Thursday, July 7, 2022

Report: Chelsea join queue for Alexis

According to the Guardian, Chelsea have made Alexis Sanchez their number one transfer target for the summer.

The Chile international looks increasingly likely to leave the Emirates this summer with negotiations over a contract extension on hold after the Gunners failed to match the player’s £250,000 a week wage demands.

The report claims that Blues boss Antonio Conte will sign a new deal at Stamford Bridge in the coming weeks after assurances were made that money will be available to strengthen his table-topping squad.

Chelsea aren’t the only club seen as possible suitors for the 28-year-old striker, the likes of Juventus, Inter Milan, Paris Saint Germain and assorted Chinese ventures have also been sniffing around.

Sanchez has 15 months left on his current Gunners deal. Despite protestations from Arsene Wenger earlier in the season that both Alexis and Mesut Ozil will be kept at Arsenal next season, even at the risk of them leaving for free in the summer of 2018, you can’t help but think we’ll probably cash in. If there is a positive, and we’re clutching at straws here, it’s the prospect of Chelsea triggering a bidding war.

Puppies might not cut it today. We’re going with a happy llama to cheer you up.

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The booing of Alexis next season is going to be extra spicy.


After a while and a bit of a long queue of players, joining other prem teams, you just have to stop and ask why!


I know this may be an unpopular comment, but when Ashley was called Cashley in front of Henry he cut the person off and said that’s not fair because Henry knows what happened behind the scene and us the public don’t so we shouldn’t call him cashley.

Look at the career Ashley went on to have….


If we want to compete with the likes of Munchen, just like Ivan said, we must be willing to pay £250k/week and have a capable manager.


Chelsea can fuck off. There’s no way we’d sell him to a premier league team.

This was my first thought when United and City were in for that dutch guy too though. Still can’t believe we let that happen.


Arsenal & Kroenke are shameless, only care about the money, they’ll sell him to whoever as long as it keeps their dividends healthy.


did the dutch skunk not reject a contract on offer, dissed the club with his poison letter and insist on going to united? have they actually paid out dividends? i know they scrape 3mil a yr for “services” to the club but have we not smashed the transfer records under Kronke twice and won some trophies? i know its cool to shit on Kronke for whatever but is it facts your talking or emotional?


It would make no sense to pay a dividend though as you would pay capital gains tax on the receipt of the cash whereas while it remains in the club it is unrealised profit, and hey, you don’t need the money so why draw it down?


The main reason Kroenke doesn’t pay dividends is that all shareholders are entitled to be paid dividends including Usmanov and other minority shareholders.
Instead he gets paid his £3m (or whatever) as advisory fees. Cunt!


He dissed the club? He was looking for Wenger and the board to pull their socks up, they never and look where we are.

canon 10000

In case you have forgotten this in your abominable wexit frenzy: After like spending half of his time with us on the injury table and having one good season RvP thinks the club is detrimental to his chances for success and gushes about the little boy inside of him rooting for Man Utd. (At least A.Cole was honest – it was all about the money for him.)

Godfrey Twatsloch

The little boy inside him wanted Man U and he got Man U. For a while. Then Man U didn’t want the little boy anymore and the little boy got Fenerbahce instead.


People seem to forget this, I remember people saying we should sell VP the season before he came good as he never truly delivered. Then he screwed the club over.


How Ashley Cole won 3 premiere leagues, a champions league, an Europa league, and several FA cups/ league cups (don’t care how many).

At some point we have to stop saying he left for the money. We haven’t won the league once nor challenged for the champions league once since he left. Can you honestly blame him?

canon 10000

Ashley’s gamble paid off – but you are giving him too much credit. No one could have predicted that Chelsea would become a better footballing team than Arsenal at that time.

I for one was delighted that even if he chose to move we got Gallas (a top CB we needed) plus cash. Just goes to show how many variables exist in top level football.


fair enough if you agreed with his actions but being captain and writing a public letter to tell the club pull your finger out in my eyes is a diss. There was a time when Eduardo had his leg snapped off, i think Adebayor was off form and i was praying the dutch skunk came off the injury table and kick on where Ade and Eduardo left off (2008) and he flopped. Still supported him till he wrote that letter


Did we not allow him to run down to his final season like we have with these two? Er yeah, final year of contracts give the player/agent all the power.


Seriously, it’s 100% our fault. How easy for Chelsea to snap up Sanchez, he has 1 year left on his contract in the summer, and they just have to offer him the wages he wants and he’s theirs!!!

Too easy if you ask me, typical rookie mistake from Arsenal.


Interesting angle. Kroenke spending on Ozil and Sanchez is just good PR for the company and nothing else. The man has publicly come out and said “you don’t enter this business if you want to win titles” what kind of ambition is that from the owner? Instead of saying we’ll try our best, or we won’t settle for best, he’s strait up saying he has no intentions/doesn’t care about winning. We give Wenger so much shit and I think that’s unfair if we’re not giving Kroenke anything. It’s not Wenger’s fault that he doesn’t have anyone challenging him, nor is… Read more »

John C

It is Wenger’s fault that we’re poor defensively, disorganised, weak in midfield, have a poor game plan, are complete predictable etc etc etc.

Kroenke allows Wenger to do whatever he want’s so in many ways he’s the ideal owner and there’s no evidence that he interferes , he doesn’t his major failure is he hasn’t sacked Wenger for his continued poor performance.


I definetly agree with that. I’m not saying all the blame should be on Kroenke, nor am I saying all the blame should be put on Wenger. But on one hand you have one man working his hardest and giving his all to make the club great, while you have another who takes his dividends, injects nothing into the club, and stays silent. I think it’s harsh directing abuse at Wenger without considering the bigger picture behind the scenes. If we replaced Wenger with a “head coach” which is what managers are today, then I expect worse results because only… Read more »


To conclude, I feel change is needed, and I don’t care in what form that come. But more importantly than addressing the managerial situation, it’s crucial we address the support structure, or lack of one, in the clubs hierarchy. If silent Stan wants to hide on an island I’m fine with that, just address the hole you’re leaving, and get a sporting director or a technical direct or something along those lines. Ivan Gazidis seems like a great chap, and when it comes to making us profitable I think he’s very good. But he has no clue how to make… Read more »

John C

No, people are using Kroenke’s silence to justify Wenger’s poor performance, and our poor performances come from our managers ideological managerial style nowhere else. His style is open, defensively naive and for the last decade must include a number of youngsters irrespective of whether they are either good enough or ready and Wenger is prepared to lose pursuing his own philosophy and will keep on losing until it works or fired. As for comparing Kroenke and Abramovic, they’re almost exactly the same, has Abramovic ever given an interview to the UK press? If he has it must have been a… Read more »


I hate Kroenke just as much as the next guy but criticising him is essentially criticising him for not sacking Wenger. Can’t have it both ways.


Dividend, bonus, services, call it what you want. The point is everyone high enough at Arsenal is getting very handsomely rewarded while we pay the highest prices in the world to watch us get hammered by Liverpool, WBA, Chelsea & Bayern (twice). The clubs board have nothing but disdain for the fans. ‘Keep paying for the tickets, the shirts, anything with a club badge stuck in it & carry on’ is their mantra and It stinks. I don’t blame Alexis for going, he’s a winner, the rest are going through the motions waiting to get picked up by othe clubs… Read more »

Sir Henry Norris\'s Brown Envelope

None of us like Kroenke, but nobody has taken dividends from The Arsenal for many years. Let’s keep it honest


Kroenke has taken £3m twice, for ‘advisory services’, a dividend by any other name if you want to look at it that way.


well a dividend would be payed to all shareholders and not just the owner and his sons. (little bit pedantic i know) but lets talk facts rather than speculate (theres too much of that already)

Bendtner\'s Ego

Arsenal pays Kroenke’s media company a coupe of £ for “services rendered,” which allows them to sidestep from also paying Usmanov as part of any dividend arrangement.


It the lack of investment that were frustrated about. The club worked so hard to put itself in a position where it can sustainable fund itself without the injection of cash from anyone, and now that they’re in that position they don’t want to spend. I know we spent last summer, but if the fans didn’t force Wenger’s hand he wouldn’t have signed mustafi And Perez and would have just gave us the same bs that the players they wanted weren’t available. The summer before when we only signed Petr Cech, wtf was that!?!?!? That wouldn’t be allowed at City,… Read more »


Something died inside of me that day.
We sold our captain, the best striker in the world to our rival.
And he single handedly won them the league.
I lost respect for people running Arsenal that day.


I would loath for this to happen. I am still scarred by RVP’s move and even more so because he actually won the league at ManU. Alexis just cannot leave to another premier league team.


You think Kroenke would rather get a return on investment or keep his best player?


Because that’s what it comes down to at the end of the day

John C

The share price has doubled since he bought into the club, that’s where the return on his investment comes from


And that’s because we’ve always sold our best players when they got to the last year of their contract! Lol


If you think Kroenke has the slightest say in this you’re being naive.It is Wenger’s and only Wenger’s call to make.Always has been


They can fuck right off

Troy McClure

Eh, they do it all the time. Sold RvP to Man Utd, basically delivered them the title a few years ago. A long list of players joined Man City over the years.


They don’t need our help to win the title


We will sell, if the money is right. This is a business. For shame.

Me So Hornsey

Only if we swap him for Kante, Willian and the severed head of John Terry on a platter.

Heavenly Chapecoense

John Terry ?

Cazorla\'s Both Feet

John Terry is a CB who has played his entire adult career at Chelski. He’s obviously a cunt. Have a good day.

dr Strange

I love how you forgot that bastard so fast. I would love to have the same ability to forget rasist cunts as fast as you.


I would swap him for kante


Why would Kante leave the Premier League Champions and come to Arsenal?


Sell him to Chelsea and stop saying we are a title challenging team. Because top clubs don’t do this. The mentality of this club needs to change and the buck stops with the owner. If he does nothing he should sell up and fuck off.


If your name is a reference to the Armstrong & Miller invisible train driver character, then you’re alright in my book, sir.


Wouldn’t that be so Arsenal (to sell him to Chelsea – probably at a shit price)? If that happened in Italy, fans would revolt. At the Emirates, a few people will grumble quietly as he bangs in a hat-trick against us in front of the gloating chavs.

Crash Fistfight

Really? I seem to remember a lot of transfers of top players between clubs in Italy.


Exactly! Italian players bar some exceptions like Buffon, Maldini, Totti are journeymen.


No. Just no. No no no no.

George Graham.

You can see him ripping Mustafi another one and dinking a pen over Cech.


I do wonder whatever happen to mustafi. He was a brickwall at the start of the season and now we leak goals.


Pay Alexis what he wants!
It’ll be the lowest moment in Arsenal history if he is sold to the russains in west London.

Ivan Drago

Surely it makes more sense to do everything to keep him, even from a financial sense. £250k a week is £13m a year and it would cost five times that much to replace him, plus wages on top of that


With the current market, it’s better to keep the player than to sell. I imagine getting a player similar in quality and style of play to Alexis would cost us maybe 30 mil more than we paid for him and would demand bigger wages than the one Alexis is currently on.


Here’s why we won’t win another title until kronke sells the club, wenger in or out.

Top players want 250 per week. Kronke will only pay 150 which is why we have quite bunch of Ramseys, chamberlains and coquelins on our team. They are cheap.

Sure. Maybe kronke is willing to pay and it’s wenger who refuses. Who knows.

But if you don’t spend you don’t win, last season’s champions an aberration.


Vardy, Kante, Mahrez. These guys werent on 250K per week.

Last season was there for the taking, had the mentality been right.

Why not

And alexis was part of that too. Lest we forget it.


For proper context, Alexis played in the Copa America the two previous summers, got injured early in the season, and found it difficult to regain form after his recovery.

A club with serious ambitions of winning a title would have ensured we had effective cover for both Alexis and Cazorla.

Instead we signed nobody…

…except Petr Cech who in theory was a significant upgrade over Szczesny, only he forgot how to save shots from outside the box.

Heavenly Chapecoense

Arsenal fans always blame others when it comes to Alexis. He is one of the least loyal player we ever had in the club. Great player but not loyal to teammates and club.

canon 10000

Who was more loyal than Sanchez? Adebayor? Cole? Fabregas?

He is still unsurpassed when it comes to performance in the past two seasons. The only complaint I have of his is that sometimes he needs to be less involved in the build up play. Because the other players haven’t really matched up, or even pretended to compete with him, it isn’t Sanchez’s fault he is annoyed.

Why not

I would argue all 3 when they were actually at the club. There is something inherently selfish in how alexis plays. Even if working his ass off for his current teams offsets that feeling. He is all about himself, from his behaviour this season and towards the end of last. I would say that has basically been proven.


“Basically been proven” is one way to put it.

Alexis has to play both winger and striker, often in the same game, so as well as shooting he often puts in crosses and through-balls for other players to score. It’s part of why he gives the ball away a lot.

He’s only 2 assists behind the premiership leader (Sigurdsson) on 9. I find it hard to understand people who are so triggered by a player trying to make things happen in a team that’s woefully short on creativity.


I think a lot of it started when it became obvious that he no longer wants to stay. If you look at the other players who could leave – Jack, Ramsey etc most are not likely to go to an actual contender as anything more than a squad player at best. In a lot of ways Sanchez is the only player we have who could fit into a bigger side as a starter and thus people are trying to make themselves feel better about his loss.


When did it become obvious that Sanchez does not want to stay at Arsenal?


When he’s turned down so many offers the club has simply stopped negotiating until summer. Also when “Arsenal sources” started leaking to all the papers he won’t resign. He’s very different than Ozil in that you don’t need to change a team to suit him so there are a lot more options. Ozil likely would need to change his game to suit a bigger side as most don’t use traditional number 10s anymore. It’s possible he stays but I don’t think you would want to put money on it.


It is all media speculation and agents stirring the pot to put pressure on the negotiating parties. We do our negotiating behind closed doors, and the media have preyed upon the uncertainty. I’m sure Arsenal low-balled Sanchez as their opening gambit, but they’ll come up to an agreeable figure so long as Alexis has not done something in the dressing room to sabotage our desire to keep him. I’m confident.


John Cross of The Mirror tends to be a club source – not an agent one. While it’s possible the club is simply trying to negotiate Sanchez lower, he’s been pretty consistent all year in saying that Sanchez wants to leave. Let’s face it – the club desperately needs good news so if there were anyway to get Sanchez signed up now – even if they wanted to sell him he would then fetch a higher fee- they would do it. It seems more likely the club is simply waiting until summer on Sanchez, Wenger etc to announce what they… Read more »


Fair enough, but it remains media speculation, the kind that really roots inside the anxious Arsenal fan’s mind. It would not surprise me in the least to see Wenger, Sanchez, and Ozil all signed up at once and announced in the same press conference at season’s end. But that, too, is speculation!


As far as John Cross goes, probably best to steer clear of anything he writes. Literally every single thing.

As Futsboller said, certain journalists prey upon the fact that Arsenal keeps things in house. A proper club source would be David Ornstein, who doesn’t try to manipulate his captive audience by writing weekly clickbait.


The class difference between Alexis and Ozil (a lot don’t like him) and the rest of the team is massive. I fear them both playing in the premier league next year, not for us though and I wouldn’t say to a rival team. That would mean that we were challenging for the league and we don’t do that anymore. I wait for the inevitable, we flog them and put up with “there’s no one out there that can improve our squad, if there were any player out there that can improve our squad. Then of course I would be interested”.… Read more »

Oooh Ahhh Ray Parlour

Lets face it, who could blame him if he did. I hate Chelsea, but he wouldn’t be the first player join a direct rival & more ambitious club in the last 10 years. Hopefully he’ll end up at Bayern as I doubt we’ll be playing them for a few years.

Isn’t it about time the in / out (shake it all about) Wenger divide gets together, hires the Red Arrows & finally protests against that Monopoly man lookalike p***k that is suffocating our club.

Cynical Glenn

Not sure we’re actually a direct rival to Chelsea any more…

David Hillier\'s luggage

It would be utter madness and I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I could see us selling to either City or Chelsea if we don’t make the Champions League. The people driving the club look at balance sheets first, and the CL brings in nearly around £90m. They’ll need to make up that shortfall, and selling your assets for top dollar to whoever bids highest is the quickest way. £65-70m fee, plus his final year of £8.5m wages wiped out would mean only mean only being down in the region £11-15m. Also, for the board, it’s almost a no… Read more »

Crash Fistfight

I think only winning the CL brings in around £90m. I can only find the income from 2014/15 from Swiss Ramble, but Arsenal earned £36.4m from the CL that year – I wouldn’t have thought it could have increased nearly threefold since then.

Some of that loss of income will be off-set by decreased wages based on no CL, I would imagine. Hopefully the commercial deals are similar to those that Man U have, in that it needs a sustained period out of the CL for them to reduce in value (which means we will need to qualify next season).

David Hillier\'s luggage

Yeah, did some googling, I was off. However the commercials deals changed in 15/16 meaning we earn about £60m from the CL (around €55m in prize & TV money and an estimated £12-15m in gate money). It’s not as drastic but still a large chunk of the club’s revenue, particularly if we were to offer Alexis something like a £13m a year contract.

Like you say, I do hope our player decrease based on qualification and that our commercial deals only reduce after a sustained period out of the CL.

David Hillier\'s luggage

*players wage bill decreases


Only one who is consistently busting his gut at the club thro this difficult period.
Can’t blame him if he goes.


This isn’t true anymore. His running stats since the end of the year are poor. Consistently covers less ground per 90 minutes than even Giroud. He’s downed tools and is playing for himself.


“Sanchez is yet to run 10 kilometres in a single Premier League game this season despite having completed the 90 minutes on 20 occasions. By way of comparison, Mesut Ozil, a player sometimes styled as diffident, has hit that mark in 14 of the 16 full Premier League games that he has played this season…. Olivier Giroud has run more than 10 kilometres on each of the occasions that he has played the 90 minutes… Is Sanchez really working as hard as he can? In his last Premier League start against Hull he had the lowest average speed of all… Read more »


A pity i could upvote only once…

John C

You should take a closer look at his goal scoring and assist stats, they’re the one’s that put points on the board not distance covered.

Faisal Narrage

Another example of misuse of stats.

Did you consider his decrease in distance is due to his move to Centre Forward? A role where Wenger himself has said they’ve instructed Sánchez to conserve his energy more?


@ Faisal: Giroud plays at CF as well, I believe, yet still manages to outrun Sanchez.

@ John C: fine, but I was responding to the point about work rate


Maybe Alexis spends more time in possession of the ball than Giroud? Maybe Alexis engages in more short sprints than Giroud, both when attacking and trying to press? Both are classed as “running”, but a jogger will end up covering more distance than a sprinter. And by the way, Ozil is only “styled as diffident” by people who cannot properly judge a hot-dog eating contest, never mind top-level professional football. And using Alexis’ running stats in isolation without evaluating what that player actually does with the football is peak misuse of stats. This idea that he’s lost the ball 100… Read more »




I hope that Wenger is not dumb enough to sell him to a rival league team.

Anteneh Ademe

Well there’s nothing new here.


The ONLY way I see him signing a new deal is if our greedy board throw 300m quid at the squad, sign his two or three best mates and appoint a younger, more aggressive manager like Simeone. He’s like a half George and half Arsene clone that got contaminated by a Roy Keane sperm. Just what we need. Up the Arse!

Alan Sunderland

I think he wants to leave regardless of money because our team is a bunch of pussies. Manager needs to announce he’s going now. Festival of remembering arsene Wenger till end of season (who cares if we finish lower down for one year) and he can help find and appoint successor. Renewal and optimism next year and a big clear out of our underachieving squad

canon 10000

The least this club can do is to refuse to sell to a direct rival. What is ideal is that Alexis stays with us.

C’mon Alexis, Costa and Hazard aren’t as cool as Giroud and Ozil!


Why should we assume he’s leaving? Brand Alexis and brand Mesut has only gotten bigger and better after joining us. If we go all out and sign a player like Griezmann, all of a sudden we’ll look like world beaters on paper. Who wouldn’t wanna join a team of Alexis, Ozil, Cazorla, Griezmann, Koscielny, Cech? Add to that a bunch of internationals and some exciting young players. Let’s finish the season as high as possible, go out and make a statement in the market. If we can get one world class player like Griezmann then it’s easier to attract more.… Read more »


In theory yes that shows the ambition other players like to see. But I’m going to be a wet blanket and say I don’t see us spending 100m on anyone. Unless a Messi / Neymar miraculously wanted to come. We can also forget about Mbappe now that his star has risen like silly to the 100m range. Best we can expect to see is more cast-offs from restless Spanish clubs. We’re not going to outbid any direct competitors.

That’s a depressing statement to have to make. But “hopes in one hand” and all that.


Our policy has never been to outbid other clubs. But, if we can convince the player to come here then we can go in and make a reasonable premium bid. We spent 100 million last season, We could do that again this season. If we are going to spend 70-80 million on a player I will put that on a ballon d’or level player like Antoine. He comes across as a level headed guy and could easily integrate into our squad. The key is Champions League football.

Sir Henry Norris\'s Brown Envelope

There is no point in having all those star players with a manager who is not able to motivate them


Still flogging that dead horse? Our problems are not about the players.

uncle D

Happy lama! ?

uncle D

This is a rumour and won’t help the situation at Arsenal at the moment!

uncle D

Quite disappointed by this post! It is something will do.


Exactly. Edited to fit the overall narrative ar the moment. Disappointed that arseblog does this too.


Definitely would leave a bad taste, but, if we are honest with ourselves, who would blame Sanchez for such a move. In all of our chosen professions we, most of us anyways, want to do the best we can and achieve the highest goals possible.

Unfortunately, as of now, and in football terms, Arsenal is not a vehicle to achieve such ambitions. There are enough examples of our stars leaving for greener pastures (which actually did turn out to be greener). Sanchez is just another to add to the list.

It is what it is. But either way, COYG.


Everyone, please relax. This is the media (no slight at Arseblog News Hound, as the source comes from The Guardian) doing what the media does best: pure speculation, especially in a dull week. We are a fragile bunch right now for obvious reasons, and Arsenal are always the chief target of speculation because we do our dealings behind closed doors and not in the papers. I’m sure Chelsea and every other team in Europe would love to have Alexis Sanchez in their squad, and if we do make him available for transfer we’ll certainly sell him for quite a sum… Read more »


While I genuinely would love to see him resign the reality is this current team needs to be almost totally gutted and rebuilt to truly challenge. It’s hard to see what Alexis would want to stay for that – especially as he can get the same or greater wages at PSG with an actual shot at the Champions League. Really hard to see why he would want to stay


I don’t think the team needs to be gutted, but some parts need to be moved on and new ones brought in; we shouldn’t forget how good we were in the first half of this season, and a few additions to improve certain areas could go a long way. Though we can’t possibly know the truth, Sanchez does seem to like life in London with Arsenal. He’s lauded by our fans when he’s on the pitch, and he loves to be loved, and while fans and pundits are very critical of our chances of ever winning something big, I think… Read more »


When I look at the team I just see a lot of players in the squad that have “potential” but really haven’t performed up to that potential in years. We still like to think a lot of these guys as young but the reality is that Ramsey, Jack, Gibbs, the Ox etc are largely living off the potential label at a point where they should be starting to hit their peak. How many Arsenal players would get into Chelsea – Sanchez? That says a lot about the current squad.


I agree with your “potential”-label point and that some change is needed in this squad, and that there will be some tough decisions made as a number of players are moved on this summer. Ox took a step forward this season, I think, and he’s one I’m sure we’ll try hard to re-sign; I’m not so sure about Ramsey, Wilshere, and Gibbs any longer… Chelsea play a very different style of football, and are the in-form team, so I don’t know if that’s a fair question. We are underperforming to a man right now, so hard to judge that fairly.… Read more »


Hopefully you’re right but what separates class from form is the ability to consistently perform – unfortunately for the past however many years too many Arsenal players only seem to demonstrate purple patches.

Jack Action

If Chelsea offers a good price why not consider it? We’re on a downward arc, let’s not pretend Chelsea are our competition any longer, that’s a laugher… we’re battling Everton, West Ham, Southampton et al for 5th and Europa spots in the second tier of the Premier League. We’re not competing any time soon with City, Utd, Spurs, Liverpool and Chelsea with Wenger in charge for another 2 years.

canon 10000

Do you think we can top Everton, West Ham, Southampton without players like Alexis and Ozil and Ox? Also, seeing Alexis is blue would be like getting hammered 5-1 every week. Need more reasons?


I don’t know. I mean if he wants to go the reality is that sure, he has been clutch at times for us this season and it would hurt our offense. But truthfully we’ve mainly fucked ourselves with defensive ineptitude and a vacant midfield. Same old story. With a more stable base and spine and better team organization effort to win the ball back we will still score goals even with someone else in his role. It very well may not be as many, but if we don’t brown our shorts so many times that isn’t as much of a… Read more »


At this point, with all the other problems in this squad, does it matter whether we keep him or not, or where we sell him? If we refuse to fix the recurring problems with the squad, apart from pissing the fans off a bit, it won’t make much difference.

canon 10000

Those recurring problems you speak of… in all that time the only dependable performer has been Alexis. So it matters muchly.


Yet again plenty of amateur dramatics on this board I see.:D There’s not much the Board or Kroenke can do if the player is not motivated to stay. Unless the offer up silly Pogba money, its more about his appetite. Even so with the way we have failed to achieve the significant prizes, I very much doubt it is purely an issue of money. And as I have mentioned repeatedly, we know there are 6 to 7 clubs in world club football who can spend more than us. Chelsea are among them, City another United, Bayern, Barca and Real not… Read more »


I don’t see any decent, ambitious player ever wanting to play for Wenger, even the French ones (Kante). Now I read other clubs are circling to get young Willock, after Gnabry Arsenal will never learn. A downward spiral is a coming, hope it’s not a Brain Clogh, Notts Forest one.

canon 10000

All big teams stumble once in a while. We might not get the Messis and the Zlatans and the Pogbas – we haven’t in years. Even Ozil and Alexis were pushed out of their clubs. But there are many good players out there. We have done it when we had no money…


This is Arsenal we’re talking about. Just like we let our CAPTAIN and TOP SCORER leave to united on the cheap, we’ll do the same for Alexis. At best we’ll get our initial investment best back…?


Ok guys Arsenal supporter all my life – Alex is chooses to go I understand – Arsenal let him go to premier league club then I’m done
Will choose championship club to bavk and fuck Wenger


Don’t do that mate…


I say sell him to Chelsea or city but make them fight for him along with other clubs and make a big amount off him. If they want him they will pay the price but make sure the money made us spend on new players we could get a few good players for the money we sell Sanchez.


I have to say the happy lama has done the job for me thank you.


So we make him see out his contract and then literally give him to Chelsea in 2018, or we sell him overseas this summer. Not a pretty set of options.


I’ve said it before and I will say it again. We’ve won no Premier League with him and we won no Premier League without him. Players have come and gone and we still churn out the same performances. We could replace him with Reus or whoever and I’m pretty sure nothing would change. Yawn.


we can get a top 6 place even without Alexis. if we want to finish top we need another top striker in addition to him.


It should be said that llamas aren’t always cute, there was one in the Wildlife Park here in the Isle of Man who was a right cunt.


I can very much see this happening, unfortunately. They’re one of very few clubs who can afford his wages and match his ambitions. There’s lots of talk of Hazard, Willian and Costa leaving for big money too, from the supporters at Chelsea, not just the media. As for those saying we won’t sell to a Premier League club – when exactly was the last time we properly dug in over that? Hate to bring up painful memories but we all know the club will act in its best financial interests, regardless of what the fans think. Still think it’s an… Read more »

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