Sunday, January 23, 2022

Alexis posts fight related message on Instagram

After Arsene Wenger flat-out denied newspaper reports that there had been a training ground bust-up involving Alexis Sanchez, the Chilean has posted something on Instagram which might well contradict that.

He seems to suggest that fighting isn’t borne out of any kind of malice, but rather to do the best for his team.

His message reads, “The true warrior fights not because he hates the ones in front of him, but because he loves those behind him. ?⚪️ Let’s go Gunners.

“The only failure is not trying.”

Earlier, at his pre-game press conference, Arsene Wenger played down the stories as newspaper fabrications.

“I’m not aware of it. Nothing happened,” he said.

“It’s completely false, but I understand that you have to feed the newspapers and we respect that.”

Which merits a very big heh, in fairness. He was just short of an ‘I didn’t see it!’. It’s normal that he would absolutely refuse to add fuel to the fire, but there’s too much smoke around this one for there not to be fire.

Check out today’s Arsecast Extra about the Alexis situation, Wenger’s position and much more

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Ya Da





Great instagram post, choices of picture and wordings are just awesome. Alexis’ PR consultants have done a great job!

Too Drunk To Be Offside

I support this message, and if he had a go at his team-mates good on him! Its clear the players are in desperate need of a telling off and if Wenger won’t do it, then I am glad that someone else did.

Well done Sanchez. Hats off.

Sir Henry Norris's Foreskin

We need more people to kick some asses around.
If Kroenke could get of his fat one and kick Wenger’s maybe Wenger would do the same and we would see some action on the field.
Diego Costa in!
Up The Arsenal!

Bould's Eyeliner

Keep on rubbing that foreskin for some more brilliant ideas…


I think you mean Simeono not Costa


Fire fighting

bob davis

The whole team need to put in a performance and win against Bayern!


What win are you talking about? We all know damn well that it was bound to happen…get humilliated in Munich and then win just enough to only get eliminated by couple of goals…the story of this team. ?☹️?

Askar Arslan

The very nature of it is that we still would like to believe that our team will do something to make us feel good again. That’s it. You may well be right, i’d rather you weren’t.


Oh come on. I doubt we’ll even get a goal at home. The team’s on its arse.


That’s meaningless, fighting had to be done on the first leg, not after a 5-1 defeat.


If we can somehow get our shit together and pull out a win, I will still definitely take it.

Too late to be sure, but everyone needs something better to happen, and soon.


Can you in all honesty say, even if by some miracle they did turn it around, this team will not have another disastrous performance down the line? If not what is the point?

Trying to keep a clean sheet is even more realistic, and if they succeed they build more defensive confidence. The alternative is to end up with more injuries and/or in complete despair – completely f$cking up an already f*cked up season. For whatever reason, £90m down the line, the team’s performance is worse than Leicester’s performance last season. What a waste! What a shame!!


This isn’t a question of do I care about Arsenal more than Alexis. This player wants to win, and his determination and drive can manifest in less than ideal ways. If he was behaving out of order, he was rightfully punished but don’t ignore his message. We can’t continue to accept mediocrity, but if we’re going to, know that players of Alexis calibre have zero business whiling away their brief careers at a club that refuses to match their standards.

Heavenly Chapecoense

Right, Sanchez won Watford and Bayern games for us.


Great post. If only the other players could show the same commitment and desire to win games as Alexis clearly does.


Özil (and others) often shows fight on his (their) social media, but they are not reported on Arseblog.

Wenger's coat zipper

As I understand it, he meant “on the pitch” among other things, something that our overpayed divas can’t seem to be bothered with! Damn, I miss a Keown/Adams type of guy who would ACTUALLY slap the living SHIT out of these overpayed entitled gaywads whenever they would dare ro feel “depressed”!

Bould's Eyeliner

Let’s not call anyone a gaywad. Which I’m assuming is a load of cum from a gay guy. Which is really just the same as everyone else. If you want to call someone a load of jizz, leave homophobia out of it.

Wenger's coat zipper

The guy who downvoted you is either a sp*ds fan or a complete masochist who enjoys this rut that we’re presently in. Either way, the guy who downvoted you – doesn’t love Arsenal! It’s as simple as that!


Alexis you lovely man. This is clearly meant to mean he fights for us fans.


Then applauding them when asked to could be a nice gesture to the fans as well, no?


My thing is…let’s fit Alexis’ shoes for a minute here. Would you stay at at team where you are pretty much the only player hungry enough to give a two f.u.c.k.s about the team performance? Would you stay at a team where is more than obvious the coach can’t motivate his players any more? Would you stay at team where your teamates are mediocre at best? How about a team that the people from up above only care about profits (interesting enough not willing to pay you what is deserved for the quality player you are) just to put it… Read more »

Block 93

PR teams are in overdrive today for both Arsenal and Alexis! Handshakes! Instagram posts! Press conferences! Pretty sure Humber is giving an exclusive interview to HELLO magazine as we speak. Depressing state of affairs all round. Dreading being at the Emirates tomorrow. Think it’s going to get nasty.

Arsene's coat

Right, ok, let’s move on, win 4-0 tomorrow and forget about all this, ok?
Don’t stare at me like that.


My thing is…let’s fit Alexis’ shoes for a minute here. Would you stay at at team where you are pretty much the only player hungry enough to give a two f.u.c.k.s about the team performance? Would you stay at a team where is more than obvious the coach can’t motivate his players any more? Would you stay at team where your teamates are mediocre at best? How about a team that the people from up above only care about profits (interesting enough not willing to pay you what is deserved for the quality player you are) just to put it… Read more »


‘Mediocre at best? Mediocre players tend to ply their trade in the lower leagues and all of whom would leave you for dead on football pitch.


Tell me then of our current squad who is good enough to walk into the starting XI of City, Chelsea, United, or even that other team in north London (at least they show fight), Barca, Bayern, or the elite teams? Bar Sanchez, Bellerin, go on tell me!

Why Not

Ozil, koscielny, xhaka probably, cazorla. And alot of maybes like walcott, giroud, iwobi, welbeck, monreal, cech and so on.

I know where in a shit state. NOW. But the the team has some solid players. Lets not forget that otherwise we may as well just forget arsenal all together.


Imagine him trainning the youngters


At the last 15 of every training session they would practice sulking around disgustedly and how to properly throw their gloves.


I find it astonishing that Arsenal won’t meet his wage demands, when a replacement of similar quality – if we could even get one – would cost in excess of £100 million in today’s market. I thought our beloved franchise (sic) was supposed to be financially astute. Like most, I believe it’s time for new ideas at a management level; however, more importantly I’d crawl over broken glass and hypodermic syringes and used prophylactics, from the Holloway Road to W.T. Waggoner Ranch, to see the demise of Silent Stan the Syphoner of Soccer Soul. Fuck that bloke and fuck his… Read more »


You would hope his comments would make some of the other players put more into each game, I won’t be holding my breath on that one though.


Give us a break with that! Running around without any purpose isn’t playing football! Özil also encourage his teammates and nobody makes a fuss of it!


Ozil is one of the main players who need to put more effort. Biggest diva of them all

Gallas tantrums

Sanchez is a high demanding individual. Sometimes he feels his colleagues are not doing thier job as they and Wenger are used to be in top four. No other thinking. Wenger please don’t make this proud club collapse. The geriatrics at the board level who are waiting for their pension pay are not helping either. Guys, define your club’s destiny. Greetings from Rwand.


This is why I love Alexis Sanchez!

aidan byrne

Sanchez post in no way contradicts Wenger’s statement. One has nothing to do with the other

We've done it again

Now that’s a player who won’t accept mediocrity.

These nancies prance around the field doing nothing and knowing that arsenal and arsene will reward them with a new contract.

They can’t understand why someone is trying so hard.


Pay Alexis what he wants, make him captain and those who aren’t up for the battle can play somewhere else.


Hope we sing his name loud and clear tomorrow night at the Emirates!

Asim Mahmood

this is getting very dramatic..


I love this man to death. The passion, the drive and the refusal to accept mediocrity. People love to call him childish but his social media posts are always thoughtful even when he banters with his Chile teammates.



Arsenal Pakistan!

copied the message below but 100% agree. Ian Wright saying what he is is completely disrespectful and pathetic. The media are trying their best to put us fans down in our worst time in the last few years and I’m afraid the only solution now is ofrom Wenger to publicly say he’s leaving when the season ends. The copied message: I’m not an Arsenal fan, but this is quite poor from the press and BBC pundits (Ian Wright especially) now, this is all internal stuff for the club itself. Unsettling and suggesting players leave clubs has been a tabloid trick… Read more »


I can understand Sanchez frustration, with the way we’re playing and with his team mates and he should be frustrated. We don’t have the required quality and that’s down to the manager. But for me at least, crouching on the pitch and whatever is going on in the dressing room after is wrong. You have to be intelligent and acting like you’re the best and everybody else is shit whenever we don’t win or play well (even if that’s sometimes true with him and them, more than it should be), doesn’t help it hinders. It’s bound to piss off team… Read more »


What a mess. If Sanchez leaves, it will officially start the descent to mediocrity. We’ll be where Liverpool were the past five years, but we’ll be stuck with a board and owner who don’t care about winning. We need a new owner, new board, new manager, and new WORLD CLASS players. Otherwise, ugh I don’t even want to think about it. Scary times at AFC.


The handshake picture also goes a long way to suggest that whatever disagreement there was was small and things are professional between the players. Sanchez looked happy on the bench on Saturday and not stroppy.


And funny thing, there were/are people thinking ill of him. You know? dislike his “sulking” or tantrums, but at least acknowledge WHY he does that. He IS the only player that tries, that show passion and desire, and his team mates just stand there, lost, stale, without idea what they do, without fight or desire. I for one i’m glad we still have a player like this (something we’ve been missing, sometimes i wish even more he could have the freedom to be a Vieira, Adams, not taking nonsense from anyone and simply let his fighting spirit infect the team,… Read more »


Agree with this. A shame there’s so many of our own berating him and asking him to leave the club. I just cannot understand some of our fans at times. The team loses games and the fans will complain that the team is soft, no backbone, gutless etc…. And yet they are so ready to hammer the one player who is fighting his hardest and giving his all every time he steps on to the pitch. It will be a great loss if he leaves in the summer.


Alexis my man! What a fighter! and Boss is Boss. C’mon lads, show some steel and achieve the impossible… hoping for a turnaround against Bayern #COYG

Thierry Bergkamp

With Alexis as the main with, with his talent and desire, a better manager would take this squad and possibly a couple additions far.

Wenger out.
Alexis to stay.


Sanchez for player manager


Make him the captain.

Love the fight in him. Hope the team responds with a good win again Bayern.


Can’t agree more but of course you know the curse of the captain’s armband.

If only we had another Alexis in the team. He is a real fighter and what we need.

I think he’s (rightly) frustrated that many of the teammates do not exhibit similar belief or gumption.

If anything, its a good thing he is shouting at them. Wenger needs to use it to his advantage.


Lad i knew yo a fighter , an Legends don’t just easily give up like that , i mean a true Gunner doesn’t Give up so easily, look at Rosicky ‘s a true Gunner , Henry an others , istill see more in u Alexis in Wengers Leadership.


I don’t think the gaffers given up either. Whether he is using the tools he has bought well efficiently is another thing.

Many of our fan base are more likely to give up or have negative thoughts than the manager.

We have clawed back from the brink of disaster every season.

Wenger does not give up so easily as many of our fanbase who assume things will always be the same.

If Wenger fails, it at very least isn’t for trying.;)


This sort of thing does tend to happen. Clearly Alexis may think some people are not measuring up to his level of effort which is a good thing to see. We know Alexis has fight in him. The gaffer looks like he is trying to take one for the team. If its resolved, then we need to have Alexis back in the squad starting. There’s is little risk against Bayern now…likely we are out so we should just go for it and play for pride, see what happens. I feel like on many occasions, the team tends to freeze up… Read more »


I am watching Bayern training at the Emirates live on facebook right now. And I was wondering why they get to practice on our pitch at almost same timing for tomorrow’s match. Isnt it an advantage to do so?
Why our team is not doing it and Bayern are??
Or am I missing something here..please enlighten me..


I can’t figure out who he may have had altercation with. Surely not one of the younger players. I don’t think it was with any of the alternatives up front either as Wenger would be then seen as choosing sides. Perhaps it may more have been a general rebuke of his teammates overall. If so, maybe Wenger can use this as an opportunity to show the team our abject they were without Alexis and motivate them to work together with him better. The thing about this team (and we are without Ozil too) is how fragile they are mentally. Take… Read more »


Another classic Wenger dodgy response but Alexis wow son you make me proud for standing up with the fans. Love the man.


He’s taking one for the team.


…explanation for those who need it : He ‘s saying its his decision to play Giroud and Welbeck to deflect from any criticism on Alexis or others.


The only failure is not trying….That i think is his direct message to his teammates..If u lose go down fighting…Not bent over with your shorts down.


And a timely reminder.

I think he justifiably feels the rest of the team’s appetite does not match his which is more likely than not a reason for him to leave end of season.

And no amount of money tabled by the Board will change that for him.


I think some of the cirticism on Wenger mollycoddling the team is fair but really, the players have to look at themselves. RVP I felt also left in some part because of inexplicable decisions by Wenger (Remember how RVP looked when Wenger took off our best performer Ox in one game which to me sealed the fate of RVP leaving for money) BUT to lay it all on the gaffer is unfair too. I just think that we haven’t found the leaders we thought we have. And that’s not for want of trying on Wenger’s part. People criticise us for… Read more »

Des Lynam

Call me a cynic, but does anyone else think Alexis is playing to the camera a wee bit? Will we still be saying what a fighter he is when he delivers the inevitable RVP’you guys’moment? I hope he doesn’t but I also hope I’ll be able one day to travel back in time and tell Seaman to stay on his line.

Dishonest Federation

Where’s the popcorn when you need it?

I wasn’t going to say this before but I believe our mighty Gunners are going to win big tomorrow, and put us into the quarter-finals. All this fire and controversy is going to be the fuel.

And if not, I’ll still support my team. #ATID


We should do well to remember that Alexis is vital to the team.

But he has also turned in abject performances himself and been in the team when we have lost our way.

What Wenger is stressing is we need to fight as a collective.

Yes Alexis is right his team mates need to show better appetite but you are only ever as strong as your weakest link.

I see this latest episode as both positive and negative but there’s more to harness from the positive side of it.


for me i take that post by Alexis that there probably was a problem like most clubs do have regulary on the training pitches this guy breathes a winning streak its instilled in his DNA he maybe has reflected on the incident and come out in full support of the manager and his teams mates, its likened to your work mates all just feet up pissing about when theres real work to be done and he wants to encourage them to get on with the job in hand, maybe he should be made captain he certainly can lead this team… Read more »


After all, Alexis is a gunner.


They play twice a week sometimes or they may av a week of,how hard is it for them to get their bloody kit on and earn thier bloody money , why dont they leave their fights on tbe training pitch and get on with the bloody job,they make us the fans and themselfs look like mugs, do we really av to wait for the last game of season to fin above spurs again come on

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