Thursday, February 9, 2023

Wenger reveals pre-Hull team news

Arsene Wenger has reiterated that Hector Bellerin is yet to return to training but he could do so tomorrow if he gets the necessary sign off from the medical team tomorrow.

The boss also confirmed that Mohamed Elneny could return to the first team squad after returning from international duty at the African Cup of Nations.

Speaking to the media on Thursday ahead of the Gunners game with Hull City, the boss said:

“From Saturday, Elneny is back available. Apart from that we have a question about Hector Bellerin, he is going every day through tests. We’ll only know tomorrow if he gets a green light from the medical people to train tomorrow.

“Elneny practised yesterday. He’s fully focused. As always he’s a fantastic player with a great mentality. He’s disappointed they [Egypt] lost in the final. He had a quality session yesterday.”

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Let’s go again! Give us some joy gunners!


Let’s bounce right back! Up the arse!


He also described the first goal as “absolutely scandalous” quite rightly.
The assembled scum press then proceeded to completely ignore it and pursue the line of questioning they had clearly decided on before they got into the room.
Let’s get this straight : a top premiership manager describes something as scandalous. And not a single member of the hounds in front pick it up.
Odd, no?

John C

No, because no one else thinks it was a scandal, in fact the prevailing opinion was it was a fair goal

Gunn Cabinet

John Terry is a Cunt


I agree with u there mate


Thank you so much for making my point more eloquently than could possibly have.


John C is a man on a mission.

John C

I don’t like the excuses.

Wenger has been our manager for 20 years and still struggles to accept that a challenge like that is a perfectly acceptable part of English football culture, how come Antonio Conte can after about 20 weeks can but Wenger after 20 years can’t?

It’s ignorance, it’s the football managerial equivalent of a British tourist complaining he can’t get a fry up for breakfast whilst on holiday in Magaluf.

A Different George

This is nonsense; whatever you think of Wenger, it is just ludicrous to say he does not understand the English game. I would even go so far as to say (I know this is pushing it) that a professional manager, any professional manager, who spends full time training his squad, scouting opponents, analyzing data, and coaching a match, may have a better understanding of the way the game is actually played in England than the rest of us.

Why Not

Perfectly acceptable elbow to the face.

No john. No.


The prevailing opinion of those who hate Arsenal and have it in for us… hmm ok then

Hank Wankford

Haha obviously by the time of writing this.. the 20 thumbs down to 0 up means you don’t know what your on about

John C

And in the real world the goal was given, who’d have thunk it?


Weak deflection. You know as well as anyone that’s got fuck all to do with whether or not the rules say it is supposed to be a foul.

David C

John C, you can’t be serious? If Alonso’s head or shoulder made contact with Bellerin’s head then you might have a point…


Danny Welbeck must start please


Based on how some players have been sub par and going through some indifferent times, if I were Wenger I would start the following team:
Iwobi Ox Welbeck
Elneny Coq
Monreal (Gibbs) Kos Mus Gab
With Alexis Ozil Walcott Lucas AMN Holding Cech.
To keep everybody on there toes.




Coquelin really ???
The guys no where near arsenal quality, he has nothing , he can’t pass short or long , can’t defend, can’t shoot , can’t tackle can’t header he’s reading of the game is terrible.
He wouldn’t get into another top 6 team in the premiership.
We need a decent defensive midfielder like Kante.

Big black clock

I haven’t the slightest motivation to hype myself for any league game now. I’d prolly watch UCL and fa cup matches but the league is done.

Big black clock

I understand the downvotes but i just want to say there is a big difference between watching a match as a fan and watching a match with apathy.

Throughout the Chelsea match i had zero changes in my emotions throughout the game. No anger, no frustration, no passionate cries like how i usually watch the game. I’d honestly rather not put myself through smth like that again and do smth that brings me more joy.


May as well just give up, judging by the performance on Saturday, the players already have.

Time for Wenger to go now, and if that means Ozil and Sanchez go too then so be it, only want players who are going to give 100% to the cause. Sell them both in the summer, get a new manager in and spend the money… clearly this method works… look at what Chelsea have done since sacking that tosser mourinho.

Kevin S

The club doesn’t need part-time fans like you. You’re either a fan throughout the entirety of the season every season, or you’re not a fan. Please fuck off to Chelsea/City.


How about you fuck off? Are you happy with the same thing (failure), literally every single season?! Seems like you must be.
Part-time fan, you’re having a laugh – I just want to see our team competing rather than falling at the same hurdle every year.
If you can’t handle seeing other people’s opinions then i suggest you don’t visit forum sites like this, you muppet.


No update on Perez? Does that mean he’ll be back in the squad?

Stuck on repeat...

Yes, not sure on the Perez situation. Doesn’t really matter though, as the manager probably wouldn’t play him anyway for some unknown reason.


Hey, he’s not Joel Campbell


Man Utd fan and man city season ticket holder fans at my work both said they thought challenge on bellerin a foul!


Sky headline ” lunatic fringe football fans dare to disagree with Sourness and Redknapp”.


They’re not biased ever


And if only Cech had made any sort of effort to move to try and save the ball that was no more than a yard way from him we wouldn’t be talking about a disallowed goal

And if only Walcott had tracked Alonso we wouldn’t have been talking about a goal being disallowed .

Glen Helders left foot

The challenge on Bellerin was a foul,Stevie Wonder could see that, but for wenger to cling to that as if that’s why we lost is pathetic. There was still plenty of time to get back into the game but as usual we fold and put in our usual cowardly weak performance against decent teams. Round and round we go on this horrible 12 year ride

Stuck on repeat...

Agreed. However, to be honest was never really surprised that we lost to Chelsea. If we’re honest they’re playing well & it is clearly their season. Still hate them though!!! For me the turning point (& end to any serious challenge for the title) was against Watford. A complete shambles from start to finish. Add to that the talk from everyone within the club (players & manager) that the Chelsea game was a “must win”, plus expectations & support leading up to the game from the fan base…& then to see such utter tripe & as you put it “cowardly… Read more »


No one thought Chelsea would win 13 games on the bounce after we turned them over. Let’s use this defeat as our springboard to a winning run. 13 straight wins (we’ve done it before) and we get 96 points. 96 points wins us the league. Leicester showed anything can happen last season. Let’s get behind the team whether your Wenger in or out and see if we can achieve something special!


Firstly, you need to buy a new calculator. Even if we win every game (which we won’t) max points is 89.
Secondly, deluded fans like you is why Wenger gets a free ride each season. No real challenge on what is going wrong, just blind faith.


This is exactly the problem – some fans think it’s OK to give such shockingly bad performances every couple of week.


Based on how some players have been sub par and going through some indifferent times, if I were Wenger I would start the following team:

Iwobi Ox Welbeck
Elneny Coq
Monreal (Gibbs) Kos Mus Gab
With Alexis Ozil Walcott Lucas AMN Holding Cech.
To keep everybody on there toes.


My team for Hull based on performances would be:-
Iwobi Ox Welbeck
Elneny Coquelin
Monreal/Gibbs Kos Mus Gabriel

On the bench Alexis Walcott Lucas Ozil AMN Holding Cech


Giroud autocorrect doing its thing


Coquelin on recent performances ??? Really?? He’s been terrible, he’s our worse midfielder, he is so over rated no where near good enough for a top 6 team. What top 6 starting team would he get into ???? He’s reading of the game for a defensive midfielder is so poor. Whatever he tried to do against Hazard just sums him up ( a disaster). He leaves the defence open so many times , he never covers the wing backs position when they push forward a defensive midfielder should just cover the defence instead he tries to push forward and loses… Read more »

cheesed off

Martin is an optimist and I like it, even though I can’t see it happening!!!


What a pleasant place the Arses can be.

I hope to see Holding.


Its good to have Elneny back because our options in midfield are rather thin.

Bellerin would be a massive bonus.

Ronnie Raymond

If he plays Iwobi we are sunk.

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