Thursday, July 7, 2022

Giroud: Players 100% behind Wenger

Olivier Giroud says that Arsenal’s players are 100% behind Arsene Wenger and want him to stay at the club.

The striker is back in the squad for Saturday’s trip to Anfield, and ahead of the game he spoke to RMC radio in France about the manager’s future and the season so far.

He echoes the words of Aaron Ramsey earlier this week who said the players had let the manager down with some of their performances, and says that they won’t turn their backs on the Frenchman.

“Obviously, he is someone who brought the club to where it is today, who has made it one of the best in Europe,” he said.

“We are supporting him 100%, it is not like today we would just jump ship or turn our backs. The players, we are the first ones concerned, we are the first affected.

“I hope, like my colleagues, that the coach will stay because I am convinced that we are not missing much in order to win the Premier League.”

Giroud committed to a new contract in January, but said his decision wasn’t dependent on whether or not Wenger remained.

“Of course I believe that he will stay, but it did not play a role in me signing a contract extension or not.”

So much of Arsenal’s immediate future depends on the results between now and the end of the season, so let’s see how much these players put in for themselves and the manager in the games ahead.

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Wenger In.


Maybe. Depends on what happens from now to the end of the season. Let’s see if we can get beat these big boys and win the fa cup. Then you’ll have me convinced.


more like “players (hiding) behind him”…spineless bunch who would rather their manager be blamed for everything than be ready to die on the pitch. all talk no action.

these guys are a bunch of individuals and not a team. care only about their next contract, to hell with the team. the theo incident from hull city game just summed it for me, how iit took ages for someone to come and support him.


For me, I think a lot of the players coming out in support of him now is totally pointless. Arsene has been getting hammered in the press for weeks trying to calm the storm after their consistently poor performances in big games. So what’s the point in coming out and saying ‘oh we really like him’ when our whole season is completely over. If any of them genuinely cared about him they would of backed him up with decent performances, and shown a bit of fight at times when we needed it, but there’s been nothing. I personally am starting… Read more »


No Olly, look at the picture mate, you’re in front of him.


Dammit, I was going to make that joke!

Oluremi A

I want him to stay but need to strengthened the squad.


Well let’s go to a anfield on Saturday and get a win and show us fans and the manager what this team is capable of… Remember what we did to Chelsea in the first half of the season a couple of performance like that against Liverpool and Bayern would get us all believing in this team again…up the arse

Clive St Helmet

What sort of Arsenal fan voted this down? Ought to be ashamed of themselves!

Clive St Helmet

Now those so called fans are voting this down because I correctly highlighted their hypocrisy. They don’t the balls to defend themselves. Sad. Fake Gooners.

If you can’t get behind your team in troubled times, fuck off. We don’t want you.

Liam Bradys left peg

The only place to show it and the only thing that matters is on the pitch and results. Do your jobs


No, it would likely just be a couple of good performances.

The problems are what they are

Ozilicious !

Less than 10 people turned up to a ” get Sanchez out of Arsenal ” march in Chile 🙂

Couldn’t Pep get the whole Man City team out there ? Who was left behind? Money’s in that Sterling chap

Art Vandalay

It’s not a lie if you believe it.


Wish the players would show their commitment rather than just talk about it. If they care so much about wenger, go out there and show it on the pitch.


perhaps… and I’m just suggesting it… they’re not good enough? *gasp* #thereisaidit #noregrets


As usual, talk big and come up short when it matters. Talk the talk and walk the walk starting with Liverpool on Saturday. Lose or draw this game and I’ll never take you guys seriously again (I mean I actually don’t…so yeah)

Clive St Helmet

The thing is, Giroud is right. This group of players is no worse than any other in the league, and the strength on depth is excellent. What they seem to lack of belief.



Game plan

Willingness to change depending upon opposition

Clive St Helmet

None of which is attributed to the players.


Funny greg…..all i hear from your post is Charlie Brown’s Teacher. WHA WHA WHAWHA WHAAAAA!!!!!


Jeeezzzz… this really sounds desperate. What next ? The Avenall Road Pensioners Quartet, assuring us all that they will die of hypothermia this winter if Wengo doesn’t sign his new contract ? It sounds more and more like the croaking propaganda of a failing third world, totalitarian government. No – that’s not an exaggeration, it really does. And I think that is sad. Our great club reduced to an Ersatz Personality Cult controlled by a coot bald Yank 4,000 miles away, who can’t see beyond a man whose time is well and truly up ! Like I say – SAD.… Read more »


We know the players are always supportive of wenger but that has never stoped them from producing some absolute masive steaming cowpat performances. Nows the time to stop talking turd and give us all a reason to go to work on Monday and be happy. Come on lads, give us 3 nasty dirty points please! Coyg


Hmm guy’s give us something better


Of course and they should as all the “real” fans… Wenger is Arsenal. Now lets go and win the double.


Win the double? You’re the biggest troll on here.


100% behind you Oli


Get out there and make Klopp make those funny anguish faces. I want to see him grind his big yellow teeth out.


Show that 100% on the pitch. Action speaks louder


Talk is cheap.

Put in a performance of some merit FFS.


Players need to step up now and perform in every game. Thats all.


In Arsène we trust. He is the one who made the club to the position we are today. likely without him we couldn’t became gunners. This man deserves our respect and support.


Do your talking in the pitch lads.


Wow, they sure have a funny way of showing that loyalty.

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