Sunday, January 23, 2022

Arsenal to play Man City in FA Cup semi-final

Arsenal have been drawn against Man City in the semi-final of the FA Cup.

Arsenal have only played Manchester City three times in the FA Cup. We lost 2-1 in 1904, beat them 1-0 in 1932 and also won 2-1 in the fifth round in 1971 on the way to our famous Double.

Arsenal are looking to reach the final for the third time in four years, having lifted the trophy in 2014 and 2015.

If they do go the distance this season, Arsene Wenger will hold the record for most FA Cup wins outright. At the moment he shares it with George Ramsay who won 6 cups with Aston Villa last century.

In other game, Chelsea will play Sp*rs.

The game is scheduled for either the 22nd or 23rd of April and will be played at Wembley Stadium.

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I’ll take that.

Too Drunk To Be Offside

Yeah its doable. City are not the team they are touted to be. There are plenty of cracks in the team, and with some luck, this season could still be salvaged.


Famous last words. Didn’t people say the same thing about bayern?


Yeah I’ll take City at Wembley. I think we can definitely beat them, we cant afford a slow start though. There is no way we are going to be able to claw a 2 goal margin back against them, so we need to be ready from the first bell. I am really worried about Chelsea though, I watched them last night against United, and they’re looking so strong, there is no way Spurs are beating them at Wembley, so we are in my opinion a dead cert to play Chelsea if we make it to the final. Either way this… Read more »


be realistic . apart from a win against chelsea we havent beaten any of the top six team even once this season. and city is no longer in the slump they were in couple of weeks ago. its not just the wins or losess im talking about, we are being completely outplayed in every department in matches like these. i have only seen one match where we even gave a good fight , which was against bayern at home , well half match to be honest . and in that match we had a new formation new tactics etc which… Read more »


Spurs have already beaten chelsea this season. Hopefully they can do it again.

Then we can beat them in the final.


Thumbed you up, but thinking about it I would like Spuds to lose in the semi final, apparently it’s the worst thing not getting to the final after being so close.
Gutted we can’t thunderfuck Maureen in the final but, hey ho! COYG! 🙂


I think Chelsea will probably do us if we meet in the final. They seem seem to be our bogey team nowadays.

Also breaking spurs hearts would be good

Godfrey Twatschloch

Bogey team and fucking good. Far too fucking good for my liking. And Costa is still a massive cunt.


Ha,ha, ha, we always beat the Spuds. Yeah.


We also beat Chelsea this season, so hopefully we can beat them in the final.


Delighted! I started supporting arsenal with the 2002 FA cup final v Chelsea. I would love us to beat them 2-0 in the final again this year, and think it would be the perfect end for Wenger.

Mein Bergkampf

Yeah, Wenger has a great record against Pep teams. No way he’s getting tactically outclassed. I bet it’ll be important to start fast and have mental strength. Cue sluggish capitulation.

Sir Henry Norris's Brown Envelope

Wenger’s moment of truth.


Will be epic if we beat City and Spurs to win the cup.


If we actually win the cup beating City and Spurs or Chelsea at Wembley I am happy with Wenger staying as it will be progress. At the moment I just can’t see it happening though


Any danger of not talking about Wenger in/out for five seconds?


Considering it is the most important decision the club has to take for many years and it will determine the next few years (at least) of the club and the decision will most likely be dependent on how we finish the season with how we fare in the FA having a big part in that… no. I don’t see any harm in bringing it up and yes I do think it is 100% relevant


Surely we have made our minds up by now? No need to be so evangelistic about it, over and over and over and over and over and fucking over again!!!!!


Have “we” made our mind up then? What have “we” decided? Enlighten me


We all don’t have the same view obviously, but I am sure we all have one and don’t need any more debate is what I am saying.


Man City then onto the Spuds for a grand send off for Arsene!

Darius Bazargan

We can beat them


Dream scenario at this point is surely us beating Tottenham in the final as Arsene’s glorious final act?


I’d rather a 2-0 win v Chelsea. 2002 FA cup final was when I started supporting arsenal so a repeat would be amazing. 🙂

Dindu Nuffin

Man City with the easy draw. 4-0 I am guessing.


I’m sorry but this is a site for arsenal fans in case you are mistaken


Love you, idk for this.


Comments section has turned to Wenger in? Hard to keep up.

Beating Spurs in the final would be the greatest way to say goodbye to our legendary manager.

Too Drunk To Be Offside

What the hell. Lets cut him slack. I guess saying goodbye with a win over Chelsea would be fine too.


I was hoping for this one, simply because City are so unpredictable. They’re brilliant at times, but then they’re suddenly shit for a few games. Reminds me of a certain team in that regard. Unlike Chelsea, who are just rock solid right now. I’m not even going to mention the last team beyond hoping they get knocked out ASAP; I don’t want them anywhere near an actual trophy.

Bennis Dergkamp

Putting a tenner on a Cazorla 95th minute free kick winner to beat spurs in the final.


Nope. Coq with the winning goal, with his hand, from offside.

They would never stop talking about it. Ever.

Timorous Me

Coq simply getting himself into an offside position would be a shocker of the highest order.

I was hoping he’d get his first Arsenal goal against Lincoln, but doing it in an actually important moment would be even more hilarious.


Just looking at the fixture list, we’ve got three premier league games to squeeze in somewhere before mid May. When are they going to announce these? I guess it’s going to have to be a few midweek games but April is looking a busy month as it is!


Get Arsenal players in your fantasy league teams folks! 🙂

Top Gunner SA

The smartest thing said here all night


If City still in CL, they will have a very busy weeks around the time they face us, there’s a chance they put a 2nd team and i hope we don’t bottle it like when we played United last season.

Lula da Gilberto

I think I’ll go into cardiac arrest if we lose to Tottenham in the final.

Probably the same if we win, but it’d be great.

Sir Henry Norris's Brown Envelope

Fuck Tottenham, Chelsea too

Merlin's Panini

This is the most heavyweight of FA cup semifinals I can remember for a long time. I really wouldn’t fancy placing a bet on the winner. Not like when we won the final against Hull. Although we made a meal of that and the semi before it we were clear favourites.


Net spend last 5 years ( not taking into account our ticket prices, this is transfers only).

Arsenal 205m
Chelsea 192m
Liverpool 121m
Leicester City 88m
Spurs 5.5m


What made you pick those teams specifically? Where are City and United?


Can’t see the point of this but to keep the records straight
Man City 501m
Man Utd 483m

Top Gunner SA

Are you mental are you forgetting how many players were bought with Bale money? Erikson, Sigurdson,Paulinho, Dembele,Nogoaldado, Vorm (if I’m not mistaken) , lamela…etc feel free to add in more names ey. And this was Bale money alone

Sir Henry Norris's Brown Envelope

He is commenting on NET spend, not gross, if you sell for 99 and buy for 100 your net spend is 1


Don’t forget Chelsea also benefit from dodgy deals with Chinese clubs. Also the frankly mental sale of Luiz before getting him back at a ridiculously cut price in comparison.

Ramires and Oscar sales hmmm


is this £ 1 billion pound interest free loan included in that net spend?

We are still paying interest on the stadium, Chelsea building a new stadium soon, do you think they will get another £1billion free loan then too?


in case your not aware this is called financial doping


In last 5 years

Chelsea –
1 (soon to be 2) premier league titles
1 Europa league
1 champions league
1 FA cup
1 league cup

Arsenal – 2 FA cups


Thanks for the unsolicited report Rob. ;-(


1 racist John Terry
2 sackings of Mourinho
1 Oligarch with pockets full of filthy money

Godfrey Twatschloch

4. Costa!


your not comparing like for like, its similar to comparing a hard working person, who worked for everything he has got to a lucky lottery winner. Why you gonna beat yourself up cause your neighbour got lucky?


5 teams have won the premier league in 20 yrs
1. Arsenal
2.Chelsea – Lottery winner
3.Man city – Lottery winner
4.Man utd – Richest club with Real madrid for donkeys yrs
5.Leicester – Total fluke (may never be repeated again)

There is normally a relationship between money and success, i don’t know why people ignore that but its true. so Chelsea doing so well is no surprise.


Blackburn won it once as well, but wasnt that a moneybags owner thing as well

Andy Mack

Yes, Jack Walker spent big for a few years to buy Blackburn that win.


Everyone saying dream final spuds but after watching them yesterday they’d turn us over


I am disappointed you found time to do something good, but opted to watch Spurs instead. hahah


I can’t help thinking that Xhaka would have been sent off at warp speed for the “both feet off the ground” tackle that Antonio Valencia made for Utd against Chelsea in the FA Cup game this evening.

And Valencia wasn’t even booked. Go figure.

Andy Mack

He’d have been sent off for looking at the ref in the same way MaureenO does…


Granit is a yellow card magnet


…so was Viera throughout his career and Koscielny at one point too though.


I bet even his birthday cards are yellow!


I think ManC is a good draw. We have actually beaten City atleast once in the last 2 years….


With Flamini and Rambo holding midfield.


Well United won’t get a chance to make it 13 this year at least. We do. And Wenger could be the most successful in the cup with 7. Not sure who I’d prefer in the finals. Certainly IF we beat City, don’t want to have Chelsea get a chance at making the double. BUT won’t want to hand the press some rubbish excuse to write some trite about Spurs moving out of our shadow either should we contrive to give it away to them. Which means the best way is to NOT give it away and win the thing. If… Read more »


Man City won’t be easy but better than Smelski… would love to make the final and hammer Terry’s Racists or the Sp*ds. Or even win on penalties.
Mike Oliver-Twist made it very hard for Man United tonight … shades of our Bayern Munich ref bullshit.
Mourinho schoolboy slanging match with Cunte and the potentially bone-breaking challenges on Hazard were the highlights. I love the FA Cup.


Belgian biscuits don’t get broken eh? HTFU


Happy with the draw although in reality the other 3 teams probably wanted to draw us. Let’s hope we can win the cup as a leaving present for the great man.


We should maybe go by ‘entitlers’ rather than ‘gooners’ these days. I am old and clearly not ‘with it’ anymore but what kind of ‘fan’ actually participates in a demonstration against the manager of the team they ‘support’? To pretend this disharmony doesn’t have an impact on performance is ridiculous. Have an opinion, fine. Be gutted when we underperform. Sure. But aren’t the ups and downs what supporting a football team is about? Why do you think we are entitled to win the league? And the ‘Wenger Out’ rationale is so disjointed and unconvincing. For example, I hear that Wenger… Read more »

De nada

Sir, you’ve hit nail on head. Outstanding comment! I would suggest that these grown men (mostly men) who act like classless morons on YouTube, Twitter, marches etc should learn to grow a pair of…


the hyperbole was ridiculous, they were accusing wenger of killing our club, what do they even base that on, it is classic entitlement, you look at the history of this club, Arsenal always do reasonably well, and every so often have a few good years, so I guess the fans we pick up during those good periods have an over the top set of expectations


Spot on


Wow, well said, John!

Macho Nonreal

Nice one John, so glad to hear someone stand up and call this clusterfuck out for what it is. I too am sick to death of it, embarrassed by it and I feel compassion towards the man that has given us so much including the stability in the post-new stadium era. His love for the club is monumental. The vitriol is disgusting and thoughtless.
Really intelligent comment. Thank you.


Didn’t matter who we drew. All 4 teams left are hopefully going to finish in the top 4 spots in Prem. Anyone can beat anyone in this 4 with Chelsea probably slight favorites because they have been most consistent this season. We may have received an easy path to Wembley with two non league sides back to back but the Cup will definitely very earned in the final two games


To win this would be a fitting goodbye from Wenger. Because lets face it, its a very difficult route to lifting the cup and and will some what make up for the season “Only for a day mind you”.
Something to look forward too i suppose.

No more disappointments, excuses or bullshit. COYGssss

Dishonest Federation

Citeh eh? Yet another amateur team awaits the mighty Arsenal!

Hopefully Wenger will be kind enough to, once again, spend time with their manager after the game and enlighten them. We are such a classy club


Chelsea fans showed their class by telling their most successful manager to fuck off.

Godfrey Twatschloch

Mourinho? Anyone telling him to fuck off shows class. Even Chelsea.


Hey Pep, What do you think of Tottenham? Shit!
What do you think of shit? Tottenham!
Thank you!, that’s alright!
Come on you gunners!


We know how these games usually end


Yes – as an Arsenal win. Arsenal have been in the FA Cup semi-finals a total of 28 times (a record), and have advanced to the final on 19 of those occasions (another record). Soon to be 20 (yet another record) out of 29 (a further record).

Thank you for your firm and unwavering support.

Cheesed off

Well in the form we are currently in the chance of us beating any of the three would be tricky!! So, IF we get dumped out of the cup, I’d rather it not be chav or spud scum lol so definitely happy with the draw!!


I think we have a chance here because their defense is full of hole like us, if our forward can exploit it we can win this match. Pep loves ball’s possesion so most likely they will play with the ball and we can try to counter attack them with Sanchez, Welbs, and Wallcot upfront. But in the end what matters is our defense, can we hold them for 90 minutes, it’ll be pointless if we score 1 or 2 goals but conceded 3 or 5 goals

Godfrey Twatschloch

Not wishing him injury but Kane hobbled off the pitch the other day. Any idea how that turned out? They’d be not insignificantly weakened if he was to be out for the rest of the season.

Andy Mack

If he’s out and erikson loses form then they’ll be lucky to stay in the top 6, but they do seem to have had some serious luck this season, so expect the window licker back for their next game…

Godfrey Twatschloch

Thumbing that down for the prospect of him coming back. Long may he be out and cost his team valuable points.

Godfrey Twatschloch

From Sky:

“Tottenham look set to be without Harry Kane for a number of weeks after the striker twisted his ankle during their FA Cup win over Millwall on Sunday.”

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