Saturday, June 3, 2023

Xhaka back, Ozil starts: Bayern Munich v Arsenal teams

It’s Round of 16 Champions League action tonight as we face Bayern Munich at the Alliaz Arena.

Arsenal need a good result to take into the second leg in March, and these are the official line-ups for this evening’s game.

Bayern Munich: Neuer, Lahm, Hummels, Martínez, Alaba, Xabi Alonso, Vidal, Robben, Thiago, Costa, Lewandowski

Subs: Ulreich, Rafinha, Bernat, Muller, Coman, Kimmich, Sanches

Arsenal: Ospina, Bellerin, Mustafi, Koscielny, Gibbs, Xhaka, Coquelin, Ozil, Oxlade-Chamberlain, Iwobi, Alexis

Subs: Cech, Gabriel, Monreal, Elneny, Walcott, Welbeck, Giroud

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Dale Cooper


Hank Wankford

4-2-3-1 surely


if anything expect wenger to never change his formation


433 is in middle, Oz on wing? Maybe


That’s should say ox in middle, oz on wing

keith poe

Monreal carrying a knock?


I am happy with Gibbs starting. I like Gibbs.


We know Paul! 🙂


Did you know my wife also likes Gibbs? 🙂


You have mentioned it yes 🙂


That’s good. As long as we are clear on this… 🙂

Lord Bendtner

Flipped my notebook to section labelled ‘P’
“Paul…paul…paul ahah there it is!”
– Just added it to my notebook next to ‘Paul likes Gibbs’

KAUCHA Krishna



Nice one Lord! 🙂


Gibbs is terrible


Looking at the quality and experience of the two teams….This could well be a disaster.
I feel like I did before the Chelsea game….resigned to a thrashing.


On any given night, we can beat any team. This may be that night. Have some faith in the you support!


Sorry for accidental downvote. We can beat them!


What a terrible line up. Coquelin is bang average, iwobi instead of welbeck is criminal. Should of started with elneny and welbeck


Ancelotti’s Bayern is not the powerhouse of the last few years. Not the most convincing in the Bundesliga this season and I reckon if we actually play together as a team we could take something from this match.

Dan Hunter

Man U have not been very convincing either, but they always seem to beat us at their place,,, Bayern always beat us at the place


fuk.. why does arsenal dissapoint us every time. every season we look forward to these high profile clashes like optimistically. barca.. we’ll beat them this time , bayern..this might be our time. and every time dissapointment. when will this ever change


I’m more confident against this lot than Chelsea.

Bayern will play a bit more open which I think suits us better.


My first thought when seeing the line up was “suicide” then “of course”

Giovani Rampeloti

Gibbs to stop robben? oh jesus
hope the best result possible for us!


It’s a big worry roben vs gibbs, not that he is not good, he has the pace to close roben but i worry because he is lacking match fitness and vs hull i don’t how many times was destroyed by markovic and also iwobi did not help him tracking back and when gibs was passed at the mudle of the park by markovic that forced kos to go out on him to close him on the wing which was also kiled by markocic few times. But i hope today we will play only on counter with every helping in defence… Read more »


That’s not the team I would’ve started but then I don’t get paid 8 million a year to make these decisions. Hopefully a committed and disciplined performance from the beginning tonight.

David C

Will Iwobi and Gibbs be on the same side? Not a lot of defense on that flank. How is Coq in over Elneny?

COYG!!! make sure we don’t lose and get an away goal.

Reality Check

Boy I’m nervous!


Would’ve like to see Welbz start this but maybe not completely match fit yet…

Decent bench tho.



Yeah would’ve rather he was in than iwobi tbh, think he gives you a bit more defensively and is better on the break which will be important tonight


I,m sure you will se welbz at emirates starting when we will need to chase goals but it will be to late by then.

chippy's chip

Just keep the tie, our season, the dream alive. COME ON YOU GUNNERS


Not confident to be honest. I would have preferred a 3 in midfield of Ox, Xhaka, Elneny (to assure we keep the ball when we get it) would have dropped Iwobi for wele and Gibbs for Monreal. Catch yiz for the moan-fest after 🙂

Roger Ramjet

Good bench.

Tyler Briscoe

This is a game I intend on watching, it has that big fight feel.. Shall reserve judgement until the end. We are really missing the ever dynamic Cazorla though


if we can beat bayern this is the time to do so. they are not as dominat as heyneck (or whatever his name is) champions league winning team or guardiolas teams . ancelotti is far inferior to them tactically and keep playing the out of form veterans like muller vidal when he should be trying something new. he’s very similar to how wenger keeps playing ozil and sanchez even when they are out of form. but if they play well today we have a very good chance. hoped elneny starts ahead of coquelin but whatever


Don’t think you can call Ancelotti inferior in fairness! But who cares COYG!


comaperd to guardiola brother. well to be honest there is not many if any better than him really

Giovani Rampeloti

Compared to Guardiola? who only won cuz he had that team, who didnt need to praticse?
Ancelotti won the champions league, with that awful team of AC Milan

I think Guardiola isnt that good, u can see now that he is playin a league who much more tough hes havin trouble

Bayern 0 – 3 Arsenal <3


Looks solid. Ox and Iwobi well able to help out in midfield. Come on Arsenal! If PSG can do a job on barca then why not us against bayern!


Welbeck over Iwobi for me…. To help Gibbs….

Gav Z Nuff

Elneny for Iwobi would have been my choice and Ox for Coq and played Elneny , Ox , Xhaka 3 central with Ozil , Sanchez, Welbz or Walcott able to mix it up …


Strong bench. Impact.


Ox plays well thru the middle and his reward is to be shoved out onto the wing again :/


There’s not one single player in their starting line-up who couldn’t walk into any team on paper. Come on, we have nothing to lose.


I know I should be but I’m not afraid of that Bayern team. Only gear will be the continental refereeing that they will most likely play up to. To a man I feel that this is the team I’d much rather face up to especially with Ancellotti on the bench.


Would have liked to see Elneny start but this is a decent first eleven. Most worried about Ozil and Iwobi not tracking back. Could be Ox in the middle an Ozil on the wing too.


Bayern have been semi-finalists or better in the last five years. Fuck ’em I say! COYG!!!!!


For the love of all things good on this green earth, please keep Xhaka away from Robben.

If he even breathes on him the big toe will go instant imitation salmon and the Euro refs will have us down to 9 men in a heartbeat.


Wow, trying to figure out what the moderated keyword is in that one.. Robben?


love green earth Xhaka Euro refs


For the love of all things
instant imitation salmon
the big toe


Nope. I give up.


So I’m seeing 3 or 4 creators in the lineup and only one finisher. Kinda backwards if you ask me.

Heavenly Chapecoense

I prefer Theo on the wing than Ox. You get no goals from ox. He should have started in center midfield where he has been very very good.


Bayern should get 3 or 4 realistically


Realistically this attitude is rather tedious.

He's got no hair but we don't care...

Welbeck really needs to be starting a game like this against an older Bayern side.


Ozil to shine tonight


Wud hv preferred welbeck up top, maybe interchange with Alexis occasionally, Alexis shouldn’t be d focal point in our attack, he shud be stretching Bayern’s defence. But I think we can get something positive out of dis match. Coyg

Troy McClure

Elneny should’ve played over Coquelin. Elneny offers so much more skill and can cover as much ground as Coquelin, without fouling everything in sight. Cow should sit for a month for not doing his job on Eden Hazard rampaging through the team. Ozil has been awful too, not sure why we don’t play the high energy Welbeck. O


Not having the height up front might be a blessing, and also we have pace. COYG! And tonight Ozil steps up! Hope he plays a great game.

Time for change

Sif did it again. Ozil, Oxlade-Chamberlain, Iwobi. Back in the day we got superstar Sanogo up front against Germane machine. I felt the same what I feel this time. If he had had Ramsy fit then Ramsy would have played in place of Granit. Mentality of aforesaid trio is as big as Sif himself. i saw that kind of scenario, you always think that they are able to show genuine mental strength, but in reality… Of course they could.


Let’s get this over with so we can concentrate on finishing in the top 4.

Black Jhide

@Heavenly Theo Walcott start? Seriously have you watched him lately? Even the speed he is renowned for its a bit of suspect for me since he came back from injury. He runs as if he is powered by duracell battery that is about to expire.


After the Chelsea defeat, watching any football now.

I have made my peace and not following the Premier League at all. I’ve no idea what the results of not our game but anyone else either. Maybe I’ll have a surprise at the end of the season but for now I only follow the Champions League and FA Cup.


Well now only the FA cup to follow


Worst kept secret in football, one foot Robben……

cheesed off

Shock horror we are a goal down!!! Who would have predicted that eh?


If Arsene was a top manager. He should try to fix that left side, drop iwobi , and xhaka. bring the ox in midfield and welbz oand giroud .lucky we still in the game at half. COYG. Its a strange game cause with we could nick it. COYG

cheesed off

Oh now it is 2-1 but I reckon it will end up 3-1 or 4-1!!! Thumb me down all you like but you know Arsenal are stuffed, especially now Kos is off!!!

cheesed off

Oh there goes in the third goal!!!


We just cannot defend. Awful stuff

chippy's chip

What the feck are we doing. Cant or wont tackle ballwatching no closing down or tracking. Goodbye.


As soon as Kos came off it was over. Gabriel still an understudy. Also how are you going to keep Giroud, Walcott and Welbeck on the bench for Iwobi. Champions League is for your starters not someone you think has potential.

cheesed off

Hank, it sucks!!! Says I as the 4th goal goes in!!! Wenger needs to knock this reign on the head!!! Utter tripe!!!

cheesed off

P.s Gabriel is not a defender and needs replacing ASAP!!!

chippy's chip

He is a feckin liability


This is terrible,they actually don’t give a fuck


The moment Kos goes off, the goals start raining in. It’s just so predictable, the footballing gods conspire to remove another key Arsenal player during a big game and the whole plot unravels.

cheesed off

Saint its time for change, these players should not be getting this sort of pounding!!! I’ve never been a fan of Gabriel and this performance does not change my mind!!!

chippy's chip

Bouldie could do better, even per.


I agree,time for him to go there’s no coming back from that. Finishing 4th is the worst thing that can happen now


Expect the expected…

Wyn Mills

This is from the manager. How many times do we have to witness a shambles like this to know where it comes from? Not even some shit third rate club would roll over like this. Wenger just flat out has no idea how to defend. During the Invincibles a decent inherited defence and the likes of Henry masked this manager’s deficiencies. Now its all laid bare. A tactical nonce who only knows one way to play. Sick and tired of being embarassed in Europe like this. I don’t even bother to watch anymore the score is so predictable. Get some… Read more »

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