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When do Arsenal player contracts expire?

Trying to remember when each and every one of Arsenal’s first team players last signed a contract was starting to naff us off…so we did something about it.

While we can’t say for certain that the below table is 100 per cent accurate, the research we’ve done leads us to believe that it’s not too far off.

Sources include player tweets, Transfermarkt, and the depths of our own imagination. If there’s anything you think is wrong, let us know in the comment section below.

Each column in the table is sortable if you click on it.

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*Arsenal have the option to extend the contracts of Per Mertesacker and Santi Cazorla by one year.

**Player contracts usually expire on the June 30th of the year in question.

Information correct (to the best of our knowledge) as of 16 January 2017. 

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I cannot see anyone missing, but if he’s an atom, it pretty hard to see.


Sorry, brain Fart.

Clock-End Mike

What about Gedion Zelalem (joined Jan 2013)? or Krystian Bielik (signed Jan 2015)?

Then there’s Ainsley Maitland-Niles (joined summer 2013), Glen Kamara (joined summer 2012), Ismael Bennacer (signed summer 2015) and probably others in the Academy with professional contracts.


Lol Atom and Humber are Alexis’s pets. They stay till he stays. Nice one though.

Sumeet, The Gunner

You got it right! I thought that they were young players (Atom and Humber) ??


A little birdie told me the Chinese are in for Humber. He will be on 20 mil a year.

Elijah Tu

Atom is Alexis dog


Welllll faaaaaaccccccckkkkkkk…. too many contract negotiations coming up for club in 2017


If you are talking about contracts ending in 2018, its a strange bunch. Of the 10 players up for renewal: we have started working on 2 already (Özil and Sanchez) The two right backs (Jenks and Debuchy) are both likely to be gone by next season. The two keepers’ contracts probably depend on each other. If Cech shows himself capable of continuing for A couple of years more, it may well be the end for Wojceck. Ospina’s contract ends the year after, so his intentions will possibly be part of the mix. Joel Campbell may well be gone as well.… Read more »


If we can just get extensions on either Atom or Humber I feel Sanchez would be locked down


RIP Yaya’s career at Arsenal. Come the the summer he’ll disappear into the abyss like a fart into the wind.


Very informative post.


Took me 5 minutes to get Atom and Humber joke 🙁

Xhaquelin Kostafi

I got it only after reading your comment about it indeed being a joke. Funny how the brain works – I do know damn well who those Atom and Humber blokes are.


Bellerin has a seven year deal with us? GOOD


If we could sign only one of Atom or Humber who would you choose and why? I kinda get a feeling that if one of them leaves, other one will follow.

Boris Zlatopolsky

Thanks, but can’t see the table at all on the app.

Also, could you sort by expiry year pretty please?

Tim Charlesworth

The app – don’t you even know about the App?


iOS or android? 😀

Tim Charlesworth

The app is a great big thing (apparently), which is the future of the world or something. It’s really new and whizzy and definitely not just an abbreviation of a really old world. I am told by my children that I should ‘have apps’, although they don’t like it when you question why this is the case. Also, in the aforementioned future thing, all things will be done with ‘an app’. I’m not quite sure why this is all true, but it definitely is, so I’m glad I helped (your welcome)


It doesn’t work on the arseblog mobile app. I’m running Samsung Galaxy note 4.


Not OP but its not showing on the android app for me.


Doesn’t load on the Android app but I can click to comment, page reloads into a different format and works fine.


Yeah! Like the Arom and Humber contracts

Clock-End Mike

Doesn’t appear on the iOS app either…


Hector 2023? Well in to the negotiation team on that renewal.


Charlie Nicholas and John Cross continue to prove that idiots can flourish in the clickbait era.

GL Jenko

Look around you. Idiots rule.

Tim Charlesworth

Now feel really stupid – I read down the list from the top. I had forgotten about Takuma Asano, so I Googled him. So when I came to Humber, I thought – who is that (having already established my proven ability to totally forget about an Arsenal player) and Googled him.

Ozil's Boggly Eyes

Also googled Humber. Looks like Hull have a sniff.

Shkodran Goals

Oh no they don’t… Atom and Humber do not like cats.

Tim Charlesworth

Oh, and if you are interested – he is a bridge or a river estuary (formed by the confluence of the Trent and Ouse rivers) or king of the Huns (as in Attila) who drowned in the eponymous river or even an early twentieth century British manufacturer of bicycles and cars. Google seems to have no view on what position he prefers, how many goals he scored or how many caps he has earned (or even who he might earn them for)


Save me the despair. Who is Atom and Humber?


The ones either side of Alexis as part of a front-3 with a doglike work ethic.


Doubt we’ll sign Atom or Humber. We”re just chasing our tail even trying.


I think we could be in with a sniff but they might be too busy licking their own arses.


We’d be barking mad not to extend Humber and Atom’s contracts.

Thank you and Goodnight.


The silence to this point on Cech’s renewal is kind of interesting, don’t you think?

Walcott's left footed curl

How does putting Atom and Humber in there help us win the league???????!!?! Utter shite and nonsense!

Naaah I’m just kidding, they’re good boys!

Jim Gains

Apart from the magical mercenaries Sanchez & Ozil and loanees Wilshere, Campbell & Szczesny, there are five contentious decisions to be made about Cech, Jenko, Debuchy, the Ox & Gibbs. My take on the ten whose contracts run out in 2018 is: MUST KEEP Cech, Gibbs and the Ox. Give Jenko the chance to establish his place as deputy to Bellerin (assuming he’s happy with that rather than go to Palace or West Ham for regular senior football). Carl proved before his loan spell at Upton Park ~ and during it before his serious injury ~ what a good all… Read more »


Jenks is done mate. Chambers will be the backup RB. Same for Gibbs. Like a little more but we’ve been looking at LBs. Ox is a toss up. I’d like to keep him but he’s just wildly inconsistent. Sadly Jack might never be a full time 40-50 game player ever again. Would like him to stay. Cech has dropped off this year. Wouldn’t mind Szcz coming back and learning from him for a year. Ospina can jet off. Ozil & Sanchez are must keeps simply from an ambition, stability and pride point of view.


How’s Asano getting on?

Doug Cole

Perhaps a dumb question but I appreciate someone answering – When a player leaves Arsenal (like Carl Jenkinson) who is under contract through 2018, does that full contract transfer to the new team? Or does the new team have to re-negotiate terms?
Or also, if some team bought Bellerin, would they automatically have him locked down through 2023?


As I understand it, the transfer fee is technically an agreement with the selling club to void the player’s contract. So, as Blogs, says, the player needs a new contract.


Not a dumb question, assuming you’re north American as that’s how contracts work over there when trading players and draft picks. It’s different here because contracts are signed with the club directly, and are then ratified by the league, rather than with the league directly with the ‘rights’ given to the signing/paying team. For those wanting more info into how and why that is the case there, it’s basically down to expansions and league dominance – so the leagues can tell teams they have to allow players to be given up to new teams, I.e. The Vegas Golden Knights in… Read more »


Thats interesting. For a country that champions free market and capitalism to the extreme thats pretty socialist.


I watched a doco last night about Bing Russell (called the battered BAST!@#S of Baseball) and it gives a good insight into the way professional sport is run in the USA. Its all about the $$$ and control.
Well worth a watch if you can get it.. I watched it on netflix.


It struck me the same when I first saw how things worked out there. It isn’t socialism though, just extreme capitalism that overrides the free market. Sports are run by exclusive monopoly organisations (maybe Cartels) with little to no competition to drive down prices. In fact, a lot of sports infrastructure is publicly funded. By the clubs strong-arming local governments into subsidising new stadiums and the like. Most cities don’t like losing their local franchise with the prestige and income they bring. The leagues prey on that, especially when adding new teams. (Our neighbours up the Seven Sisters road have… Read more »

Yash Modi

Appalling that we haven’t re-signed Atom and Humber with their contract expiring in less than 18 months! What’s the club waiting for?

Yash Modi

If we can’t get Atom and Humber to commit their future can we even be considered a big club?


The Sun is reporting interest in them from a club in Westminster.


Remember that 18 months for Atom and Humber is like 126 months for the rest of us.


The issue has been touched on by Wenger recently When you sign someone on till say 2018, you are really signing him to 2017 be you won’t want to go into the last year with risk to a free transfer. Which is why the contracts keep coming up for renegotiation. The fact that this happens means you have to keep one eye out to reserve some spare change for a likely increase in salary which also affects transfer window spend. Which is why many people who want us to spend do not understand that the money also has to pay… Read more »


To watch :Jack

Also Gibbs Cech and Ox

Jenks Debuchy Sanogo likely not to be renewed.


I’ve changed my tune on Gibbs this season. Last year I was of the mind to sell and reinvest but I don’t want that anymore. I really love the bloke now. I think it was driven by all the Ricardo Rodriguez chatter over the summer but Gibbs attitude is fuckin ace. In a world where wankers are going on strike to force moves he has been really professional. That isn’t even to mention his ability, he’s pretty decent is gibbs!
Sign him on

Chris J

The ‘depths of your imagination’ are truly disturbing. Seek therapy now my friend!

Boombastic Shaggy

Whatever they offer, don’t sign Atom and Humber to the Chinese Super League I beg Arsene!


Didn’t cech sign up for 5 years?

gooner of Oz

So heart warming to see 2023 in front of Bellerin. Hope Sanchez extends. In Italy theres lots of talks around Allegri and Arsenal. Care to share whats going on in north London?


A ridiculous amount of the 1st team approaching the 2 year mark and under.


Pretty evenly spread, good management there.


MUST KEEP: (obviously) Ozil & Sanchez (Plus Humber & Atom)
LAST CHANCE SALOON: Jack, Ox, Szcz, Gibbs
BYE BYE: Jenks, Debuchy, Ospina, Sanogo


I love Santi but we really need to replace him with someone either same level of talent. Is absence has been detrimental to squad if the compare the team’s performances and progress since he arrived.

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