Wenger: I’ll be a manager next season (press conference transcript)


After Wednesday night’s crushing defeat at the hands of Bayern Munich, the rumour mill has been in overdrive about Arsene Wenger’s Arsenal future.

Facing the press on Friday ahead of the Gunners FA Cup fifth round trip with Sutton United, the boss tackled repeated questions about whether his time at the club is coming to an end.

Interestingly, he went so far as to suggest he’ll be a manager next season no matter what…hinting that he’ll look for another job if he calls time on his 20-years in N5. He also confirmed he could make a decision as soon as next month.

Here’s a transcript of the questions he faced on the subject and his answers…


Do you feel offended by some of the things you read and hear after all you’ve achieved?



Because I’m used to it. I’m here for 20 years and I think in life it’s important you do what you think is right. Everything else is judgement. I’m in a public job and I have to accept that. I have to behave with my values and the way I see my job and accept that everyone can have an opinion on it.

Did you tell anyone this week that you’ll decide your future in March or April?


Will it be March or April?

I don’t know. If I say March or April it’s because I didn’t know.

Have you spoken to the main shareholder [Stan Kroenke] or the Chief Executive [Ivan Gazidis]?

Every time I have the opportunity, I do.

What’s their view on your future, as far as you understand?

I do not want to come back on that. I think at the moment we have other priorities. Me as a person, as I’ve said many times, is not as important as Arsenal Football Club and the future of our team and what we can achieve until the end of the season. That is important.

Your face the other night was a picture, it looked like it was pretty hard for you to take, and I’m sure it was…do you ever feel like you’ve had enough?

No. No matter what happens I will manage next season. Is it here or somewhere else, that’s absolutely for sure. On a night like that [Wednesday], I hate defeat. I hate to lose games. And I want to do extremely well for this club and I feel a big responsibility. You do not stay for somewhere 20 years and you walk out of a defeat like that and you whistle, you know. It is difficult to take. But as well, I have the strength and the experience to respond to that.

[Further questions were then asked by another journalist…]

Do you feel the increased speculation around your future and the intensity of it rising up again is unhelpful for the club and the players? Do you think it would be better if some clarity was brought to the situation sooner rather than later?

No. I think we have to focus on the real problems. The real problems are the way we play football and not my future. The priorities are how we respond to defeat and how we play together that is what it is to be professional. It’s always important not to look for wrong excuses in life and to focus on what you can influence and what is your job.

You’ve always taken the criticism, when the fans go home unhappy, very personally. The criticism is reaching new heights with growing sections of the support basis seemingly thinking it’s time for you to move on.

Maybe. That’s an eternal debate when you’re somewhere for a long time and you have a big disappointment. Even if I go Arsenal won’t win every single game in the future. That’s part of it…as much as it hurts to lose games. If you look at the history of Arsenal, they had less games in the Champions League than I’d had in my career already [when I arrived]. Since, they have done a few. I hope that in the future I hope we can win this trophy or Arsenal can win this trophy. It’s not like before I arrived, Arsenal has won five times the European Cup. They have never won it, they have played maybe ten games in the whole history of the club. We have to take into perspective some demands. 

With that in mind, and when you’ve seen a club like Manchester United go through transition, do people have to be careful what they wish for in that sense?

No. I think what is important is that the club makes the right decision for the future. I did not work here for 20 years not to care about this club. I had many opportunities during my time here to go somewhere else. I care about this club. I care about its future. It is very important that the club is in safe hands. Is it me or is it somebody else? What I’m sure it will be [in safe hands].

On that, is it going to be your decision or the club’s or a mutual decision?

I do not want to continue to talk about that now. I think that chapter is closed. We have to focus on what is important.

The position that Arsenal are in now is a familiar one, these sort of questions have been familiar over the last six or seven years, is there anything underlying what’s going wrong that you’ve identified? 

As long as you do not win absolutely everything there is always something wrong. You have to accept that because you always want to go to the next level. On the other hand, in the last twenty years in Europe only three clubs managed to play every year in the Champions League and it’s Arsenal, Bayern Munich and Real Madrid. Nobody else. If everything is not perfect, not all is wrong. We have to accept that. It will be difficult again this year because it’s a fight at the top level [of the Premier League]. We have to focus on what is important now. It’s the quality of our performances and the quality of our games.

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Le Jim

Ideal situation for me would be that he announces he’s retiring, we win the FA Cup and give him a huge send off.

Love the man too much to be happy seeing him at another club, but love the club too much to want him to stay on.

When Skies Are Grey

Really well put sir, completely agree!


However you feel about the recent form and results over the last few years, there’s no excuse for the behaviour of those TWATS on ArsenalFanTv. For Arsenal fans it’s pure embarrassing. The complete and utter classless way they berate the manager and what he’s done for this club is shameful beyond recognition, and they’re only doing it for the likes and self promotion in a fucking henus manner. Say what you want about Arsene, but at least the man has poise and class even in the face of that vitriol.

Too Drunk To Be Offside

I am firmly in the Wenger out camp, but its not out of any hatred for Wenger, and purely out of my love for Arsenal. If Arsenal were to win trophies, I would prefer them to win it under Wenger, more than under any other manager on earth. However winning trophies under another manager, is still much better than this groundhog day Arsenal are stuck in under him presently. Its not about one result or two, but its the cumulative impact of the past 7 or so seasons thats left me in no doubt, that Wenger is incapable of delivering… Read more »


Very well said. Exactly the way I view the situation.


I know this may sound ludicrous, but I can see him going to Barcelona next season. Despite his reputation in England, Wenger is very highly thought of around Europe, they’ve come in for him about 3 times in the past, and even before Barca got thrashed by PSG there were rumours that this will be Enrique’s last year managing at Barca.

I actually hope he manages another team (outside England) and is very successful with them. The guy can’t end his managerial career on such a low, he deserved better than that.


It can abrupt the atmosphere


Barcelona …

Stoned Gooner

Football form goes round and round.. In 3 weeks im not ruling it out completely that we might score 2 goals on bayern by the 60th minute.. From then on you never know… The atmosphere at the emirates will rise and maybe we get a lucky corner.. Someone heads it in.. Suddenly its 3-0 with 10 minutes to go plus extra time. Are you guys telling me there are NO possibilities to score one goal in that time? With the adrenalin that situation can create? Or it just ends 2-0. The point is, we CAN beat bayern if we are… Read more »


I can easily see us beating them 3-0 with Giroud hitting the bar on extra-time.


Hopeful Hail Mary prognosticators are part of the problem. We live Arsene but we love Arsenal more. Time to move on!


I mean that’s where he might go …


i think he would be a very good manager for them. I think you need superior players to play the kind of football he wants to play. Guardiola is similar.

The teams that beat teams with superior players all play a more defensive hard working game. If we actually want to win things in our present situation i think that is what we need to do.


I prefer he says nothing, we win the FA Cup, and then retires.
I really wish him that, absolutely.


You think its bad/toxic now? He stays next year and it’ll be worse, alot worse

If gazidis wasn’t such a wet fish he would have done his job

chippy's chip

Gazidis is a puppet of the boards just like wenger. The problem is at the very top.

Holding Rob

Couldn’t have said it any better. I also think his time is up, but I can’t bring myself to rant “f*** of Wenger” and whatnot


3 teams in the last 20 years that have been constantly in the Champions League. Arsenal being one of them along with Real and Bayern. European giants we are. Under Wenger. Like Ozil he is hugely respected around the the world. Those who disrespect him the most and call him all sorts of shit are colon cleansing themselves out of their own misery. Voicing their miserable opinions is their right but you cant make pearls out of pigshit.


Who ever we bring in? I seriously doubt we’ll ever see anyone handle a press conference with such poise, class and dignity.
It may be time for a change? but this guy willl be a tough act to follow.


If they win us the Premier League, we won’t be making negative comparisons with press conference performance.


An absolute NO to Mourinho’s way of handling the press, regardless of results. Victory doesn’t come above class.

Godfrey Twatschloch

AN absolute no to Mourinho all the way.


Your use of question marks is questionable


Wash rinse dry repeat


No matter what your leanings towards him , he knows how to speak English with verbs ( eloquent man)
He’s also very calming
Furthermore, he’ll leave Arsenal when he’s ready


I agree that he speaks eloquently and is calming, but if he continues to fail and embarrass our club then why should he be allowed to choose when he leaves?


I personally think he has earned the right to choose when he leaves; that said, he’s not going to ruin this club, one that he clearly cares about. He’s a calm guy with good judgement.

Fans are right to demand more and Wenger is a victim of his own success. I would like him to leave on a high though. I do hope good things happen between now and the end of the season.


Unfortunately, views like yours are part of the problem.
You are saying that you believe it should be Arsene’s decision when to leave, not the club’s decision.
No person is bigger than club. Not even Wenger. If you disagree with this, then you love Wenger more than Arsenal.


DJ Hopeless, spinning poison … well in, mate.

uncle D

Wenger In!!!?


Wow, it really does amaze me how fickle some people are. Next season will be our season I guess? Out of the league and CL by march again but a couple of emotionally manipulative comments from wenger and everyone forgets. Does anyone care about the football or just enjoy fawning over arsene? I love the man but he needs to go and if people like you keep giving him an excuse to stay mark my words, he will


It really amazes me how people like you automatically assume a new manager will bring instant success. People like you are screaming to have one of our greatest managers of all time – 20 years at the club – leave, showing the guy no respect whatsoever. What makes you think the new guy will get time? You’re the fickle one here, and you’ll be one of the first screaming to get our next manager out the door should he not deliver us instant success. You’re doing it with Wenger, you’ll do it with whoevers next.


We should not be afraid of change. Wenger is a nice guy no doubt, but his methods have not worked for many years now. A new managers methods may or may not work, but right now that’s a risk we have to take over a manger who’s methods are clearly not working. Chelsea have changed managers almost every year and won everything there is to win in the past 10 years. It’s a sad day when an Arsenal fan is jealous of the Chelsea trophy cabinet


If the new guy takes 12 years to win and fails the same way again and again without learning, we will absolutely be on his back to leave. Arsene absolutely deserves dignity but that does not mean endless faith at 8 quid a year!


It amazes me how so many people assume a new manager will fail


If success is measured by winning the league and making final 4 in the champions league, it is far more likely any new manager will fail than succeed.


Mikeh – nobody is saying that a new manager will guarantee success. But I am pretty confident that a new manager wont get us spanked by Bayern 5-1 again next season.


Barca lost to PSG by the same margin.
City lost 4-0 to Everton, the same margin.

This happens. Trying to claim a different manager would stop a loss like that is not convincing to me.

I’m not saying this for Wenger’s sake. What I’m saying is don’t try to claim that someone-anyone will do better because we just don’t know. Based on recent examples the odds are against quick success.


Those large losses you mention, are not regular and expected. For us they are. That’s the difference.
Did you see the Bayern official tweet after the game? “5-1, same again next year?”
They are laughing at us, why would any Arsenal fan want that to continue?


Don’t move the goalposts. You said another manager wouldn’t let that,happen, I pointed out examples to the contrary.

And You know very well I don’t want that to ever happen to us, so don’t try to make up some scenario where me or anyone else does.

We laugh at Mou right now, we poked fun at Citeh’s situation. Man up. That’s part of supporting a club.


Name one other club with genuine ambition that would keep the same manager for a decade with zero major trophies and no improvement. I’ll wait


Why? Why would I do it with the next person if they’re successful? This club is perfectly set up, if you really believe no other manager could come in and do better with the resources we have you’re bonkers. What will it take for you to believe wenger should leave? How can you tell me, from a footballing perspective, that you’re enjoying how things have been going for the last few years.


Angry Wenger FTW. Here’s hoping he decides to make huge squad changes. I think some of the players need a proper kick up their asses. Regardless of what happens at the end of the season, the club needs to start separating the grain from the chaff now.


Wenger is not yet person to kick players up the arse. That’s one of the reasons why we get our pants pulled down repeatedly. He’s a great man and legend for the club but him staying on is damaging to Arsenal FC.

Dial Square

It’s Wenger’s fault the players let him down. How many seasons did Manure win everything in sight with an inferior team.
Wenger plays shit tactics and the players become disillusioned. (why do you think van Persie left?)


“As long as you do not win absolutely everything there is always something wrong” – nice deflection. Just showing real fight to win SOMETHING and not getting embarrassed time and time again would be an improvement.


Like 2 of the last 3 FA Cups, you mean? I mean that’s SOMETHING isn’t it?


There are certain statistics that AFC uses all the time and that are meant to calm down the storms. Those are statistics of positive results (all sorts of). Arsene said that in the last 20 years only 3 clubs play every year in CL. Ok, that’s an achievement. But 90% of those 20 years in the CL were similar, pass the group stage and slip in the first or second phase. And how many times we were humiliated like the last time? When do we go further? When do we see some spirit of fight within the team? Ok, we… Read more »


Barca were thrashed by PSG. Thrashed. Lest you forget. I hated what Bayern did to us – it shouldn’t happen – but it does. Don’t think only Arsenal choke/screw up. DO you think the team didn’t prepare well enough for the game? After the recent history? Damn, the players should know where they have gone wrong on their own! It’s happened so many times! By fixating on Wenger, and to certain extent Ozil, some of the other players are getting a free pass.


Erm… Barcelona don’t get thrashed every season, dude. It was a one off. We got thrashed in our last 6 games in the Round of 16 in Europe.


We don’t get ‘thrashed’ every season either. We fail at this stage and there is a pattern (which includes tough draws) but my point was that by making this about Wenger (who is responsible), we give others a free pass.


oh, we don’t?

Bayern 5 – 1 Arsenal (2017)
Barcelona 5 – 1 Arsenal (aggr)
Bayern 5 – 1 Arsenal (2015)

Ironically we used to perform better when our team was worse on paper.


Oh, and last I checked Barcelona won a Champions Leaugue trophy once or twice. And a league in the past decade at least once, if I’m not mistaken. So one thrashing in Europe can be tolerated by their supporters.

Bob's Mexican Cousin

Bayern lost 4-0 to Real in 2014

Bayern beat Barcelona 7-0 on aggregate in 2013

What are you talking about?


On both occasions, those clubs did not retain their manager. They went on to win the CL.

That is the difference between them and us.


Do you think Luis Enrique will be managing Barca next season?


No, he won’t. That’s because at Barca they don’t tolerate failure. Unfortunately, it seems they not only tolerate failure at Arsenal, they reward it with a new contract as well.


Barcelona compete on a totally different financial field, in a league that allows playing more low intensity ‘training matches’ than real graft.

Let’s not compare, England will never produce a Real Madrid or Barcelona because of the financial disparity of the Spanish league.

Wenger has been the best English team manager given the resources and club History. He has only just started spending and a couple of seasons with two stars is not resources enough to win the league. Chelsea have had 10 years fully resourced. Hazard joined Chelsea five years ago.


There are clearly still some Arsene sympathizers, i mean what the actual fuck

What will it take for some of you guys to see reality.

Arsene aint a bad manager but hes not good enough anymore and we need and deserve better.

What is so difficult to grasp about that?

Look at Bayern’s games in the champs lge this season and last and tell me who else they spanked 5-1?

And we are better than 80% of these teams, but why are we getting spanked? cos of a lack of organisation, guidance, discipline and direction from the manager


There’s plenty of those deluded fuckers. I suspect if Wenger goes to PSG next season, they will become PSG fans instead of supporting Arsenal. It’s clear that there allegiance to Wenger is more important than their allegiance to Arsenal.


Supporting Arsenal means supporting your team, manager, history etc.. if you don’t want to do that then support a team that cares little about it’s (female) staff, history, players like Chelsea for instance….fools!! Its fans like you that the English media love…fickle and ignorant #clickbait


Some people hate Wenger so much that they’d rather vitiate the atmosphere than to stick behind the team. Their sense of importance > any attitude Wenger throws to the media.

Godfrey Twatschloch

Trade offer, Spinner. If Wenger stays after this season, can you and the likes of you take your vitriol and become fans of another club instead? Personally I’d take a few more years of disappointing results and squandered opportunities for a less toxic atmosphere than the one you and your ilk are providing.


No deal Godfrey. I love Arsenal, that’s the whole reason I want the change.

Counter offer from me – if Wenger does leave would you go and follow him to whether he ends up going. Your allegiance to Wenger is obviously much stronger than your allegiance to Arsenal.


No he won’t. Sampaoli will take over Barca


vicksonchest Barcelona were thrashed yes and I dont deny it. But they were thrashed how many times in the CL? To Arsenal it becomes a a frequent rule. In periods we are thrashed in every competition and sometimes we blow it up badly from teams lower than us. I hate Barcelona honestly but when you start to see a match in which they play you dont get nervous and scared and get headaches. You know you will see football no matter the result. And lets not compare other teams financial status cause there will always be examples of clubs financially… Read more »


How many times has Barcelona won the champions league and la life in the last 12 years? Silly comparison!


Not that silly when you consider Barcelona is pretty much the blueprint Wenger was using. Regardless to what people think about them, their youth Academy (La Masia) is in my opinion the most outstanding youth academy in every aspect. The values they teach their players from such a young age, when you see the way their Under 11 team consoled that Japanese team they beat is nothing short of outstanding. For such young players to show such respect and sportsmanship at such a young age really is outstanding. When you look at their most successful era, their best players came… Read more »

Paul Aubrey

Look if Arsene the stat is that only Real, Barca and Arsenal have been consistent in the CL over 20 years then he must ask himself how many times he has won it or got close to that. Real and Barca have been dorminant and where is Arsenal? Barca gets thrashed like you say but probably once in 3 seasons in the CL but they win it


No way he can stay beyond the end of the season. The penney has dropped. The majority of he fans want change and the players lack motivation from him to play to their potential. Best for all sides for a change and a new era. If he wants to manage another club doubt there is anyone who would begrudge him that. Though not sure what top club would want him?


He’ll probably go to China or follow Clattenburg to the Middle East.
He came from Japan so it wouldn’t be a completely surprise move.


Wonder which other club/national team would be attractive to him?


there is a vacancy in summer at Barca


Why is there a vacancy at Barca?
I thought if you get spanked in Champions League, you got rewarded with a fresh 2 year contract?




England, PSG, Real Madrid did


dont worry if nobody at arsenal dont want him,plenty european club will line up for a short term ,dont be surprise if he become barca manager
i personally think we need change but he is still a massive name


“On the other hand, in the last twenty years in Europe only three clubs managed to play every year in the Champions League and it’s Arsenal, Bayern Munich and Real Madrid. Nobody else. If everything is not perfect, not all is wrong.” I’m not saying this a trophy, but putting things to perspective we should be realistic with our demands as loyal supporters of anything at all.. we want the epl badly, we won the fa cup twice, consecutively, but that doesn’t matter, the other six teams competing are sh^t, not forgetting it is our birth right as gunners for… Read more »

uncle D

You my friend are an honorary member of this club! Awesome…


You my friend are not too different to be able to identify honorary.. ?


This. So. Many. Times.


Supporting the club doesn’t mean we shouldn’t criticize it. And it feels the right time for a massive change in order for the club to take the next step. Wenger will be part of the change, let’s look forward for the better!

God's Boot

Wise words indeed


I wold rather swap the achievement of playing in the CL for 20 consecutive years with the achievement of winning it once.


Absolutely disagree.
I would take 20 years of consistently being at the top end of the table over 15 years of wallowing mid-table, finishing below that lot, and one ‘remember when’.

I think we can and should do better, but that’s an easy choice for me.


We have to agree to disagree then.

For giants like Arsenal FC, football is about trophies and glory. Not about being consistently good but never excellent.


Thank goodness you do not run our club. Battles are won and lost, and campaigns can be filled with glory and crowned with a trophy, as Leicester proved last season, but real giants build empires that last. That is power, whether the people realize it or not.


Nottingham forest have won it.. where are they.. where is leeds today.. stability to me is more important than anything else.. Ill rather keep sh^ttin with the big dogs, after patiently waiting for the fattest boNE, than rushing for crumbs and peeing with puppies.. Arsene will stay for 9 more years and leave £1 billion for the next manager.. This is our reality, and within those 9 years we will never drop from champions league places.. That’s for sure..

chippy's chip

Aston villa too. Was at Highbury when they won league there.


Getting behind the club is a straw man argument. People want Wenger out because he has had 5-10 years to fix the problems at the club, 3 years ago the financial shackles came off, yet the same problems happen. In fact we are arguably worse than we were. Yes, Wengers record in the CL is impressive, but bringing it up is a smokescreen. When was the last time you felt confident going into a “big” game? Wenger has failed to prepare the team year after year. 60M plus spent last year on Xhaka and Mustafi, are we better? Wenger is… Read more »


Manure have spent a shit load of cash and managerial expertise in the last 4 years.. have they finished past 4th.. They hung moyes to dry, kicked him out.. brought in the Dutch thumbhead, kicked him and his philosophy out, now they’ve brought José and can’t leave 6th.. I love this club too much to go thru all that uncertainty.. Arsene will certainly win something this season sign an extension and work closely with his successor behind the scenes.. Arsene gave us our current identity as one of the first ucl names.. We all want that to be topped by… Read more »


They did win an FA cup during that uncertainty. Fans pay to be entertained and win trophies. Not to finish in the top 4.


“is our birth right as gunners for everyone to move aside when they see the canon on our badges” d_lastgenius, you had me at this. That said, I cannot agree with your comments more. I often get called out for trying to put an objective take on things and objectively, we’ve been able to cheer and watch mostly competitive footy for two decades. Seriously. There’s an entire generation that does not know what it means to not be in the top four. Ever. To not qualify for CL. Ever. Arsenal fans sometimes act like spoiled little rich kids. If it’s… Read more »


You say ‘I often get called out for trying to put an objective take on things and objectively’ and go on to post a very subjective piece. And if we use facts, then that puts Arsene in a very weak position compared to the other 3-4 big teams. Based on the assumption that we are or would like to be in league with big teams, then out of the lot, we are the most unsuccessful team so far..one of the fact. No of the managers in a big team have survived beyond 2-3 seasons of continuous failure and we have… Read more »


Wise words of wisdom ????????

Benny Fingers

He’s a master at press conference judo – he’s done it for 20 years and won’t be caught out. FACTS, however, speak for themselves and repetitive failure (barring two lucky FA Cup wins) to deliver trophies for a club of our size is unforgivable. He’s simply tarnishing his brand and making it worse for himself by dragging this out – I don’t give fuck where he is next season as all I care about is Arsenal.


He doesn’t want you to give a fuck about it either. Go beyond the headline sometimes.

uncle D

Which 2 managers have won the FA cup the most in the history of the tournament? (google it! Ben)


We should never forget the great achievements that Arsene has accomplished with our club. But if we are asking the question, do we believe he can get Arsenal seriously challenging for the Premier League again? The answer is no.
If we ask the question, do we believe there are other managers that can achieve more with the players and resources we have? The answer is yes.

So on that basis, if we want what is best for Arsenal then there needs to be a change.



An honest question: who are these ‘better’ mangers and are they available (and amenable – but seriously – Arsenal and EPL? who wouldn’t be?)


He’s 0/20 with arsenal for the cl

Bayern and real have qualified every year we have. They see the cl as a competition to win, aw sees it as a way to generate revenue

The man is past it. He can give a press conference and tug in the heart strings, make you feel sorry for him but the time is right. Go now announce it and allow us all to say goodbye


“tarnishing his brand” lol. Only small-minded, pitiable people think in terms of their “brand”.

I’m not going to say he couldn’t and shouldn’t be doing better, but “2 lucky FA cup wins”? Really?!?? So any recent achievements the guy has automatically count as “lucky” is that it? So when we lose a big game partly due to our right back being assaulted by a flying forearm, do we get to count that as unlucky as well? You can make your arguments without resorting to belittling the accomplishments of a great man.

John C

Don’t you mean our right back jumping into the oppositions arm?

New guy

People obviously have views about his future but one thing not in doubt is his class. That’s an admirable performance under the circumstances.


What circumstances? You mean the circumstances which he is responsible for?

Eric Blair

Mate, you sound like a childish spoilt brat. No idea how old you are, but regardless you are entitled to your opinion. I would only ask that try to be a bit more respectful to a manager who has given us more than anyone imagined when he rocked up, and fans who see things differently to you. Cheers.


That’s the problem with Wengerholics like you. The truth hurts and you cant handle hearing it.

Eric Blair

Go and have a lie down and a cup of tea. While you’re there, have a think about your life and the direction you’re going.


No response to the debate then Eric? That’s probably because you know you’ve got no answer for why you blindly support an underachieving manager.


Some of us do not hold the Wenger In view but are still quite tired of the endless character assassination.


Lol, mpls. Reading your comments it is quite obvious that you are one of the most ardent of Wenger In fans. No point denying it, when every single one of your comments is pro-Wenger.

Godfrey Twatschloch

Spinner – The Wenger Phobic!


Godfrey – the Arsene sympathiser. Tell me why is it that when it goes tits up every single year, you claim it is never Wenger’s fault?


Incorrect and building a false narrative again.

If I’m pro- or anti- anything I’m anti Toxics.nehat you continually see from me is responses to toxic attitudes with nothing but negative tearing into everything day in, day out.

I see things I don’t like and say so. I see things I do like and give them credit.

I respect Wenger but have been very clear that I am not saying he should stay.

I detest the disrespectful. That’s you. Clear enough?

Reality Check

It’s like finally deciding to break up with your girlfriend because the love has died and then she turns around and is like no worries I can start dating other guys..

I suppose it would be wrong to still stay with her once it’s over, but there is always that nagging feeling that you might end up with someone annoying who just doesn’t get you like she did..

One thing is for sure though, Wenger for all of his failings is a once in a lifetime sort of guy


I think everyone’s past worrying about what next after Wenger… que sera sera.

WRT to the girlfriend analogy – he simply said he wants to continue managing. It is in now way a threat or a careful what you wish for, neither is he being disloyal. Maybe he just doesn’t want to be forced to retire? Or in your analogy, go off guys altogether?


Imagine how you’d feel if Wenger turned up at Chelsea ?


Ha! Both Spurs and Chelsea have faith in their managers so… in fact all top clubs do…

Andy Mack

They do until they get a few bad games…


that would be great as they would win fuck all.


But despite winning fuck all, I’m sure their players will have great spirit.

Paul Aubrey

Oh that would feel so great because he will be fired mid way in the season. Abramovich does not tolerate mediocre perfomances from the managers coz for them its all about trophies


He wouldn’t last a season. Success is demanded there

Dial Square

I’d feel great, watching them lose to Watford and Swansea at home


Whenever it happens, and however it happens, I will be sad to see him go.


Arrived at the point where we are as a team, Wenger’s decision whether to stay or to go at the end of the season will show what he loves more, himself or Arsenal.

Dan Hunter

He claims to be doing what is best for Arsenal but are these regular maulings against big teams what is best for this club? We need someone to come in and give these overpaid cunts a kick up the arse and tell them no one is bigger than the badge. I sincerely believe that a Simeone would never have allowed us to slow down, even with Koscielny off. He would have made sure we fought till the last minute. It was the same with Sir Alex, which is why he was so difficult to replace.

Dan Hunter

“Do you think it would be better if some clarity was brought to the situation sooner rather than later? No. I think we have to focus on the real problems.” Surely the real problem is not knowing what is happening? Is he staying? Is he leaving? What about the players in the last years of their contracts? Are they staying? Surely such details need to be made clear. There is nothing worse than uncertainty. What does that do to the team and to the fanbase? If he was to come out and say I am leaving, the toxicity around the… Read more »


What matters is whether the players want their current jobs or not. And if they do, what are they prepared to do for the sake of it. That’s what is important.

Wenger isn’t responsible for the toxicity – failure shouldn’t incite hatred/assholery. Him saying he is leaving when the season is still unfolding would only unsettle the club more, would it not? Every game would be a send off / slagfest. Fans can’t say Wenger isn’t bigger than the club, and then keep making everything that happens or doesn’t about him.


Personally I think the best thing for everyone is if he leaves at the end of the season. As much as I would love him to stay no one deserves the treatment he is getting and wherever he goes on to manage I wish him all the best and I hope he is successful. On the basis of his successor if he has anything to do with it I can see Dragan stojkovic as coming in his place. Wenger has always said that he is his ideal replacement

Dan Hunter

Please, not Stojkovic. I want to feel secure. We need someone who will give these players a kick up the arse and make us into a solid unit at the back. Stojkovic is just a young version of Arsene Wenger.


Yes, I think we all see by now. In your sophisticated vision of footballing management, it’s mostly about kicking grown men “up the arse”. Very nuanced.

Dan Hunter

Ok… kicketh those folk on the derriere.


Changing the manager will make a difference on the short term.. then it goes back to normal or worse overtime because its the same board.. Arsenal is a company fronting as a football club.. So long the company is meeting projected profits/gains there us no need to change the system, that’s from a business point of view.. As fans, we basically are in love with the way Arsenal have run their business, especially in 03/04.. Thereby the standard was set in place.. Have Arsenal gone below that standard, IMO, no..but we do need to top it.. That being said, tough… Read more »


Complete BS, none of the reasons I want Wenger gone have to do with the Board. He has had ample funds to buy players, and a squad that everyone was happy with two weeks ago.


I don’t see in the transcript the quote in the headline, or similar.


7th question, second sentence.


The game was on Wednesday night not Tuesday. Though it does feel like time has gone very slowly since the moment Koscielny went off injured…


You’d be hard pushed to find anyone who can make a strong case for wanting him to stay, and yet I’d bet I’m not alone in saying I’d be heartbroken to see him managing elsewhere. And what if he’s successful? What would it say about our club if he goes to Barca/PSG and wins a treble? Granted their domestic competitions are slightly easier, but would it not highlight that although he may make mistakes, every part of our clubs infrastructure is inferior to that of the elite clubs? We all want change but we have to be prepared for the… Read more »

Dan Hunter

Even a donkey can manage Barca or Real and win something. The desire and passion is hard to remove from those clubs. It is ingrained. When you have the best player in the world in your team, you don’t have to do much… Zidane winning the CL and now on his way to La Liga is a case in point.


How do you know if Zidane’s any good at football management, just because this is his first senior position? It’s surely easier to win with the playing staffs they have at Barca or Real, but it’s not a foregone conclusion.


I’d be delighted to see him do well for another (big) club. That, however, is second to Arsenal getting into the process of putting in place the right managing football structure to succeed and bringing the right people in.

Alexis, Atom & Humber

He needs to announce in March if he is leaving. We need to sort out a replacement and contract issues one way or the other before next season. And if we are going to poach one of the few big name coaches available then it takes time, so Wenger needs to come out in March at the latest whether he stays or goes.


I’m sure he will tell it to those who matter at a sensible time. He doesn’t need to ‘come out.’ We don’t choose the next manager or handle the negotiations so it’s likely we will be told when the mandarins see fit.


If nothing else the man deserves a medal for sitting through TWENTY FUCKING YEARS of these press conferences where maybe 2% of questions are in any way intelligent, fresh and worth asking to begin with.


He won’t get a medal for it. But he has earned over £120m from our club and will get a statue outside the stadium.


Whoever is in charge next season, I believe outgoings are the number one priority, some of these players have been so inconsistent and fragile for to long now. 6/7 players need to be given the boot.


True, but the problem is that Wenger bought these players. Apart from Kos and Hector none of the current side have been improved as a player at Arsenal. Ozil and Czech have got a lot worse and Sanchez is about the same level.

The dross that is Walcott, Gibbs, Ox suggests Wenger has lost his touch on improving players.


Wenger has got theo back to scoring into double figures by Christmas!,,, oxo, people says been best player last few games , mistake against bayern excluded, what about bring iwobi through, giroud has score more goals season upon season, monreal improved well enough to take Gibbs place in team , Coquelain!,, changed santi from winger to defensive midfielder …


Ultimately, when he arrived he was revolutionary and it worked beautifully. Football has moved on and he, his methods and tactics have not. Time for a change please. This is about the future, not what he’s done for the club, or how much he loves it. It’s become stale and depressing, and it’s time for him to move on.


I want Arsene to go but honestly i’ll watch his last match as Our Manager alone in my room with a big bottle of brandy and a box of tissues … We’ll miss you wenger but it’s time


Quite frankly, I would have rather lost 5-1 throwing the kitchen sink at Bayern rather than losing 5-1 with such an insipid performance like we saw.

If the fans observe just a little fight on the pitch, the fans are VERY FORGIVING. If we lose, we lose, we can ultimately accept it. But one thing us fans cant accept is the paucity of performances compounded by the results. And ultimately, in our club, that is down to Wenger.

Indian Gooner

Please.. don’t make me feel bad even further Arsene. A man sticking behind his principles even against all adversities.. takes some taking.
You have been a definite role model of mine and you will definitely continue to be so.. no matter what.


Oh god…
He’s gonna sign a new contract 😐


If he does, he’ll risk tarnishing his legacy even further than has already happened.


Can’t really understand why the comments are so different today compared to Wednesday’s night – Wenger is still light-years behind today’s top managers. Too bad he’s the one who’s in charge of his future in Arsenal.

chippy's chip

Its been signed, 2yrs and will be announced at the end of the season


Yup… :\


The fact that he says I will be managing next season means he is staying. He probably will work with his successor next season


Big payday in China coming up??


If Arsene was to leave where would he go? France? No, he wants to work with players every day. Real, PSG all doing well. Only club who look like they will have a vacancy is Barcelona. People say Arsenal are Barcelona lite, imagine Arsene with them. He’d have 3 or 4 youths from their academy in the team within a year or two and with their front line he’d clean up. And have them back playing fantastic football to booth.


I agree, Wenger would probably do a very good job at Barcelona. There he would have world star players that would enable him to play the entertaining attacking football that he love so much but are rarely able to pull off with Arsenal.

tongai majowa

He’s definitely not going anywhere according to his utterances.


I’m guessing PSG, probably why they bought Draxler cause he said so.


PSG were the club most linked with him but Emery is doing a good job there so can’t see them making a change yet. Though the Draxler deal is interesting now you mention it, so yeah, maybe another year at Arsenal then to PSG?

Ex-Priest Tobin

For christ’s sake, just fuck off Arsene. If he wants to manage next season then fine, but dear me for the love of god let it not be at Arsenal.

Godfrey Twatschloch



Assuming the authors here are passionate longstanding supporters, the real issue is whether we as supporters are enjoying supporting our club at the present time. I am not and nor are 90% of the people i see and speak to. Assuming again we are a business and this is not football the CEO being AW has been in charge for 20 years and won nothing of any significance in the last decade plus. The FA Cup aside it has been a disaster and beating Hull and Aston Villa who were duly relegated not exactly a scalp, it nearly went wrong… Read more »


Not a very mature response.

“The FA Cup aside it has been a disaster”. Top 4 every year for 20 years. I don’t think you really get the significance of that.


Top 4 means qualifying for the Champions League – but what is the point if we have no chance of winning it?
If you say the point is, the financial rewards of playing in the competition. My response again will be, what’s the point of being a rich club if you don’t compete to win big trophies?

Godfrey Twatschloch

Better to not have it and slip further down the PL I guess. Yeah, lets have that. Fuck this doing Ok shit. Let’s do worse!


Why is the alternative, not having it? You’re a negative person.

How about the alternative being winning it?

chippy's chip

Its why the board are so shit scared of life without wenger. God forbid we drop out of top four and lose the CL money and who else would put up with all the shit from media and fans when it all goes tits up every season. Wenger is the scapegoat. Kroenke and the board are the problem.


Enrique to Arsenal and Wenger to Barcelona?


Please no.


Barcelona’s talents always place a question mark over the quality of their managers

Ancelotti for me. But I’m open minded to all but the obvious morons.


Would like to see more questions about the team. Were forwards pressing too high? Were midfield and / or defense too slow to step up? Was Arsenal seeking to press for immediate turnovers or to move opposition back? Who was the designated penalty taker? Had he considered starting with tall fast wingers to make up for Alexis’s height? Etc.

The man will never answer a question about his future until there’s a change — extension, resignation, nonrenewal — nor should he. It’s click bait.


The forwards weren’t pressing, though, were they. Not in a sustained, coordinated fashion (and not just because Ozil was lazy, or whatever simplistic criticism most people throw out); it’s clear the idea was to sit deep and let Bayern have the ball in deep positions. It just didn’t work, because our midfield was far too easy to pass right through, and our defense made bad errors (Mustafi for the third goal is really schoolboy stuff).

not a dick(advocaat)

– “No. I think we have to focus on the real problems. The real problems are the way we play football and not my future…” Well, Monsieur Wenger, put some action behind these words then. If you want to stay on, thats fine by me, I love you to bits. But you really have to evaluate and reform the way we set out to play. This jazzy-freestyling form-where the team has to evolve into a single unity on the pitch- higher perception style, we’ve been trying to practice for so many years, simply wont work any more. Sure, its very… Read more »


Wenger must know that Arsenal is not Arsene FC.no bright future with him as a manager.we need our team back,we’re fed up with him coz he’s too stubborn.the PL is a ruthless championship and we need a manager who can motivate his players and bring the best out of his players like Conte,Klopp,…we don’t need a manager who gets excuses everytime.20 years are enough,it’s time to go.


Very arrogant and greedy man, he needs to leave asap


Very generous man with a good soul


Intelligent and classy – that’s why we are so fond of him
Arrogant and stubborn – that’s why he needs to leave.


I have been an arsenal five for 25 years. I would say the last 10 years have been the hardest. it has probably been that long since I said Wenger needs to go. Sometimes I think all the other top clubs are laughing at us. But mark my words when Wenger leaves they and the board will get worried, because the next manager to arrive won’t have a problem spending the money given to him to buy players & break wage structures. I think that scares the other big clubs because they know the financial power Arsenal have & this… Read more »


You really think AW has free will to spend whatever he wants at the club but chooses not to?

Why wouldn’t MU not bring him in as a successor to SAF? Just maybe he had not interest in going to Arsenals biggest rivals.


You really think if Arsene wanted any player outside of Ronaldo and Messi the answer from upstairs would be no?
Every report and statement over the years would disagree,even from the manager himself.
The blame rests with him,not solely but definitely.


I’ve been very loyal to Wenger, and I still I am. But I’ve also come to accept that football is an entertainment business, not an institution, and sometimes we just want change for the sake of change. Apart from the known set of pricks, having another manager would be a nice change.


I don’t think anyone is asking for change for the sake of change.

Getting spanked every year with no response to the problems, that’s the reason people want change.

Did you see the Bayern official tweet after the match? ‘5-1, same again next year?’

We are getting laughed at – that is why fans want change!


Wenger is a legend and it’s a shame he’s being pushed out by spoiled “fans”. Be careful what you wish for. He deserves better and I hope he goes to Barcelona and wins the champions league. If change is what we want then I guess that’s what we will get. I hope that doesn’t mean 8th place and boring defensive football, who knows how the “fans” will react then… the problem is the board and ownership and since that won’t change the next manager won’t have a chance anyway.


Why do you assume that change must be mean decline? Half glass full kinda guy?

Do you think when Wenger goes, we will lose 7-1 against Bayern instead of 5-1?

Do you think our title challenge will be finished by December instead of January?

Jack Kelsey

I can’t see any radical improvement in prospect unless/until by some miracle David Dein gets back on board, and the chances of that happening are the square root of zero.

Bendtner's Ego

If he says he’ll be managing next season, he’ll be with us again.

Kroenke has zero desire to change. We’ve been down this road before. Nothing more to see here. Move along.


I think most people want a change and it looks like we will be getting one. But let’s never forget what Arsene means to Arsenal and let him leave with a round of applause.


There’s quite a few people that don’t want a change. They seem to happy with the club being humiliated year after year.


Well I did say “most” Spinner, which mathematically leaves “quite a few”. 🙂


If we beat Liverpool, I suspect the pendulum will swing the other way, and some of the Wenger Outs will revert back to Wenger Ins.

Eric Blair

Football fans in being fickle shock!


“As long as you do not win absolutely everything there is always something wrong”
– Arsene Wenger.


Read the trancript properly. See the recorded video of the press conference. Then read between the lines. Whatever the fans…it DOES NOT MATTER!! All of you are entitled to your opinion and it is not gonna change anybody else opinion one bit. When he said he will be still manager next season that is absolutely thru. But not anywhere else but right here at AFC. The option on the table is for 2 years…but Arsene will take just ONE. Next season will be his last. And the board will have a good one season to find & get someone in… Read more »


Wenger to me is not the problem of our not been able to win trophies. the main problem are the players who sometimes are determined and other times are timid. we need an overhauling of players especially those who are perennial injury prone or at least we get good backups for them. Buying 100 million dollars players doesn’t win trophy except they are determined and patriotic to the club. #WeAreTheArsenal


Err… Who bought the players?

We’ve had different sets of players over the past 10 years and the results have been the same. The one constant in all this is the manager and hence why he needs to go.