Thursday, December 1, 2022

Wenger denies post-Bayern dressing room bust-up

Rumours have abounded since Wednesday night that there was a bust-up in the Arsenal dressing room.

It has been suggested that two players had a serious disagreement in the wake of the 5-1 defeat, but pressed on the issue today, Arsene Wenger denied anything like that took place.

“No, no, not at all,” he said. “Everybody was of course, deeply disappointed and affected but there was no incident in the dressing room apart from a huge sadness and disappointment.”

Of course Wenger is never going to break the sanctity of the dressing room and tell the press all about an angry confrontation. He certainly didn’t do it when a former captain was left flat on his arse, you guys, after picking a fight with a currently unpopular midfielder, so he’s hardly about to start now.

The other thing is that these kind of things happen with much greater frequency than people think and they’re not necessarily damaging.

Lauren and Patrick Vieira had a mighty fight on the team bus after one away game, and training ground barneys are not irregular at clubs up and down the Premier League.

Wenger confirmed that Sanchez had gone to Barcelona for a court case, and it remains to be seen if he’ll be involved on Monday night as we face Sutton United in the FA Cup.

Check out today’s Arsecast, discussing Arsene Wenger, his future, and Arsenal’s from different perspectives

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Godfrey Twatschloch

Giroud taking up smoking is a bad sign.

Too Drunk To Be Offside

Actually for once, it would be a good thing if some details were made public. No need to name names, but news that confirms, that players were gutted about that joke of a display and punches were thrown in anger, sends a far better message than it was business as usual in the dressing room.

It shows that the players were actually hurt and care about improving.


Listen, I would be genuinely shocked if there had been punches thrown, or an actual bust up after that game. There are lads in the dressing room who dont even have the balls to try and jump for headers, or go in for 50/50’s – I’d be shocked if anyone of them have the guts to dig someone out in the changing room for playing like a cunt after a result like that. If our dressing room genuinely had characters in it like that, we probably wouldnt find ourselves constantly capitulating in big games, or bottling it when the pressure… Read more »


Good thing? How? Will it make Chelsea start losing games? Put some hair on Ozil’s chest? Turn a 5-1 loss into a 1-5 win?

Too Drunk To Be Offside

If you read beyond the first line, the post does explain how it will be a good thing.


Its called having players with a set of balls. If a teammate is playing like a fucking cunt, and he’s being lazy, and that laziness is responsible for the team conceeding a goal – then someone at half time needs to get into them and tell them they need to stop playing like a fucking dick head, it happens at all levels of the game. Football is a team sport, and it needs everyone putting in the effort to achieve a positive result. So someone not pulling their weight is a liability, and they need to be told to sort… Read more »

chippy's chip

Thats fine.For a second i thought it was Alexis.


❤ Aaron Ramsey, the unpopular midfielder


Ramsey decked the Dutch skunk? Didn’t know that. Makes me like him more.


Yeah, pretty sure that’s news to me too. Sweet!


I assumed it was Coq.


I assumed it was Nasri – Gallas


Thank you Welsh Jesus.

Nasri–Gallas, man, who do root for in that one? Jeez.


It’s either fake news, or Wenger didn’t see it.

Godfrey Twatschloch

Wouldn’t you love to hear some juicy stories about all the scraps through the years though?

“Well I remember the time when Wrighty and Adams, well they’d been drinking quite a bit all day and things got out of hand, a bit, and that’s when Keown set fire to the toilets…”


Knowing our players fighting ability it was more likely a pillow fight in there y fronts.

Only Good In Practice

It was probably a strongly worded text message from one player to another with one of those little angry face emojis

David C

one of them told the other that they’re not allowed in the team selfies any more, haha


Yes, Gangs of the EPL style, ‘Peaky Gooners’

richard of York

“Bust-up in the dressing room? I didn’t see it!” – Wenger


Players know it’s all over. Time for a lot of people to go their separate ways.

Clive St Helmet

I’m getting pretty fed up with all the bad feeling surrounding it club right now. Let’s face facts: we’re not winning the league this year. We’re not winning the Champion’s League this year. We’re playing poorly and not getting results. Many people blame Wenger, Ozil, others. Can we not just take a couple of deep breaths and think about it. This bad feeling from the fans is entirely understandable, but it accomplishes little. We all have different views about aspects of this club, but surely we all agree on one thing: we love Arsenal, we want them to be successful,… Read more »

Godfrey Twatschloch

Three simple things to adhere to:

1. Don’t hound the players
2. Don’t disrespect Wenger
3. Don’t slag off the club

I think following those, regardless of anyone’s stance will help keep things at least dignified.


I think it’s generally OK to (constructively) slag off the club when among fellow Gooners, but to do it around fans of other (big) clubs is a no no.

Godfrey Twatschloch

I would call that criticism and I’d say that’s fine across the board. It’s the vitriolic nastiness and scapegoating we can all do without.


Thumbs up. Obviously folks can be upset and not like a performance by this one or that one, but there’s a big difference between saying something discontented to work it out or make a point and the incessant hounding, disrespectful, and degrading statements. Balance it out a bit.

If I might offer up a fourth: Skip the obvious click bait rage-up articles from the usual sources of such things. Don’t feed into the narrative and stereotype of Arsenal supporters.

Clive St Helmet

Thank you. You’ve articulated this much better than I could have.


Going by the same repetitive incendiary statements, some of the haters could as well be bots. Doing the Macarena to every song is how ridiculous it looks.

Kwame Ampadu Down

How about adding :
– don’t ridiculously exaggerate the player’s abilities
– don’t tie yourself up in knots to make nothing Arsene’s fault
– don’t talk about the club as if it only belongs to those who are relentlessly positive.

There are as many extremists at the positive end of the argument as at the negative and they are just as harmful.


Well said Kwame!

Take note – Godfrey, Clive, Mpls, Alex. You’re all guilty of the above offences.

Godfrey Twatschloch

Mr “you’re all wengerholics if you don’t agree with me”.


If you agree that there are managers out there, that can achieve better than what Wenger is doing. Why do you want him to stay?
That indicates that you love Wenger more than Arsenal.


Unless their is a manager with a proven champions league record and by that I mean a manager that has won the champions league or at the very least consistently made deep runs. Someone like ancelloti, simeone, allegri, if none of these candidates are available then I would encourage Wenger to sign on for another year and Wenger and the club can hash out a proper exit strategy. The last thing that Arsenal needs is a manager or a string of managers to cause the club to fall into a spiral of midtable mediocrity.

Godfrey Twatschloch

And I suggest you are a lazy reader drunk on your own obsession about “wengerholics” because I think it’s time for him to go. What I don’t think it’s time for is insulting him.


Who insulted him? Not me.

I just want to him to leave as I think it is needed for the club to more forward and progress.

Clive St Helmet

You mistake me. You seem to think that I think Wenger should remain. Actually I’ve been very careful not to reveal my thoughts, so as to not undermine my stance on not actively protesting mid-season againsty team.


Ha! Do you think Wenger and players log on here to read your comments?

Interviewer: ‘Why did you lose again today?”

Wenger: ‘Because our performance was affected by Clive St Clement’s comments on Arseblog News’


Pfft. Nice try Spinner, doesn’t apply to me. Make up your own attributes for someone else.


Mpls – you’re the worst type. The closet Arsene sympathiser. I prefer the guys who say they want him to stay and don’t hide their views.
Next you’ll be telling be you’re a life long vegetarian, at the same time as munching into a Big Mac.


You have quite the angry fantasies.

Done conversing with you altogether, because you’re simply a troll. Ta.

Cant Dance

It would be kind of nice to see some of that fighting spirit ON the bloody pitch.

Clive St Helmet

I agree 100%, but we’ve got to support the players every time they go on the pitch. We’ve got to be behind this club all the way. When the season draws to a close, that’s the time for analysis, reflection on what went wrong and how to improve. There is no point getting on the players and manager note, because of course it impacts their performance.

John C

Wrong, players need to be made aware of the standards required to play for Arsenal and if you drop below those standards you’ll be told, the same goes for the manager!

Clive St Helmet


Every single person in that dressing room knows what is expected of them. How could they not?

By bitching and complaining, all you’re doing is feeding the bad feeling directed to our club.

I don’t disagree that the players and manager need to be held to account, but I don’t believe that doing this publicly, in the middle of the football season, is the right way to go about it. Cheer them on, get off their backs and let’s see what happens.

John C

Because they don’t play like they know what’s expected of them thats why.

How do you suggest you privately in the off season communicate that you feel the team (players, manager, board) has fallen below those standards?

Clive St Helmet

The AGM is the recognised time for fans to raise concerns about the club to the management.

Crowd demonstration only serves to weaken player resolve.

If you were working and had 60,000 people telling you how shit you were doing, would it motivate or demoralise you?

Godfrey Twatschloch

Is attacking the players, singling the odd one out for Hate Week and disrespecting the manager the answer?

John C

What a load of nonsense, who said attack the players?

Why does everything become so binary? This is what’s going wrong with the world at the moment, you’re either kissing and making love or you’re hate filled lunatics frothing at the mouth with some people and nothing in between.

A football stadium isn’t a safe zone, and the fan’s have several years of frustration over the same mistakes being made over and over again, they have every right to voice their opinion.

John C

THe AGM is a shareholders meeting, not a meeting between the board and fans. And Wenger stopped the question and answer session because he doesn’t like to be questioned.

The ground is the only place

Godfrey Twatschloch

If you’re a hate filled lunatic frothing at the mouth I’m not sure but you are one of the worst moaners here. I don’t think I’ve EVER seen anything positive from you here. Not even when the team wins. There’s always something to complain about and you do.

John C

I wrote something positive only last week, i said i believe i would be very easy to replace the manager with a better one. Is that positive enough for you?

Lula da Gilberto

I think most fans would want to see what took place after that. Who was mad with who and why. I wonder if it was still just Mustafi lecturing Bellerin as he was during the third goal or whichever it was now. This whole situation is impossibly sad and we can say that Wenger brought it on or hat the club did or the players or whatever, but it doesn’t stop it being depressing. To be perfectly frank, for all the talk by agents and players regarding Sanchez and Ozil, I’d be more sad to see the Ox go. I’ve… Read more »


Yes what is seriously pissing off is not showing any sort of fighting spirit after going behind. When the going gets tough the tough must get going. Win or lose. It’s that simple! This dressing room bust up comes across as just letting off frustration. Accomplishes very little.

chippy's chip

Would be more shocked if there wastnt a reaction like that….. but then again would i? Really? Maybe not.


So AR8 is the “unpopular” midfielder that flattened that ungrateful Dutch skunk? More reason for me to love our Rambo! ? Give this man the armband already!!!


van persie is happy out with his pl medal. something our team will never win under wenger.


Well, aside from having done it three times…


It must be Özil. I’m sure: he is guilty of anything. I’m sure he is guilty of rain in London and winter in Siberia.

Thierry Bergkamp

My money would be on Lauren to beat Vieira. First i’ve ever heard about that though.


Nah, my money would be on Patrick. Remember when got that thick cunt Roy Keane shaking in his boots.

Art Vandalay

Patrick never had Keane ‘shaking in his boots’.

Thierry Bergkamp

That planned protest by the Chile natives – funniest football related story i’ve heard for a while. Arsenal’s embarrassment goes to new levels. Can’t this club catch a break.


Imagine – rallies for human rights, women’s rights, the goddamn environment – and Sanchez changing clubs. I get the guy is popular (with good reason) AND doesn’t like giving interviews but if he doesn’t respond to this planned protest I’d like him a little less.


Wait. I must have missed all of that.

Who, reportedly, got put on their arse by whom? And when?


And that’s the problem right there. They should be tearing each other apart after that gutless and shameful display.


HAHA! Everyone was bad! Everyone blame everyone else!


if they had enough energy for a bust up in the dressing room shame they dont show that fight on the pitch fucking light weights


That’s a fair point maybe leave a bit of that energy on the pitch.


overpaid footballer makes 140,000 GBP a WEEK (plays typically one game a week, so that’s 140,000 GBP A GAME), and we need to “go easy on him”. bullocks. these twats make more money in one week than most of you make in a year, and we’re supposed to be all nice and comforting when they FAIL AT THEIR JOBS.

how long would the lot of you be employed making that much money and not doing what you’re paid to do?

Godfrey Twatschloch

I’m not on “that” kind of money but I can proudly say I’ve done precious little in my job for the last 16 years and have mostly gotten away with it. I aim to do the same for the next 14 yours before I retire when I’ll be looking back at a career where I, along with most of my colleagues, got away with it. What the fuck is wrong with that?

Godfrey Twatschloch

But that is me and my mediocrity. I’m happy to coast through life.

Anyone claiming THIS is not doing what you are paid for is deluded!


Godfrey, no need to explain. From reading your comments, I already worked out you were a lazy coaster.

Godfrey Twatschloch

Aye that I am but the mistake made by too many is that I’m a fucking moron, like you.


Lost the debate, so resort to calling someone a fucking moron. Well done Godfrey, no really, well done.

Godfrey Twatschloch

Merely following the outstanding example set by your good self, Spinner.


I don’t recall calling some a fucking moron. I would prefer to stick with reasoned debate. It’s a shame you couldn’t keep up and fell into the gutter.

Godfrey Twatschloch

Reasoned debate as “wengerholics” and “lazy coaster”. Righto!


I maintain that Wengerholics is a fair description for fans that acknowledge that club would be in a better position with a new manager, but still want Wenger to stay. Can you see my point here?

The coaster comment was just repeating what you said about yourself. I obviously don’t know you personally so it was a bit of a tongue in cheek comment.

uncle D

Spinner out!!!?

Godfrey Twatschloch

Wenger is on his way out. Of that I am convinced and I think it’s time. Let him finish off the season and then call it a day. What’s left is to try and salvage what we can of the PL, make a push for the FA Cup and see him out in a way that befits someone of his stature. He’s owed all the ovations and celebrations we can muster and more. Then we can all march into the new dawn, whatever it’ll be. I’m a little bit excited, a little hesitant, a little bit worried but also very… Read more »


Going by your comments spinner you are deeply unhappy with everything in your life.


some people are unhappy with their lifes, urs must be great good for u

Vincent Kompany's Forehead

Presuming that is not your real name, so you can tell me the name of your employer and if you are presently hiring 🙂

Although Twatschloch sounds German and I’m told Schweinsteiger means Pig Farmer so who knows.

Clive St Helmet

@Beau: “most of you” would indicate that you make £140,000 or more per year. If this is correct, you’re doing better than nearly all of us and congratulations for your financial success. If not (I strongly suspect not, given your obvious lack of social skills), then you are the worst sort of hypocrite: a narcissistic liar.

It may come as a surprise to learn that you can earn less than this and be happy. It may even come as a surprise to learn that you can earn more than this an still be unhappy!

Godfrey Twatschloch

I always sense the envy whenever the “he earns THAT much doncha know” argument comes out. It’s bollocks.


I know the attention now is on the professor, but i’ve always thought the players got to take much more responsibility as well – they are the ones on the pitch. When it all comes down to the moments before conceding or scoring goals, its ultimately the cause and effect of their action during that few seconds. Bayern game was a classic example. I am pretty sure the during training, 1st thing the team was briefed on was Robben’s left foot. What happened was basically shooting oneself in the foot. When we were 2-1 down, surely the thing on everyone’s… Read more »

Matt P

Pitt as Ozil, dude to his left in white singlet Kos, dude bare chested further to the right playing Alexis
The rest are their hit men


Skinny guys fight till they are burger! 😀

Thomas Ogolah

Comment:nobody is mentioning the board. they are in charge of policy. they hire n fire. but they have buried their heads in the sand, only thinking of profits. they should know that even fans are stakeholders. they have ran Arsenal down to the abyss. They take ALL the responsibility


I think the club could benefit from being more transparent and honest about the goings on behind the Wall. All the secrecy, lies and half truths are not helping anyone.


Just say it out loud. You want to see the CCTV grab of the alleged bust up.

Tony Hall

I think we need to put Bayern out of our head and cheer the players till we are hoarse when the team plays Sutton UTD in a few days. Not only that it will largely be the team that trounced Southampton so they deserve it for that. And if it helps them win and instils a bit of confidence back even better. The club has big problems, no denying and I think it likely AW will not stay after the summer but let’s just put that to one side and give the team some serious support for the sake of… Read more »

Cheesed off

Look Tony Blair gave Britain the feel good factor and won three elections on the bounce, but then it went wrong for him/labour!! So what am I saying, basically you can’t live in the past so although Wenger brought a lot of good times to Arsenal, his methods no longer work and its time for change!!!


Vote Trump.

Jim wall

Rest of season…

Perez…..wellbeck. Sanchez


Ever heard of fatigue.

Chelsea don’t have the CL to contend with.

Like last season, Leicester were without CL. This season, they are relegation fodder.

Its important to have a bit of levity and also recoggnise we have to juggle squad rotation.

Its not to say Wenger has been rotating us at our most efficient or he is getting the potential best out of the squad he has assembled (and we know they have tremendous potential), but there are reasons why Chelsea has an advantage over some of the chasing pack.

That’s not an excuse, but it is a fact.


At least you can’t say we lack passion.

Depends how the media want to spin it.



OK we were a bunch of pansies and got beat by a very good team.

What’s Spurs excuse? The lost to Ghent in the “europa” league.

And we have Twitchy Redknapp proclaiming they will win the title within four seasons.

Its like Owen saying Liverpool will win it. They’re still at it after 25 years or a quarter of a century which ever is nearest.

Media logic.


I remember a taxy ride in Manch back about 1995……..driver was a utd fan and said that Paul prickface Ince reminded Keano ( new to the club) on the training pitch that He was the “Guvner”.
A few seconds later Incy was on the ground nursing a bloody nose.
SAF, the gutteral manager from Govan looked away….. That little partnership went on to win how many titles??
Wanna win a title, (and get a title from the queen , while you’re at it) get a few tips from Ferguson. Nasty man, but a winner.


Ah for a cup of tea and some lovely anecdotes! How many times did Alex shove a Jose or a ref? Also, what’s an OBE worth these days?


That shows you how stupid RvP was, if he thought he can f*ck with a guy callled Rambo!


Naaah can’t be Ramsey, Coquelin more likely. But not Ramsey. He fights like a girl.


With all this wenger out talk where is the criticism of the board? Wenger has been handicapped in the transfer market for years compared to his competition and criticised for not being able to win the premiership or to compete with the bigger teams in Europe. This is a manager who recognises the talent of the top players but he just hasn’t been given the transfer funds or wage budgets to buy them so that’s the board’s fault. He’s been left with a team of players unable to play the arsenal way because they’re simply not good enough. Pundits talk… Read more »


Eh, “you guys,” that alone is why I will love the Welsh Jesus forever no matter what.

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