Saturday, September 23, 2023

Bob Wilson: Hurt Wenger may say enough is enough

Former double-winner and Arsenal goalkeeping coach Bob Wilson says he believes Arsene Wenger could call it a day at the end of his current contract.

The Frechman’s future is increasingly in the spotlight after last night’s 5-1 defeat to Bayern Munich, and with his contract expiring in June, the mood doesn’t lend itself to the extension on offer from the club.

Ultimately it is Wenger who will decide, and Wilson believes that in the current climate he could decide to end his 21 year tenure.

“He’s a hugely intelligent man, and he is hurt,” he told BBC 5Live.

“You know, he’s totally dedicated, but I wouldn’t at all surprised if Arsene now, with the headlines that are coming his way, that he will look at that and say ‘Two decades’, which has been extraordinary.

“An extraordinary growth of the club in all sorts of ways. He might just look at that and say ‘Ok, enough is enough’.

“Because I think as a human being you can only take so much.”

Following the defeat in Munich, Wenger hinted to German TV that he could make a decision as early as March, but we’ll have to just wait and see what happens.

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Blogs in your article today you said you didn’t think it was very Wenger or Arsenal to announce he was leaving with a third of the season to go, and I was wondering why? We haven’t really been in this scenario before.

Like you said it makes a lot of sense to bring the club together and be united during Wengers final months.


Ed, Arsenal have always (in Wengers era) been run like a business, they will not rock the boat until everything is in place and they have a plan to go forward. Wenger will always see out his contracts and so will not speak about anything until its either finished or extended. There is another scenario here, as unlikely as it is we could go on some unbeaten run and challenge Chelsea (stop laughing) and win the FA cup, if there is big turnaround and this does happen he may still stay, as awkward and unlikely as that seems now, it… Read more »


This team has let Arsene Wenger down so badly. Arsene Wenger looked like he was crying in the BT post match interview. He knows it’s over and I feel so bad for him because he looks like a man that’s tried absolutely everything but has been let down by a bunch of soft millionaires, and for whatever reason, can’t seem to get things going. There is nothing he cares more about than this club, and the legacy he leaves behind, and the thought that everyone wants him out and all people talk about is 12 years without success must be… Read more »


I couldn’t agree more. He is far and away the best manager we have had since I started supporting the club in the late 1950s. Only Herbert Chapman has had the same sort of impact on the club. The bottom line is that, as well off as we are, we still can’t afford the same level of transfer fees and wages as Man City and United and Chelsea not to mention Real Madrid and Barcelona. We have to make do with second best and promising youngsters. None of the present squad would get anywhere near my ‘best’ Arsenal team ever… Read more »


if he is to aanounce he is leaving, nobody is going to abuse him. The longer he keeps this open, it will only get worse I think. So it is imperative he aanounces that he will leave and we will definitely see all fans getting united and behind him as well as the team. It may even change our fortunes and performance of team,


So do you really think things will be any better under new management, I doubt it very much ? Firstly – we have spent less money on signings and wages than any other club in the top six . Secondly- To improve the team we’ll need better players , to get those better players it’s going to take higher transfer fees and definitely higher wages to compete for these players. Thirdly – we should be looking at the board because they have the final say on how the clubs run. Fourthly – And most importantly what other manager would be… Read more »


What he needs to do is just announce that he will leave this summer and 100% all Arsenal fans either Wenger out or Wenger in will unite to give him a proper sent off, until he announce it maybe there will be few banners but i think it wont be abusive, just a reminder that his time is over at this club. Apart from that, if our team have a poor performance, it’s still acceptable to criticize him since our position will decide our transfer policy next summer. After he decide to go i hope he still strive for 4th… Read more »


Listen, I was one of Arsene Wengers biggest fans. I always said to myself that I would properly judge him when he spends some money, and this season he has done that. Albeit the business was done late in the day, but it was done none the less – and literally nothing has changed, so the time has come for Arene Wenger to step down for me. People are pointing the fingers at the players, and to a degree they do have to take some of the stick, but in reality, none of those players know what to do off… Read more »

Alexis, Atom & Humber

It seems we dont have any clear direction on what we are to be doing on the pitch. An example is when time and time again Alexis keeps motioning to the rest of the team to press high up the pitch with him, but always being ignored. Question goes to Wenger, what exactly is the plan? Are we supposed to be pressing? If yes, why are you not barking instructions to the team? Are we not? If so, tell Alexis to shut up and just play. No one knows, this scenario has happened so many times this season. The technical… Read more »


FYI regarding the German TV quotes; you say here that they were following the games but in the article it says before the match on Tuesday night. I suspect Tuesday night is correct.


We the fans are more hurt.


I am not trying to defend anyone but, surely Arsene is hurting right now. Dedicated his whole life almost to this football club. Achieved immense success. No matter what happens at the end of the season, Arsene Wenger is A LEGEND ! Try to put yourself in his boots, the constant abuse from other fans ( some of it very personal and disgusting), the constant abuse from his own ”fans”, the constant abuse from the media (they are having a great year, like never before) surely this all hurts a lot. Most of us would not be able to take… Read more »


Arsenal is a part of Arsene’s life moreso than it ever will be for any of us. Arsenal results don’t directly affect us, but they do affect him, as Arsenal has literally been his life for 20 years. So don’t come here and act like you’re more hurt by this than someone who has to live with it every waking second.

Wenger's Pony

How many think we’ll end up with Alan Pardew?

Wenger's Pony

Anyone but an English chap will do.

Stringer Bell

It is sad that it looks like ending like this. Thought you put it really well this morning on your post. I want Arsene to retire and will never forget what he has done for our club. The lack of respect from a lot of Arsenal fans is embarrassing.

Holding Rob

It is sad, but for me it seems Inevitable. For his own sake maybe he should have left after the fa cup win against Hull. We had the miracle season where all of our rivals failed, and still we couldn’t win the league, Leicester did.


I reckon people ought to direct more of their vehemence to the players who let Arsene AND us down. I paid to endure that tripe and, ok AW’s tactics leave a lot to be desired but there’s 11 men on that pitch who could change the result if they put their hearts into it. I recognise Arsene has to go but only because the frigging team has got less drive than a Reliant Robin and they need a massive kick up the arse-

Sheffield Goon

This is true, but my problem is that we say this year after year. Players come and go, but the manager is the constant. He bought these players. He works with them every day. And when we’re losing, he sits deep inside the bench area and zips his coat to cover his face. Other managers get on the touchline and get things sorted out. I’d like to see that happening at Arsenal. Just something different, whether it works or not.

Arsene Gonner

What about the lack of respect Wenger has shown to supporters time and time again. His lies and manipulation know no bounds. Respect has to be earned, he has destroyed all my respect for him. If he left tomorrow I would have a bit more. He KNOWS he’s not capable, so why the fuck is he hanging around? He is putting his massive ego in front of what is best for Arsenal football club, again. Christ, this is about Arsenal, not Arsene Wenger – he is just a manger – the way he is revered by supporters is as obscene… Read more »


Shut the fuck up you stupid fucking idiot. Wenger has taken soooooo much shit from everyone and does nothing but be respectful and take the high road. While some stupid irrational fans like yourself, make quick emotional decisions without taking into perspective the big picture and without putting your message in a respectful way, which he has always done. So if you’re going to be unreasonable and talk nonesense then you can actually go fuck yourself.


Don’t be diplomatic Goooooooooooooona , tell him/her straight


That was me being diplomatic…

chippy's chip

Called me a fake gloryhunter goooona? 40 yrs a paying attending fan who just wants value for money. Go fuck yourself bitch.x


Never called you a glory hunter, but if after 50 years you can’t see that a man who dedicated 20 years of hard work day in day out is trying his best, and it is naturally coming to an end then you’re either having too much to drink when you’re out there or you need to get your eye sight checked. I respect everyone’s right to have an opinion, not just my fellow Gooners. And I’m all for debating opinions, as long as they are based off facts and not some fantasy image where Arsene Wenger is described as a… Read more »

chippy's chip

I have not and will not abuse our greatest manager. All i said a few posts ago was just leave and you said why dont you leave you fake gloryhunter. And if you cant remember that then lay off the proseco luv.


You are Jeremy Hunt and I claim my £5…

chippy's chip

Some are probably young and have never known another manager at the club. I remember the game after we sacked Don Howe while 4th. Protested outside the marble halls. Then we apointed Gooner George Graham boss at millwall and then a couple of titles, league cups, euro cup winners cup and a few quid in the back pocket were achieved with no world class superstars just hard work, organisation,commitment,desire and motivation. Yes the game has changed i hear you say but they are basic requirements then and now.

I rony

New manager or not the players are not good enough. That fault lies with wenger but just getting new manager in without a serious upgrade in talent and passion and the ability to give a fuck when needed in the players will be pointless. I would rather new players than a new manager.
We overachieved under wenger in my opinion but it wont be perceived that way in the history books. He kept us in a great financial position with seriously average players. Now is probably the time to leave for him but some players need to go with him.


Did Leicester have the best squad? Did ferguson in his final year? Maureen (sorry for reference) at Porto? Etc etc Listen, I’m Wenger out as such now, as the merry go round of inevitability is maddening. I just want a change. I’m not necessarily anti Wenger, I’m just anti Wenger repeating the same mistakes. Come out and berate the team, sometimes it’s what they need. The man has immense passion apparently, yet he just sits there on the bench as other managers are barking orders, encouraging etc its all just boring now; The players interviews, must do better next time,… Read more »

Mas moiderer

Spot on. This is not a bad squad by any standards! Victor moses, alonso, Willian, cahill, cesar (something or another) these are not galacticos. Our players are of at least the same standard. We are just tactically inept


Players always come out and say the usual shite like ‘we will learn from this’ etc, but they never do. Sadly I think this even applies to Arsene now. How many times is he going to get done over the same way? He doesn’t seem to be learning that the faith he puts in these players is never going to get repaid. In an age where you don’t have time and everyone wants instant success, surely he’s got to be a bit less idealistic and more ruthless when it comes to his squad. I understand he’s not given an unlimited… Read more »


I really felt for mr Wenger after that game, half of the players on that pitch just didn’t even try. Just no balls at all. Ox, Ozil, Gabriel, even Koscielny were all guilty of not being focused and got ran rugged. On the first goal, Ozil just stood there and watched Robben just fly by him to stick it in the net, I mean ffs where’s the grit when it matters.. no more excuses for Ozil I’m sorry but he needs kick in the balls.

Arsene Gonner

Stop blaming the players, most of them tried. They are horribly under-prepared and badly educated on the training ground. Wenger’s tactics are utterly moribund that’s why the players collapse. Wenger long history of failure is also weighing them down mentally, they simply don’t believe in him or themselves. This is self-fulfilling prophecy He will never change – he is incapable of change, so he simply has to go.


Thought Ox, Xhaka and Koscielny were the only players who played okay. Before Ox made that mistake in the end. The rest were really bad.


It seems obvious to me that some of the players are very unhappy with Wenger and once the going gets tough they are not prepared to fight for him.
Arsene should leave now for the good of the club and his own dignity. He has had 10 years treading water going nowhere. The only way we will go now is backwards. If you love the club as you say you do Arsene, do the right thing

Francis Angrey

I also think that it’s time for Wenger to call it a day. He gave the team all he had but for now the players are no longer passionate working with him. It’s better to have a team of not so skillful but committed players than to have a group of skillful mediocrities.


What I find disengenous in Bob’s comment is that he paints the fans with the brush as if we don’t love or respect the man for his past achievements. Don’t get me wrong, when he is gone, we will all miss him terribly. But that doesn’t mean we keep him around. This idea that the press are after him, they aren’t. They are just holding him to account. And lets not forget he’s made over a £100 million from Arsenal. There’s a reason he kept signing, he was never harangued by the press, and had no pressure from the board.… Read more »


It’s time for the likes of Ozil to be sold ! Time and time again he has no been in the zone . ENOUGH! We need proper super stars who can carry the team. Hate Cese for leaving but when we had a chance to get him back we should have. Sanchz needs better team around him. 30MIL for Xhaka and what has he given us. No the service we require. Over all we need a complete overhaul!

Anteneh Ademe

Sanchez not for the first time this season was pleading for other players to move up the pitch and close down Bayerns players quicker and the rest of the players didn’t seem to agree with him. Wenger was no where to be seen on the touch line.

Mas moiderer

That comes down to tactics. Some players tried to press (mainly sanchez), some tried to sit and defend deep. No cohesion. I honestly don’t think coquelin knows which he should be doing. Last season he looked liked a decent player.

Xhaquelin Kostafi

That’s a very valid point. Nevertheless, Coquelin’s tackle numbers are atrocious in themselves.Can’t be down to tactics only, can they?


Moreover our team selection is just not right . Why does he keep playing the likes of Iwobi when Welbck is back and fit.


I felt so bittersweet over this defeat.. and even more sour of the series of poor form of the team since December.. It was first started after the Everton loss.. everything just went downhill. Ozil is definitely not staying. That’s the vibe he is giving me. While all the #wengerout circulating madly over the net, the final blow will kick in if Man United were to complete a Double/Treble, which I strongly believe they stand a very strong chance. I seriously dont see us winning the FA Cup this season.. It would probably serve as a good consolation as a… Read more »


We haven’t played Wengerball consistently since the 13/14 season.

Lula da Gilberto

The result was utterly predictable. Not just the result but also the nature of defeat; we all say the same things now. We talk of divisions among us but it has transmuted from our views on whether Arsenal stays or not to how we articulate or don’t articulate our dissatisfaction with the club. The fact is that though almost everything about this was the same, because of this whatever now threadbare cut of cloth the faith we had in Arsene recrudescing some of the glory days must surely now have been completely torn asunder after yesterday’s omnishambles. The thing that… Read more »

Duakeez Durella Dooo

There must be a prob with spirit right now n they are not playing for AW at d moment.
Only Sanchez has got d spirit of never give up n always urging players to come out n play.
Love AW but something has to change

Duakeez Durella Dooo

There must be a prob with team spirit right now n they are not playing for AW at d moment.
Only Sanchez has got d spirit of never give up n always urging players to come out n play.
Love AW but something has to change


Despite the last few mediocre seasons when Arsene goes it will be with his head held high and rightly so. I love this bloke he’s been part of us for 21 years. Even though I’ve been a huge fan of his and not an out I think the time is here for him to step away and let us move on.
Cheers very much Ardene you gave us so much.


Arsene. Spellchecker haha

Mick Malthouse

I love Arsene and everything he has done for the club, but where he finds himself is very much his own fault. It was clear 3 years ago he didn’t have the ability to adapt our game to compete. Average players, one game plan, culture embracing mediocrity. He should have understood the value of a new voice and modern techniques – much the same as the value he brought when he arrived. Players need to face the facts as they get older, it’s a shame Arsene didn’t do some honest reflection a few years ago. I hope we finish the… Read more »


He probably should have taken one of the three offers from PSG that he turned down to stay at Arsenal. His philosophy works better with better teams and at PSG he would have had the funds to build a real stront top team like the Arsenal of the past when he was successfull. But interestingly PSG recently bought an old Wenger favourite in Julian Draxler, So perhaps something is going on behind the scenes we dont know about. Also France is his home, so if he was going to move on, then a Homecoming story makes sense. I dont think… Read more »


when there is no pressure on the manager from the owners or board members who are quite happy to sit back and drink the milk this has now transpired into the team, from the unbeaten season we have declined in presence on the pitch the tippy tappy philosophy has run its course we err on the edge of dynamic to complete rubbish and very average, thankyou Arsene for all the years and setting this clubs future in stone and bringing so much knowledge and education to the English game. My biggest fear is will any one want to come and… Read more »


Arsene doesn’t deserve vitriol, because he is intelligent.

But it’s time he steps down.


Really feel for Wenger he doesn’t deserve to leave like this. This bunch of players have let him down and deserve to be ashamed of themselves after all the faith he has given them. I think the next manager should be a no nonsense one who won’t tolerate any slack from this bunch and wake them up to reality. Time to remove them from the crib

Petit's Handbag

He’ll leave with a top four place and a FA cup. When we left Highbury we celebrated finishing ahead of Sp**s on the last day, what odds on that happening again.


This will likely get slammed. Those of you who think Sanchez is playing for Arsene, I believe he is playing more for himself. He is just as much who he is as Arsene is who he is. I do not believe Sanchez is the “right” player for an Arsene managed team, it is all about him, Sanchez, and that disrupts the team dynamic more than we think IMO. I personally see the lack of cohesion and spirit, which is having an effect, as team dynamics as much as Arsene…he is also to blame. I think the team got caught between… Read more »


I have also observed that we stopped playing “the Arsenal way” after Sanchez came. His playing style doesn’t suit us at all as he dwells on the ball and is actually quite bad at passing. He is a brilliant individual but not a good fit for Wenger’s philosophy. We have also adjusted the team too much to suit Sanchez and Ozil and lost our identity. Back in the days we had teams who included joke players who could challenge Barcelona and the rest as they were built to play the Arsenal and Arsenal way, something that can’t be said about… Read more »


Absolutely agree, as good as Sanchez is he undoubtedly plays for himself. Last night on at least 2 occasions he had a simple pass to put a player in on goal, instead he ran straight into the defenders and lost the ball, pity the player who has made a lung bursting run to support him and then gets ignored, he is hardly likely to keep making those runs. For me both Sanchez & Ozil should be sold which I suspect a new manager might well do however I fear that we will pay a kings ransom to probably retain Sanchez… Read more »


Yes I’ve picked up on this too. The more sanchez gets fired up, the more he plays for himself. Given his level of ability, this is fine most of the time but it really affects the team. Imagine if you’re Ox or Walcott. What’s the point of me making any runs if I know Sanchez is only going to pass to Ozil. He needs to bloody trust his teammates. There was two occasions yesterday where he could have played in Ox but he opted to try a dribble vs 3 defenders and the other was to play an extremely difficult… Read more »


Should he move upstairs or leave for another job? Maybe it would be a good idea for him to move upstairs. Be on the board and become the Sporting Director. Be in charge of everything apart from the 1st team and under 23’s. I don’t expect much longevity for the next Coach so they only need to have dealings with those 2 squads. Three years might be the maximum reign of a Coach now. Win stuff and get poached by another team or be a disaster and be sacked. This is something we aren’t used to at The Arsenal. From… Read more »

It’s a good look at what’s been happening and what might happen

chippy's chip

Nothing new there. Kroenke and Wenger out. Usmanov and Dein. Red and white. IN.


I respect Wenger immensely, but I would respect him even more if he used his press conference to say “OK, maybe I haven’t covered myself in glory here, but some of these cunts want 250k a week from the club and they can only trap a ball properly 3 times out of 5. I can’t go out there on the field and cajole these brittle little cunts into playing football and taking responsibility like men, cut me some slack here and tweet or DM some of these overpaid lettuce-for-a-spine multi-millionaire cunts yourselves. Fuck you. I’m off for a red wine… Read more »



He's the soup

Right now, I would swap the monotony of a top four finish and early CL exit in exchange for a bunch of great away wins at our arch rivals and no more capitulations against said rivals.

I know, be careful what you rush for yadayada…, but at this moment I’d be happier if we finished fifth and absolutely spanked Jose at Old Trafford


I don’t feel I have to dislike wenger to feel he has gone as far as he can and should move on, he was a great manager who came to us and changed everything from top to bottom and gave us the invincible and some truly great players for which I am forever grateful. It’s not like this is a couple of bad results or a few poor/ unlucky seasons, he is a very intelligent man so it makes no sense that he continues to struggle with the same issues season after season. it is his team and they all… Read more »


I had a hunting dog who at one time was brilliant. Best dog you could ever ask for. But over the years he’s gone blind, deaf, can’t smell for shit, and sleeps most of the time.

Do you keep hunting with that dog because of past success and cherished memories?


Just heard the news that ref Mark Clattenberg is fucking off to Saudi Arabia.

Every Cloud and all that…..

Des Lynam

If pure love for the club alone won medals Arsene would have so much bling he would be able to be seen from space, however, in this day and age you are measured by results. I love Arsene, I love Arsenal more. We just need some different ideas. I won’t ever Wenger bash because he is my manager, the sad truth is he is not this current squads manager… because the game has moved on, probably to the detriment of football, but it has moved on. He will go to Barcelona or somewhere else, and be fresh and start winning… Read more »


It’s not that we are a bad team, we are a very good team on the day. When you look around the table, Liverpool and Spurs are not exactly anymore consistent. Nor City with their genius manager. And when you look at how the media continuously criticise our mentality or our ‘ambition, well, Liverpool have been out of the title for a quarter of a CENTURY. Spurs haven’t won it despite managerial changes galore since 1961. And their Cl participation is erratic. They celebrate achieving top 4 and CL but try doing it back to back let alone for two… Read more »


I think it’s a bit of that, what a lot of people would love to see on the sideline at Arsenal. Especially during games like yesterdays:


As much as i respect Wenger and what he has done, the club is in a period of stagnation- and perhaps he needs to take a role on the board after the season.


Hopefully Wenger can move up and take up David Deins former position coz love him or hate him u can never question the man’s intelligence hopefully he can move us on from this situation by choosing his successor and retiring with dignity at the club he obviously loves


The team improved steadily every year and we managed to win two FA Cups and I really had hopes for this season. Everything seems to have fallen apart, and it makes me wonder how much Arsene was leaning on Mikel Arteta and the BFG in those two seasons. We know they were continuously pushing players to perform, and the quotes from young players like Iwobi seem to indicate that it’s not so much the coaches coaching the young players as older, more experienced players coaching them. The fitness drills on the videos seem very lacksadasical, either you do them or… Read more »


HURT??????……………… the £8million he collects every year for the dross he serves up for 7 consecutive years in the CL.?…………….please eff off, enough is enough, am sure people feared for the club when GG left, he is not GOD, only GOD is irreplaceable!

Lone Star Gunner

I’m no Arsene hater but as I said in another thread the era of jazz hands coaching with minimal tactics and instruction is over.

I’m tired of seeing us go down by multiple goals before checking Arseblog News to see whether to keep watching or delete the game.

It’s time.


The reality is Wenger is not capable of building and team and getting the tactics right to beat the best teams in Europe. Our record speaks for itself and we will never win trophies until we make a change and bring someone in who can.


“Ultimately it is Wenger who will decide”

That’s what’s wrong with this fucking club. What kind of club allows a manager, who has done nothing of importance for 10+ years, to decide when he will leave.

Arsenal board, grow a pair. Time to be cut throat, and rid the club of mediocrity.


I just watched a pity game from Arsenal with really poor defenders and a crap midfielders…….shame on them more than anything else..but must congratulate Bayern ! As they did the perfect game facing a kids team….

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