Monday, July 4, 2022

Wenger on beating Sutton, the pitch and not enjoying himself

Arsene Wenger faced the BBC cameras after Arsenal’s 2-0 win against Sutton United.

Here’s what he had to say…

On getting the job done at a small ground…

It’s difficult to get in here, it’s so crowded. We did the job. It’s very difficult on this kind of pitch. It was not an easy game at all. We have to give them credit. Every little mistake we made technically, they took advantage of it. On this pitch every little technical movement that is not 100 per cent, you lose the ball. They played very well.

On Sutton being better than expected…

Honestly? Yes. Yes, they were. It’s basically division five and when I arrived here 20 years ago, in division five they were not as fit as they are today. They didn’t drop physically at all. You could expect that they would drop more physically but they remained absolutely focused and organised and had a huge desire in their game. If we were not mentally prepared we would not have gone through today.

On enjoying a night like this…

No, I don’t enjoy it really tonight. We had absolutely just to do the job, you know it’s tricky. I thought it was important for the confidence of the players as well and as well let’s not forget that at Bayern at half time we were 1-1 and in the second half it all went wrong. Today at half-time when we were 1-0 up it was not finished.

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Conducted himself with class and dignity…. wish some of our fans could do the same.


8 fans proving themselves the opposite with dislikes


The only one enjoying himself on the sidelines was that Sutton bloke tucking into the pie. There was the attacking display Arsenal needed to emulate


The fourth official was killing balloons on the sidelines too!

steady henry

Fourth Official AAHHHHHHTTTT!!!!!

uncle D

I want PIE!!!?

Godfrey Twatschloch

What little I saw of that streaker he looked like he had some decent pace as well.


His name is Wayne Shaw and he was also spotted in the bar at halftime and looks after vaccuming the technical areas as well.

Sutton, erect a bronze statue of this man at once.

Tom Gun

They are a cash-strapped non-League team. No way they can afford that much bronze! Even Man City* would struggle!!

*please excuse my bad language!


Might be rather costly in terms of materials, don’t you think?


Apparently Arsenal fans threw a bottle at Wenger? What has happened to our fans? We’re a laughing stock and a disgrace. And the banner at the fuck off! The mans done so much for the club doesn’t deserve the fans we have smh ?


Otherwise the fans have a brand new brilliant song for Özil. Very class…

uncle D

That’s one bottle they threw?! Like the handful of them, being amplified by the media. Let’s hope the mass of fans that have grown with the success of this club are not fickle. Sad really but I guess it’s one of the disadvantages of the new found big club status. The brand is STRONG!!


Not a brand . It’s my home club. and if I was brought up near Sutton FC that would be my home club . I don’t care about a brand I care about my local team . Brand !!! I hate it .


It’s the way the world is going. Rather than lament that, just focus on the stuff you want from the game.

Why Not

Does that mean you also care about tottenham?

Lord Bendtner

Anyone saw Wayne Shaw (their substitute GK) feasting on a delicious sandwich during the second half
If their GK got injured, he would have to put it down and put on his GK gloves
I had to pause the stream to take a picture of him in action…

Canon Fodder

…he only tucked into the pie after their third substitution had been made; there was no chance of him coming on after that

Lord Bendtner

Oh no way I didn’t realize that. Still though, just eat after the game 😀
Oh well, i guess it’s his choice in the end then

Godfrey Twatschloch

That was some top pie eating though. He fucking destroyed that thing in seconds.


his pie eating was a stunt agreed with the Sutton sponsorts, Sun bets, it was 8-1 that he would eat a pie on camera


He’s big, he’s round, he’s worth a million pound, Wayne shaw, Wayne shaw

Gary Baldy

A.K.A. – The Roly-Poly Goalie.


This was setup by the Sun. Not so great.


It was hysterical, but it was also after they made the 3rd sub so he was safe lol


“Today at half-time when we were 1-0 up it was not finished.”
We can be 4-0 up and still not be finished. Such is life when it’s Arsenal.


No not really.

Granit(e) hard!

Professional performance by the lads but marred by a thoroughly disgraceful behaviour from those fans. Regardless of which side of the fence you sit, Arsene doesn’t deserve that from any Arsenal fan….not after serving us loyally for 20 years. Disgraceful!


Shame he didn’t enjoy himself. Then again many fans haven’t enjoyed themselves very much over the past decade and they still turn up.


Oh give it a rest. He’s dedicated his life to the club I would be more worried if he was enjoying himself and not stressing. I’d take a nervous AW on the sidelines rather than a vexed Moyes or bemused Rodgers.

Dial Square

I would dedicate myself to any body that paid me 8 million pounds a year
It’s time to go. The Arsenal need freshening up
If he announces his departure those banners will disappear


I will happily secure £8 million a year for you, if you agree to take abuse from thousands of people on a weekly basis, don’t say anything about it, remain upbeat, motivate those around you, and stay professional.

Oh and the other conditions are, to make sure that I can pay that £8 million a year to you, look after all my finances, and to ensure that the next 2 generations of my lineage have the same lifestyle, or a better one.


I’d do it for £200k a year…

Godfrey Twatschloch

There will be banners for the next manager as well. Give it anything from a 1-3 months and I guarantee you they’ll come out. The name will be different but the sentiment will be as entitled and pathetic as it always was.


Yeah great, except the managers you want to bring in are on 10, 12 million a year. No shit the banners will disappear but it’ll be too damn late when you replace the name Arsene Wenger in no time with the next manager’s when he can’t deliver what you want. You’re calling for the wrong man’s head. Get that through your entitled heads. Wenger works handcuffed by a board that serves an owner who is only interested in profit. If you think Wenger aims for mediocrity then you know nothing about the most successful manager in this Club’s history.

The Little Mozart

I didn’t enjoy even a minute of the match tonight.

Credit to the pasty-eating goalie though.


It all comes down to being “mentally prepared.”


What kind of twat pulls out a banner like that when we win a game? Spoilt ungrateful idiots the lot of them.
Please stop that shit, it’s pathetic, it achieves nothing and makes us all look like idiots, fucking grow up!

Godfrey Twatschloch

What was on the banner this time?


Some bullshit about every good story coming to an end and au revoir Arsene. It really needs to stop, it’s embarrassing the club they supposedly love. Idiots….

Godfrey Twatschloch



The players didn’t enjoy themselves either Arsene. It’s been that way for weeks now.

Mach iii

Find the bottle throwing bastard and tattoo the spurs emblem on his cunt face.

chippy's chip

Anyone know if it was glass or plastic? A big difference.


Those pitches are a nightmare to play on the ball just runs away from you but job done. Nothing more to be said other than give Lucas a run in the side. Please

time will tell

Really would anyone throw a bottle at an old man (67 )in the street, the answer should be no, but in this age of if I buy a ticket I have the right to be a complete tit,and if you bring it up with these
people, they cry..its my right,.
You want him out, ok….i don’t agree but, show the man some respect.


Some very classless fans amongst our ranks. Shameful. As much as you may like to see a new manager or if you harbour thoughts that Wenger isn’t good enough any more, this is the manager who has brought so much success to the club not to mention CL every season for two decades, tophies and never fallen out of 4th or indeed finished below the Spurs. He has won two FA cups in recent seasons.’ So you think he is a disgrace because he can’t win the big one in Europe? When has Arsenal ever won the CL (or its… Read more »


Hi Santosh, At the onset please let me disclose that I have high respect for Le Prof. I would also like to state that I personally dislike banner displays against Wenger. We all love arsenal FC for the values it stands for and the kind off football they believe in. Having said that I have to mention that Arsene has done amazingly well till 2012 with all the financial constraints. From 2013 we had started investing in better players and rebuilding the club. Most of us agreed that you can’t rebuild the club in one season, we were patient. But… Read more »


Agree with Gunman/gunslinger.When you aint winning and on the receiving end of a hiding,
its like that.This doesn’t alter the fact that Wenger aint popular with the fans.
One reporter said Arsenal shd be careful with regard to what happened to MU.For that
matter why not Chelsea. The blues are flying having taken the gamble.
The fm in contrast as befitting his arrogance,has refused to change his tippy/tappy soccer
when it aint working.
I cant wait for anew guy who will go more direct.


Because as much as it can get better, it can also get a whole lot worse. Do the same fans who whinge about Arsene have the capacity to be outside of CL and finishing below Spurs for the next 2 to 3 seasons possibly? If we change every season, does it built on the high base standards currently or make it more difficult for the subsequent managers to come in? Liverpool has been changing managers for a quarter of a century and have not won the title. Spurs we are told are a team on the up. AVB was said… Read more »

Andy Mack

Do you think it’s a 50/50 gamble then?


Horrific studs up tackle on Iwobi laughed off by a.hole bbc commentator… grrrr


I think the word “gamble” is a bit too much to describe a perspective. As I already said elsewhere, Wenger is one of the brakes at the moment, but just one, although his vision and philosophy is at full force from the day 1 he is here. His philosophy doesn’t quite works well in the past decade – his reluctance to adjust to the modern game or the football game nowadays. His motivation of the players also comes to perspective and we can all see that. At the other side are the players themselves but they as a factor are… Read more »


Why are we isolating Arsene and only laying the blame at his door? What role are Ivan Gazdis and the board playing in their pursuit for success of the club? Why are we not putting pressure against the board for not doing their job well?


My point was, we need a whole package. Either fight to change everything that is not ticking as it should be in a top club, or do nothing. The position is clear, we need a root change! Without singling just bits and pieces talking about this player sucks, that player is lazy, Arsene doesnt do that and does this. Kroenke is making profit and has no other intentions and so on. Either a radical change or shut up and let the things happen as they do. You get my point now?


One victory against a team very much below our level and I see all these one arsene Wenger comments? All is forgiven already and y’all would be ready to repeat the mediocre cycle looool smh


I know right!

Andy Mack

You don’t seem to understand the meaning of the word ‘Mediocre’…


I said before some fans were really hoping that Arsenal screw up this Sutton game, lose big time then they will be happy. coz more ammunition to attack AW. No that we won, they are not happy at all. So they are now saying things like its only a small league 5 club, should have won by many more goals, performance was below par, etc etc. What kind of fans are thinking this way?? It is simply unacceptable. They have become like the pundits who are similarly hoping Arsenal to lose to Sutton and are now very unhappy their anti-AW… Read more »


Nah, I disagree….I want Wenger out as soon as yesterday. However, my allegiance is to the club is love whole heartedly…The arsenal, no matter how bad I want Wenger out. As soon as the boys come out on the pitch, I’m rooting all the way for The Arsenal! Victoria Concordia Crescit!…that being said, I can reflect pre or post match and put things into context…a win or a lose doesn’t alter my belief that Wenger is no longer the right guy for the job.


Mr. Arseblog…there is so much polarization among our fanbase…WOB vs AKB…however, I’ll like to believe that irrespective of our thoughts on the manager, most of us genuinely love the club. As tough as it maybe, we the fans must be united to achieve any reasonable outcome. We are a powerful voice! My question to you is, how do we promote unity and also help move the club forward? A starting point would be, what should be the definition of a successful club especially from a fan perspective…my thoughts is big trophies! Some other think balancing the books, occasional fa cup… Read more »


For me, whether we lose or win this will always ring to: “In Wenger I trust”.


instead of us disturbing Wenger and try to embarrass him ,we should use the energy and time to focus to the owner of the arsenal and arsenal board because that is where all our problems are .Wenger is not the problem ok. now we have to ask our self this question, have they been given Wenger so much money during transfer window as there claimed.And to me the answer is big capital we need to dig deep for the problem and expose them all and we have to leave Mr Wenger alone OK.hope this issue will be looking into.


Do you think that if all the management at AFC leaves and new ones come that will give a budget of 1 billion to Wenger the things will be better? Will that change his non dynamic rusty formation? Will that change the structure of the team?
I dont think so!


in Wenger I trust. Wenger is a good coach and he will stay he’s going no where.

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