Tuesday, June 6, 2023

Arsenal 1-5 Bayern Munich – player ratings

Well, that was about as much fun as a prostate exam carried out by Hellboy.

A 5-1 defeat, a 10-2 aggregate exit, it’s grim at the moment folks, but then football is always going to deliver highs and lows. And this is something of a low.

Here’s how the players rated tonight.

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NW Gooner


Rambo sambo


An Ox-sized Coq



Unbelievable some of the decisions the referees were giving and the capitulation that followed. The Lewandowski penalty wasn’t even a penalty, he pushed off of Koscielny and fell to the ground and that completely screwed us – case in point https://twitter.com/CTArsenal/status/839243136664760320

non-flying dutchman

No point lamenting the capitulation. Tie was dead in the 53rd minute. Bad for the suckers that went to this game perhap,s but frankly i’m glad the team set about reserving energy for Lincoln City this weekend.

David Hillier's luggage

Always nice to hear supporters describe their fellow supporters as ‘suckers’ for shelling our £70-90 a ticket about a month before the first leg, or those who spent well over a grand back in June to renew their season tickets, to watch and support their team.


Didn’t see it at the time, but Wenger was right. Should never have come to a penalty decision as he was offside! Why are we always on the receiving end of shit like this?


We beat Burnley twice this season with goals in similar situations, just saying.


Have we reached the bottom, or is there further pain to be suffered?


I feel like fucking Bill Murray.


Well that came out all wrong haha

Godfrey Twatschloch

What’s wrong with Bill Murray?


Haha thanks for the laugh on this gloomy night.


I don’t think he’d appreciate that!! He’s straight!! Ha!!


Bill Murray in Zombieland or Groundhog Day? Ref was a zombie. We turned into zombies. I smoked a joint at 9.55am in the morning I was so shaken by the turn of events after the Kos bullshit.

Bill mcbillerson

I’m sorry, why do you want to fuck bill Murray?

Godfrey Twatschloch

Because he’s Bill Murray!

Lula da Gilberto

I think you may have misinterpreted what the Arseblog is actually about. Deceptive a name though it is.


Team played the best we’ve played in 2017 till the red card. Should’ve got the pen, if we went in 2-0 at HT and Giroud scored that header second half, Bayern would’ve shat themselves. Ref dictated the result once again in the end. Maybe Gazidis needs to start cutting UEFA a cheque like everyone else?


Don’t go there, it’s pointless. That’s all we Arsenal fans have had to say in the past 12 years – “If only”. I should be used to it by now but still struggle.


Football is all about what ifs tho. Let’s replace that with should then, like the referee should be calling the important decisions correctly. We should have been awarded a penalty. He shouldn’t have given Bayern a penalty and Koscielny a red card. Bayern should’ve been called offside on a couple of occasions. Honestly, ref had a nightmare and it cost us a result – not qualification, but at least the result, cus we were all over them. Was upset with the players after the first leg and Liverpool, but can’t be upset after last nights game. Hard to build confidence… Read more »


Look, i agree ref had a nightmare game, but thats not excuse for us falling apart after the red or for the result at all. His fault for being shitty and sending off and giving a penalty that wasnt and all those calls? sure. But at the end, not his fault for the collapse, that has to do with managerial decisions (close shop and go home, put in gabriel instead of trying xhaka or coq in defense), and mental weakness we have. Against adversity we fall apart


10/10 for Koscielny, because he beat Bayern Munich 2-1 on aggregate.


Perez’s comment is an example of one of the few times it is appropriate for Caps-lock. I couldn’t agree more.

Also, as the season goes on, Mustafi’s ratings seem to flatter him more and more.

Gareth Cox

I’ve held out as long as I can. I’m jumping to the other side.

Mustafi Out!!


I really feel sorry for Perez. He really had to fight his way up to the big stage and probably thought he’d never make it. He’s now 28 and doesn’t have a lot of good years left. Yet he’s left to rot on the bench while lesser players have a mortgage on starting positions.


I’m sick of seeing Mustafi clatter into people from behind. Every game he does it more than once. I think he was lucky not to see yellow.
Instead of keeping his eye on the ball and staying with the attacker, he tries to read the movement and commits to tackles. Huge flaw in his game. Saw it for the Douglas Costa goal as well. Think it’s time we brought in the BFG!

Crash Fistfight

Mertesacker does the same thing, as does Koscielny, as did Vermaelen. Either Arsene signs centre backs that want to try to win the ball high up the pitch or (more likely, seeing as he’s said he wants his CBs to do so) it’s a tactic he wants them to employ. I know MPLS is saying the manager comments are off topic, but I think player ratings are essentially pointless unless a player does something extraordinarily good or bad, leading to a goal/goals at either end. Yes it’s important to have good players, but that is not the problem with this… Read more »

Godfrey Twatschloch

Here’s a juicy one the ref thought was alright.



Perez should’ve started over Giroud.
Walcott and Giroud cost us the game.
Should’ve been 3-0 by the end of the first half
Goes back to what I’ve been saying about this team lacking the killer instinct upfront.


Giroud played with an injury. Overall he did Ok. At least he hold the ball. Missed header was hard to control. It was not the greatest cross (to high) but we have seen him scoring much tougher headers. Perez best performances came when Giroud was on or when he was on the wing not alone in as CF. Giroud and Walcott didn’t cost as a game.

What Performance did Sanchez put?


Lame excuse. If he had raised his head up, he would’ve squared that horrible volley in the first half to Ramsey who was free. He was poor today. Top strikers show up in games like this

igbo Amadi-Obi

Emmm…what injury was that again? I do not recall the manager reporting him injured. And if he was injured why did he play, anyway? Perez was there. Fully fit, and desperate to impress.


Please explain to me how Walcott cost us the match.

Crash Fistfight

By scoring our only goal. That just gave us a false sense of security, making us capitulate in the second half.


By stupidly trying to go for glory when he could’ve squared the ball. You’re down by a huge margin…common sense would dictate you don’t think of yourself and be more unselfish. It would’ve been an easy tap in and who knows what would’ve happened at 2-0.

Godfrey Twatschloch

We know what would have happened at 2-0. One of ours would have been sent of over some bullshit to prevent too much upset on behalf of one of the three teams who have the God given right to the CL by UEFA decree.


The only reason Giroud is regarded as good in the air is because he’s a big side of beef and he’s worse at scoring with every other part of his anatomy. Unbelievable he’s regarded as better than Perez.


Thats because Wenger has his own favorite players, which is damn stupid imo

Godfrey Twatschloch

72 goals for us since joining and counting.


Actually, it’s 93 goals from 212 appearances. Not much of a return for a man who’s an out-and-out striker playing for a good side who doesn’t contribute much else (like pressing? runs? tackles? mobility?)


According to who scores, Andy Carroll wins 8.8 aerial duels a game, Rondon about 3.8 and Giroud 1.6.


1 goal every 2 games . I’m not sure what you’re complaining about. Is it that he’s not Henry or Messi?


how about the fact you should be looking at goals per minute not games. Thats a wrong way at looking I think at a goal scorer. I haven’t looked it up but I’m sure its pretty good. I’m not saying I want him as my starting CF but he’s not as bad as you try to make him out to be.

Crash Fistfight

Good point, but when factoring in goals scored as a substitute you’ve also got to take into account that he would be playing against a tired defence at the point of entering the game (e.g. Sunderland away this season).

I don’t agree with Freddo but am playing Devil’s Advocate.

I’d like to see Perez start just so that people will shut up about it. I’m sure after a few games people will realise he’s not a panacea to our troubles.


One goal is every two games is just not good enough for an out-and-out striker who basically contributes nothing else to the team. In modern football you can’t have any passengers, so you’re either banging in a goal a game (like Messi, who also has plenty of assists) or you’ve got to be making a big contribution to defence, including the press, etc etc. Giroud is a luxury player Arsenal definitely can’t afford. I’m not sure that even Barca can afford Messi these days.


I’m telling you blogs, Manager rating should be there too.


The topic is Player Ratings.
I’d prefer a separate post altogether specifically for Manager Ratings, where all the Wenger bashing is to be left on-topic and kept out of off-topic convos.

Think of it like pubs. You want a row? You know the pub to go to for it.

But for fucks sake, let’s have at least a couple posts not be completely polluted by the obvious shite we all know about and are sick to fuck of hearing about.


That fuckin Vidal got away with it all game. Cunt

Godfrey Twatschloch

I know I keep repeating it but I can’t stop watching this in horror over the realisation that the ref gave nothing for it. Not one jot.



I mean if at the end of this rating an ad with Pearson Morgans “presidential lunch” show appears, you know you had a tough day…


How Mustafi can get a 4.5 is beyond me. And Koscielny rates higher? Less than Bellerin who could not pass to save his life and was caught unaware on numerous occassions. As mentioned some people have their favorites and pet hates. None are based on reality. Yes Mustafi was culpable for one poor pass but by that stage, the game was up and we were under undue duress thanks to the sending off taking innordinate risk to make the difference. He wasn’t the only culpable. before that all first half, he was solid and put in 3 excellent through balls,… Read more »

Crash Fistfight

You do realise ‘libero’ means sweeper, don’t you? I’m not sure I’d liken Alexis Sanchez to Franco Baresi.


To quote Santori
“As mentioned some people have their favorites and pet hates. None are based on reality.”
“Show a bit of class.”

If only everyone else had your unbiased view of players performances. I hope, for your sake, you don’t say things like that offline.


Hard to rate the players in this game. The two halves – and the quality of play in each – were so different, at least on our side.


Wonder what the player ratings would be like if it was based on period from start to just prior to the penalty and red card?

Olivije ziru

It was all about regaining the confidence today and then the referee wanted to play sheriff. Firstly there was an offside and secondly it was a dive. Referee wanted to give a yellow but the 5th official and Bayern players told him to give a red. The same referee “didn’t see” the penalty on Walcott. We played very well and still hope players will mostly take that from the game. Nothing much to say, I am sad about the result and how the game went but not angry at the players. Protests were embarrasing. Why not rather get together and… Read more »


Sorry, but the protests were not embarrassing. They were needed to convince Wenger not to sign the contract which has been offered. There needs to be an end to the humiliation us fans are facing.

Lone Ranger

Hate the way Wenger freezes out certain players for no apparent reason. He did to Arshavin what he’s doing to Lucas now. Why?


Arshavin, Podolski, Campbell, Lucas. Not sure why too, but is a bit annoying, specially when some of them were at some point very good choices (I’d take Lucas or Campbell over Iwobi or Walcott more often than not, and nothing against Iwobi, i think the kid have potential, but we need to ease him and play him smart and once in a while to not waste him)

Mas moiderer

Podolski too. Didn’t understand that one.


You dig yourself a hole, you get over aggressive to get out of it, you make silly mistakes and dig yourself deeper. Not taking anything away from the bad officiating but how the fuck did we get this low?
We need some change…any change!


The bonus rating is the only thing I have smiled at since the match ended.

Per Motorcycle

I was impressed by the way we played up to the sending off/penalty. We actually showed desire and movement was good (unlike most recent performances). The team should be putting in this kind of effort EVERY game.

The fact that the refereeing was horrendous shouldnt gloss over the fact we still got destroyed again, and changes are needed.

Le Jim

Would’ve loved pre- and post-red card ratings, tbh. Before that, I thought it had been our best performance in months, if not years. What a cunt of a referee.

Romford Pele

Chamberlain worth far more than a 6 today. Thought he was an absolute delight to watch – he had confidence, he took the ball in difficult situations, and he propelled the team forward.
Shame about all the crap he was surrounded by…


As dark a time as I can remember in my lifetime (19) in that we’re gonna finish below spurs. Fuck the UCL finishing below spurs is unnaceptable

Indian Gooner

Got up at 6:30 to watch this embarrasement. Well..the day hasn’t been any better since.
What a gloomy time to be a Gooner!


Sometimes I wonder we might be the most unlucky time in the world. 1st half performance was the best we gave this year but that brainless referee was in top form and ruined a perfect game for us. Walcott should have had penalty, Vidal sent off, Lewandowski clearly dived and even after giving stupid yellow he did not stop. Even Bayern players were not appealing for a red card but somehow that linesman who seems like one of Mike Dean’s Nephew got in between and said lets make it more embarrassing for them. And you know the biggest pity of… Read more »


It was nearly impossible to come back, but the refs, I mean crap. Why does this crap always happen to us.

I still haven’t gotten over the second yellow the swiss ref gave rvp against barca when we were ahead in the tie.

Screw the champions league.


wasn’t cech and alexis laughing at the pitch invader

not only was both penalty calls completely wrong, but the 4th goals was way offside, and the 5th looked offside too.

its not only in the BPL that we have corrupt or inept refs


it is no coincidence that all 10 goals were shipped in the <90 minutes that Koscielny was off the pitch!


* Sorry, I believe that was 9!


Thank you blogs for the Perez description. Didn’t think I’d chuckle related to Arsenal today and you made that happen.

Also, couldn’t agree more. What does the man have to do to get a run? Unbelievable.


I think it’s time for a Free Lukas campaign. Maybe somebody can get a writ of Habeas Corpus.


I am very certain that the air of negativity – the angry fans and click bait media has a lot to do with Arsenal capitulating this way.

In such tough times, why is everyone pissed at Arsene, when he clearly needs support.

Yes, we may need a new manager, but at this time our Manager is Arsene and he and the team are going through a tough patch. Since when are the fans and the manager on opposite sides ?

I thought we were all Arsenal supporters.


It was still anybody’s game until Wenger took out Alexis, Olivier, and Ramsey


Sorry Michael, I hit the down button by mistake – I recognise irony when I see it, seems some don’t!

Santi Cazorla's Nipple

Like if you cried


Who’d have thunk Walcott, Ramsey and Ox would put Alexis and Ozil to shame? I’m giving Ozil a bit of a bye thoug, he’s a shadow of his real self right now. Illness or whatever, he is and we all know it. Fuck the result, I don’t care (I do, but I can’t, because, well, mental health). I’m looking at the future health of the team. I’m looking for positives because I need to. Walcott cares. And he fucking ripped it right at Neuer’s head, and I love that. He showed fire. Did anyone else? Ramsey had something serious to… Read more »


Agree that’s our middle three, formation and style of play sorted for the next couple games at least but knowing Wenger, Ozil and Coq will come straight back into the side regardless, Ox back on the wing and Walcott benched. Sigh


The Xhaka yellow card was dreadful. Didn’t he give the ball away in the first place?


I miss Podolski ?


Not football but Wenger is always gonna deliver some lows, actually several…..but hey, we are “in great shape”….


Whatever happened to Welbeck, Giroud is just useless. This team lacks a spine, a Vieira like captain.


Did you even watch the game? Welbeck got hurt in warmups. Thats why Giroud was in.


As it doesn’t fit the narrative people seem quick to forget how good Arsenal were in that first half. We played with a quality, conviction and focus that frankly made Bayern look average! and showed what this team is capable of. We started the second half very brightly too, then the penalty/red happened, and forced to chase a game with 10 men against bayern is always going to get messy, especially with a team that’s low on confidence at the moment such as ourselves. Let’s focus on the positives and finish strongly for the rest of the season. COYG!


Delusional guys like you are keeping Wenger in charge for so long

Mas moiderer

To take some positives from the game I’m glad the ox is starting to get the chance and recognition his ability deserves. Best all round ability at the club and closest thing aground to Steven Gerrard. The stick he gets from his own fans is appalling. Ramsey also showed he had worth but I don’t think he and ozil can play in the same team. Also walcott when fit needs a run of games other players are terrified of him. Creates space for others (the type of thing statos can’t measure) and is a real threat.


Wenger’s loyalty to Ozil at No 10 has basically destroyed his coaching career. Arsenal would have won a hell of a lot more games with the other options at No 10.

Jim wall

Yeah agree we need a vocal center half,viera type midfielder,and a top class striker…sell per..mustafi..coq..ozil..giroud..,also for rest of season keep midfield 3 of Ramsey..xakai..ox …and front 3 of perez..wellbeck..Sanchez..


They played like dolphin cubs from the assisted living galaxy. This Team needs a New dolphin handler ><

Francis Angrey

It was quite disgraceful. I find it just so difficult to rate any of them. But I think the referee got it wrong in some of his decisions especially that penalty.


If Coquelin had been quilty of any of the misplaced passes that Alexis produced today, he’d been strung up by his toes in piano wire.

The 2nd and 3rd goal both come from dropped Alexis possession. Horrible.

At least Ramsey was OK in the #10 role.


I keep telling myself the position this morning is exactly what was expected, pretty much since the draw was made; we are out of CL, losing the tie to Bayern Munich. The score doesn’t matter – there’s no additional consequence in the competition based on the scoreline.


When we go down to ten men, shouldn’t it be damage limitation? I know 10 against 11 (especially Bayern) is hard but we should of just stuck everyone behind the ball and actually tried to defend. The red was so harsh though, the players and crowd just didn’t know what to say/do when it happened. First half we were brilliant though, should of had a penalty and maybe another goal from the chances we had. Strange and unnerving times at the club at the moment. It’s starting to feel like the only time in 20 years that wenger may of… Read more »

Little Mozart

Brilliant first half then the incompetent fuck of a ref ruined the game. Is worrying how our squad have no idea how to limit the damage, surely they’d rather lose 2-1 than 5-1 but we carried on with that suicidal high line right to the end. Thought the midfield was good until the red, would like to see them start going forward (although I know Ozil will be back in). Ironically Alexis was probably the worst performer on the night, and although I agree that he is our best player on form I don’t agree with all these pundits who… Read more »


The Ox was a definite 9. To play that well and not throw the towel in, giving 100% right to the end in those circumstances was absolutely outstanding.


Why is Giroud starting if we have to pressure them and chase the game from 4 goals down in the tie?!?!? That is not what he does. We needed mobility and effort defensively which he provides none of. His one calling card is finishing chances in the air that were far more difficult than the one he had and he fails miserably and then spends most of the time standing there with his hands in the air when he thinks a foul should be called or someone should have passed him the ball instead of busting his ass back on… Read more »


Absolutely totally agree. But I think pressing is way down on Wenger’s list of priorities (that’s one of his big flaws) so he thinks its fine to have a striker who averages about 0.5 goals a game and basically leaves a great big hole in Arsenal’s press. Arsenal has a bunch of grey-hound forwards (except for Giroud) that should be overwhelming defenders. Alexis can see that because he’s had Pep, Bielsa and Sampaoli as coaches, and it drives him nuts

The Falcon

Will these refereeing/5th official decisions even themselves out over the rest of the season?!

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