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Jenkinson reveals why he turned down Palace

Carl Jenkinson has hit out at suggestions that his decision not to sign for Crystal Palace was simply down to money.

Arsenal were prepared to let the full back go in the January transfer window, and with Sam Allardyce interested it looked as if a move to Selhurst Park was inevitable.

However, he was unable to agree personal terms, with suggestions he was looking for too much money.

In an interview with the Telegraph however, the 24 year rejected that, saying there was more to the situation than his salary.

“I think in a number of ways, Palace would have been a good fit,” he said. “It would have enabled me to play again and that’s all I want: to play football.

“I had a great year with Big Sam, played some of the best football of my career and got on very well with him.

“The opportunity to play under him again was something I was interested in doing. In the end it didn’t pan out.

It’s a culmination of things,” he said. “When you do leave a club like Arsenal, everything needs to be right.

“It needs to be the right manager and financially – don’t get me wrong, I don’t want silly money – it needs to be right for me.

“Maybe I won’t get that much football now but I’ve still got a 3½-year contract, I’m at Arsenal, played for Arsenal for a number of years.

“They are not pushing me out of the door but I also know I need to play football.”

The fact that Arsenal were willing sellers last month suggests that regular football is unlikely with us again, but with Hector Bellerin still a doubt for Saturday’s game against Hull, Jenkinson could be in contention if Arsene Wenger doesn’t want to play centre-half Gabriel at right-back.

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Hoping that Jenko can grab this chance with both hands if he’s selected vs Hull. Good luck to him!

Granit(e) hard!

I agree. Some people has completely written him off which is wrong. If he is not talented, he wouldn’t have made it through the youth ranks, which we know is fiercely competitive. Throwing a couple of stinkers coming back from a long term injury is not unusual and not such a cardinal sin as some make it out to be, especially as these are games where everybody else were collectively rubbish anyway. I, like you, will also like to see him grab this chance with both hands. I know he has it in him because he was more than a… Read more »


Jenkinson didn’t come through our youth ranks?


No, signed from Charlton.

Heavenly Chapecoense

If Jenko didn’t care about money he would be with Palace right now. He didn’t demand silly money but good money nevertheless.


You know what, I don’t give a fuck, he’s not going to be any worse then Gabriel at right back – and that cunt can hardly kick a ball at times. At least Jenkinson is an Arsenal fan, stick him on, and I hope the fans back him. Some of the hate he got after his last performance was gut wrenching. Wenger even came out after the match and said that his confidence had been rocked by it too.

Heavenly Chapecoense

Some of the hate Gabriel gets from you is gut wrenching.

Toure Motors

I know its ruthless but I would rather see his wages paying part of Sanchez/ Ozils/ some one elses increased contract, rather than having him onto the edges of thethe squad.

Realistically,he is not going to figure for us given we have Bellerin, Maitland Niles and Gabriel


People still care about Sanchez and Ozil’s contracts?

Why Not

As much as i like him as a player. I am finding alexis attidude increasingly annoying the last few weeks. I know his desire feeds his playing style but recently i feel his outward expression towards the rest of the team can be a little destructive and petulant. As much as i want somebody in the team to put fire in their team mates bellies. I believe there is a better way to do it. Especially when he also bottles it against teams small and large. In short, if this continues, and we find an able replacement. I would happily… Read more »


He had a couple of games where he was below par but blimey, who hasn’t this year. Don’t understand why Wenger has frozen him out and is playing centre back at right back. It seems that Wenger has managed to destroy the boy’s confidence as well.

Stuck on repeat...

Completely agree. Far too many players this season have had too many below par games, yet get chosen week after week (as long as they are fit). Then you have others where you really have to ask exactly what they have to do to be included in the starting line up. Thought the Ox was fantastic both against Watford & Chelsea (& he really was under a lot of pressure from the fan base to perform against Chelsea in particular). Shame certain other “starters” couldn’t have also done the same. Would like to see Jenks start this weekend & be… Read more »


Classic wengs


Fucking play him.
Can’t be worst then the shitfest we have come up with lately.


I’m sure he’s a lovely guy and it’s cute that he supports Arsenal, but it’s pretty sad that he’d rather stay here as 4th choice right back to play a handful of games a season.

We need to be more ruthless and ship out players who aren’t good enough to play for us.

Alan Forde

I’d rather have Jenko Than Debuchy. At least Jenko wants to stay and fight for a place and as Jackthelad said, he’s not the only one who’s been below par this season. Give him a chance against ‘ull and Sutton.


Debuchy is a lot older than Jenks and needs to play, I don’t blame him for wanting 1st team football at his stage in football life.

Andrew Simm

Jenkinson showed at West Ham he is a good full back, obviously coming back from a major injury was going to be hard and ridiculous expectations on players these days put them under huge pressure, especially with the bitterness eminating from the stands…he may not make it at Arsenal but he is good player.


Would rather see him or Debuchy (if fit) play than Gabriel tbf. Jenks had one bad game but was pretty solid away at united. Gabriel is okay but he offers nothing forward.

Heavenly Chapecoense

Gabriel almost scored two or three headers in games lately. He tends to direct them towards the goalkeeper all the time. Some glasses that offset goal keeper’s position in his view may help.

Make mine a Swiss miss

Maybe Jenks thought Palace were crap and going down, in which case his pay goes substantially down and he has to play in the chumpionship.
Anyway, who knows and it’s still likely he’ll go in the summer.
No biggie, and I don’t mind if he sticks around for the rest of the season as he seems a positive lad. It’s not as if his wages make a blind bit of difference to any other contract.


My first thought was if this year or next Palace might drop. Then he’d be a right back from relegated palace looking for a low level gig. If he can put in another season long loan next year or some backup appearances when Debuchy’s gone, he might play himself into a better gig. He’s a smart lad so I’m sure he’s got the long view in mind.

Little Mozart

I’d rather play him or Debuchy over Gabriel he’s been terrible at right back


From the quotes it looks like it actually was mostly down to money. More than happy to see him stay though, would love to have him as long term backup to Bellerin if he’s up for it


Gabriel IS NOT right back even if it seems he can do the job against less than average opposition. I’ve never thought Jenko will become an outstanding RB capable of playing at top level but he is still way better at that position than Gabriel. However, I am sure Arsene will play Gabriel as RB on Saturday.


I’d love him to stay, prove many wrong and be vying with HB for that position for years to come. I’m glad he stayed, his interviews have mainly been about him playing football for Arsenal, not the national team too. Look at him; his position is beyond enviable, there’s millions of us who’d love to be in his place, at his club, playing footy for a living. He’s not the greatest, but at a time when so many players are being slated for not giving a shit that’s an accusation you couldn’t level at him. As pointed out above, he’s… Read more »


He is always welcome in the gooners colors. I dont blame him either, if he has got 3.5 years left on his contract he is still young.

Koscielny, bellerin, monreal were all written off not to be good enough for us. Now they are three of the best in the prem.

John C

His quote made it quite clear it was down to money, which you can’t blame him for.

John C

You left out this part of the interview, not sure why

“Football is a very short career. There was the possibility if I did move to Palace on the terms being offered then there was the chance it would have been quite a significant financial step backwards for me.”


If Palace offered the same wages, I suspect he would have gone.
So yes, it was pretty much down to money.


it all started with project “British core” after the failed youth project the British core thing has really held us back. Giving out high wages based on passports not performance related, playing central midfielders on the wing because they cost us in their actual positions but they have to get games (at least one went on loan otherwise the wings would be flooded. though we could use him centrally BTW) we bought a striker whose biggest weakness is actually scoring goals but unlike project youth, it’s hard to give up on them or hate them. They are fan favorites so… Read more »


“When you do leave a club like Arsenal, everything needs to be right. It needs to be the right manager and financially – don’t get me wrong, I don’t want silly money – it needs to be right for me.” I think this sheds some light on the mentality of players at Arsenal. Many are happy to trudge along, take their wage and when required play football knowing full well despite their performance they will still be able to continue at the club and receive their wage. Whilst this isn’t true of all players, it does highlight the comfortability of… Read more »


Well I can understand why people feel a bit worried about the “coasting” mentality – but we should also not forget that he has a valid contract with Arsenal that runs for another few years.

When players break contracts, they’re mostly (correctly) vilified, so why shouldn’t a player be able to honor his until the right situation comes along – he seems willing and ready to fight for his place after a long lay-off after all.


So help me understand. He says it wasn’t about the money, but financially it wasn’t good enough?

How aboot they give him some of that internet money then

Tasmanian Jesus

Lets give the man another chance. Against Hull tomorrow!

He will come good, he has it in him, no doubt.
Could be our quality right full back cover for years and years.

Just needs to have more self confidence, in my opinion, bit part players need more of it than regular starters.


Nothing from the quotes make me think it’s not about the money. Just saying, not banter. 🙂

Sachin T Patel

Regarding Jenkinson’s rejecting the Crystal Palace deal; Jenkinson said in an interview with the Daily Mirror and Daily Telegraph that Palace had insisted on a clause dictating he would take a big pay cut if the club was relegated.

Palace wanted to cut his wages without the possibility of him being moved elsewhere.

So, he gets his wages cut after being there for half a season. Seems like Big Sam wanted to keep him for the promotion bid next season.

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