Saturday, December 10, 2022

Lucas Perez agent denies CalcioMercato quotes

In relation to the previously published story about Lucas Perez wanting to leave Arsenal, we’ve been made aware that the striker’s agent has denied ever speaking to the CalcioMercato website.

Despite them quoting him extensively, he insists he didn’t grant them that interview, so I guess we have to take him at his word.

It may well be that Lucas is unhappy, but we’d rather set the record as straight as we can, and will ensure we do a bit more digging around quotes like this in the future.

As an apology, here’s a puppy.

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What a wanker. I don’t believe him. Agents are such slimy cunts.


What about Mesut Ozil’s agent who stated that Mesut is happy here and doesn’t want to move? Or the many agents that have kept us from selling our best players since RVP left?

At least Lucas’ agent did the reasonable thing and walked the story back as soon as possible.

Big Dave

He would do a much better job than the inconsistent Walcott on the right wing and support Bellerin at the back too.


Walcott isnt good enough to play at Arsenal. Period.


The same Walcott who’s into double figures this year? He’s had a fair season I would say, I don’t understand the constant need to blame him for our shit performances. It’s just a bit lazy. No doubt he goes missing, but this is usually when the whole team are not performing, which makes singling him out every time it happens seem a bit scapegoaty.


I’m not blaming him for anything. I’m not using him as a scapegoat. I am just saying, he is not good enough to play for Arsenal. Thats what my comment clearly says.

– ‘Walcott isnt good enough to play at Arsenal. Period’

Bob's Mexican Cousin

He’s on one of his consistency patches. He had a pretty good start to the season in my opinion, bar the Liverpool game.

A Different George

He was very good until his injury, and Bellerin’s. Combined terrifically with Hector on the right and made dangerous runs into the space Alexis vacated in the middle; created chances and took chances. Neither Theo or Bellerin have looked the same since.


I wasn’t replying to your comment, so… yeah…

Look, everyone’s entitled to an opinion. It’s just that some people seem to form their opinions based on what pundits, media, social networks tell them. Walcott is good enough to play for Arsenal. 100 goals and some truly scintilating performances prove that. What he lacks is the character to keep his head up when the crowd turn on him. I think most of our support, especially our travelling support, can see that.


Ah I see. Well thats fair enough, apologies there. Totally agreed everyone is entitled to their own opinions. For me, he isn’t good enough. I had a season ticket for 5 years; I’ve been to every ground in the Premier League; I’ve been to Spain, France, Germany following the team. And after watching him live so many times, I think he is flat out not good enough for Arsenal. We should of sold him back when he had that huge contract standoff with Arsenal, with the whole ‘sign da ting’ campaign Frimpong was spounting. He is the biggest waste of… Read more »

Kwame Ampadu Down

If Theo’s problem is our home fans getting on his back it seems odd that virtually all of his goals & good performances have come at home don’t you think!
I agree with you that Theo is nowhere near as bad as some would lack but the character he lacks (the ability to keep his level of performance consistent) has got nothing to do with the fans.
Why the constant need to blame our fans for the manager & players flaws?


I don’t think it’s down to the home fans as such, jus that he gets a fairer crack at it from the away support. And I do feel the need to blame our fans, because unfortunately a fuck load of them are arseholes. We’re in perpetual crisis because the media says so. The truth is wenger is above Klopp, he’s above mourinho, he’s about on a par with guardiola an pochettino. And yet to listen to all the shite you would think we were languishing in the lower end of the table. I want him to go now jus to… Read more »

Kwame Ampadu Down

You hinted very strongly at it to be fair?

A agree a lot of Arsenal fans are arseholes but a) that makes us no different to any other club. I would argue our fans are more patient than most & b) there are as many arseholes at the ‘everything is great’ end of the spectrum as at the ‘everything is shit’ end.

Heavenly Chapecoense

Walcott=Ozil, Walcott is one-dimensional in terms of speed, Ozil one-dimensional in terms of through balls and both can disappear in big games and are well paid.


Ah thank you! when i read scapegoat, i thought someone would name Mesut!


Yeah Darn Ozil with his one dimensional brilliance.
And compare him with Walcott, the one trick pony?
At the games you see so much more than on the tv.


I’m sorry mate, but comparing Mesut Ozil to Theo Walcott is literally one of the stupidest things ever. Mesut Ozil may not have covered himself in glory over the last couple of months, but he is a world class footballer ability wise. Walcott is nowhere near the same footballing level as him. I’d go as far as saying ability wise Walcott is one of the worst footballers I have ever seen play for Arsenal. He has one of the worst first touches in the Premier League. His decision making is worse then some U16 players at times, and the only… Read more »


I agree with you. Especially with his salary and experience he has. Like you said he only brings pace to the pitch and I’ll give him credit that he can really strike the ball with force when everything is perfect. Other than that I agree all the other attributes are not even average for a winger. His first touch, beating the first defender, passing, defending(he’s done much better this season then in the past) are all inconsistent. At least IMO what we need from a winger tactically in our formation. He’s probably better off in a system they use 2… Read more »


It’s very scapegoaty. People who don’t like Walcott should just be honest and say that rather than try to make out he’s playing especially badly when he’s not. They’re not fooling anyone

New guy

I think Lucas would play more if he defended better. Going forward he is great but his tracking back is pretty half hearted. Not that Theo is doing any better lately.

Godfrey Twatschloch

You know that every time a football agent is misquoted God kills a puppy.


I’d rather God killed a football agent every time a puppy was misquoted.


A puppy – “miaow”

Rambo's Thai Retreat

Comment of the day!

Jake the cake

He needs to be given more play time. I’m sure he’s got skills just need to flourish and needs consistency


Brilliant apology technique


Everything negative written about Arsenal will make headlines these weeks. Free package deal with playing poorly and being abused by fans for it.


Do agent’s moms even like agents? Anyhow, it would be nice to see more of Lucas on the pitch.


eh…. he says he never gave them quotes… its the media either taking some off the record bravado or the media making shit up…

Actual Quotes:
This is FAKE NEWS from the failing CalcioMercato.
Lucas is the happiest footballer ever. Some say the greatest. Go look you’ll see. Now he’s going to build a house in North London. No body builds better houses than Lucas, Believe me. And you know what – he’s gonna make tottenham pay for it.

uncle D

Hahahahaha Trump will soon be an Arsenal fan


No thanks. He’d be like piers morgan- we don’t want him. Hell, I don’t even like having to associate myself with that orange idiot.


Where’s the puppy? 🙁

Granit(e) hard!

Well, that’s more like it. His earlier quotes if true were way out of order but since he has denied it, end of. Case closed. On to Sutton!.

Mark Simmons

I deny that I didn’t deny not denying it and you can quote me on that.


I read this on Goal, didn’t believe a word. Blogs, keep up. You’re by far my one stop destination for (almost) everything Arsenal.

After all, how could some c*nts not spoil a match day?


There’s not a single bullshit Arsenal rumour that goal hasn’t run with for money. Don’t give them your clicks


Yup, There’s your problem. Absolute waste of cyberspace they are. I actually put a rule on my home router denying their website IP address, just in case for some for stupid reason I think to myself, maybe I’ll check their site just briefly to see if there is anything of remote value, and instead of getting barraged with ads and shit “articles”, the website will just timeout. Then I will say to myself, oh yeh, their site is fucking shit.


I do love me a good puppy

Can Arsenal buy all season ticket holders a puppy? It’d totally change my outlook on the club


Well that was quick!


To the degree that there’s actually any truth in Perez wanting to leave, while I have sympathy for him, and feel that he should’ve played more, it all seems very knee-jerk to me. I know he’s no spring chicken, but given that we’re only two thirds of the way through his first season at a big club, it’s only to be expected that he might have to be patient and fight for a place. Yes, if I were Wenger I would have played him more, but mostly he’s been a victim of a) injuries, b) the fact that Wenger almost… Read more »


Wenger has been known to waste good players on the bench… While bringing on terrible players to play. Joel Campbell is a case in point. He was wasted last season.Do you know who was favoured to him? Flamini!
Wenger’s tactics and faith in players who are way past their sell by date have hurt this club.


Flamini and Campbell don’t play in anything like the same position, so Flamini was never “favoured to” Joel. I like Joel, but he never was and never will be our savior.


I believe he was benched more so for Iwobi and Ox and personally I believe him to be better than the two overall. And @PFo, I do not believe Arsenal has a savior or ever did, and surely not a Messi-ah. But Joel Campbell was doing a whole lot more than a lot of the players we have currently – tracks back effectively, tackles, gives proper assists, good crosses/vision, take ons/can get pass a player, good inter-play, dribbles, can guard the ball and can score from range as well as in the box. The cons are one footed…. some say… Read more »


I haven’t seen a talent like Joel Campbell. That guy is better than Griezmann or James Rodriguez. His gameplay is unreal.

Lord Bendtner

Desperately waiting for that Arsecast
My days have been devoid of real Arsenal substance 🙁


Tomorrow, Mick.

Silly to do one before the Sutton defeat ….


“You can’t believe everything you read on the internet” – Abraham Lincoln, 1868.


In the era of fake news it’s not suprising; football has been a victim of fake news for a long time so it’s only natural they’d be quite good at it.


That was quicker.


That puppy would’ve put in a better shift than some of the players!


That’s not a puppy. That’s Francis Coquelin a couple of seconds before the Robben and Hazard goals.


Otherwise known as a Puppy Coq




Puppy accepted

Tom Gun

#perezzagate fake news!! ?

okorosha ibekwe

Why don’t we dig deep to find out the reason Wenger will not play him. Is it that he doesn’t like his face or personality, or Lucas doesn’t lick his ass every morning. Is it that Wenger has grown irritated with the constant clamour by fans to give him a chance, because we know that Wenger’s stupid stubbornness will be his nemesis one day. We are most agreed on the fact that Lucas is a decent player who deserves more playing time. Wenger must have his reasons, so why don’t we find out? Over to you, Arseblog.

uncle D

This guy! Huh!??


Ever time one of our CF or wingers go down with an injury or isn’t performing well Lucas always seems to get some minor injury that prevents him from being used. I really don’t think it’s Wenger not wanting to use him. Why would he buy him if he didn’t want to use him?


Jesus I hope we score 35 goals and keep a clean sheet tonight so we can cut down on the toxic tone. I can hardly read my FB, Twitter or get my Arse on any more.

Cheesed off

Perez for president of the USA

Cheesed off

Is it me or have we been pony since the club changed the direction of the cannon? Prefer it pointing in the general direction of manure and blowing the scum away!!!


One of the best apologies I have seen


Puppy made it totally worth it


Surprise surprise…I thought the media always gets it right…:D


Good goal and generally good play by Lucas today. Was it enough for the manager to start him and give him a proper run in the side? Can’t see it
happening. He was brought in as cover and back up because of Welbeck injury and it seems like the manager is sticking to that. I think he should be playing more but don’t think Arsene does.


Of course, Perez wants to go and his agent said that stuff. He’s 28, in the prime of his career, and he’s got to sit on the bench watching sprinters like Walcott get picked first. I’d head straight for the airport.

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