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AST: 78% of members want Wenger to leave

According to a survey run by the Arsenal Supporters’ Trust (AST), 78% of the organisation’s members do not want Arsene Wenger to sign a contract extension when his current deal ends in July.

The AST highlight that this represents a huge swing in opinion since a survey in 2015 when 84% of it’s circa 1,000 members agreed that ‘Arsene Wenger was the right man to manage Arsenal Football Club.’

The 2017 survey also highlights dissatisfaction with the way the board has dealt with Wenger’s contract situation with 86% of respondents claiming they’ve not acted with the club’s best interests at heart.

It’s worth bearing in mind at this point that the latest survey was conducted between 20 and 26 March 2017 (off the back of four defeats in five games), while the 2015 survey was conducted after our FA Cup final triumph over Aston Villa.

There were 424 written comments in all and they can read in full here

The analysis of the written responses and common themes can be read here

A statement by the AST reads: “In light of these survey results the AST now calls on Arsenal’s Board not to renew Arsène Wenger’s contract at the end of the 2016-17 season. A substantial majority of our members believe he is no longer the right person to take the club forward. We are confident this is an accurate reflection of the wider fanbase.

“The AST will be writing to and meeting with members of the Arsenal Board to convey these results and our position that they should now withdraw the offer of a new contract. We believe the Board’s role now is to successfully manage the transition to a new manager, an eventuality for which they have had plenty of warning and time to prepare.

“The AST has long believed that change is needed in the Arsenal Boardroom. The fact that only 9 per cent of our members believe the Arsenal Board have handled this issue well reinforces our view that a fresh approach is urgently needed. The Board needs more dynamic and independent members with skillsets that reflect the challenges Arsenal face, including the need to grow commercial revenues and to rebuild a football management structure that increasingly looks out of date.

“In adding our voice to calls for Arsène Wenger to leave Arsenal after 21 years we would like to reiterate the importance of this debate taking place in a civil and responsible way. We respect the right of every fan to have a view and for that view to be respected and heard. For this reason, we have reported every opinion our members offered, but we are compelled to go with the majority.

“We also recognise and pay tribute to the tremendous contribution that Arsène Wenger has made to Arsenal. Regardless of the current debate around his contract we believe that he deserves huge respect and admiration for his long-term contribution to our club, including delivering some of the best football ever witnessed not just by Arsenal fans but all of those who follow the English game”.

Arsene Wenger says he has already made a decision about his future but repeatedly refused to be drawn on whether he’ll stay or leave when he was questioned during yesterday’s press conference.

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this is getting spicy. I’ve come to terms that he’s probably staying. If he said “I’m staying on ONE more year”, which gives enough time to find the right people to replace him, I’d support it, and I think it would be great to have a celebratory send off rather than this toxic atmosphere


I’m not sure I follow the coming to terms with it. If it’s a recognition of the fact that the Board seems to have made up its mind and fans are legally powerless to force a change, then that does not change next year. Do we have any confidence that the circumstances next year will be happier than at present? The one year more logic was activated last year, I think, when we conceded a title to Leicester. That the succession planning hasn’t begun speaks to a (misplaced or cynical) happiness with the state of the club by the owners,… Read more »


It’s simple. Last season they thought Wenger was still the man, and thought there was enough support from the fans for him to do so. (Breakthrough of Iwobi helped, as did Tottenham who gave us a great St. Totteringham’s day). This season the fans came together and tried to force the board’s hand. Before they did so, there were rumors of the board already offering him a two year extension. So is it complacent that they don’t have a replacement for a man they don’t want to replace? Think of it in that perspective. And I strongly believe that if… Read more »

Horia Toma

90%? Did you talk to at least ten people? How is this more representative than AST?


@gooooonnnaa the majority want him to stay do they? Stop getting these opinions from the voices in your head fella lol.


if he went now at the end of this season there could be a celebratory send off, otherwise its another year of toxicity, (and a real chance of going down), which will get worse and using these figures as justification.

Loo Roll Messi

it’s only toxic if the fans chose it to be.


Yeah fans should sing Celine Dion songs at matches and our online dialogue should be as refined as a statement from Sir Chips Ketchup.


“A real chance of going down” poppycock!

Remember the invincibles

chance of going down? come on man.

A Ebi

If he comes out and says that he will only stay for one more season, and assures the fans that he will be stepping down thereafter no matter what, it should not be toxic as everyone will know there is a set date on which he will be gone.


that might be the biggest reason arsene is staying one year more. but frankly i cant help but think why didint board thought of this earlier. is it only at the end the board is stating to think they need to change the manager, when the possibility that arsene might retire in next season has been there since 2013-14. it took three seasons for for them to think of possible candidates , three seasons to think thhat the club might need a sporting director . they know if arsene leaves the entire club will be is disarray , and they… Read more »


Opinion polls are subject to change, you can run the same survey after possible win over Manchester City, and i can assure you will find remarkable opposite change of result.

Shere Willpower

Not gonna make any difference though!


surely this cannot be ignored by the board?

Cyprus The Immortal Gooner

You’re joking right?


April Fools day is tomorrow buddy.

Andy Mack

Membership of around 1,000 is a tiny drop in the ocean. Why would they take any notice of this alone…

Loo Roll Messi

that and the timing of the Poll – it’s like asking UKIP followers about Brexit.


It’s more than enough to be statistically significant


You misunderstand statistics. 1,000 is not a sufficient sample size when compared to the size of the overall fan base… Even if you limit it to 100,000 people…


If they were randomly selected from all Arsenal supporters that might be true.

But this is a self-selected subgroup which already takes them away from a truly representative sample.


You’ve done so well to point out the difference in when they were conducted


Yeah, its so dependent on that, if it had been done five months ago I’m certain it would have been completely different.


‘We are confident this is an accurate reflection of the wider fanbase.’ – sorry but thats just bollocks


Are you suggesting that the majority of Arsenal fans do not want Wenger to leave at the end of the season? I think it’s pretty much clear that most Arsenal fans have come to the realisation that Wenger can’t take the team forward any more and it’s time for change.

Loo Roll Messi

No – I don’t believe the majority want him to go. The Daily Mail and press have made it their task in life to get rid of Wenger. More fool you for listening to them.

Kwame Ampadu Down

So, Loo Roll Messi…is what you are saying that there is not one Arsenal fan who wants Arsene to go, that has decided that for themselves based on the evidence of watching the team the last 2/3 seasons ? EVERY one of them is a fool who has been made to think that way by the media ?

I’m sure that isn’t what you’re saying though because if it was that would be horribly offensive…and everyone who wants Arsene to stay knows that it’s only those who want Arsene to leave who can be offensive – right ?

Thomas Lambert

That’s not even nearly what he said so you can take your obnoxious patronising tone to a different thread. Maybe next time you should read before you reply maybe then you won’t be so off the mark. You see how unhelpful that tone is? Do you? Yeah so don’t use it when it isn’t neccesary. He was saying media have made it their mission to ssway fans towards Wenger leaving and he said if you have been swayed by the media then more fool you.

Kwame Ampadu Down

Haha…touched a nerve obviously. The dogooder Arsenal fans these days….they’re the football equivalent of politics’ illiberal Liberals.


I don’t read the papers or listen to the news, other than to hear what AW has to say. I make my mind up on each game and at the end of each season. I’m not an idiot. We have had golden opportunities to make progress from what is an excellent position each year, but it doesn’t happen and that is only down to Mr. Wenger, unfortunately. We throw it away in the same way and sometimes results are deeply deeply embarrassing, bordering on unforgivable. He is great at ‘nearly’ but unable to see the obvious problems and make the… Read more »


Spot on


You have clearly not been watching Arsenal the past 10 years to think the media hasn’t created this.


Really? Join the real world! I’ve been following this club since 1971 and I’m telling you that there is not one Gooner I speak to that believes Wenger can turn around the present state of affairs. Talk about head in the sand. And this is coming from a Wenger fan. I love and respect the man but enough is enough. True Gooners want the club to be the best not an also ran. It’s called ambition!
Question: Where have you ever seen any English manager turn around such a lull in winning the league??


sorry thats absolute rubbish, I’ve been a fan since 1977 and known many many arsenal fans almost all now think its time he went, we have all been season ticket holders from time to time some still are. Because the majority are not marching or flying planes around the stadium or holding up banners i believe the silent majority would want a new direction now.


Depends if we’ve been winning recently


I genuinely don’t have any idea how much of an impact this could potentially have. If anything, for a survey taken at that time, I’m surprised it isn’t higher than 78%. Is there any chance the board will listen? In future, when Wenger claims it is only a small minority who are dissatisfied with him as manager, will these figures be quoted in press conferences?


it’s still a small minority as it’s almost 1000 however they have the loudest voice


You don’t understand how surveys work do you.

Andy Mack

Being an AST member means they have a loud voice. Plenty of fans aren’t a member of any supporters club, don’t go on AFC forums and don’t even use the internet regularly.

Gus Caesar

Quite. The statement says “We are confident this is an accurate reflection of the wider fanbase” – on what is that confidence based, chats down the boozer with mates? The AST is made up of 1,000 people who want to be part of a pressure group – by their very nature those members are proactive about something and it’s highly likely they’re not happy with the current state of affairs. That’s not a representative sample of fans, but a sample of the already angry. And 1,000 is a very small proportion of all Arsenal fans. Try doing an opinion poll… Read more »


On what is that confidence based? Social media? Fansite comments? Blog sentiment? Press coverage? Demonstrations at the Emirates? Swathes of empty seats at home games? Fans chanting “We want Wenger out” en masse when we play away from home? Polls in national newspapers? Or are *all* these not accurate reflections of fan opinion?

Gus Caesar

They’re accurate reflections of some fans doing those things, they’re not necessarily representative of the majority view. Social media is largely an echo chamber of the same attention-seekers. The demonstrations are by a few hundred fans. Two people can chant or show a banner, it doesn’t make them the majority. Polls in national papers are a) completed by the angry and b) by people who buy national papers (most tabloid readers are morons). Listen, my personal view is that it’s time for Wenger to go. I’m just taking issue with people who are jumping to the conclusion that a survey… Read more »

Andy Mack

The demonstrations at the emirates have been so poorly supported they should never be used as a justification for anything…


You know what really bothers me is just that. I want Wenger to leave gracefully and in a respectful manner. What we really need to do though is stop the in fighting and for gods sake someone stop certain critics on social media getting so much air time. It’s embarrassing.


Pie in the sky figures

Spanish Gooner

At this stage my biggest frustration isn’t whether he stays or goes, it’s that he refuses to say either way. If he’s going to stay, tell the players and tell Alexis and Özil what the plan is to make us competitive and they might be willing to stay. Why would they commit to a club whose future is so uncertain? Equally if he does decide to leave then there are just over 3 months until the transfer window opens which isn’t a lot of time to get in a new manager when you consider our negotiating team took nearly that… Read more »

Cyprus The Immortal Gooner

He would have by now but they never anticipated the losing streak we had. They are praying (yes, it has come down to that) for a run for the 4th place and an FA Cup win…

Public Elneny Number One

The board don’t give a flying fig what YOU the supporters think. This is no longer OUR football club and hasn’t been for a while. It’s been stealthily taken away from us and is now nothing more than a business oppurtunity generating profits for people who do not care about football. Yes in the modern climate ALL football clubs are now a buisness but when the man in charge neither knows nor cares anything about football (or soccer as he calls it) then we have 2 choices i’m afraid….. Like it and / or lump it I weep for my… Read more »


Why is this even a news item? The AST is a tiny group obsessed with their own self importance. They don’t represent me and frankly I don’t care one bit what their members think. I doubt that more than 20% of Arsenal fans even know what the AST is.


Which is why it’s presented as exactly that – unlike some outlets, we’re not saying that 78% of Arsenal ‘fans’ think like this, only AST members.

It’s still a varied cross-section of fans though, and the results/comments are interesting in light of other surveys.

Gus Caesar

The results are interesting, but i’m not sure AST members are actually a cross-section of fans. By their very nature, members of such a pressure group will likely want to influence the club about something and I would say that most are bound to be amongst the angrier proportion of our fans. I’ve been an AST member in the past and my personal perspective is that it was a pretty militant mob and their friends, with a very tiny minority of more balanced people.


It’s not a ‘varied cross-section’ of fans though is it? It’s a small group of like-minded individuals with the arrogance to think that they speak for everyone.

Dan Hunter

Hey Blogs, Why not conduct a survey on this blog to gauge the feeling of another sample of fans?

Gus Caesar

Great idea. It would be every bit as valid as the AST survey, probably more representative.

Andy Mack

It would be more representative but still quite a narrow section of fans.

Loo Roll Messi

Surveys get hijacked by other fans… read the comments in the Daily Mail for a example.


Please don’t read the Daily Mail.


The AST do say – “We are confident this is an accurate reflection of the wider fanbase.” They shouldn’t have said that, given the survey sample.


And what constitutes ‘the fans’ of whom you speak ? Those who go to the matches ? Those who don’t and never have ? Anyone who calls himself/herself a fan ? I am not an AST member but from what I can see, they are people who do go to the games and have an exspressed interest in the way the Club is run.

Doesn’t make them right. But it doesn’t make them self obsessed either.

And that swing of opinion in a space of two years, is indeed food for thought.

Andy Mack

It’s never really been ‘Our football club’… It’s always been owned by wealthy posh blokes…

Gus Caesar

Exactly this. All that’s changed is the names on the Board and a society of self-pitying and entitled ‘fans’. At no stage in the club’s history has it been the fan’s club.


Thank you. This idea that decisions should be taken based fan polls is ridiculous.


The best course of action is to do the opposite that Dim Tim and the AST want.

Ponsonby Gooner

I respect Tims statement and will be interesting to see how much momentum this gathers but ‘an accurate reflection of the wider fanbase’- I’d like to know what they are basing that on? With 250,000 supporters in London alone I can’t see how the total AST group represents anything more than a minor percentage of albeit passionate but niche section of the wider fan base. My opinion is that a much larger proportion don’t give a shit either way and are happy just to watch Arsenal play each week, probably from the comfort of their home in front of the… Read more »

John C

If you doubt the veracity of the poll why don’t you conduct one amongst what you would consider ‘an accurate reflection of the wider fanbase’? The truth is those who are compelled to be part of such a poll are exactly the people you need to listen too. As it is they who buy tickets, attend games and ultimately will be the one’s who those in front of TV will see protesting against the club. Which in turn will put off the uncommitted and unattached and then the sponsors. Another protest will be held before the City game on Sunday,… Read more »

Gus Caesar

How do you know that all AST members buy tickets and attend games? I can tell you as a matter of fact (I was a member until very recently) that they don’t all do either.

John C

I don’t, but i know that people who watch on TV in a foreign country almost never do, if ever and if you want to retain and expand on those numbers keeping the visible and loud fans happy is the best way to go about it.

Gus Caesar

But above you said that the “Truth” is that we have to listen to the people who were polled because they are the ones who buy tickets. And now you’re admitting you don’t know that. It’s almost as if you just make things up to suit your agenda John.

John C

You’re the one with the agenda, being a former AST member, you give the impression of a jilted ex-lover.

I’m saying that those who are compelled to take their time on such a thing should be taken seriously because if they have strong opinions, they’re also the type of people who will shape public opinion amongst those who don’t, which is why it matters.

Gus Caesar

Firstly, you don’t have a clue why i’m no longer an AST member. It was actually nothing to do with the AST. But when did you not knowing the facts ever stop you from jumping to a conclusion eh? Secondly, they don’t shape opinion any more than you or I do and neither should they be taken any more seriously. Just because they’re a collection of fans speaking collectively, it doesn’t mean their individual voices are any more valid than any other fan. In any event, you’re seeking to distract from my original comment, which was to call you out… Read more »

John C

Nothing ludicrous at all about my comment, those who don’t have an opinion can’t and don’t shape it, whether it’s regarding Arsenal or anything else.

Those who voice their opinion in public shape it whether you like it or not, that is my point.

Gus Caesar

Saying you know something and then admitting you don’t is ludicrous by any standard. Name-calling and personal attacks are also as childish and ludicrous as anyone can get. Carrying on is making you look even smaller and sillier.

John C

What did i say i knew? I didn’t say i knew anything so quote please?

You’ve lost the argument, as you can no longer argue my point but instead get personal

Gus Caesar

“The truth is those who are compelled to be part of such a poll are exactly the people you need to listen too. As it is they who buy tickets…”. Your statement. You later said that you didn’t know that this was the truth. Ludicrous.


I doubt that Puma or the Emirates has the slightest bit of interest in a small group of idiots waving around pieces of A4 paper outside the stadium.

And frankly, if every single member of the AST stopped going to matches from now on, no one would notice or even care.

John C

That’s your opinion and it’s indicative of the kind of arrogance thats got Arsenal into this position in the first place.

I’m sure the TV crews from around the world will be focused on them before the match on Sunday and it certainly doesn’t portray anyone in the best of light does it?

Gus Caesar

And that’s your opinion.

Of course the TV crews will follow the few hundred protesters, they always do. That stands to reason because it’s a story. The only people who are influenced by it are those who can’t see through the fact that it’ll just be a few hundred angry alpha-males.

John C

People know that only the motivated will protest but behind that will be many, many more who are sympathetic but unwilling to join.

Gus Caesar

I don’t disagree with that. People will also know though that there are very many who aren’t sympathetic at all.

John C

How if they’re not Arsenal fan’s?

My point is about the wider public perception not the perception amongst Arsenal fans. The wider world will just look on and think that the place is a basket case.

Gus Caesar

Because they will see only a few hundred on camera outside the ground and realise that there are many thousands more Arsenal fans who are inside ignoring the protests. It would take a complete fool to conclude that everyone in the ground agrees wit the sentiments of those outside.

The whole concept of football support is basket case stuff!

John C

How many would there have to be to put off say a potential big signing? or for Sanchez not to sign a new contract?

Gus Caesar

That’s exactly my perception of what most people think. I think as good a reflection of how out of touch Tim et al are was the Norwich game last season. I do personally think that Wenger has served his time now, but I don’t believe that my view is the majority opinion.

John C

How would you gauge what the majority opinion might be if not by taking a poll of people who might have an opinion on the matter?

Gus Caesar

I can take a poll of Tory members about what they think of Jeremy Corbyn’s views – do you think that’s going to be positive? And what will that tell us that we don’t already know? If you want a genuine majority view you have to ask a representative sample of Arsenal fans, not a selection of the angriest.

John C

Their poll from 18 months ago showed an 84% approval rating, thats hardly indicative of a selection of the angriest is it? Unless they’ve replaced their membership in that time?

From 84% in to 78% out is a significant swing that should be taken seriously, and one that demonstrates a considerably pro-Wenger organisation has become a significantly anti-Wenger one very quickly.

Presumably these are the same people being polled in both occasions unless of course you’ve got proof that the entire membership has changed in that time?

Gus Caesar

That’s absolutely correct – you’ve (finally) picked on the one interesting part of the whole survey. Having said this, it’s still the case that all of those members are members of a protest group for a reason so isn’t it quite possible that the 78% was just as much a swing? Perhaps it just shows that most AST members want to get angry and are just pretty flakey and have been waiting for the next opportunity to get angry?

Loo Roll Messi

irrelevant – that’s like a poll of the people on how I should spend my money. None of their business – I will spend how I feel fit.

Arsenal is not anyone else’s club except for Stan at the moment. What he see’s fit is what he will do.

John C

What a pleasant person you are.

Well Stan’s a business man and what he cares about is money, so when the results and public perception of the club start costing him in the pocket he will.

Gus Caesar

Maybe. But the only money going into his pocket is the occasional dividend and his Board salary, neither of which are in the slightest bit affected by a few hundred protesters. If, and it’s a big ‘if’, they only sell 20,000 odd tickets per game and the sponsorship money dries up then he might bother listening. Until then he won’t care what happens because we’re only talking about protests by an insignificant minority – the ground still sells out for most games and the club is still raking the money in.

John C

But all things must have a beginning, so this is the start. The protest doubled from the first to the second and who knows how many there’ll be on Sunday.

All we can do is watch this space

Gus Caesar

I don’t think an AST survey is the start of anything. The protests might be, yes. I should highlight here that, sadly, I think it’s time for Wenger to go. I also don’t like Kroenke or our Board at all. We’re on the same side I think! I’m simply saying that this poll alone is little more than reflection of the opinions of activists. That isn’t to say that it isn’t interesting or doesn’t have its place, i just don’t like the inference from the AST that they know the majority opinion or, worse, are speaking for it. They don’t… Read more »


“It’s worth bearing in mind at this point that the latest survey was conducted between 20 and 26 March 2017 (off the back of four defeats in five games), while the 2015 survey was conducted after our FA Cup final triumph over Aston Villa.” Thanks Andrew for highlighting this. This kind of research statistics is very sensitive to what the atmosphere is at the time the survey is taken, especially if it’s to be used to compare to previous survey results. In 2015 end of season, survey showed overwhelming support for Wenger. If you ran this survey after the season… Read more »

Gus Caesar

I think we all know the opinions of the AST Board have been entrenched for many years. This is all about planning a survey at the time when it’s most convenient for their own agenda. Let’s not forget that the AST was vocal in joining the Norwich protests last season without the mandate of its members. Look how that turned out. Having been a member until recently I can confirm that they’re a pretty amateurish bunch.


You’re being a little obtuse and quite unfair here. The AST referenced a previous poll with Wenger’s approval rating at 84%. You might have a problem with the organisation or some individual members but to the rest of us the downturn in numbers since then accurately reflects what’s happened since the FA Cup win.

It’s may be hard to admit, but your own agenda is also pretty clear. You have to accept that people who wanted Wenger to be sent off in 2013 with an FA Cup trophy parade around Islington probably had the right idea.

Gus Caesar

I have no problem with the AST other than it trying to make out that it’s speaking for the majority when it isn’t. I was a member and I left for my own personal reasons which had nothing to do with any personal dislike for any of the members. I admire their work, they campaign for what they believe in and that’s only to be admired, which is why I joined in the first place. What’s my agenda then? I’m someone who thinks that Wenger should leave the club and that the Board needs an overhaul. The survey results aligned… Read more »


No personal dislike, yet you’ve called them “amateurish” with “entrenched” views and consistently tried to denounce them as being “activists”. Something doesn’t add up there. This tendency to denounce even a moderate level of activism amongst the fanbase is a bit ugly to be honest. Even if they’re not all ST holders, the AST are Arsenal fans too. Gooners come from all walks of life. Not all of us are polished speakers or articulate communicators like Arsene. I have no problem with them saying they believe the poll is “representative”. They’re not wrong are they? What they did not say… Read more »

That time Abou Diaby kicked John Terry in the head

0% of American shareholders give a shit


Anyone read the sky interview of Wenger done by Geoff Shreeves today? Arsene is sounding more and more like a politician by the day.

“You also said you will make a decision very soon after the West Brom game?”

“No, I said I know what I want to do.”

“But then you were asked and you said “very soon”…”

“Then it depends on what soon means to you and what soon means for me.”

What kind of answer is that?

Andy Mack

When you get old then you’ll have a different appreciation of time…

Loo Roll Messi

When you side with Sky and the press – there is no point anymore. Do you think they have an agenda?


no surprise that Arsene treats the press and public with contempt, examine past statements. he is the master if saying nothing of substance

Andy Mack

Whenever he has made statements ‘of substance’ the press do their best to misquote and misuse the statement to maximum effect.
Much better to say as little as possible.

uncle D

The aftermath will prove if AST are fickle or know what they are doing! At this time of the season. Let us all see how it plays out in the next decade or so. “Arsene Wenger ” man on fire!


Those two graphs at the top looks like a pair of gigantic middle fingers – a giant’s gigantic middle fingers.

Lord Bendtner

Opened the 424 comments document, didn’t read any of it except the last comment:

“Think club has bigger problems than wenger. THE BOARD”

Lord Bendtner

LadyGooners & MenGooners, Ivan Gazidis in 2011: “We 100 per cent support Arsene,” Gazidis said. “I 100 per cent support him and feel he has done a fantastic job in a difficult period for this club. “Arsene has done a remarkable job to stay at the top end of the game, although we have to acknowledge we haven’t delivered trophies and that is critical for the club. “Ultimately Arsene is ultimately accountable to the fans — they ultimately make judgment. If you are seeing the relationship between the fans and the manager break down over time that is unsustainable. But… Read more »


Well even if Wenger, his cult followers and the Board are delusional, it is nice to know the AST is not.
If the Board extend his deal by even one year let alone two, the discord next season will be frightening to behold.


This survey would’ve been more meaningful if done at the end of each season. It’s pretty hard to be objective when you are on a historic losing run. Doing it at an arbitrary time in the season means a small sample results affects perceptions. The survey is a good one, just the timing. Heck do it once at the end of the season and once in the middle and see opinions flip. Run a t-test on perceptions in the middle of the season and I bet they are significantly affected by recent results, not the bigger picture.

Loo Roll Messi

without timing – you don’t get the results you wanted.


“It’s worth bearing in mind at this point that the latest survey was conducted between 20 and 26 March 2017 (off the back of four defeats in five games)” Well results wise nothing has changed since then. I don’t buy the idea that supporters are so reactionary that a week off from football will ease their determination for the manager to leave, or even after a few scrappy wins. The reality is that the majority of all Arsenal fans now recognise its in the best interest of the club for Wenger to go. Be that 78% or less, it’s obvious… Read more »

Loo Roll Messi

Respect is a 2 way street. Is protesting against a manager who has won 2 of the last 3 FA Cups – before a FA Cup 1/4 final respectful?

Loo Roll Messi

If it were my club, I would bar any negative / protesting supporters that feel they are bigger than the club. Like a restaurant owner would, or if you shouted in a Cinema you wold be kicked out. Fans / supporters have now believe they can run a club – why not go back to supporting.

Andy Mack

You say it’s obvious what supporters want.
Can you explain why all the protests have been so pathetically supported then?

Asuma Alfred

To me I think what he did for arsenal is worth it but even people do die in the hands of doctors,when it fails,it has failed so we respect him.
He go and relax.


“We are confident this is an accurate reflection of the wider fanbase.” As a market research manager, this is not a sound inference to make from this data. The survey convincingly shows that AST members want Arsene to leave; if they wanted the broader opinions of all Arsenal fans, they should have done a survey that included non-AST members, and which aimed to be representative of the demographics of the fanbase. I respect the AST, and I’m also someone who wants Arsene to leave at this point, but they shouldn’t take this survey as anything but representative of their own… Read more »

Ulysses 32

The worst thing about this whole situation is that it’s becoming boring. If he stays (which he will) this just goes on and on. Someone needs to lance the boil.


78% is low not that it matters anyway.


I would like to see another survey about the AST. The question would be “are you lot fickle”? 🙂



they dont speak for me


I think if the board feels it is best to get rid of arsene they will do that and everybody else is wasting their time.

Personally I don’t think he will go and I don’t want him to. Earlier in the season we looked really strong, people have short memories. Pundits and papers talk a lot of crap.


Why is everyone so afraid of change. The club (on the pitch & off) are stagnant. Look at clubs who have got a new boss in recent years, Chelsea, Everton, Utd, Liverpool, even Spurs are all doing much better and have a brighter future.


We have been better than most of those in the last couple of seasons. Just saying regardless of “in out, shake it all about.”


COYG Citeh next…!!!!


78% doesn’t mean its the right thing to do. We’ve seen populism in politics bring about a myriad of additional “unforseen” problems. The right thing to do is what is best interest for the club. If Wenger steps down which will in any case happen sooner than later, then the issue is transfer to new manager. BC this is no ordinary club, the transfer has to be carefully managed. If it means an added season to put in place measures for the incoming manager plus rebuild in the summer to ensure he doesn’t inherit a mess, then we should have… Read more »


While I believe Wenger deserves a tremendous amount of respect for what he has done for the club, it’s also been a beneficial relationship for him as well as the club has also stood by him for years without meaningfully challenging for the Premier League or Europe. He also has a pretty unique situation in that Kroenke effectively allows him to run the whole club – he even got to help pick his own boss (Gazidas). The problem I have with the argument that Wenger should stay an extra year or two to get the structures in place is that… Read more »

West Upper

Well all of the fans of the other clubs in the Prem want him to stay (listen to the singing). Me I thought he should go several years ago. It’s really very sad that a man of his obvious intelligence is unable to face retirement from a job that he loves – many people in all walks of life (including players) have to accept and face this challenge. It seems that he has no interests outside football. It’s a gross dereliction of duty by the Board to allow this. My 2 fantastic season tickets behind the Sky cameras will not… Read more »


You’ll renew them


In fact wenger should go but in another way round we should offer him one more year contract so as to make preparation for better coach, cuz if we do things the way it’s hurting now we might have critical problem in seasons come


With all due respects, Wenger is history. He is out of touch with the current fame and players and is high time he departs, in the best interests of Arsenal. The uncertainty has party contributed to the declining performance in the field. “Wenger Out”.

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