Sunday, January 16, 2022

Wenger reveals team news ahead of Sutton United

Arsene Wenger has provided the latest team news update ahead of Monday’s night’s FA Cup clash with Sutton United.

The Gunners face the non-league side on Monday evening, looking to make the quarter-finals and to provide a little boost after Wednesday’s 5-1 defeat to Bayern Munich.

Arsenal are sweating over the fitness of skipper Laurent Koscielny who went off in Munich early in the second half.

Asked about his availability, Wenger said, “I don’t know, he has has a scan today.”

The previous round saw players like Jeff Reine-Adelaide and Ainsley Maitland-Niles given a chance to play and they shone in the 5-0 win over Southampton.

They may also get a chance on Monday night.

“It will be a Normal team, I gave a chance to [some young players] because they deserve to play, it’s a good opportunity to show they can do well.

“One or two might have an opportunity to show that they can play every single game now.”

Does that mean others have run out of chances? I guess we’ll see. The likes of Per Mertesacker, Rob Holding, Lucas Perez and others could be in the frame for a start.

Check out today’s Arsecast, discussing Arsene Wenger, his future, and Arsenal’s from different perspectives

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Joel Carter

Anyone else pick up on “I’ll be managing next year, whether here or somewhere else”?

Arsene's zip

BBC Sport did – their headline story right now.


Yeah its another article on here shortly. Why do one when you can drag every press conference out


Almost want it to happen now so he can have the appreciation he deserves one last time


This would have been a game for the fluid front three. Welbeck and Perez (if fit) have to start. Giroud should have been put on at half time on Wednesday while we had something to hold. We were squandering what little possession we had whenever we crossed the halfway line in the first 45 minutes and obviously needed someone to give us more security in possession.


I know Giroud isn’t pacy enough for some. But he has oodles of character and he never sulks or shies away from things. I’d start him in every game on that merit itself. This team is very introspective and prone to losing confidence. I want Giroud as captain against Sutton.

Alex L

I like Giroud but of all the things to praise him for “never sulks” is a weird one to pick. He pulls a face of pure anguish every time a decision goes against him.


That’s not sulking, it’s dark arts aimed at the ref. And most modern forwards do that… I don’t think Giroud stops competing because of a tough tackle or a close offside call.

Ozil's left foot

are you suggesting everyone else does?


Why does he never give updates on Lucas Perez? I think it’s safe to say he has become a fan favourite (the Joel Campbell of this season) and Wenger doesn’t seem to make comment (e.g. when he wasn’t in the Hull squad)


He wants a certain style, I’m sure there is a plan (obviously it’s not working) and he needs a certain kind of player to work with Ozil-Alexis. It might be he sees him as a striker and not a wide man. I’d love to see more of him, too. That said, his absence isn’t the main problem – or even the 5th main problem.

Sheffield Goon

Winning the FA Cup seems so far away right now, but it would still help ease some of the pain. I’d be worried if we ended up facing a “big club” in the final though – just don’t think we’d be able to cope mentally, which is really sad.

Timorous Me

Just have to hope Koscielny is healthy for Liverpool; no need to risk him on Monday no matter the result of this scan.

I would normally prefer Holding get a game here, but it might be smart to let Gabriel and Mustafi play together at center back to gain some familiarity. They’ve played so little together (not counting with Gabriel at right back) and that was glaringly obvious on Wednesday after Koscielny came off. There’s no point making excuses, but I really do wonder how different the post-Bayern conversation would be had Koscielny not gotten hurt.


Mustafi needs to be benched.


Somewhat agree. Only fair that Holding gets a look in. Also Mustafi seems to not have any chemistry with Ospina. Don’t know if I’m reading too much there.


After Kosh went off injured again bayern Mustafi had to move over to the left of central defence so that Gabriel could play on the left, Mustafi struggles on the left because he is prominently right footed / sided.
There isn’t many central defenders who can play both sides of the centre, due to positioning and tackling.

Until the Watford game Arsenal hadn’t lost when Mustafi has played and now he’s apparently crap.

What a fickle lot of supporters we have !!!!


I forget who he was paired with but Holding’s last outing was on the Left I believe and I thought he had a quite composed performance. And wasn’t that with Maitland-Niles sitting in front of him?

We need to have a back-up CB that can still Organize the defense. Gabriel and Mustafi are not there yet. I bet we’ll see Per come in there for at least part of the match. On current form I’d probably prefer he’s paired with Gabriel for speed, or Holding.


Since we’re obviously not going to win the league and are practically out of UCL, it’s my opinion that we have a serious stab at the FA cup. It’s the only realistic trophy left to chase – so scrap it being “an opportunity for the young guns to show what they can do” and field the strongest team available. Doesn’t matter if “it’s only Sutton” (no disrespect to SU). I still have some faith in Wenger but I will be so done with him if (or is it when) we go out of the FAC.

Thomas AFC1991

I believe the team will be; Ospina, Maitland-Niles, Mertesacker, Holding, Monreal, Elneny, Chamberlain, Rene-Adeliede, Welbeck, Walcott, Giroud.


I wish we play M-Niles in the middle with Elneny. If that’s where his future lies – that’s where he should play. Would give Ox a break.


I just want arsenal to win and keep on winning 🙁

With Arsene at the helm.


I honestly hope gabriel never plays another minute in an Arsenal top, Holding is so much more reliable than the brazillian donkey


I honestly hope fans learn how to convey their frustrations without being offensive, and in your case racist.


That wasn’t racist, bellend.


Xenophobic? I guess in this non-PC era everything goes? On one hand fans out here trumpet how we got more class, on the other abuse their own players and manager… Cheers!

A very nice man

How was that racist? Am i missing something or is someone just trying troll is a disgusting way because they don’t agree with there comment?

Offender of factually alternative fact/opinions

I wouldn’t be sure that Mustafis starting spot is certain moving forward if Koscielny comes back quickly from injury. Please be fit for Liverpool Kos. Please.

Offender of factually alternative fact/opinions

I wouldn’t be certain that anyone is safe now in their starting roles. It should certainly be that way. Anyway. Please everyone pick yourself up off the ground accept a kick up the Arse and start playing excellent football with and without the ball. Please.

mick ford

if we are in crisis as all the media claim what about the spuds they lost to a weaker tteam than Bayern up the top four like us but not in a cririsso how do the idots who write thes reports get their brains smoking dope at uni if all these morons compare how much man u spuds and other teams havespent they are still below us but I cant read or hear of them being in a crisis so bollocks to the media wankers tell them to write something sensible wankers

A very nice man

Apparently they are 8th or something in the Belgium league to and not a major European force like Bayern!


It’s a shame no one in the club has been able to match Sanchez’s output – in terms of passion or performance. There is no one to rival him and neither does he get treated as a be-all talisman. He clearly has lost faith in many of his teammates and they in turn have too big egos to prove to him that they can step up. Basis what’s been happening in past two months, I’d be very surprised if he decides to stay at Arsenal. There’s time for things to change, and I hope he stays, but not likely.


Ospina-bellerin mustaf holding nacho-mytilland elneny ox-lucas welbeck- giroud


Welbeck-Giroud would be an awesome player,
and Ox-Perez would be a great goal scoring upgrade on Oxlade-Chamberlain.
Not sure Ospina-Bellerin would work as a tiny speedy shot stopper.


Protect Koscielny. We still have a lot of the season to go and we need to finish strong in the league. I would think we will give Alexis a breather too, he has been doing the work of half the team. Welbeck, Lucas, Giroud should all get a bit of time. I’d expect we will see some of the young guns. Elneny may also get a place. We need to be careful though. This is still a major secondary honour the FA cup and the more likely path to a trophy now. Last thing we want is to underestimate Sutton,… Read more »


I agree FA Cup is not to be taken lightly. But that said, I also think it’s time for the likes of Holding, Giroud, Perez, Welbeck, Niles, Jeff and Elneny to be given a few outings and allowed to compete for starting positions. Players don’t turn to shit overnight – it is true. But we have been consistently off pace since Dec. Apart from Sanchez, Ox and Kos, no one has justified their place in the starting line up recently. As much as I rate them, Ozil, Gibbs and Coq have been especially poor. Xhaka is STILL a liability –… Read more »


For me the most interesting part is the comment about some players being given the chance to play every week. The Jeff? A M-N? Perez? Who would be dropped? Does he mean for the rest of this season or next?


I found that really interesting too – it certainly hints at wanting to put some pressure on the starters. It was hard to tell if he was sticking to the context of the younger players or not.

Holding looks to have the ability, and Mustafi and Gabriel haven’t seemed to find an arrangement yet. AMN had a stormer for a young talent – I’d love to see him do it again. Arguably Jeff has the hardest path into the first team with Ozil, Iwobi, AOC to get in amongst.


Well spotted


About time the first team lightweights made way for some younger players with backbone and desire.


Should just send out the same team that beat Southampton in the last round, all the young players involved did enough to deserve another game while some of the others need a reminder that they aren’t undroppable

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