s always complicated to make a medical. It’s a bit superficial.

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The Benzema question response was actually quite interesting. Obviously he’s not going anywhere in January and you have to wonder why they even bother talking about that, but Wenger’s face when asked about summer was one of his textbook tells. And he’s clearly heard something is going on there, mentioning it in one of the responses. Maybe this summer will finally see the top-striker merry-go-round turn. If so we need to be involved for me, need is still there even though things are far better in that regard this season so far.


Don’t we already have the top goal scorer in the league?


It’s like… the joy nowadays is in the BUYING, not the buying-with-relevance. Sheesh, no one’s ever satisfied anymore. I want to see a back-up team vs back-up team for all 20 of the Premier League teams. Arsenal would CREAM the rest, and you know it.

An Ox-sized Coq

Clearly 17 goals and 10 assists so far is not enough…


What?? No “super quality” quotes?

Arsene you’re slacking now…


I wonder if we’ll buy anyone on transfer deadline day??


The issue is how to keep all the players we have happy after seeing Theo, Welbeck, Perez and the Ox play at the weekend.

I’m surprised there weren’t more Ozil and Sanchez questions.


First time in transfer window I’m worried how arsene will get playing all spoiled choices in the attack we have, especially now when welbeck is back and perez and ox are plying great plus for 6 games we had walcott out. so if the fron 3 is walcott giroud alexis, you have welbz, perez, ox as subs and stupid reporters are asking wenger if he will buy a forward (benzema). Lol.


forgot iwobi, lol


Some say Benzema is still on the flight to London from back in 2015.


Try and keep up man, he boarded a canoe! Last I heard, he was off the coast of Sicily…


Wenger must choose good combination of midfielders and strikers with regards to the opponent we are playing


Thank you, Captain Obvious.


Classic Arsene – “The summer window? That’s not my worry at the moment, my worry is the next game against Watford. Thank you.”

Lula da Gilberto

I dunno if Mitre balls are anything like the price I see in the shops, I’d say they drove a hard bargain .


Tying Ozil and Sanchez down is the only thing besides winning games we should be worried about. But I suppose they are waiting to find out who the manager will be next season.

Andy Mack

We’ve a full 25 man squad, so we’d have to sell a player (or not play but pay them for the remainder of the season) before we could bring anyone else into the 1st team… assuming they’re over 21 years old 😀

Cape Town Gooner

We’re actually only 24 (with Szcz, Jack and Campbell on loan). Holding, Iwobi and Bellerin are all still U21, so they don’t need to be registered. Also, that includes Sanogo, Debuchy and Jenkinson, of which at least two could be quite easily trimmed from the squad, so squad size isn’t the biggest deal for us. Issue is getting them all game time to keep them happy, IMO.


It seems incredible now that Sanogo ever got a chance for us. You have to admire the moral fortitude of Arsene standing by the people he has put faith in but looking at the front line we have now he would be so far down the pecking orer we never would have bought him.


Internal improvement is everything. We have a massive squad. I’ simply don’t understand how pundits and some fans think. They want to buy everything,m nothing is ever enough. None of these numpties live in the real world let alone understand the realities of the market or managing a club. Strikers – Before you consider spurious rumours about an aging asset like Benzema, consider if we even need one. We have scored 81 goals thus far this season. I believe we are the highest. Alexis, Welbeck, Giroud, Lucas can all play up top not to mention Theo. Cbacks – We have… Read more »


We have a great squad at the moment you didn’t even mention previous hero Ramsay who will come back into form if he gets a good run and coquelin and elneny when they are available again. I have really enjoyed watching Elneny he has a bit of the drive that we used to get from Rosicky (in his couple of games a season).

Also the plethora of young (and Wilshere) talent we have on loan.


May be tempting to use Giroud to knock out Watford.

But reserve a front line of Alexis, Lucas and Walcott against Chelsea.

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