Wednesday, December 1, 2021

Video: Elneny scores for Egypt against Togo

It’s a quiet old Interlull, but there’s nothing like a fun goal to help pass the time, and Mohamed Elneny scored one today.

The Arsenal midfielder was sent clean through on goal, took the ball down beautifully, then stood forlorn as his shot was blocked by the keeper.

Seconds later though, the ball rebounded back in front of him and he didn’t need a second invitation to smash the ball low into the net.

Egypt ran out 3-0 winners in the end.

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Faisal Narrage

Bench Ramsey and give Neny a chance.


I will never understand fans using Ramsey as a scapegoat


All biases aside, Ramsey hasn’t been in top form for us, we’re not about to bench Xhaka, and we have better #10 options.

Beside that I think Elneny is very much the most characteristically suitable player to replace Ramsey in the lineup, and he’s positionally and gameplan disciplined. He chases and defends and presses to win the ball back.

Faisal Narrage

Then you don’t watch Arsenal live enough.

And besides, it’s not a scapegoat. We currently perform with 3-CMs. If Elneny is to be given a chance, who should it be for? Ox? Xhaka or Ramsey?

In terms of similarities, Elneny and Ramsey are the most similar. Both offer high energy, box to box ability, shooting from distance, difference is some of us believe Neny is more disciplined positionally, and technically better (doesn’t require as many touches as Ramsey normally does).

Spanish Gooner

I like Elneny and I think he would be fantastic as one of a 3 man midfield


This guy and Lucas have got really rotten deals in terms of playing time this season. We can only speculate what might’ve been different if they’d been used properly. Both of them are so efficient and really contribute something tangible to the team dynamic.


I agree with Lucas. But Elneny? His passing rate is good, but too many side passes. Not that good defensively either. If he can add clean cynical foul to break the offense to his game, then he’ll be a strong candidate in the midfield. I think he has the same quality as Arteta and still has a lot in his tank.

Mustafi love but it\'s over now

Hearing of Togo reminded me of when Emmanuel Adebayor was good. Ahhh 2007 where does the time go?


He has to start this weekend against city.

Spanish Gooner

He won’t


He got a lucky break but lashed that shot in.
Nice one Mo, underrated player.


Does anyone else think that goal keeper looks a whole lot like Dwayne Dibbley?


haha, not really, but Dwayne Dibbley, that’s a blast from the past. Maybe I’ll dig out some old Red Dwarf this weekend rather than watching the football…


Elneny targeting the net!!! Today anything is possible. Maybe even Arsenal still can win the leage though


Elneny targeting the net!!! Today anuthing is posible. Maybe Arsenal still can win the league, though


Watch out he might target you next time ??


Funniest goal of the week … Ramsey just needs a decent run to get his mojo back. Give Alexis 250,000 quid a week after this free kick today. Please.


He has not played enough or had a proper run of games for the Arsenal yet the peanut gallery have written this guy off and proclaims that he’s shit.
I like what I’ve seen from Mo. For sure he can improve in some areas, but I think there’s a real useful player there if we can get him some game time.
Wenger is renowned for giving players a chance, but Mo hasn’t been given that opportunity yet.
We’re in the midst of our worst run of results under the manager, so why not give him a chance?

Faisal Narrage

Because of the hierarchy.
There’s an invisible pecking order at Arsenal.


He will never make it at Arsenal scoring goals like that. Everyone knows that you have to walk ot in……Walk.It.In.


Exactly. Wenger regretted signing him the moment he realised how willing Elneny was to shoot from outside of the box lol!


A great goal . Ruthless. No pity no mercy .

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