Thursday, August 11, 2022

Wenger: Bayern are a better team than us

Arsene Wenger admits Arsenal need a miracle to stay in the Champions League after being outclassed by Bayern Munich 5-1 at the Allianz Arena.

The Frenchman looked dejected as he faced the BT Sport cameras acknowledging that Carlo Ancelotti’s side were the better team.

On a brutally punishing second half…

It’s difficult to explain. I felt that just before half time we had two good chances to make it 2-1. We were unlucky on the second goal because the referee [initially] gives a corner for us, there were two balls on the pitch and we had four players not there. On top of that in the second half we lost Koscielny [to injury] very quickly, he came off at 1-1, and suddenly it looked like we collapsed mentally. Overall, I must say, they are a better team than us. They played very well and we dropped our level. We were a bit unlucky as well. Overall, well done to Bayern, they were better than us.

On whether there was more to the collapse than Koscielny’s absence…

I don’t look for excuses. It’s an explanation, because we were quite solid defensively. It’s very difficult just after a game [to analyse], it’s a shock as well to lose at that level and on top of that we made everything wrong – the fifth goal shows that.

On putting up a fight in the first half…

Yeah, we were [in control at the end of the first half]. These kind of games you need a bit of luck on your side and you need to be focused for 90 minutes. I felt that the third goal was a killer for our players. After that we had no real response.

On the result being one of the most disappointing of his 20 years…

How I feel is not the most important thing. Of course, it’s disappointing. Of course [it will take a miracle], we need to recover first and focus on our next game [against Sutton United].

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Danny Crosbie

Bored of this film now can we watch something else?


You cannot turn up at Bayern Munich, who for me, are player for player the best team in world football, and expect to beat them with no cohesive defensive strategy.

Off the ball, we had literally had no idea what the fuck was going on tonight. Nobody knew who to press, where to press, players were running out as individuals and they got passed around like fucking 10 year olds in a PE class.

I fucking couldn’t believe my eyes, some of the shit I was seeing. Wenger has to go.

Nasri's Wallot

It kinda like Arsene is a bit like an old family dog. We have loved it for so long but now it’s time to take it out to the back garden and do what’s right for everyone involved. So so sad…


Off course they are better than us, otherwise they wouldn’t humiliate us like that.


He may not be able to motivate his team in big games anymore but fortunately he hasn’t lost the knack of finding ridiculous excuses for losing


That’s not really fair. He said straight out that Bayern are a better team and the koscielny injury was a turning point. It didn’t excuse the collapse that followed but I don’t think he used it as an excuse for that. He just pointed out that it was a factor which it undeniably was. I can’t really feel anything but pity for the guy. I think he knows the game is up.

Poodle time

I think he knows he is done as well.
Nice of Ozil to show up.
He’s gotta go.


He did bloody show up, bloody annoyed now. Good job he wasn’t bloody playing for them.


Ozil is like the icing on a cake, if the cake tastes shit its a shit cake but with some nice icing on top. If the cake is good the icing makes it that little bit better but its still a nice cake even without the icing.. What im saying is Ozil is a good player but when the rest of the team is shit he’s completely pointless and when the rest of the team is good he’s just a little bit of a sweet shiny looking treat on top.


Exactly… And its wengers job to understand the kind of player hes buying. Ozil cannot play the way fabregas did for arsenal, or say the way a modric plays. They are different midfielders. I think ozil is another player who enjoys cazorla’s presence because he gives him a solid base. I really dont understand the lazy or coward narrative. Watch ozil in previous teams. Nothing has changed about him. Put him in a team with vidal and alcantara behind, through balls be flying all around the place

Dial Square

We will have a chance to see Özil’s amazing touches and skill…against Sutton United.
Then against big teams like Bolton Wanderers and Grimsby Town he’ll go missing again


That’s because koscielnys replacement is not very good, and who bought him.


Wenger had an opportunity to shut up shop at 1-1, 1-2, or even 1-3 … and given us a chance at home however small it may have been to go through. Instead the same reactive, clueless tactics as always and we get embarrassed.

Stoned Gooner

I think Wenger is SPOT ON in his post game thoughts.. We did have 2 good chances to make it 1-2 (which would have totally changed the flow of the game).. I also think one of those chances, Xhakas shot illustrates arsenal recent form: flat. We all know Xhaka (and Arsenal) in good form would have smashed that in the top corner. I also agree with Wenger when he says that Koscielnys injury made us disconnect.. Or perhaps we just didnt have the same quality in our defence? Mustafi looked lost without his captain and Gabriel is not at Koscielnys… Read more »

Big Mad Andy

Ultra fuck this


That interview made me sad. I think he knows it’s time


The next manager we get in has to make a serious statement. These next few years are going to be some of the most important. How do we transition from this era? If we get in someone who’s meek and below the radar the big players are not going to come back to Arsenal. We have to splash out on a big time manager and some big-name players. If we can keep Sanchez great but right now it’s about preserving Arsenal’s stature as a big Club.

Sandeep Sarker

My question is really whether or not the board is going to splash the cash to get the right guy, they seem really content with mediocrity, I kind of believe that rumor that Wenger tried to get Griezmann but the board blocked the move because they were unwilling to get the funds, so do you think its Wenger only? Or does this problem run much deeper into the management?

Stuck on repeat...

For a team of players that supposedly are fully behind the manager, they all sure as shit have a very funny way of showing it. Would hate to see their attitudes if they didn’t support him.

Time for at least half the team to publicly state that they have let the manager, club & fan base down.

Not saying that AW should stay on, just firmly believe that he deserved far better from players that have been utter shit towards him in the half arsed performances.



Toptop gun

Sadly we have not brought anything to the champions league for years. To the neutral we are like Roma or Benfica. Always there, always pretty ordinary.

Christ on a bike

Well that was painful. They neither had the stones or stomach for it. A low point for sure….still COYG


Such a cop out. Yes they are a better team. Should they be humiliating us like we’re some Sunday League team? Absolutely not. Here’s a thought: How many times have we destroyed ANY team the way we’ve been overrun in the big games these last few seasons alone?

Godfrey Twatschloch

Ludogorets 6 -0
West Ham 5 – 1
Southampton 5 – 0

And we gave Chelsea a good kicking when beating them 3 – 0 in our first game against them this season. It’s not that we have had a bad season. It’s that the arse has fallen out of our campaign in a bad, BAD, way in the last month or thereabout.




and this is a surprise to you?


Watch this video of Ozil. it’s fucking incredibly sickening:

chippy's chip

See, Arsene knows.


No shit.

Club should be refunding all travelling fans’ tickets. Those that went last season to see this shower of shit should have their travel expenses paid as well.

This has become really boring.


What about us poor f*****s who have spent £80 on 2nd leg tickets?!?
Everyone should boycott the game in protest…..everyone.

David C

or donate the ticket to a wee kid who can’t afford to go.

Refunds for the travelling fans – we’ve seen other clubs do that! Not sure the directors in the ivory tower will agree to this.

chippy's chip

Its the only thing that will make them sit up and maybe take notice. But then they will always get the tourists in.


That’s unfair.

We played for the first half. The fans should get half of their ticket costs refunded.


Why are they a better team than us, though? Even if they are, succumbing to a 5-1 defeat is inexcusable. The team we have on paper does not warrant that result.

Some Jabroni

More money, entire league as their feeder club, didn’t undergo a long/expensive stadium move, still have world class players of years ago, position of strength to add the latest/best players every season, experienced winners in the side. Agree on paper it didn’t warrant the result but that removes all context from the situation. Coquelin and Ozil are out of form, gibbs + chamberlain aren’t good enough, iwobi is 20, the midfield has been dysfunctional all season. We know that everything has to be perfect for this team to perform and there have been too many question marks over many of… Read more »


BBC says we are the first English club to concede 200 CL goals.


We’ve probably played more games though kind of pointless comment from the Beeb

Godfrey Twatschloch

When one of your pundits is Robbie Savage you best say very little in terms of criticism against others. 200 goals? How about Savage’s brain? Now THAT’s a fucking disaster area!


I’d love to come out soon and say he will go at the end of the season. I want him to go but for all that he done for the club I want to see him go gracefully and not see all hate he will get until the end of the season.


*him to come out


Please for the sake ofmillions of arsenal hearts just leave !!


Wait let me guess….

‘We are disappointed with the result but what is important is how we respond in the next game. This group of players has great spirit.’

Right, Arsene?


Gazidis was right to use Bayern as the team to emulate. Commercially, financially, footbalistically. They’re run to win their league and to win the CL as the priorities over all else, every season. Must be 3 years since he said we’d be competing with them. The gulf is enormous in every single department. If anything it’s widened, even with a less potent Bayern XI. Chelsea and Bayern have combined to see Arsene completely off in Greek Tragedy style, and it feels horrible. We’ve made two very good sides look better than they are by comparison and that’s on Wenger, it’s… Read more »


*And feel we have the right to be furious about this now. The difference on paper (finances, manager credentials, player ability) between what we have been seeing in practice is unacceptable.

David Hillier's luggage

I think its was a mistake for us to try and emulate Bayern. The problem is German football is structured in a completely different manner to that of the game over here (less TV money, stricter rules on ownership etc etc). Bayern can dominate in the slightly more level playing field of the Bundesliga because they’re the fucking Man Utd of Germany and can generate hundreds of millions of euros more commercially than their rivals. Sure we’d do ok if we were in the Bundesliga, easily be second and win the odd title, problem is we’re not and our league… Read more »


We were once called Royal Arsenal so we could butter the Queen up by bringing that name back 🙂

Agree that comparisons with the big club Europeans don’t work in our favour. We’ve never had the structural benefits that the likes of Bayern or Madrid had and no-one wants to factor that into their analysis. The Emirates Stadium IS our sugar-daddy and we had no choice but to build it. It ensured our status at the top table but also cost us massively in terms of our footballing pedigree. Now we need to get it back.

David Hillier's luggage

Also the Queen is a gooner


Özil = 5 tackles (80% successful) = more than Xhaka + Coquelin. Food for thoughts…


Really? I didn’t notice he played tonight…

Granit(e) hard!

Did Coquelin even make any meaningful tackle all game?…….to me he was just running around like a headless chicken, chasing shadows all evening. Ridiculous!


Zero successful tackles by Coq in 77 minutes on the pitch


Incorrect: 2/2 tackles according to Opta (he was still rubbish though)

Dial Square

Francis Coquelin completed just SIX passes during his 77 minutes on the pitch

Xabi Alonso completed 17 more passes than Granit Xhaka, Mesut Ozil, Alexis Sanchez and Kieran Gibbs COMBINED (100-83)

Manuel Neuer attempted the same amount of passes as Ozil (20-20)

Arsene Wenger style


Surprised by those stats. But seriously… did you watch that game? He walked around the pitch for 90 minutes while everyone was working hard and doing their defensive duties against a team who were passing it around for fun


Really? You think everyone was working hard? Only Sanchez gave fuck all before 1-1. Look at the goals we conceded and tell me they couldn’t have been prevented. I am usually not one for harsh criticism but we could and should have played much better. Especially after we seemed to be in it after 1-1. To fall apart like that in 15 minutes, three Bayern fans sitting next to me….just so annoying. Of course it wasn’t Özil’s game. He hates not having the ball and defending for 85 minutes. The effort wasn’t enough. We were scared and outplayed once again.… Read more »


I disagree. I didn’t see a lack of not trying. Ox and Iwobi were tracking back and were playing almost as wingbacks and I didn’t think they lacked effort. Xhaka and Coquelin also tried hard but were simply outnumbered. You can’t play a two man midfield against a team as fluid as Bayern in the middle of pitch.
Scared and outplayed absolutely! But I didn’t see a lack of effort from any of the other starters.

Arsene Wenger's Secret Lovechild

Don’t give me that line about all the goals being preventable! Robben’s opener- yes, Coquelin should know better of a player who is exceptional on his left and dog-shit on his right. The second- Ospina slips and, okay, maybe could have been challenged better in the air but Lewandowski was winning that ball because he was more positionally aware. The third- centrebacks who cannot possibly train together very regularly against one of the best teams on the planet. Not going to rub their noses in that one for the lack of handing over a player. 4th- head tennis + indecision… Read more »


Ozil was playing a free role up front with Sanchez, Wenger confirmed this prior to kickoff. We played a 4 man midfield. He ran as much as anyone and dropped back to defend when we were struggling so much. Hardly Ozils fault today. Best focus on that 4 man midfield and our defensive organisation, especially when Koz went off. Losing him was ‘a little bit the turning point’. Losing 5-1 is just not acceptable at this level, 4-0 would have had us in far greater company. Bayern losing 4-0 in the 2nd leg is a certainty.


I saw Ozil cower out of 50-50s twice this evening


i did too. that annoys me a lot . when he is competing for a 50-50 challenge he sort of stops . dont understand why. ozil really lack a character to fight

Sad gooner

Well Coq an Xhaka are kind of terrible right now so makes sense.


I saw him jog about trying to look busy bit fooling no one. Even ox had a word with him to move his arse. Poor game

Worst thing tonight is to swallow the reality that those trolls such as Robbie Savage and others are actually right about Arsenal. That sucks real bad.

Was hoping that the gaffer might prove them wrong but seems my hope was also displaced.

Block 93

Goodnight Gracie !!


Goodnight, George.

Fireman Sam

Goodnight Arsene


Pitiful Arsenal.
A European, indeed global, sporting laughing stock.
Rio Ferdinand summed us up…spineless and weak, mirroring the image of our “manager”.
You can like, respect and have great memories for a manager, but still want him out….and I want Wenger out.

David C

it’s hard being at work today after I wore all my Arsenal gear yesterday. I’m at a high school so there’s lots of other fans just giving me the business today…

Arsenal can be my pall bearers so they can let me down one last time when I die.

Granit(e) hard!

They’ve just torn us a new one and that is the best he can say?….c’mon Arsene. You are better than that!




They are a better team than us. They should have and did win. We are not good enough for the CL. But ffs, we aren’t 5-1 bad against Europe’s top… TWO F*CKING YEARS IN A ROW!!!


Firstly, hats off to Arseblog and crew. I don’t know how you keep doing this while the rest of us just want to crawl under a rock and weep. Secondly, Bayern are better than us? No shit!! Let’s hope Sutton United are not also better than us, but I’m taking absolutely nothing for granted.


Bad luck. Koscielny injury and bad luck on all goals. We should concentrate on winning league for now. We will have a real shot next season (when finally we wont play Barca or Bayern)


Just checking, are you Ty from Arsenal Fan TV?


You should really stop personally confronting people and trying to find a reason to call them out like this.

People have their opinions. Disagree with them, fine. But this is individually confrontational, and that’s not what a fellow supporter does.


Who the f are you answering for me?? And no Im not whatever the hell Ty is.


You make your own luck

We were shit and our manager is clueless


So you are the one with more clue than Wenger?? Tell me how are you managing a top club for more than 20 years again


Do you honestly believe Wenger would stay as a manager for more than 12 years if it was Manchester united or any other top club?


Ah, blind optimism and completely delusional. You must be a new Arsenal fan.


Sometimes i wonder where does Wenger find the strength to carry on.
I’ve been supporting Arsenal for seven years, i haven’t felt so humiliated
since we got thrashed by Chelsea 6-0.

The thing i hate the most on Wenger is that he doesn’t give a f*ck about
defensive organisation and discipline.

Gutless yet again playing without purpose, no instraction from the bench
either yet again.

We’ve become the laughing stock of the entire world of football, with our short comings.


Mutiny Mutiny! We’re the laughing stock of the football world because we lost to Bayern? *We are the laughing stock of the football world because our fans turn on the manager and players as soon as we lose. Disgraceful loyalty.* How do so many of you have the arrogance to assume we deserve to win. As if it’s your right to demand victory from your team? This one was tough to take. But we support AFC win, lose or draw. And we are loyal to our most influential manager in our history. Thumb me down but you’ll only prove once… Read more »


I think we can all accept that we might lose to Bayern away, but it’s the manner of the defeats that wears a bit thin after years of suffering complete shoeings against the big sides when we have pretentions of being one ourselves. What hurts most is that I can’t help feeling the likes of West Brom or Stoke City would make a better fist of these games than we do.


Are you sure? Please name a few top clubs with fans who wouldn’t be vocal when they are treated the same way as us for the last 12 years.


My main issues are 1. Manager/club signing the tune a few years back that our stadium move will allow us to compete with teams like bayern by 2015 2. The same old story again and again. Start the season well. Dip in November-December, recover slightly and lose all the momentum by February- March. Go on a 4th place trophy run April-May. 3. After the point above, club will say we will strengthen in the summer, identified weaknesses and manager has fully backing of club in transfers. Wenger buys players for positions that aren’t top priority and finishes up preseason saying… Read more »


To be fair, it could easily be a hell of a lot worse than your Point 2. You could be any of the clubs below us in the league. We could be Spuds, no trophies since 1961. We could be Everton and never win anything. We could be relegated, and play to a 3/4 empty stadium every week. There’s no rule that says Arsenal is a top 4 finisher year on year. We could not be, then it would be even worse. Hoping for a top 10 finish, like all those mid table clubs. But I agree, the same old… Read more »


You don’t seem to understand what i said.
I never expected us to beat Bayern.
I said we’ve become the laughing stock
because we get the same results year after
year, in all competitions. And we don’t learn
from our mistakes.

As for the manager, i recognize all the things
he has done for the club, the only thing, i said
is that he can’t address our defensive vulnerabilities.
Simply because they dont work this in training, at all.


A manager who’s past it, but hits his targets.
A majority shareholder with zero ambition with regards to trophies.
A board who are there as a reward for selling shares.
I understand we need a new manager, but I’m not sure a new manager will be given the tools to help us really kick on with regard to the overall picture.
We are where we are because that’s where we aim for.

Stuck on repeat...

Completely agree. Blame the manager all you want (& yes he should go). But it’s more than that. The players are utter shits for supposedly backing the manager yet continually puttting in absolute zero to help his cause.

Then you have the far bigger problem of a lazy twat with a tash owning the club, who can F off effective immediately & a Board that just need to go.

Dan Hunter

A bit of a crappy excuse to blame the board. Wenger has had money. He spent 90million plus this season. He has spent millions in previous seasons. The money is there. He has yet to address major flaws in our squad and mentality. Why did he go for Xhaka, for example, over Kante, while Kante was cheaper? What does Özil bring to these types of matches where we need to shut up shop? Even in the first half, we were very slow getting to 50 50 challenges. There is no fight and no heart on the pitch. That is on… Read more »


I’d say “Kroenke Out” before I’d say “Wenger Out”.

This club has been ruined by Kroenke’s stranglehold.


Being brutally honest, there’s only a handful of players you’d want to stay and build a squad around: Bellerin, Koscielny, Sanchez.

A few other good-to-decent guys you’d keep to see develop / as squad players: Xhaka, Wellbeck, Mustafi, Ospina, Giroud.

None of the others should be near the starting eleven of a club (supposedly) competing for the Premier and Champions League.


Santi and Perez too.


Yeah, overlooked those. Maybe also Elneny (good squad option)


State the obvious…player media blackout tomoz…beat a shitty Sutton team 5nil and brush this under the carpet…keep the pounds coming in and qualify top 4. Boring boring Arsenal. Where’s the fucking pride? I only saw alexis get fired up. Poor team effort, including AW. Also, for what it’s worth, Gibbs was shocking and to be made captain apitomises our problems. Iwobi, is too raw for a game like this. Ozil should have been rested to give the TEAM a better chance at defending and countering. No wonder they ran all over out l/s. No ability in cm to keep or… Read more »

George Wang

We are also a better team than Bournemouth, and Burnly, and Hull City. I didn’t see them roll over and die when playing the top teams. I am even willing to bet that Sutten United will put up a better performance against us than we did today against Bayern.

Lord Bendnter

They weren’t a better team. We were a **** team. When we played at our competitive level, you could see Bayern having problems. When we resorted back to our **** level, Bayern humiliated us, and rightfully so. When a manager is winning 4-1 and takes off a striker to replace him with another striker for the last minutes, you know that manager feels no threat from the other team. The when that substitute goes on to score, well shit. Ancelotti looked like he didn’t feel threatened by us at all. It seems managers around the world have lost competitive respect… Read more »

Ex-Priest Tobin

Maybe it will now become acceptable to criticise Wenger without being treated like some kind of pariah.

Arsene Wenger's Secret Lovechild

What a facile over-simplification of a complex issue. Congrats for your self-indulgence. The “I told you so” in the middle of a shitstorm. Well done for being one of several who jab from afar and can’t be arsed to elaborate for the sake of an actual dialogue. Why even post?

The “Arsene out” brigade aren’t seen as pariahs; they’re criticised for legitimate reasons, as are those who want him to stay. Life lesson: other people have opinions too.


THEY HAVE A BETTER COACH! Give this team to Simeone or Conte and the same players will be fired up! Yesterday Emery played with kids(Rabiot, Kipembe,Nkunku,Kurzawa) and trashed Barca.They were up for it. Arsene has lost the mojo and the players are dejected. Its horrible to watch a player of Alexis Sanchez quality pressing alone. I feel ashamed to be an Arsenal fan. Tonight is even worse than the 8_2 at Old Trafford or the Chelsea trashings…Arsene just leave and take your players with you. Now i hope we finish outside top 4. We are not Cl level anyway. And… Read more »

Fireman Sam

You should never hope for your club to do badly.

Finishing above Spuds in the PL is a moral requirement, Arsene or no Arsene.

Arsene Wenger's Secret Lovechild

Hearing people talk about the intangibles of the game as a cause for defeat ( not being “fired up”or “up for it”; “lost the mojo”) just shows how easy it is to criticise in this generation without having the slightest clue about the game. Tactics? No, he’s got a sprained mojo!”Give him a shot of this, it’ll get him fired up!” It’s not just ‘wanting it more’; you actually need to train and plan for the game, which we did. We fell apart on the second half for a number of reasons, but none of them were because they couldn’t… Read more »

cheesed off

Utter tripe and I am on my fifth alcoholic drink and counting!!! Got work tomorrow!!!!

We're gooner score

It’s the remix to ignition, Arsene wenger edition, out the title race now cause we can’t deal with attrition.
Go to Munich and score, half time then go ship four.
It’s a freakin’ weekday baby gonna show no ambition.


We looked solid while Kos was on the pitch.


And nothing else was expected… No, really! On a good day we can out perform any lot(Chelski at the emirates) but how often do we have a good day when facing a big opposition? We’re not better than this im afraid and the signs have been there like forever. It’s time for us to get real for once. Winners win and losers lose. We don’t have that win-mentality and it will take a whole lot more than just a change of manager to get to that point i believe. The whole club needs to take ten steps back and have… Read more »

Granit(e) hard!

But given recent results, a change of manager is at the very least a step in the right direction…..this, believe me, is coming from an arsene die hard supporter for 2 decades.


He says bayern were just the better team, most Sunday league teams are better than us Mr useless wenger.

random guy

That comment itself proves wenger shouldn’t be anywhere near a football club that wants to challenge for anything.


Shut up with your excuses. You were tactically outmatched. You were as predictable as night and day. Welbeck should’ve started. Elneny as well. Leave please…you’re reputation is almost damaged completely. Take Gazidis and Kroenke with you.


A simple acknowledgement of the fact that we were disgraceful would have been better. After such a gutless performance he still doesn’t want to criticize the players. No wonder they can’t seem to be bothered. I don’t mind losing but losing this way in every big game is nauseating. I mean that guy ozil, who apparently wants to be the highest paid player ever for this club was literally walking along the pitch in one of our biggest games of the season. I missed my class for this. This was the club that made me fall in love with football… Read more »


The small chain of hummus-induced farts I had about half an hour before match time were a better team than us.


What’s their mental strength like though? And will they bounce back in the return fixture after having wafted off into the atmosphere.

I’d actually rather discuss farts than this football club at the moment.


They were pretty resilient, none of them shirked responsibility and when the time came they made sure they were heard. And when one of them dissipated too quickly due to breeze-related injury its replacement took its chance and helped the team blow through to victory, never allowing any easy chances of fresh air for the opposition.


Please will Wenger just go. The players aren’t playing for him anymore and the fan base is turning on him. Just say you’re retiring at the end of the season. Get the fans and players on side for one final big push in the FA Cup and League. Win a trophy, we can all say thank you and goodbye. Let the club start getting a replacement in now, so we can getting some new blood in, because to be honest there’s only Ospina out there tonight who I want to see in an Arsenal shirt again. I didn’t want to… Read more »

Blackky Jhide

No comment this year since the result is predictable and expected.I have only got three words

Toure Motors

The only thing consistent about the team is the unending stream of bullshit excuses out of the manager/ team

Dixon's Awesome Own Goal

Bayern are not even that good. Or at least not as good as they were a couple of seasons ago. Yet the result against them is even worse, with supposedly the best squad we’ve had in years. the whole thing is incredibly sad and more than a little pathetic.


Arsenal should: give wenger a 5 yrs contract….extend ozil contract for another 4 yrs n give him a record 250 000 per week…adopt sanchez dogs and make them our mascots



Hank Wankford

more often than not i find dick head arsenal fans are more difficult to take than the results…


Do you think fans of Chelsea or Manchester united or any top teams will allow their manager to stay this long wothout any success? They might have rioted 6 years ago.


No surprise with the result. saw it coming 🙂 Some good news: Technically we are in the Champions League 🙂 Something Chelsea, Man Utd, Liverpool, and Spurs are unable to boost about. “we were quite solid defensively.” According to Arsene Wenger LMAO We play Sutton Utd next. Giroud is fresh again Sanchez is still an Arsenal player and give a shit Bad News: Opsina is 4 inches short Gibbs? Monreal? both average left backs Kos- not a true leader Mustafi- over rated Gabriel- cant jump Hector- drop in form COquelin- Not good enough for Arsenal Xhaka= CUNT Iwobe- good player… Read more »


Providing we qualify for CL that is


Kos is brilliant. Look what happened when he went off. He’s made so many last-ditch saves off the line over the years, gone up front and scored headers, and generally played his socks off. He’s worth a dozen of the others

Per Motorcycle

Well that wasn’t surprising at all. I don’t feel anything anymore when we lose in the big games. It’s just part and parcel of being an Arsenal fan. As sure as the sun rising…

He's the soup

We should have played Ozil

He's the soup

Oh we did? Then give that man a raise. Give them all raises. Why not take my salary too, for the game against Sutton.

Because nobody earned it today.

He's the soup

Oh we did? Then give that man a raise. Give them all raises. Why not take my salary too, for the game against Sutton.

Because nobody earned it today.

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