Tuesday, December 5, 2023

Report: Arsenal 1-5 Bayern Munich (inc goal!)

Arsenal: Ospina, Bellerin, Mustafi, Koscielny, Monreal, Xhaka, Ramsey, Oxlade-Chamberlain, Welbeck, Walcott, Alexis

Subs: Cech, Gibbs, Gabriel, Coquelin, Ozil, Lucas, Giroud

Arsenal were embarrassed again after a harsh red card awarded to Laurent Koscielny was the beginning of a 5-1 dismal capitulation against Bayern Munich at the Emirates tonight.

Arsene Wenger made a number of changes to the team that lost to Liverpool on Saturday, with David Ospina, Aaron Ramsey, Theo Walcott, and Alexis Sanchez coming into the starting line-up. However, there was a pre-game blow when Danny Welbeck picked up an injury in the warm-up and was replaced by Olivier Giroud.

The game began as the last one left off, with Bayern dominating possession, and the first shot of the game came from Arjen Robben but it was deflected wide by Monreal. From the resulting corner Alaba shot beyond the far post.

At the other end Walcott found himself one on one with Neuer but his first touch from the through ball was poor and the Bayern keeper got there first. Giroud saw a header bounce just wide off the head of Matts Hummels, and Alexis and Walcott almost combined to fashion a chance as Arsenal enjoyed a promising spell.

That spell bore some fruit too as Walcott opened the scoring in the 20th minute. He picked it up from a Bellerin throw, went towards goal, got a bit of luck to get beyond the defenders into the box, and from a tight angle he absolutely smashed it beyond Neuer into the roof of the net. 1-0.

Ospina had to be smart to come out and block an onside Lewandowski who beat the trap from a quick free kick, but it was the Gunners who were making the most of the game.

There was controversy in the 33rd minute when Xabi Alonso clearly fouled Walcott in the box, right in front of the official behind the line, but the very obvious penalty was not awarded.

The England international was then found by Mustafi in a similar position from where he opened the scoring, but this time could only slam his shot into the side netting.

At the other end a great run from Robben saw Lewandowski with just Ospina to beat, but he miskicked his shot wide from just yards out. Walcott and Alaba picked up yellow cards for a coming together, before the referee ignored a studs up challenge from Vidal on the knee of Sanchez.

The Chilean hit a 30 yard free kick on target but into the arms of the keeper, but it was a positive first 45 minutes for Arsene Wenger’s team and they took the lead into the break.

There were no changes by either manager as the second period began, and Arsenal had the first chance when Ramsey provided a lovely cross for Giroud. The French international just got under the ball though, and his header directed towards the far corner went over.

Moments later Bayern had the ball in the net but Hummels was offside when the free kick was taken. It didn’t matter though as the referee that failed to give Arsenal a penalty in the first half awarded one to Bayern in the 53rd minute.

Koscielny was adjudged to have fouled Lewandowski in the box and the official pointed to the spot and showed a yellow card to the Arsenal captain. Then, he changed his mind, seemingly on the advice of the official behind the goal who denied us a first half penalty, and issued a straight red leaving Arsenal with 10 men.

The Polish international stepped up to put home the penalty and equalise on the night, and making it 6-2 on aggregate. I had earlier come to the conclusion that the referee was a massive prick and I think it’s fair to say that he is such a prick that he’s probably a dolphin in a human suit.

Oxlade-Chamberlain was booked for a Bayern player diving over his leg as the ref continued to display his prickishness, before Ospina had to make a good save from Lewandowski.

Robben scored after getting a number of breaks along the way, surprisingly none of which involved the referee impeding Arsenal players like a goddam linebacker, but some sadly due to Alexis not defending very well, and he made it 2-1 to the visitors. All the fire had gone out of the Gunners since the red card.

Arsene Wenger made a triple change, sending Coquelin, Ozil and Lucas on, for Ramsey, Giroud, and Alexis in the 72nd minute.

The referee continued to ignore fouls by Bayern players, and Costa scored in the 78th minute to make it 3-1 as Arsenal were wide open at the back. Vidal scored a minute later to make it 4-1 after a poor pass from Mustafi.

It was, frankly, like coming home to see Phil Collins having sex with your puppy. I’m not saying he does that, I mean I don’t know for sure, I’m just imagining a horrible scenario and this was pretty horrible.

It was made worse by an offside goal to make it 5-1 to Bayern.

Bellerin shot wide late on, but in the end it was an awful night, and the heaviest defeat ever at the Emirates.

Sad times folks.

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Dan P

holy shit


It’s the end of the world as we know it!


So the BBC say. According to Jenas we didnt turn up again.

Often i wonder if these tossers actually watch football


The Bein commentators aka Danny Murphy were loving us when we led, then hyper critical as the score mounted. Refs conned UEFA. Cunt just wanted to be on TV. We should protest and get a replay. Or not. Anyway, sad CL farewell for Arsene, bring on Lincoln. At least our form in the first 53min gives cause for optimism in the FA Cup. Wembley beckons twice.


Former sp*rs players, all wankers


And I don’t feel fine. I don’t feel anything anymore.


Phil Collins!

George the Gooner

Game changed when Ramsey decided to move forward. He was doing well in first half.


UEFA is corrupt I’ve been saying this. It’s not a coincidence we get a super soft red card every year in the champions league in matches were we were actually proving to be a threat to their “balance” one day thet truth will all come out. Matches are fixed in europe trust me on a deeper more sophisticated level that we’ve never seen before. Even in the leagues across europe. Football is not like it used to be when a lot of money came into it. It’s real.


I am ashamed to call myself an Arsenal supporter right now and that’s nothing to do with Wenger it’s to do with the glory hunters who take too much notice of the media,who have no idea . How the hell can they Slag Wenger off , how can they show him no respect what so ever , the man lives for Arsenal and now all these fake supporters want to turn on him , it’s embarrassing and disrespectful. Those supporters have been spoilt during Wenger rain and know no different, before the great man took over we were a mid… Read more »


We may have had a real go at it if we hadn’t been totally cheated out of the game by 2 major abominable decisions by dishonest referee cunts who quite honestly, are a DISGRACE to their federation.

Having said that, 10-2 is just humiliating and alongside Alexis laughing on the bench sums up the current state of affairs at Arsenal for Wenger in arguably his last champions league game for us. He just has to go.


Totally agree. The refs killed us off and just imagine what could happen if this ever happened to us in a game like this. I do not get it why this happens. I’m sad about it. Wenger does not have to go because of this game but because of the last results. We have better players than ever and perform worse. We have better players than other teams (Liverpool) on every position and lose. After Leicester sacked Ranieri everyone was crying for him. But I, gentle, honorous man he is, did not. You have to act, when a coach can… Read more »

Mr. White

Bayern took the piss out of us


No, no, no – the refs did. Let’s not forget this.


It was always going to be tough coming back from 1-5. We played great for most of the first 52 minutes, but Bayern missed as many great chances to score as we did, so we were not dominating. Give us the Walcott PK and it’s 3-5. Lewandowski was playing for the foul (he missed chances that good before) but Kos did make serious contact on his legs; most refs would have given the penalty. The red card was bull, but if they make the PK it’s 3-6 and 11 vs 11 for about 37 minutes, with us needing three unanswered… Read more »


Stop fooling yourselves, did the same ref. handle the first leg?

Godfrey Twatschloch

Who cares where that Greek cunt ref was prior to this game? Check out this one.


I mean that’s alright, isn’t it? No one was injured, eh? No harm intended. Boys will be boys. Can’t stand the heat… Toughen the fuck up… eh, eh?


Fuck Bayern. They are the German Man Utd. The German Chelsea. Bunch of cunts that think they’re the shit. We were on top for 60 mins. Again bad luck. Times like these the club, the fans need to stick together and get behind the team. We are the Arsenal. And everyone else can fuck right off.


They are the shit. To be fair.


That first half was the best football we’ve played this year. For 45 minutes I dared to dream.


That would be the positive, and it’s not like we just caved in the ref stuffed us didn’t he

Let’s face it we were never likely to go through anyway.


In all probability we will go on a run now and finish in the top 4. That’s what usually happens.

Timorous Me

I’d rather have that than the Europa League!


Not this year, 6th or 7th place.


I think we are going to see the real Arsenal again as we did in the first half tonight.

Happens every year.

Norwegian gooner

And what exactly is “the real Arsenal” nowadays?

Aaron Ramsey – man of the match for me in the first half? Theo also great. But is it even relevant to try and evaluate performances in a dead rubber like this? It’s like a friendly basically. It’s like playing poker without any money at stake – It’s nothing like the real thing. Not even close.

Godfrey Twatschloch

Ref was man of the match. Easiest the player with the biggest impact IMO.


The game was more then a friendly right upto the point the Ref got involved with that red card. Prior to that, Arsenal could, nay should, of had atleast a 2-0 lead.. maybe more if we had taken a few chances.. it was game on. Dont dismiss the performance prior to that red card, Arsenal were playing very good football against a team who knew that it was a real contest. Bayern looked a bit nervy when they went 1-0 down evidenced by their teams behaviour after that.. they became grubs, they slowed play down, they physically shoved our players… Read more »

Tom Gun

That was heartbreaking. I have always been Wenger in until recently as, having watched what he did for the club and for the reign I have watched for the past 20 years, the highs, the lows, I just held on to a dream he would be get it right once. One final glory. Today was a perfect representation. After the first leg disaster to then play like we did in the first half, there was this last flicker of hope, a final dream and then….decisions go against us…and then it goes wrong…. and it becomes a humiliation. Again. He will… Read more »


No need to go overboard, Tom, difficult time as this is.

Arsène will be remembered to have built the Invincibles and won a lot of titles and gave us the beautiful football.

He also revolutionised football in England.

OK, no happy ending, that’s for sure, but the legace remains.

Bobby P

Champions league qualification ( to give the next guy the best chance of success). An fa cup win (to make him the manager that’s won it the most). A nice shiny trophy to wave goodbye whilst holding at the parade. A fairytale ending is still possible.

Top Gunner SA

To be honest I love Wenger and I’ve been an arsenal fan for as long as I can remember and for a manager that made us so happy for so many years he doesn’t deserve this. He’s not completely to blame for this and his players have let him down time and time again and each time he lifts his players and takes responsibility for them when other managers like mourinho would have a go at a player or players in the same position and I for me that counts for something and I hope he can go on to… Read more »

Top Gunner SA



“Remembered as a failure”….are you sure?


Only the fickle glory hunting supporters like you! I am ashamed to call myself an Arsenal supporter right now and that’s nothing to do with Wenger it’s to do with the glory hunters who take too much notice of the media,who have no idea . How the hell can they Slag Wenger off , how can they show him no respect what so ever , the man lives for Arsenal and now all these fake supporters want to turn on him , it’s embarrassing and disrespectful. Those supporters have been spoilt during Wenger rain and know no different, before the… Read more »


It was weird, I don’t think I was dreaming but did feel positive for a bit. At least at the way they were playing, especially the midfield. Having three central midfielders chasing the ball, as opposed to playing with a number 10 who finds space, there were reasons to be optimistic. Shame about Welbeck as having three mobile strikers could have gone a long way. Still absolute compitulation in the end

Bobby P

I’d certainly like to see that midfield three again in the next few games. They seemed a very complimentary trio.

Thierry Bergkamp

Fuck that! Why couldn’t they produce that performance when it mattered in the first leg, or against any of the teams around them?
We all know the answer to that.


Look just before everyone abuses and blames Wenger for this loss just remember what a biased and horrific game the ref had. He completely turned the game on it’s head and made countless mistakes throughout the match. You just wonder why a competition like the champions league monitored by UEFA has such appalling referees and officials. It’s just become a joke every season we get a tough draw and the officials make mistakes. This is much bigger than just this game. It’s happened throughout the past 10-15 years. So hurtful I feel right now impossible to put it into draw.… Read more »


Sure, you might’ve convinced someone with that argument, had we not lost 5-1 in the first leg. Or last season when we got demolished 5-1 as well. Fucking embarrassing.


Also, stop blaming the referees for everything. We played well in the first half; we crapped our pants in the second. Blaming the officials for losing 10-2 on aggregate is just pathetic.


We only blame quite rightly the refs for this game.


The ref was a window licking terd…. Complete plank we were always going out after the first leg. But that pea brained imbecile ruined what was a wicked game and the twat behind the goal line should be sacked as Stevie wonder would of been a massive improvement on his sorry ass….

Come on you gunners play like you did in the first half it was wicked….

Godfrey Twatschloch

Seems fair to send a good portion of blame the refs way when he not only has a player sent off under mysterious circumstances which totally altered the outcome of the game but also consistently turned a blind eye to foul after dirty and dangerous foul from Bayern Munich.

As far as bad refs go this one is right up there with Mike “demoted to the championship” Dean. Worse actually!


I honestly don’t think we’ll ever catch a break with the officials. Every year bad tackles against us go unpunished while we get reds for the most trivial offenses. That red card today was probably the softest sending off I’ve seen in my life.

David C

Looked like a dive by Lewondowski, very harsh decision. We looked great in the first, but once those crappy decisions go against you then you have to drop deep and play for some pride.

We have lost 5-1 three times in a row to Bayern…argh


Maybe all three matches had the same referee?
We don’t fool ourselves too much.
8-2a@ OT was ref. too?!………….etc

Sir Henry Norris's Brown Envelope

Never mind the ref sending off the wrong player in Wengers 1000th game.A 6-0 drubbing by Chelsea, that was the ref’s fault too.
Bayern have scored 15 against us in 3 games; they’ll be singing “can we play you every week”

Ox ram willy wally

I honestly feel like Im waiting for the rub of the green in a big game this season. Liverpool should of had a red. Foul on bellerin at Chels. Potential offside at City. Clear pen at Everton. And todays mess.

Im probably biasly missing out on some. And I know these decisions are all mostly debatable. I just hope when we next play a big team some 50/50s (and by 50/50s i mean some stupid bullshit) goes our way, leading to Mourinhos head exploding.


Fans could not have picked a worse game to boo! (unless they were booing at the refs) Also: Phil Mcnulty on BBC: “If there was the slightest hope, and there wasn’t really, it has been snuffed out now. Controversy over the penalty award and Laurent Koscielny’s subsequent sending off, but these are not the factors behind what will end as another night of bitter disappointment for Arsenal in the Champions League”…but these are not the factors. No, Phil, not by themselves, but I honestly believe we would have scored at least two more and won the game. Man of the… Read more »


Fully agree with you


Giroud out Perez (welbeck when not injured) in and you have a deal.

fred A

Agree completely… How about Vidal Sassoon and that cunt ex-liverpool, fouling non stop.. at least one of them deseved a red card ( on sanchez!) Hoorible stuff and sad on Gunners everywhere!


It was a red card, no denying! I was actually surprised at first when I saw a yellow.

But how about “damage limitation”? Talking that it’s about performance, well, put all men behind the ball damn when you go down to 10 men. We weren’t going to overturn a 5 goal deficit at that point, were we?

Yankee Gooner

What would the point be to parking the bus because we were down to 10 men and going to lose the tie? We SHOULD have parked the bus after our goal away, I’ll grant, but no point in it today.

el nino

It’s true, if it wasn’t for the dodgy ref, sending off,,,,,, and the 5 goals Bayern scored in the first leg we might of gone through.
The score was 10 – 2. Come on chaps we need to get real. Something HAS to change. If Wenger could make the change i’m sure he would of by now.
It’s time for this useless board we have to earn their pay packets and make some decisions.
Sad days for the Arsenal

Arsene Gonner

It was a red card. Lewandowski was clean through and fouled. The only mistake the referee made was to give a yellow then change his mind. But if the decision had favoured Arsenal, Arseblog would be applauding the referee for making the right decision eventually.

Anyway, even with 10 men, how the fuck do you go from 1-1 to losing 5-1 at HOME. Where’s the pride? Christ, why won’t he just leave – we’re becoming the biggest joke in world football with this lunatic in charge.


Have some respect.

Arsene Gonner

Why? He shows no respect to the supporters? If he had any self-respect, he’d resign tomorrow morning.


It’s “goner.”


Good grief your deluded. He is Arsenal’s greatest ever manager. He transformed our club. His record will NEVER be repeated. He may or may not be right going forward and you are entitled to your opinion but please don’t attack Arsene Wenger who has only ever displayed loyalty and dignity.

Hamburg Gooner

You´re only trolling, aren´t you?


Because our overpaid manager is tactically clueless.
Inter Milan went one man down to Barca in the semi years ago. Morinho reorganised and they held out. We went down to 10 men leading 4-0 at Newcastle, we gave away 4 goals, stop fooling yourselves. Anderlecht the same 3-0 up, collapsed in the second half, to 3-3………..Referee’s fault too?


you know that inter had the lead on aggregate and didn’t have to do anything but hold on? its very different from being down and trying to score.

Top Gunner SA

I just think there’s a general bias against English teams, in particular arsenal, I personally don’t see why premier league refs can’t ref premier league teams in CL I mean surely there should be in enough professionalism for refs to not make bias decisions just because it’s a premier League team. If they don’t want PL managers to manage PL teams then okay but invest in some decent refs mate it surely can’t be that hard

Top Gunner SA

That being said the penalty was a penalty there’s nothing he can do about that one. Lewandowski was in for goal and was brought down, granted he didn’t really put up a fight to stay on his feet, therefore it was a penalty and if you acknowledge that it is a penalty you also acknowledge that it was a goalscorer chance that has been denied and that is a straight red. He made the mistake of being hesitant to brandish a red. That being said he did own up to making that mistake in reversing his yellow to red. One… Read more »


How fucking embarrassing was that? We’ve become a joke of a club.

Viva la Prof

Joke supporters


There is no reasonable reason for Wenger to be kept on. That was embarrassing. One of many embarrassing displays this season. If it doesn’t change we can expect plenty more like it!

Clock-End Mike

Wenger picked the team that played the first half. Unfortunately, he couldn’t pick the officials, who were consistently crap. At half-time, I was at least proud of the way we’d been playing. And we should have been at least 2-0 by then. But it was the same players who caved in after Koscielny was shown that laughable red card; not the manager. TBH, I felt like giving up after that red card and penalty; but the players still had something to play for. Sadly, they gave up too; the 10 who were left on the pitch were carved open by… Read more »

John C

They caved in after the red card because the manager hasn’t coached them how to defend properly and it’s the same reason we get hammered by any decent team.

The manager hasn’t equipped these players with the defensive organisation, discipline or skill to compete at the highest level.

Wenger is to blame.


what did you seriously expect? Arsenal was down on aggregate. did you expect them to park the bus and counter? of course not. they went out and tried to score and unfortunately being a man down easily killed on the counters.


It was only embarrassing cos the ref(s) fucked us.

Seaman stains

You’re an embarrassment – fuck off and watch the spuds, they’re used to analysis like yours. MUPPET


To all these people shouting “Wenger Out!”

I would 10-2 agree.


I would say his positions probably untenable…

Only Good In Practice

Maybe he had forgo10-2 prepare for this game


10-2… Just an alround shambles.


There will be tonnes of negative comments and understandably so. I will only say i pray and hope that the team can play like the first 50 minutes for the rest of the season.


Playing like a normal football team? I think that’s not beyond us. I reckon we will manage it for at least 50% of our remaining games.

Timorous Me

It was the first time in a long time that they’ve played with that level of intensity, with some snarl and real assertiveness, and I was just hoping that even if they didn’t pull off a miracle and win, that the second half wouldn’t dissolve in the way it did because this still could have been the kind of momentum and attitude-changer for the team that could really send them forward with a different–and necessary–mindset.


Why? So we can finish 4th again and do it all over again next season?

Mark Clattenburg's blind twin

Better 4th than 5th! Any Gooner who thinks it would be good for us to lose matches from here to the end of the year just so we can maybe get some “change” is not a true fan of the club. I’ll cheer for every single damn point we can take from now until the end of the season, and support my team regardless of results or league position. Does it change my disappointment in the most recent results or the last several seasons? No, it does not, but I love this damn club, and i’ll support them until the… Read more »

Seaman stains

How about doing a Man Ure and not even getting into Europe! Be careful what you wish for

Arsenal Pakistan!

Well this was fuckin delightful wasn’t it


Shocking stuff. When ur team mate is being bullied u back him up regardless of the consequences. We get bullied. We allow it. Gutless. And the fuckin standard of refereeing is a joke. Sad.


Watching Cech and Sanchez giggling on the bench towards the end really hurt just as much as the score line.


Probably thinking back to the moment they signed for Arsenal and then realizing how foolish they were. What else can you do other than laugh at it eh?


They should be ashamed! Arsenal pay their wages and Sanchez is considered as God by too many! He’s lost his mind and spirit! It’s useless to post great sentences on Instagram one day and to mock your team the day after! He doesn’t deserve one tiny inch of the LOVE and blindness fans have for him !

Godfrey Twatschloch

I think the verdict is out on him at the moment and he might very well end up another RVP if he’s not careful.


It’s strange. But I wasn’t surprised by the final score line. Am I a cynic? Or have I just lost some hope in the team at the moment? Time to watch a video or two of our old glory days. This team, with Wenger at the helm, is just not good. Forget competitiveness, we should not even be on the same pitch as a team like a Bayern. We’re not well drilled enough, our players seem complacent, and our manager seems to go into matches with a team that’s just struggling to give it a go for a man who’s… Read more »

Viva la Prof

We were all over them, we got fucked over by ludicrous sending off and then had no chance against a team like that

Timorous Me

I honestly don’t blame these guys for basically packing it in after the penalty and (eventual) red card. They really did pour every ounce of effort into the game for the first 50+ minutes, and then to not only give up a goal but to also lose Koscielny again…well, it wasn’t even just that, but then the ref and that absolute twat of a linesman kept keeping the flag down on the most obvious of offsides plays. I don’t know how anyone in the boots of our players couldn’t have just sort of said, “Fuck it” at that point.


I understand that fans want to cling to some hope right now – “the ref fucked us” etc. However, there is still no way on earth that a 10 man Arsenal should be losing 5-1 at home to Bayern even losing a man for half the match. The problem is that Arsenal consistently capitulate at any given opportunity, and that is simply not acceptable at this level – these are highly paid, professional footballers! I agree that we played well in the first half, however, there is simply no excuse for losing by that margin, at this level, at home.… Read more »


I don’t understand why its hard to believe we went down like this after the red card. It’s not like Arsenal had the luxury of protecting a lead or a tie. They needed goals. Yeah it sucked that Bayern counters tore us apart but it is Bayern. If this was Sunderland then damn I would be pissed to but it isn’t. This is one of the most skilled clubs in the world.


Sorry, I disagree. This is the knock out stages of the champions league. We are supposed to be competing against teams of a similar calibre. If you’re suggesting that Bayern are that much better, then maybe we shouldn’t be in the champions league?? Losing by a record margin on aggregate (10-2) is simply not acceptable at this level. To throw caution to the wind and lose 5-1 at home, after everything that has happened, in a tie that we have no chance of winning is just downright stupid! What is positive about that!? Arsenal should have shut up shop and… Read more »

Georg Schmidt

Bayern is that much better. How many European competitions has arsenal won ? I mean ever. Honestly I don’t know since I only follow top teams. Bayern had 7 all together and those are real ones not titles like intertoto or other meaning less trophies. Bayern is football royalty right behind real Madrid on par with Barcelona. Arsenal is just another sometimes pretty good team that has the occasional good year. English football is second rate in general on the level of Switzerland right behind the United States

gooner of Oz

Thank God I decided not to watch this game althought I still had to suffer throught watching every goal thanks to ajsport Napoli stream. This is our yearly embarrassment of qualifying for CL. Money for the board 8.5 millions for the boss and 10 2 for the fans to walk to the bar in shame. 20 years of successive CL for you.


You should have watched, maybe you’d feel slightly different. I personally was proud of them up until the dodgy sending off

gooner of Oz

With an agg. of 10 to 2 I really doubt Id be anywhere near proud.

Only Good In Practice

Glad I made the same decision as the players and skipped this one.


Couldn’t watch it so checked it later for the result. Thought i clicked on the wrong link as it gave me last game’s result…

But no this actually happened again lol

Stringer Bell

We were never gonna win on aggregate but I was really enjoying the performance up until terrible decision. Thought Ox played really well in middle. Him and xhaka looked good together. Sanchez and cech seemed to be laughing on bench. Worrying times me thinks.


Yes, agree all around, except for Xhaka, who once again gave the ball away with a lazy pass, then lunged into the man who intercepted it, taking himself out of the play and earning a delayed card (yellow this time), then jogged back as Bayern played advantage and scored. Alexis should have taken better care of the ball when on the field (he gave it away twice shortly before their penalty), and been a real teammate after he was taken off. Ox was fantastic; is Shad keeping him healthier? It was a great game until the refs killed it. Vidal’s… Read more »

Lula da Gilberto

I am beginning to think qualifying for the champions league is not all its cracked up to be.


Difficult to beat Bayern with ten men. When we went one up I thought yeah that’s because Bayern don’t care and they will come back at us. But we kept it up until we went down to ten men.
It’s all a bit shit but the players put a shift in tonight imo.


Agree, but the problem is:
When the top teams are playing agains the teams in the middle/lower half of the table – the fans of these so called “small clubs” are feeling very similarly – i guess.
We put in great effort…
We had chances…
With a little luck…
Ohh, when our striker hit the crossbar…

Then, only 1 opportunity on the other side and: 0-1

The home team starts fighting even harder. They became more open: 0-2

They lose self belief, concentration, became desperate… 0-3

Confusion, fatigue + fresh motivated youngsters on the other side as subs… 0-4


I wish I could argue with that. There was a hint of overachieving about the first 50 minutes. Imagine what the score would have been had Lewandowski made half his great chances.


What I would like to say is: “to put a shift in” is only the MINIMUM – I’m afraid…
Yes! Hard work deserve credit, but if we would like to compete with Bayerns and Reals – it is still: only the minimum.

Cheesed off

Time for change – kronke the donkey out (sorry that was an insult to donkeys), Wenger to retire and certain players (injury prone players, ones lacking mental strength) to be moved on!!!


Blame the arsehole Hill-Wood, he insisted Kronke took control, even though he knew The Yank wasn’t the slightest bit interested in Football & success. Rather the fat Russki had the shares now.

Dixon's Awesome Own Goal

Actually blame Dein. He introduced the yank cunt. Not the messiah, apparently.


Isn’t that the root of the real problem. Having a owner like Kroenke? If Arsenal was 2nd tier club in the Prem then I wouldn’t mind an owner who was responsible financially. Here at Arsenal smh This POS has no ambition for greatness.

I feel like if Arsene wasn’t our manager the last 20 years we would have ended up like Liverpool.


Poor ref decisions or not, you do not lose 10-2. Just a fucking embarassment. No fucking excuse. Fuck this club from top to bottom.


Wow we really do have some shitty supporters (and i use that term loosely) nowadays 🙁


Can’t really fault the players for this one, I felt they gave everything.

Fuck that cunt ref and wanker of a fourth official though

Lula da Gilberto

I am beginning to think qualifying for the champions league is not all its cracked up to be.

I admired our fight when the game was actually worth fighting for.


I get the impression that we can play 10 times against bayern and we will somehow manage to lose all of them

Le Jim

Would have preferred the ref just told us he wasn’t going to give us a chance before the game. It’s the hope the kills you.

Wade Wilson

It’s too easy for refs to be horrendous against us… Vidal, Martinez stay on the pitch etc etc! But for us to totally disintegrate like that. Oh and be fair if coquelin played like Alexis today……
Anyway great heart Box2boxlade Chamberlain

Lula da Gilberto

I am beginning to think qualifying for the champions league is not all its cracked up to be.

I admired our fight to begin with. Then it was unfairly and not for the first time, taken away from us.

Liam Bradys left peg

Started well, handbrake off. Engines fucked, 4 punctures and just crashed. 10-2.And that is dining at europes top table at an end. Wenger out kroenke out

Phil sadler

Same old arsenal another shit performance. I don’t think it is going to matter who managers us unless we get a new squad we will never win another trophy.

It looked like a bunch of kids playing tonight just following the ball around and not playing football.


This is becoming a really sad end for Arsene. I couldn’t help but feel sorry for him during this game after such a promising start. There were kids younger than Wenger’s years at the club holding up “Wenger Out” banners. He set that benchmark too high for himself in the early years and now it’s biting him from those who don’t know the club before his time. I’m a believer that he should leave at the end of his contract; I just wish he would announce it so we could give him a proper send off.


The problem isn’t tonight and the shite officials, the problem was the first leg and the other big matches this season.

Sure we are losing by four goals so let’s go out and show some fight, its a shame we never showed that fight in the first place in these big games.

Rant over, onto the next match.


Tonight they played fucking well and I give them huge credit. They worked their socks off, and played some great football. I am so fucking fed up of corrupt uefa officials. So fucking done with it. Fuck the Champions league. These useless sub human thundercunts are ruining the game and I wish a painful, miserable end to all of them. We were 5-2 down for fuck sake, and as soon as we got within a sniff of doing anything the officials deny us a blatant penalty, gives a horrible penalty against us, sends a player off after changing his mind,… Read more »


Well we had a big chance with the 1-1 at nou camp with wining the first leg 2-1 who knows what would have happened if the ref didn’t decide the game for barca, I’m just saying barca, real , bayern will always be favored by uefa as they are uefa darlings and they can’t see the completions without those 3 in semis, except psg put barca to sword and the referees didn’t have an opportunity to help them. What they did to us in that game at nou camp and what they did to chelsea with 4 celar penalties is… Read more »




And Robben didn’t even have to flop! What are the odds of Robben not drawing a pen with that officiating crew?

dr Strange

The ref is a disgrace but so are the Arsenal. 2-10 in two games is unacceptable.

Wenger is finished and should get the sack tomorrow. No other manager would survive a humiliation like this.

Mustafi is a fucking trainwreck who makes Gabriel look like Tony Adams.

Cech and Sanchez laughs at the mess.

What the fuck has happened to us?


I dont agree that it was a gutless effort…….we were every bit as good as Bayern till being reduced to 10 men.
Ox absolutely brilliant throughout…….gotta wonder why he was played on the wing initially v Liverpool.
We didnt miss Ozil and Im glad Iwobi was taken out of the firing line. He will be back, but now is not the time.


You are so right about Ox being in the middle against ‘pool. He’d have been a big improvement over Iwobi.

Ozilicious !

Even though the win was hardly on the cards I really enjoyed the first half ! Ox was great all game….. THATS HIS FUCKING POSITION!!!!!


That ref was just as good as Arsenal were the first game. What a moron, the game was done at this point, no need to moan on the result.
I hope we play with that much passion till the end of the season, then it’s rebuilding time.


Just remember, as bad as this result is, Tottenham got knocked out of the Europa league a few weeks ago at home by a tin pot team

Crash Fistfight

I know I’m probably being stupid, but can someone clarify the red card for me please? (I didn’t watch any punditry, so have missed the explanation if there was one.)

Doesn’t the double jeopardy rule for penalties count outside of England, or is it that it was because the assistant thought it wasn’t a genuine attempt to win the ball?


The fifth official saw it as a professional foul (deliberate denial of a goalscoring opportunity). The way I heard it explained on FS1, Kos’ foul (?) could have been given as a yellow if there was a genuine attempt to get the ball. They apparently added language to the professional foul rule to allow some space for actual tackling–I mean, Kos didn’t spike the guy down on his way through–but the fifth official chose to override the referee and put the game out of reach.

Crash Fistfight

Yeah, the ‘deliberate’ part is what I was alluding to in my second sentence above. I guess you could argue that, but I thought it was a tussle between two players trying to get the ball, so didn’t think it was a deliberate attempt to stop Lewandowski from scoring. Hay-ho, doesn’t really matter in the end, it just annoyed me at the time.


Ok ref had a shocker but any other team would shut up shop and try and salvage some pride
We just roll over and give up. A totally shocking performance . Bayern never out of 2nd gear. Embarrassed, gutted and in disbelief that my club of 40 years could sink this low.

Mesut's magic (although it seems long gone now)

55 minutes of genuinely good football, followed by a bullshit penalty and red card. That being said, to ship another 4 goals in 35 minutes is an absolute disgrace. Seemed like the players were willing to accept being down to 10 men as an excuse to get thrashed, rather than as motivation to work 10% harder and try to protect what would have actually been a very respectable result.


I’m not embarrassed.

We outplayed one of the best teams (with classless shit fans) in Europe for over 45 minutes.

And we didn’t stop trying until the end.

Also, hats off the to the Ox – pure class, throughout.

Crash Fistfight

You got a thumbs up from me for the bit in parentheses.


You should be embarrassed 5.1 from the 1st lef. We had a go 1st half against a bayern team in 3rd gear with the game already gone
Instead of shutting up shop when down to 10 men like most club’s would do to salvage some pride we give up and lose 10.2 for fuck sake
Embarrassed yeah to fucking right I am and a decent 1st half or a shit referee ain’t gonna explain a 10.2 performance

The Playmaker

In 2012, it was “we almost overturned the 4-0 deficit against Milan” trophy
In 2013, it was the “we lost only on goal difference to Bayern” trophy.
In 2014, it was the “we drew away against Bayern” trophy.
In 2015, it was the we lost only on goal difference to Monaco” trophy
In 2016, it was the “we put in a good away performance against Barcelona” trophy
And now it’s the “we outplayed Bayern Munich for over 45 minutes” trophy


Cruel but fair.

Lord Nicki B

In my honest opinion,

Time for AW to tell at least the players what he’s planning to do, that’d solve 80% of the off the field drama.

Maybe just get in and win the FA Cup for the man, give him a grand send off he deserves, and move on.

He deserves our respect, and adoration, for all he’s done, not twattery.

But it’s just gone to shite now.

I’ve been pro Arsene for a lot of time, and right now, I’m not even mad, just sad.

Time for a change. Please.


Wenger does tell the players what he’s going to do. Train the same way as 20 years ago, play the same way as 20 years ago, make subs the same time as 20 years ago. Oh and make the same excuses year after year. Groundhog day, make Bill Murray the next manager!

Sir Henry Norris's Brown Envelope

How are we going to win the FA cup? Wenger doesn’t win against “big teams”


Players to brittle, when the going gets tough they fold and crumble, some of there decision making for pro footballers is really poor. Can’t be arsed to complain about the ref when so much more is wrong at the club.


wenger makes the players brittle – everything at the club is built in his image.


Six months or so ago, my dog had a bout of hemorrhagic gastroenteritis. Never seen anything like it. Liquid shit mixed with blood, spraying out of his arse. Looked like strawberry jam, mixed with shit. The stench was unworldly.

I currently feel like I’ve just had it on toast for dinner.


Poor Dog. Poor gooners 🙁

Godfrey Twatschloch

Seeing Bayern celebrating goal after goal against a ten man team with their 12-13 players as if they were defeating God Almighty himself was embarrassing. What a horribly dirty and shitty team they were today.


I agree. Wenger should be ashamed.

Godfrey Twatschloch

At least he has a decent surname.


Arsene is running out of hiding places. I really do think he may have lost the dressing room – after a particular fashion. I’m sure the players like him but are they losing respect in terms of seeing a man who can’t prepare them properly? He has been saying that after 20 years he doesn’t decide things in a single game or two. But this is out of hand Groundhog Day bullshit. I like Wenger a lot and he should have a statue but I want him to go or say he will go right now. Koscielny is a star… Read more »


Koscielny is NO star player!
He wouldn’t dream of getting in the unbeaten team nor Chelsea of today.
He effing gives away too many penalties.
Like someone said where are the strong characters of this effing team?
Where is the Vierra or the Gilberto or the Adams of this team?
Where is the Sol Campbell? or the Henry or the Bergkamp?
These weaklings can never be MEN!……………..perpetual boys!
Ass captain = Gibbs?…….after no cap Arteta 2 years ago? all becoming a joke!


Actually was given quite a bit of hope after that performance. Until the red card, we dominated Bayern without Özil and with Alexis playing poorly. Xhaka looked good next to Ramsey and the Ox. Overall a disappointing night, but provided we recruit well in summer (I know I know) we could have a strong first XI next year with or without our current superstars


A half of the best football we’ve played this season and a half of the worst. Yeah, playing with 10 men is difficult but don’t go and embarrass yourself. Don’t play Xhaka and Coq at CB. Just. Don’t. A strange time to take positives from the game but Walcott and Ox were outstanding and we have to keep the 4-3-3 for me. We can build on the first half and forget about the second. But damn we have a glass jaw don’t we? 1-1 and 1-0 at half time, lost both games 5-1. How does that happen?


Poor Dog. Poor gooners 🙁


Thank you Wenger for all the memories.


Scale of the defeat obscures the fact that Arsenal played very well until the sending off and penalty. Ramsey and Oxlade Chamberlain were very impressive. Sanchez was poor throughout.


Arsene Wenger and the Players deserve all the shit for every game they have bottled bent over and rolled over for this season….He should go and there should be an overhaul from top to bottom.. But this game in isolation was not that bad. The ref and his ‘team’ should be investigated…Not just the penalty. Other than the 5 goals we were pretty good….<—-That sentence though But seriously this kind of game pisses me off more than when we rollover… and you know what fuck it i liked are gung ho approach to try an get a goal…We could have… Read more »

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