Mustafi: We need to roll up our sleeves in top four chase


Shkodran Mustafi says that Arsenal can use the international break to regroup and try and get their season back on track.

The Gunners have lost four of their last five Premier League games, and look to be in real danger of finishing outside the top four for the first since 1996.

The German is currently away with his national team as they prepare for a World Cup qualifier in Azerbaijan on Sunday, and believes that some distance might just be the thing to help the players refocus.

“We haven’t been playing to our potential,” he said. “As a team we can use this international break to refresh and then start again when we go back.

“When we meet up again in London we need to roll up our sleeves. We want to finish in the top four because Arsenal wants to be playing in the Champions League next year.”

Arsenal have two games in hand on 4th place Liverpool, but will need an almost flawless final couple of months to the season to grab a Champions League place.

“I think it’s risky to justify our position by saying we have played two games fewer than Liverpool,” continued the 24 year old.

“If we had beaten West Brom, we wouldn’t be sixth. After the break we have a crunch game against Manchester City in London.”

His thoughts about the Interlull echo those of teammates Nacho Monreal and Hector Bellerin.

“We’ll give everything until the end,” said the left-back, while his full-back partner said, “When we come back we have two very important months, and we have to move ahead.”

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See, this is exactly the problem ‘we need to roll up our sleeves’ ‘we want to be in the top four.’

You should of rolled your sleeves up to win the title – not the top four. Arsenal is one big comfort zone. Too many passengers who aren’t willing to dig in an win something of genuine value.

Early bird

Lmao, we’ve finally accepted we in the -True- battle for 4th, was wondering when that time would come, ‘cos people were saying “we’re not even half way through the season, you can’t complain now”. I never waited till a month to my exams before I started studying (rolled up my sleeves).


I think we should have a St.4thinghams day. That moment in the season when we know all we have to fight for is fourth place. Today is the day.

Public Elneny Number One

“Blah blah blah blah waffel waffle waffle”
: An Arsenal player


Let’s belabour the obvious shall we!

The time for talking has long gone. Just play like you mean it.

Public Elneny Number One

“We’ll give everything until the end”
… the end of training according to Cech yesterday


Mustafi better be careful. Lately his play has been average at best. Might be time to give holding a run.


Where’s Djourou at times like these. I miss his pointless soundbites


he’s busy commenting “LIT!! [fire emojis]” @ every arsenal post on instagram


The players seem to be assuming top four will get us CL football.

Anyone care to bet against that Portuguese cunt leading Utd to a UEFA CUP triumph?

Only top three will guarantee us another chance at CL, knock out stage humiliation next season.


I might be wrong, but I think Utd winning the Europa League would only knock the 4th place team out of the CL if Leicester also won the CL. Otherwise we’d still go into the qualifiers, assuming we get forth. Is that right? Up to five teams can qualify from any country as far as I know.


You have your facts wrong.If United win Europa League 4th still get champs lg footy.If Leicester win champions league and United win Europa then 4th goes into Europa


Even if Man Utd win Europa league it would not prevent top 4 place being in Champions league. It could happen if Leicester City won Champions League


Not sure what else we expect the players to say to be honest. We all want talking on the pitch.

Personally i feel not finishing in top 4 is a much needed wakeup call, which may just influence the manager and possibly the board to make the change that is required.

Still think we shit the bed last year with Klopp, Conte, Ancelotti and Pep up for grabs. Shame.


Are you talking about last summer 2016? Klopp who was already at Liverpool, Conte could have been a possibility. I’m not sure when he accepted the Chelsea gig and what he was saying before that if he might have stayed through WC possibly, Ancelotti? cmon have you seen the clubs he has worked at? he would have never come to Arsenal and i don’t think he can operate anymore unless he has the top players, Pep the highest paid Manager? Who is the owner of ARsenal again? lol

Existentialist Gooner

What are the chances of us not bottling the Europa League if we found ourselves without Uefa football next season?

Lula da Gilberto

There is next to nothing any player can say that won’t see him either break rank with the club or have the fans frustration vented on them. What is said is about as controversial, provocative and striking as a half a glass of tepid tap water.

Only the club and Arsene can resolve the current situation and the plays can only looks to themselves and improve their game. I hope they do. Regardless of what I want regarding the manager, I’m sick of watching us lose.


I think it’s a fair assessment to suggest the top 4 is gone and what we have left to fight for is a bit of pride or what can be salvaged of it. With a big push we might get something from the FA Cup but that will require something we have been seriously lacking since the new year.



fair assessment? we’re not 10 points behind 4th? Get a grip


He’s been an excellent addition Mustafi. When you consider he had to step straight into the mixer, Koscielny had a horrendous first season with reds, Own Goals and Penalties conceded for those with selective memories. Nothing he says is wrong. We need to finish Top 4 but also the Cup and hopefully with a HUE dose of luck this time, catch Spurts. Those two City games will be critical. I expect it will tell Wenger whether he has it to get the job done this season and next or has the luster truly gone. That said, talk is cheap. Time… Read more »


I think Mustafi is right. Maybe he can start by doing his job on the field instead of yelling at his teammates while we ship easy goals. That would be a great way to roll up his sleeves.a