Wenger: My future is not important, Arsenal’s is


Arsene Wenger has refused to discuss his future, saying it’s not what happens with him personally that’s important, but what happens to the football club.

After two poor results and performances in the last 10 days, leaving Arsenal more or less out of title contention, pressure and criticism of the Frenchman has intensified this week, but he would not be drawn when asked about his intentions.

Speaking at his press conference earlier today, he said, “Once again, thank you for caring about my future, but that’s not the most important thing.

“My future is in front of me every time I make a half-turn. What is important for me is that Arsenal Football Club does well, and I dedicate my whole energy to the club doing well.”

Pressed further, he remained adamant that he would not be giving any indication as to what might happen when his contract expires in June.

“I answer that question every week and nothing has changed compared to last week,” he said.

“That’s basically it. I think Arsenal is made of special strength and that strength as well is to be united when it doesn’t go well and that’s what we want.

“It’s very nice for you to care about how I feel, but it’s not the most important.

“I am a professional and I have to do a job and that’s what I want to do.”

It’s still all up in the air, but here’s a poll asking what you think Arsene Wenger will do. Not what you want, but what you think he will do.

Interested to see what the consensus is on this.

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Regarding the poll, I think Wenger will sign a new contract unless we drop out of the top 4. In my opinion, that’s what it’ll take for him to step aside.


His paymasters only require Champions League qualification and financial benefits which follow.
As long as he achieves this requirement, he will think he is doing a good job.


It’s not a popular opinion but finishing in the top four is a successful season.


So trying to suggest being in CL the whole 21st century isnt a big thing? Even Real or Fergusen didnt achieve sth like that.

Cyprus The Immortal Gooner

It is a big achievement but that doesn’t mean we have to settle for that, with no additional ambitions. What hurts the most is that we are re-living the same mistakes for a decade now i.e. injuries, mentality in big games, lack of tactics in big games, lack of leadership in big games etc etc


Honestly, we lost a game. The media seems to be addicted to prescribing deeper meaning to every bad result we have at Arsenal.

It’s almost as if we lose because we sign mentally deficient, broken players while other clubs lose because of tactical mistakes or other teams playing better on the day.

gooner of Oz

No Im not afraid to tell its not an achievment. The clubs you named have won 5 Champions Leagues in that “21st century”. (They also won it in 99 and 98) I call those are way more closer to the definition of achievement big teams (who cost the most to watch) should have. Not qualifying for the competition you will never challenge for.

Why Not

Pretty sure we were in the final at somw point. Semis and quarters too. Its only the last few seasons where we have struggled to go beyond the last 16. Combine that with the rest of the english league becoming much stronger due to money and the ability to keep in the top 4 whilst others struggle to maintain that. we have improved otherwise we would also drop in and out of the top 4 along with the others. We just havent improved enough to take our consistent level high enough to win the league or champions league. i think… Read more »


On the previous article someone commented that AW had earned £110m in salary from Arsenal since he last won the league. I wonder what he’s done with all that money???


Utterly meaningless.
How much have a succession of managers at Liverpool and , whisper it, Tottnumb, earned since they last won the league?
Or Aston Villa?


Utterly meaningless. What have a succession of managers at Liverpool done with it?
Or Tottenham?
Or Villa?
Or Everton?

If you’re going to make a point, do try to think it through first.


Which manager at Tottenham, Everton or Villa earned £110m from their club?


You do realise that Wenger hasn’t been on £8 million the entire period since 2004, right?


Which one of them ever managed for 20 years?

Pochettino will make that if he lasts 20 years, and that is just at current salary which doesn’t take into account raises, so he’ll make more as managerial salaries increase over time. Koeman at Everton as well.

Pep is on 15m a season, almost twice Wenger’s salary. If he stayed for 20 years he’d make 300m.

One season of Pogba is almost as much. Which is worth more? ONE season of Pogba, which will likely win them nothing, or the storied career of Wenger?


Do you think the on-the-field achievement of Arsenal over the last 12 years warrants the manager getting paid £110m?


Is anyone in?


I know a lot of supporters refuse to respect this, but I refuse to ignore how instrumental he was in financing the Emirates. On the field isolated from everything else is inadequate to assess his value to the club. Champions League on a bargain budget and selling quality was key to financing the stadium and keeping Arsenal competitive. The folks who want to push that aside are the ones with blinders on. Now, as I’ve said, if it’s time it’s time. But some isolated number not given proper context is disrespectful. If you parse the numbers for the entire picture… Read more »

Godfrey Twatschloch

Honestly, who gives a flying fuck what others make? Whenever I see comments about how this earns that and that earns this and they are “so overpaid” I just sense envy and envy is one of humanity’s ugliest traits.

John C

Wenger’s on £12.5m a year not £8m and has been for at least 4 years

Godfrey Twatschloch

Arsenal – Oi Wenger, here’s 12.5 million a year for you!
Wenger – No thanks, I’ll take only 8 if you don’t mind.


i think wenger will sign a contract and he is hinting about that. the problem is arsenal have far serious problems than wenger not winning trophys . as far as i’ve seen there’s not even a single proven manager available to manage arsenal this season. i want change too , but who is ready to replace . allegiri has denied it. so has simone .other managers like tuchel , nagglesman or sampoli and other managers are not even remotely close to a deal with arsenal. eddie howe is not ready for arsenal at all. to say arsenal have a serious… Read more »

Shaka Zulu

do you want wenger to stay another year so that arsenal could properly sort out who takes over after him… So you want arsene to stay so that the club can prepare well to replace him with someone who’ll continue the winning mentality he has inculcated


like you i too want wenger to go. but the problem is we need a good replacement for him. else we will end up taking whatever manager is available and it will end up like how man united was a few years ago. they only managed to get out that slump because they spent a shitload of money which we obviously dont have. right now arsenal manager seat is a hot property because arsenal is that we are still in champions league and that we are after all a big club. so i think we should wait until we struck… Read more »

Arsene Gonner

I think that at least half of the managers in the Prem would do as well as Wenger if not better if given his job.

Godfrey Twatschloch

I still have a feeling that Hasenhuttl feller might pop up this summer. Time will tell.


I dont think, he will quit, even if we drop out of top 4. The board, will convince him to extend another year or so just to get back in the top 4 again. No one, can win us the top 4 trophy as quicky as Arsene does. He knows how to finish in top 4 and he has that experience. So I think Wenger will extend his contract for another 2 years.


I honestly dont see us dropping outside of the top four. Its not going to happen. Every single year, the same thing repeats itself. We have a shit run of form at the end of January through to mid February and everyone creams themselves over Spurs because the Europa league hasn’t restarted yet, so they’re able to pick up some points in the league. Then as soon as it restarts their small little squad can’t cope with the scheduling and they fall away. Inevitably we get knocked out of the Champions League, and the FA cup fixtures thin out and… Read more »


Wenger it is about your future because you have made yourself the ultimate judge of your career at arsenal. Is a shame because I’ve always liked wenger however there is a mediocrity throughout the club now. I have serious doubts that youth are being given the right mindsets to improve and grow. All our UK based players have stagnated. Both jack w and schezney have said they’ve learnt more on loan than at arsenal. Why are players making the same mistakes over and over again. Why is our season exactly the same every year. Intelligent practice, focused work on weaknesses… Read more »


@rob Jack hasn’t been great. He’s been OK at best. I’ve seen Bournemouth’s games and Harry Arter runs the show. not Jack. He doesn’t defend and holds on to the ball for too long. So no, he hasn’t learned anything new with them. Szezney was always quality, but needed to get away from the British media, who constantly scrutinized everything he did.


I think the important point is that Jack is actually fit! Why at arsenal are there the problems?

Chambo, chambers, gibbs, wilsh, Walcott, Ramsey – none have progressed. And both players stated that they have learnt more on loan than at arsenal.

For me there is a real problem at arsenal and I feel now there has to be a proper change.


“He doesn’t defend and holds on to the ball for too long.” In one word: Wilshere.. Don’t expect anything new.


Einsteins theory of madness is to keep doing the same thing over & over and expect a different result. Please, anyone, show me that Wenger isn’t doing the same thing over & over again & expecting a different result. God it’s so fucking mind numbingly obvious, for the sake of the great Arsenal football club, please just go! It IS about you, because it’s YOU causing the division in the club. Arsene you are a classy man, a true gent and have been wonderful in the main, but if you really love this club, please, please, just go. It’s fucking… Read more »

Lord Bendnter

I think if we win the FA cup or Champions League (yep that’s right) he’ll sign that deal


Anyone ever tell you that you have lofty aspirations (champions league), your




Forget thinking about winning the CL, he needs to focus on getting past the Round of 16.
Something which he has failed to achieve for the last 5 seasons.


I think he’ll stay at the club and keep some responsibilities, and the club will sign a coach. Too big of a change to get rid of him completely, especially considering the respect he has in the footballing world.


There is also the small issue of replacing him. Manchester United took a chance on Moyes, didn’t end well. I don’t think Wenger will leave unless a worthy manager was available.

Harry Chinkumbi

This season has always felt like Arsene’s last regardless of the success of failure of the club. The obvious thing is to leave on a high. But I’m convinced He’s plan has been to draw curtains his season. Which will be a very sad day indeed



Either one I think would be a very qualified for the job.


Allegri is managing Juventus and they’d still win if they were managed by a brick. It’s not fair assessment. He did win the league with Milan before Conte arrived but slipped away after that.

Stewart Robson's therapist

He also took Juventus to the Champions League final, a marked step up from their shocking record in Europe under Conte.

Petit's Handbag

He got the same team to a champions league final.

David C

have you ever watched Simeone’s teams? They are SOOOOO boring compared to what we are used to.

Allegri’s probably a better pick. Would Wenger go on to become Director of Football? I still think he’s very useful in the transfer market.

gooner of Oz

Last time I watched them they gave Barca a beating a week ago. They almost knocked them out again in a competition and all I was thinking was there is no way we go to Nou Camp with that much energy and belief. Simeone in his 6 seasons have reached CL final twice with an inferior squad comparing to Europes bests. While knocking out likes of Barca and Bayern in multiple equation (teams we have never ever managed to knock although facing the challenge every season) Simeone has introduced so many quality players and new found tactics to world football.… Read more »

Mate Kiddleton

Unlikely Simeone could get our team to press and harass as consistently as Atletico


But then they play in a massively uncompetitive league where they play 4 tough games a season. And that’s all. Whereas if he was managing in England he’d have 30 tough games a season. As Klopp and Guardiola are discovering, it’s rather more difficult to keep up the pressing in the English league.


Interesting. So far I’m in the minority but I do just wonder whether he’ll call it a day. He’s resolutely been very coy about it. To be fair, though, I remember thinking the same last time we were in this situation and he renewed – although he admitted if we hadn’t won the FA cup he wouldn’t have. Maybe this persistent failure to push on in the league, and quite possibly some demoralising departures, will convince him the time is right for a change. Or maybe if Sanchez and/or Ozil leave he’ll think that we’re best served by him staying… Read more »


Wenger’s style of play has spoilt us, whether we want to admit it or not. You wouldn’t want to have Simeone right away. Allegri still sounds fair


No way. I love that combative style of athletico.
Hard and no quarter asked for none given kind of attitude.


I think he is starting to realise that he has taken the club as far as he can in certain aspects of the game. I really wish he was able to see his ambitious project of moving stadium bare more fruit than it did, but such is life and circumstance. I think the club as a whole should try and now focus on doing the utmost to push on to the next step. Hire a well established manager. However, I worry as it seems the contract talks with Ozil and Sanchez have not been concluded as of yet and if… Read more »


They probably won’t sign before they know who the manager is next season.


You can say whatever you like about Arsene Wenger, use stats to prove your point, but to me he’s a champion. He’s like the Mesut özil of managers. To the people who consistently question him (and the Arsenal fans who support him) I say to you ‘I don’t think you understand’


Mesut Ozil of managers? What exactly do you mean?
Do you mean – goes missing when the going gets tough / mentally weak / not willing to graft when required?


If Mesut had a bad game, it means we were bad as a team. Please don’t believe all this Mesut is lazy nonsense. He runs his ass off for the team. I remember him being substituted at 70 min and he already ran 10+ kms. Last game he showed how much he cares about this club when he shouted at Alexis for not thanking the fans.


I don’t subscribe to the ‘Arry Redknapp school of thought – just run araand a bit.

I didn’t say he was lazy. Which of the things I actually said do you disagree with?

This might help you, when crafting your reply to my question…..



Lazy comment on anything but a lazy player. Ozil plays with his head and never hides. In games that he is unable to influence it’s generally because because we can’t get him the ball…


Nobody called Ozil lazy.

Is this an example of Ozil playing with his head and never hiding…?



Ozil the disappearer. Ja gunners ja.

Little Mozart

Don’t think there is any chance of Simeone, his style is the complete opposite of ours.

Can’t see him leaving this year regardless of what happens


We’ve seen Oklahoma City thunder, Golden State Warriors and Atlanta Falcons blow huge leads enroute to a Championships, so maybe Arsenal has a chance:).




If Wenger does decide to leave. I want Bergkamp, flanked by Bould and with Tony Adams brought in as a defensive coach.


I don’t no why Steve bould is there really,, Tony Adams was our best ever defender,but Adams spoke some home truths on tv and wenger didn’t like it so pride took him to Steve


Then maybe we could Peter Storey as FD. And Kenny Sansom in charge of entertainment.
Ye gods…l


Say what you will about Le Prof(deluded, old tactics, no pashun) but you can’t deny he has class. I for one will be little bit sad inside when he says goodbye.


A little bit sad indeed. AFC will likely never have anyone like him again. Enjoy him while we can…


It doesn’t really matter what the future holds but one thing I wish is that you are not part of that future. We have had enough of all these excuses. No one can say it is going to be easy but i do know that no single individual is an island. You have had countless of opportunities to do things right, instead we are getting the same outcome year in year out. Some managers could have done better and others not and that is how live is. No one can dispute the fact that you have done your best for… Read more »


The decision of whether he should remain should not be his to make. It is ultimately up to the owner and the board to decide whether or not he warrants a contract renewal. Based on the evidence of this season, performances and results, and more importantly in my opinion those of previous seasons, it is obvious that Arsene Wenger is no longer capable of managing a league winning side. Whilst one can respect what he has achieved for the club, something which will be looked on evenly more favorably in the future, it is important to recognise that it is… Read more »

Viva la Prof

We are a sniff away from 2nd I just don’t see how he’s a failure


Can’t wait for the open top bus parade when we get 2nd. Woohoo!

Viva la Prof

I seem to remember catching up to spuds last year why not the Chelsea rent boys this year?


1) Because we were never 12 points behind Spuds.
2) Because it’s Chelsea not Spuds, and every one of their players has won the PL in the last 2 years.
3) Because we are playing pretty shit football, and getting outplayed by teams like Preston.


Cos by the time we’ve played man u, man c, liverpool , scum spurs, we be sitting in 4th if we’re really really lucky,, or LOWER


It’s all very well to say that – but quite clearly the future of arsenal depends heavily on wengers future…can’t really separate the two especially with the setup that arsenal have…

Viva la Prof

I don’t want him to go at all, somebody said on twitter the other day and it’s true at his worst he’s got us into the champions league every year. The man is pure class and we will slip into mediocrity without him. It’s true we haven’t won the title for a long time but all you Wenger outs have wanted to spend a billion and hire a super manager but that hasn’t really worked out for our rivals has it?


No it hasn’t worked for our rivals at all. Those failures at Man City, Man Utd and Chelsea have only won 12 league titles between them since we won our last one.


Yer but they all won it in the 12 years we aint,, MY ARSENAL should be winning the league every two to three years thats the average gap between the others winning so why aint arsenal in that group of teams,, BECAUSE THEY NOT GOOD ENOUGH


Wait. if we are out of the top 4 surely we need a manager with lots of experience..
Lets stick with Wenger. Seems we are already in a very good place.


By ‘very good place’ do you mean a place where we seem unable to even get close to winning the PL or CL? Just respectfully seeking clarification.

Anthony Payne

Taking over from Wenger is not the poisoned challice it is being made out to be.The difference between our situation compared to Man U’s is that Fergie left them as champions,so Moyes had bigger shoes to fill. In any case, whatever pain they endured during the Moyes/LVG era it looks like they have turned that situation around whatever the outcome this season. It also looks like, Chelsea are going to win the league this season. If this is the case Conte will become the 7th different manager (including Fergie five times and Mourinho three) to have won the title since… Read more »


You can tell he still clearly loves the club and wants it to be a Mecca for football but I think the world has changed a lot since he took over. If you peel back the lid of the Emirates hierachy you see them all stuck in a land which time forgot and until they all begin to move on I think we can expect this cycle to continue as Wenger will never be asked to leave (I’m not inciting I want that). I believe if we don’t win a trophy he will go, the same situation happened in 2013-14… Read more »

Arshavin's fake moustache

Hypothetically if he signed a new deal and the club brought in a David Dein type (to take away some of the burden) do people think he’d be capable of doing any better than he has?

Asking for a friend. By friend I mean my cat. I don’t have a cat.


What actually are most Arsenal fans are afraid of?… people of little faith. Individuals who think that Arsenal will collapse as soon as Wenger leaves…fible minded and weak…no man is an island! Where are your faiths folks?…individuals that lack “mental strength”


I hope he signs a new 2 year deal and declares that to be his last contract for Arsenal. That way atleast we would all be in it together without this Wenger in and wenger out debate. Give him two more years at the most. Everybody knows he can’t go around giving any excuses now. Let this be the ultimate test for his footballing legacy. He has given his all for the club despite the financial constraints. Now he will be judged purely on football and we will know what he is made of. I for one hope he stays… Read more »


He will sign. Our club has been stagnant for the past decade or so. Every year it’s the same old story. Every time Wengers get a new contract.

I will always support the club but now it’s just making me not want to watch football anymore.


Many of us feel that we should have won the league in the past 13 years..but why? We remained competitive and had glances at the title..I wont say Wenger deserves another chance, but I do feel that he carried us as far as he could..through difficult times..we may win the league with another one in charge…or we may well be somewhere down the table..arsene kept us where we belong to ( or where we probably deserve to, considering the way clubs around us grew or fell down)..maybe we should take the risk, but at the same time be thankful to… Read more »


Doubt Wenger all you like. He LOVES Arsenal. He’s not just there for the money.


Nobody doubts he loves Arsenal.

I love Arsenal, does that mean I can have the job?

I’ll guarantee to be nowhere near the league leaders and I won’t take a penny in salary.


How are you going to get by on no salary?


Oh shit, you’re right. Give me the £8.5m then.


I’d willingly give you the money if you agreed to fuck off and poison some space far away from me.


Grow up, you childish prick.


Honestly what kind of puerile argument is this salary one? It’s just more of the usual British politics of envy bollocks. As mentioned already above, there are many clubs who have not won the league and have paid out plenty in salary to a succession of managers. All that proves is that having a succession of managers is not if itself the answer. Can you understand?


I think you are misunderstanding the point I was making.

Yes, I know other clubs have paid salary over the years to their numerous managers – but not to the same manager year after year for underachieving. So in that regard, AW is fortunate.

Other managers mess up then get the boot, they don’t continue getting paid. The club gets someone else in and pays them instead. Sometimes the change works out, sometimes it doesn’t but at least they haven’t kept the guy that messed up and rewarded him by continuing to paying him a massive salary.

Stuck on repeat...

Honestly, unless he’s full on ready to retire, or unless he’s grown frustrated in secret with a continual distict lack of interest in actually wanting to win anything consistently shown by the muppet of an owner… he’ll stay. I have never doubted his love for the club. I honestly believe that there are a lot of things that have both gone on, & continue to go on behind closed doors. I hold both the chump of an owner & gereatric board responsible for a lot of our woes…namely that they are happy to not win anything as long as the… Read more »


Arsenal is about top 4. I could manage Arsenal to 4th place.
I would have 20 English players and save 100 mill in wages a season too.


And then after lunch you’d solve the problems of famine, disease and war the world over.
God, I admire you.

cheesed off

I do love Wenger but it is time for him to go, unfortunately I think he will stay!!!


Sigh… Very depressing reading through the many angry know all, “my arsenal, we deserve better” and insulting comments… a big club driven forward with class to become a huge worldwide club, spoiled by our most succesful years delivered in the most fantastic style, by a man who changed the game… The others copied, caught up and some overtook in terms of recent success, whether it be by means of “buying the league” or employing tactically shrewd (fuck pig) mangers who could win the beautiful game in an ugly way (last year an exception)… all achieved through years we were building… Read more »


Admittedly, the worst comments are under the Facebook link… mostly level minded Gooners with different opinions grace the pages of Arseblog!


Many other managers would of cracked years ago if they were subjected to the constant criticism and negativity that has been directed at Arsene over the last decade.
He is one classy character and I admire the way he conducts himself.


Class act. Unlike some fans who prefer to wash dirty laundry, toxify the atmosphere and feed the media with their banners. This man built the club. We can now compete with money from a steady income (the stadium and TV money in CL), close to hold our own against debt financed teams. I have no problem with people wanting a managerial change but do it after the season is over. There is so much still at stake in the season. These fans of course don’t really care. They’re like spoilt children throwing their toys out of the pram everytime things… Read more »


Wenger should decide soon so the players who are considering leaving have some clarity on who’s going to be manager next year. Alexis probably wants to move on regardless, but Ozil would probably stay if Wenger does. I like him, but retiring at his age is no disgrace. Those expecting a major improvement in results if a new guy comes in are in for a rude awakening, but there’s no denying that the Gunners are underperforming as a squad and the manager has to accept some responsibility for that.


I think he’s been waiting to win the league again or the champions league before he steps down.

Thierry Bergkamp

I’d take Allegri next season and hopefully he could bring Chiellini to steady the ship for a couple years.


He could well head to PSG and take Ozil and Sanchez with him.


Unfortunately we the fans are always looking at this from a footballing point of view. In reality Arsene’s existence in the club is purely the decision of the owners from a monetary point of view. We fail to see that, as we are focused on results and cups. That is not the case with the owners, and They are using the club as a successful business model in which they have been successful. As long as that owner mentality remains, I don’t think any new manager can do half of what Arsene does. He has balanced football and finances, but… Read more »

Yorkshire Gunner


Interesting from Wrighty.