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Iwobi: I just try not to see ‘crazy’ online abuse

Alex Iwobi says the abuse he receives online from some Arsenal fans is so ‘crazy’ that the only thing he can do is laugh.

After the Gunners 2-1 defeat at Everton in December, the 20-year-old midfielder used his Snapchat account to highlight racist abuse sent to him, including a message from one troll telling him to ‘go back to Nigeria’.

Speaking in an interview in the Mail on Sunday, Iwobi admitted that he understands supporter frustration when the team isn’t winning but that he’s had to develop a thick skin when the attention from keyboard warriors centres on his own performances.

“You know what, I only get a tough time online,” he told journalist Jonny Singer.

“I can still go around and everyone’s nice, I still get respected. I feel like I always try, no matter what, I always give 100 per cent.

“I hope the fans know that, that I always give 100 per cent for the team, for the club. I know the fans want to win trophies, we all do. But it’s a huge difference between what you see on the street and on social media. Huge.

“Some of the things on there, it makes me laugh. Fans are allowed to have their own opinion, at the end of the day they can say whatever they want, but some of them, it’s crazy.

“They just want their own team to win. I can understand that. But some of the things they say… There’s nothing I should say, but I’ve seen it all! You just have to brush it off and go again. I just try not to see it.”

Iwobi also had warm words for Arsene Wenger at a time when the Frenchman is under pressure to call time on his 21 years at Arsenal.

“For a youngster, he’s a great manager to have,” he said. “Some of the things I see are unfair on the man.”

He added: “Twenty years at the club, and he’s done so much. Obviously, the season’s not going quite as he wants, but some of the things I see are a bit disrespectful.

“He’s not a huge talker, but when he does talk to you he’s like a good friend. He’s almost like my dad talking to me.

“He has so much knowledge, and when he does speak to me, it’s just words of wisdom, telling me what I need to work on.”

For those who need a refresher, here’s the Arseblog comment policy in full…because the game is much better when everybody plays nice.

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I suppose this is one of the drawbacks of Arsenal fans having one of the largest online presence.

But on a positive note, Wilshere did get Goal of the Month on MOTD in 2015 due to it.


I feel bad for Iwobi. I think Arsene has hung him out to dry there a few times this season by playing him in matches that quite frankly, he shouldn’t of been playing in. Like away at Munich? He’s up against Lahm and Robben – and obviously he got roasted and we took a hiding. Liverpool away too, I don’t think he should of started that game either, and there have been plenty of others too. He also doesn’t really have any standout candidates to learn from, he’s only got Alexis, and that’s it.. When you think back to Cesc… Read more »


Anyone else get irritated when “of” is used instead of “have” ?

Clive St Helmet

Here is a simple guide for proper online discourse: if you wouldn’t say it to someone’s face, don’t say it online.


its the age of opinion my friend and everyone’s got one and they will make sure you hear it one way or another. If everyone gave their opinions to someones face like some insecure idiots do online, AE would be very busy.

Clive St Helmet

True, people are entitled to their opinions, but there is a massive difference between voicing an opinion in an intelligent and considered manner and racial abuse (in this case) or other forms of hatred.

Arse City Blues

Faaack off Iwobi you caaaant. I done did the calclimucashuns and you only put in 99.24 % effort. Fact. Now get younger and piss off back to the under 17s.


I’m guessing the thumbs down are from those that don’t understand sarcasm! Sure the ‘99.24%’ was an indicator?


I’m not able to vote you up for some reason. Very well said, sir, respect to you.


Football is a ‘working class’ sport. Always has been. Unfortunately many ‘working class’ people lack the depth of education and social framework to understand 1) gentlemanly conduct (ie manners) 2) perspective. Now add social media to the equation, giving everyone a voice, the entitled ‘Now’ culture synonymous with the millennial generation plus the spread of football as a corrupt global sport, and what you have is a shitshow ladies and gentlemen.


Have to disagree. No excuse for the vile filth that some people dish out online.

Typically, (as Iwobi says it only happens online) it’s always anonymous and more cowardly for that. These people are not arsenal fans in my opnion.


I get what you are saying, but I was not offering an excuse…just a possible reason;)

Arsene\'s zip

Being working class has absolutely nothing to do with being a dickhead. Just as being upper class doesn’t automatically make you civil.

In my work I deal with both ends of the spectrum, and whilst you shouldn’t tar everyone with the same brush, invariably the upper class ones are the self entitled arseholes.


I agree, I didn’t say all ‘working class’ people were dickheads, nor did I say all ‘upper class’ people are angels. There are always exceptions to the rule. When I say football is ‘working class’ perhaps the best place to highlight my point is on the field. Most footballers drop out of education early, if they get any at all. Due to their lack of education, most footballers would be working in manual labour/in jail if they were not being paid to kick a ball. The honest ones admit this themselves. You can see the difference in their behavior compared… Read more »


I think that was definitely the case if you go back maybe 15-20 years ago – but I would disagree with the modern players. Look at people like Henry, Bergkamp, Pires? They’re all extremely well spoken articulate smart guys. A lot of players now have to learn multiple languages as they’re constantly playing in different leagues in different countries. Also the games moved on now, its way more cerebral then it ever has been. Take that quote from Pirlo ‘Football you play with your mind, and your feet are the tools’ Its not just about hoofing it up to big… Read more »


And just finally think of the necessary skills you need to have to perform at the top level. Take a player like Wayne Rooney, yeah he seems like a total window licker, but the guys depth perception; spatial awareness; his ability to be two or three steps ahead of other players, his understanding of where players are in comparison to where a pass needs to be played; are all leaps and bounds ahead of normal peoples capabilities, so I guess it depends how you classify or define intelligence, but I don’t think its particularly fair to label players as total… Read more »


I think you nailed it with your last comment. Footballers are not necessarily stupid. Most are just not very well educated, but there are difference levels of intelligence as you say. Social intelligence, ‘street smart’, academic intelligence, the list goes on and on. Footballers must have a good level of cognitive awareness to be top level, but their lack of general education is telling. Education doesn’t just teach you to be good at a subject, it shows you how to interact, engage, debate. It gives you the tools to make informed decisions and learn from poor ones. It develops your… Read more »


No way – some of the worlds most successful entrepreneurs were school or college drop outs. So I don’t agree with you there either. Ultimately manners and peoples abilities to be kind to one another / interact with other humans appropriately, aren’t solely unique to people who are educated. I just think so much of football is tarnished with this brush that everyone that partakes in it, or likes it in any way or form, is totally stupid, or its just a sport for brain dead thugs who want to fight each other on the terraces, when that is so… Read more »


*Some – again exception not the rule. Education goes a long way to defining who you are and what you become in the majority of cases. It has been that way for thousands of years. Of course, there are many factors outside of education which are important. You are, for example, to some degree, a product of your environment and experiences.

Post January Blip

This isn’t about the footballers though. It’s about Mr Broflovski, who after a hard day’s work logs onto his computer and says things he probably wouldn’t dream of saying in public.

Heavenly Chapecoense

Fergusson said in his book Rooney was a slow learner. You are describing Fabregas or Ozil and said Rooney.

Godfrey Twatsloch

You clearly have never visited Surrey and seen the “manners” of some of the privileged who live there.


haha – I guess education can’t fix a limited IQ.

Alan Pardew\'s Peaches and Pear Emporium

Football hasn’t been a working class sport since Sky Sports got involved with wages and ticket prices rising.


i see 12 of those who didnt like your well measured and well defined comment.

maybe they think freedom to abuse = freedom of expression


I expected a mixed response to this one to be honest, not quite black & white;)

Heavenly Chapecoense

Down votes are abuse ?


JDog I would like to see you walk into a room of working class people and tell them that they lack manners and perspective. Ironically, you’ve just put yourself in exactly the bracket of people that iwobi talks about, hiding behind your computer, saying shitty things that you would never say to a persons face.


Your first sentence is nonsense so your argument has no basis.

Balham gooner

There are just as many arseholes (excuse my working class expletive) in the so called upper classes as there are anywhere else. Arsenal were always known as a working class team, in my 50 + years of supporting them. One of the downsides of moving to the Emirates is that the crowd dynamic has changed from genuine Arsenal supporters to “aspirational” posers who care little about the team and more about being seen in the right place.

Lord Bendnter

Some hot blooded fans forget Iwobi’s age or his role in the squad.
It’s like if in the first halff TerStegen gets red carded so Messi puts on the keepers glove, then you blame Messi for failing to provide assists/goals in the second half
*Some fans’ posts lack manners/professionalism
**Some fans’ posts lack logic
***Some fans’ posts lack both logic and professionalism/manners. Those are the worst

canon 1000



Iwobi is spot on. It’s one thing to recognize the need for change and to advocate for that change. It’s another to disrespect the manager or players. Far too many recent seasons have been disappointing. But in calling for change I think it’s important to remember and respect the tremendous dedication and class Arsene has brought to this team.


but havent you heard? how else will the fan’s request be heard? why not go and become a nuisance till i get what i want? i can bring my banner …and my camera !!

its my democratic right to protest against the regime that is starving me of trophies !

its arsenal fc …not arsene f.c


he’s the future of Arsenal


Comment Policy 🙂 Reminds me… Where’s Rumbling Pete ?


He went out of context.

Godfrey Twatsloch

Deporting someone for a shoddy game of football – you know it makes sense!


I rarely comment here or anywhere about Arsenal these days and as much as I hate us not doing well, I detest these so-called arsenal fans, season ticket holders with god given right to abuse those associate with club, and those spouting vitriol and abuse. If anything, that is putting me off football. Sports supposed to be escape from shit of everyday life and in case of Arsenal fans, it is opposite. What a sad bunch of losers!

Godfrey Twatsloch

“And how many away games have you gone to? Eh? EH???”


Nowadays holding banners “Wenger out” are considered disrespect and abusive, i mean i think that’s the only way to let the boards know we need a change, oh Arsenal why are you having a clueless boards up there.

Bob\'s Mexican Cousin

Given that journos and pundits write and say utter rubbish and downright lies, real people are influenced negatively by this and believe that they can get away with abuse and stupidity without consequences. But there are consequences, young promising players might lose some of the confidence which is essential to start playing in front of 60,000 people, Piers Morgan feels entitled to continue with his bullshit and you become a person with no class for people to see (who don’t have to know you to think that you are a terrible human being). Özil may be leaving because of this… Read more »

Ulysses 32

As if he should be arsed about a few internet weirdos. Young, talented, rich, probably with all the young ladies his lad can handle. If he lets it bother him, he’s being massively over sensitive. “We envy you, Homer. All we have is our music, our legions of fans, our millions of dollars, and our youth. [Thinks for a second.] WOO-HOO!”


I hate to mention his name but you could say the same about D.Bentley at one point. he gave it all up. All those things are not the keys to happiness (yes they can help), but just because you have what others want, does not mean your enjoying yourself. why did Robin Williams do himself?


Whoever made that “go back to Nigeria” comment is quite frankly a fucking idiot.

Clive St Helmet

I’ve said it before (and been derided) and I’ll say it again: the fans are not helping this team by getting on their backs so readily. This appalling behaviour, in my opinion, is definitely a contributory factor in the team’s performances.


Quite right. Pointless listening to some of the trite espoused by the “critics”.

Iwobi isn’t going to be ruined by Wenger. If anything, Wenger does well developing younger players by throwing them into the deep end (See Walcott and Ramsey)

Whether that is detrimental to team performance and at the expense of more pragmatic measures is a different thing.

uncle D

Every team must lose time to time! But the abuse on Arsenal!!! OMG it’s overwhelming sometimes… Why does Arsenal have to have a fan like Piers Morgan!! He brings shame on the club and makes people who don’t follow the sport think that Arsenal are rubbish at first site.


Alex, my recommendation is to just hire a PR agent to handle all of this in your stead and stay away from it until social media pulls its head out. This will probably raise some derision, but until we have a constructive social media platform that is moderated to keep out the worst of the offenses this is what we will get. Criminal harassment, degenerate ideas with far more voice than they have in actual believers, and politics swayed by lies and misinformation. Facebook is only starting to work on this, but not fast enough. Twitter is doing a shit… Read more »

David Hillier\'s luggage

I agree. The problem is for the younger generation though is social media isn’t about external comment, news, criticism or self promotion – its their primary communication tool between their peers and is deeply ingrained into their lives. For someone of Iwobi’s age, brought up with social media, things like blogs, newspapers and scheduled television are antiquated media, easily ignored. When you hear someone like Bellerin talk about finding fashion inspiration or new music from Instagram posts, you realise how deep social media runs into the lives of these guys.


He must be sad because lately he couldn’t post “Just win the game, happy with this 3 points” on his social medias.

Time for change

When I see this player play, I automatically see what Wenger have done out of Arsenal. Spineless, characterless, frivolous players are all around. Why the hell is that all? Because Wenger is the only person who is responsible for his experiments. What the hell was Sanogo bought for? Where is he? Iwobi is the same type of player but he of course has more qualities. Let’s look at what kind of players could have played for us if Wenger had really wanted them. Kante. It is the most unforgivable transfer that Wenger ignored with pleasure. Don’t tell me that Kante… Read more »

canon 10000



Most players should hire social media people. I mean, anyone remember that gem from Andre do Santos?
‘Great game, gays’

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