Monday, August 8, 2022

Wenger admits protests will influence decision over his future

Arsene Wenger says that protests over his future will play a part in the decision he makes at the end of this season.

The manager is under more pressure than ever before in his Arsenal career, and before the Bayern Munich game on Tuesday night, there was an organised march about him which urged the club not to offer him a new contract.

Asked at his press conference today if those protests would be something he bears in mind when it comes time to making a decision, the 67 year old replied, “Yes. Of course, you consider everything.

“It will not be the most important factor, but you consider it of course.”

Pressed on whether or not he’d made a decision, he continued, “My decision is to focus on the next game and make sure that we respond well on Saturday.”

He was also asked if suggestions he’d told the players what he was going to do were nonsense. His reply:


There was also this from BBC reporter Dan Roan who, having asked Wenger if he was going to be remembered more for failure, said this:

Whatever you think of the manager at this point, that tone of question is out of order. Wenger’s reply was to talk about football, but that’s clearly not the focus of some of the media right now.

As we prepare to face non-league Lincoln City in the cup, there wasn’t one question about what a brilliant fixture this is for the opposition, and almost nothing about the game itself.

Wenger remains front and centre the story right now, and only winning games will take the spotlight off him for a while.

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Respect to the fans for taking action and voicing their opinion, shame on the ones disrespecting Wenger. There’s nothing wrong with wanting a different t manger, but Wenger has been a faithful and loyal servant to the club and he doesn’t deserve to be disrespected after all he’s done for this club. It’s obvious he’s leaving at the end of the season, let’s try to not let it get ugly, and show some class.


If it is obvious he is leaving, then he should come out and declare that he’s leaving. Once he does that everyone will rally behind him. Otherwise he’s just being selfish, acting as if he is bigger than the club and is accountable to no one.

Wilshere for Striker

Maybe this requires a bit of logical thinking but he can’t announce anything till everything is finalised.. That means next coach as well if he’s leaving

Wilshere for Striker

Plus his leaving will also be dependent on Arsenal being able to get a good enough replacement


Yeah I agree, I think he should come out and announce he’s leaving. I honestly think even his biggest critics would get behind him for last couple of months and pay him respect. Fergie said his biggest mistake was announcing he was leaving early because he felt his players stopped playing for him, and that’s Sir Alex Ferguson’s Man United that won the league. We already have an issue with motivating our players, and no matter how much you know about Arsenal, you can’t predict how the players would respond to that message. So let’s see, he said he’ll announce… Read more »


I want Arsene Wenger to STAY and I hope he stays. The season started brightly some of his current players mentality and the contract situations at the club right is what has breed selfishness in the team and caused a lack of team and collective effort by the players NOT all is the managers fault. I hope he stays my only request is he stops being NICE!!!!!!!!! he needs to let a few players go! OZIL should lead the way. He needs to be ruthless this summer but i don’t think He’s the one to be leaving just yet.


I agree with the top comment. I get that people are frustrated, I am one of those, but I think at times the fan base should show more class at times. I was in the boozer before the kick off on Tuesday night and I saw all the activity on Twitter as the news came filtering in about the march. I couldn’t tell from the videos if it was just against Arsene, or the boards as well, but I hope they really had a pop at the ownership too. Silent Stan is just as much to blame for the last… Read more »

The Loon Ranger

Alright everybody gedts the picture, time for change but with all the bitching I reckon it’s time to remember the best moment you’ve had with Arsene. 2002 Manure 0 Arsenal 1 Sang myself hoarse. Big Sol carrying Viera round the pitch. Colder than a penguin’s chuff in the station cos the old bill wouldn’t let us all get on the train what a weekend. Happier than a butcher’s dog. He may have lost it now but I’ll love him forever for giving me that moment. May your God go with you Arsene as Dave Allen used to say.


I would like Wenger to stay just because after all he’s done for this club, I’d hate for him to leave this way. Fans chanting “Arsene Wenger, you’re killing our club” …… oh please! Let’s not go that far, he took us from being a big English team to being one of the biggest teams in world football. We have an amazing platform for the next manager to build a great team, regardless to how this season ends. We’re stale, yes, not progressing, yes, falling short in the same way every season, yes. Killing our club? I’m sorry, let’s not… Read more »


Still no sign he will leave this summer, i dont know which one who want him to stay the most, the boards or Wenger himself. I just wish he come out now and announce he will partways with us this summer, 100% the fans will back him till the end of the season and give him a special send-off in the last game.


There was an organised march of about 200 people before the Bayern match. Just leaving an extra bit of information here.


It’s such a strange time being an Arsenal fan. I do understand the fan’s frustrations. I will never abuse Arsene, ever. Even after a 10-2 aggregate loss. However, i do see that it’s time for him to leave. If he continues next season, i’m not sure i will have the motivation to watch another season, (even though i know i probably will watch). I’m just sick and tired of the same old problems. It’s just tedious now.


Yes, we are all sick of old problems.

We want NEW problems instead! 😀

Ponsonby gooner

Most intelligent comment I have read all week.


You forgot to add that loads, if not most of the protesters where like 16 years old……


Not sure what age has to do with it. You might not agree with the march, and I wasn’t in favour of it personally, but being younger doesn’t make you any less of a fan or less entitled to an opinion!


What does age have to do with it? A 16 year old boy knows fuck all about who should be managing Arsenal, and doesn’t know “hard times” as an Arsenal fan any more than I know the ins and outs of communication between members of the worm family.

Little shits need a slap.


Thank you.

How should a teenager be entitled to judge Arsène?

I mean, C’mon. Get real. This is the real Arsenal world, a big club, not the playground, where the bully gets to biggest share in PR.


I think age does come into it as someone who is16 would only have ever known Wenger as manager and most likely only the less succesful years so they would be influenced by that more than someone who watched a midfield of Hillier, Selley and Morrow toil away and finish out of the top 4 for example. They are of course entitled to their opinion but as with anything age often brings more varied experience on a topic upon which to base your judgement


You mention Selley, Morrow and Hillier. I always think that players of this generation must be kicking themselves that they missed out on the money. If they’d have been a few years younger, they could have played for minor PL teams (let alone Arsenal), and basically retired at 35. As it it, according to Wikipedia, David Hillier was last seen as a fireman in Bristol.

John C

You mean the Steve Morrow who scored the winning goal in the league cup final to win us the league cup? that Steve Morrow?

Those players you mentioned won an unprecedented domestic cup double and a European trophy a year later.

I don’t know what point you’re trying to make?


Yes that Steve Morrow John. The point i am making is that midfield given as an example werent particularly attractive to watch when compared by todays standards and that if a 16 year old for example complains about the current midfield then he would have had a fit about that one. I’m not knocking Morrow or the others at all just saying that i remember that period as pretty drab football for a while regardless of the cup success. Of course that could open up an entirely different debate of success vs attractive football which is valid but Wenger’s early… Read more »

John C

For a start the “bunch of 16 years olds” line is a load of crap, maybe some 16 years olds definitely but it’s a typical diversionary tactic being used by the Wenger in crowd to dead end the discussion, which is exactly what you’re trying to do.

And that Cup final in Copenhagen was one of the most entertaining, nail biting, joyful matches this club has ever played and everything this team isn’t, i’d happily trade some of that for what we have now, they wouldn’t have suffered the humiliation the team did on Tuesday!


Ah ok now i see why you appear to be a bit agitated by my comments. You are boiling it down to the usual Wenger in vs Wenger out issue. Well i did not state my opinion either way so you are barking up the wrong tree there, i was merely offering an explanation to the question as to why 16 year old opinions might not be as objective. I am not trying to dead end any discussion Regarding the 94 Euro win it was enjoyable to win it but we rode our luck against a better side as we… Read more »

John C

I’m not agitated at all, just didn’t know what your point was when bringing up past players who actually helped the club win things in relation to 16 years olds wanting a change of manager. If your point was 16 year olds don’t have historical context you chose a poor example. You also said they played in a drab team, i countered that by highlighting the excitement of our European win that your poorly chosen players were part of. Riding our luck against better sides was very much the reason for that excitement, it’s certainly better than getting pasted every… Read more »


I don’t think i chose a poor one at all. We played three defensive mids at that time.The football in general was drab over that period in general and one Euro win doesn’t cancel out the drabness of many league encounters of that time

John C

At the moment we play with about 8 attacking players and that’s pretty drab too in my opinion.

I’d rather go into a game with 3 defensive midfielders with the hope of beating a better team than what we have now which is resignation and wonder of how many we’ll lose by.

knowing we’re going to lose is not entertaining at all.


And i agree with all of that, mainly because i am not 16 and can apply context using the past experiences and what i have seen over the years. My original point being that roughly ten years of watching football would only have encompassed the worse Wenger years and that in my opinion a lot of those 16 year olds probably would have complained about the teams we had circa morrow etc aswell

Joel Carter

“Not sure what age has to do with it”

Young people generally lack perspective.

Mustrum Ridcully

Ad hominem attacks shows the attacker to be bereft of good argument!


Thank you.

How should a teenager be entitled to judge Arsène?

I mean, C’mon. Get real. This is the real Arsenal world, a big club, not the playground, where the bully gets to biggest share in PR.

DAC Gooner

But if you think about the rubbish posted on social media you would believe there were at least 20,000.

We may be upset about the current run of form, but the majority have enough respect for AW to treat him with dignity. As much as I do believe the time for change has come, I also believe that the current structure of the club could not deal with the void if AW left now. The thing that really bothers me is that even if he left in two year’s time will the board have put the right structure in place?

Slippery Slope

Ok, so here’s a question, what do we do about it then? He just intimated the fans can influence his decision, we know the board won’t and I think it’s clear he would rather look for a way to keep going than leave. So is it better to say nothing and hope for the best or do we use this an invitation to try and evoke change? This is a genuine question from someone who goes to every home game and has been lucky enough (and I still believe that) to have had a season ticket for a few years… Read more »

John C

I think Arsene answered your question this morning, if you would like him to leave, make you voice heard!


I think the way you’ve set up the question, you can only have one answer, which is to join the protest against the manager with banners and flags, and achieve the kind of unified, loud, unmistakable voice Wenger cannot ignore. I disagree with this approach completely, because I think at affects the team and our season rather negatively, and deepens the malaise at the club; I also think it is a short-cut to try and escape the pangs of a difficult season and the broader issues haunting the club (we’ll still have the same players everyone labels ‘soft,’ ‘spineless,’ ‘leaderless,’… Read more »


200 people out 50 odd thousand at the ground really doesn’t say much


Well, we all know the problem of Arsenal is Özil who now is taking hostage this poor Arsène.


Load of crap, he’ll always be remembered most for the Invincibles, doubles, the stadium and the intellect and way he conducted himself in the interests of our club.

He’ll be remembered as the greatest (or maybe the second if you remember the 1930s) manager we ever had.


That one has to go back to 1930s to have a comparison says it all. He will always be remembered as a legend. The man has class and integrity, two words that can’t be associated with bbc and the rest of these fake news idiots.

John C

Not really, a rather significant event was taking place between 1939 and 1945 which understandably reset the fortunes of clubs throughout England (and indeed most of the world)


Legend. Simple as that.

David C

and he’ll have a statue one day!

It’s probably time for him to go, but the protests and lame questions from reporters are so downright disrespectful to a living legend.

Sadly, I’m also starting to see why so many other teams make fun of our fans….


To hell with BBC and the rest of them media pricks.

Clive St Helmet

There is definitely an agenda and so many of us fans are complying with it.

John C

What agenda?


The media love ‘crisis at Arsenal’ — we dominated every single page on Wednesday morning with ‘capitulation amidst protest’ headlines, and every pundit was delivering their blows while the Wenger-Out crew held the old man’s arms behind his back.

Arsenal fans are portrayed in the media as the laughing stock of the league for being so entitled, so critical, and so unbalanced; 80% of the league would love to have the problems we cope with every season. We embody the depiction to a button.

John C

What is a crisis if not suffering the largest knock out defeat of any english club in the history of european football?

What is a crisis at a club the size of Arsenal if not losing 5 of the last 7 games?

What is a crisis at a club the size of Arsenal if not conceding 16 goals in 4 matches against our rival within a space a month?

Sorry but all of those events are unprecedented in the history of Arsenal football club and are signs of serious systemic failure within the club. It is a crisis!


Right, I’m not saying we don’t have a lot to worry about at the moment; rather, the media preys upon this and blows it up such that everyone is calling for the club to burn it all down: the owner is hated, the board is hated, the manager is hated, and some of the players are hated. We are in a really bad period, but we need to maintain perspective.

Bob's Mexican Cousin

We went out of the Champions League against one of the top three sides in Europe; sp*rs didn’t make it out of the group stage in a weak group and crashed out of Europe against a giant of a team called Gent. We are the ones in crisis?! It is the same every single year, maybe its the natural thing to attack the rich guys; I don’t know, but don’t kid yourself about there not being an agenda.


It hurts the way things are playing out. I’m genuinely scared of how our future is panning out. A few years ago I never would have said that.


Look at the effect it had on Barcelona that Enrique announced he was stepping down.

Not saying he should, but I think if he did its would allow the whole infrastructure around the club and the team itself to get focused on ending this chapter in the best way possible and getting ready for the next

just my 0.02€


Yes and look at what happened at Man City when Pellegrini announced his departure.


Fuck Dan Roan.


Can I give this a million thumbs up? Everyone at BBC football are talentless cretins, especially Roan and McNulty (exception being Vickery).

Square Balls

I’m starting to get very concerned, for this club, for the next 6-12 months. A lot of media talk is utter drivel but no smoke without fire.


Wenger please announce you will leave this summer ASAP, so the boards have much time to find the replacement, and all the fans will unite to give you the best send off in.
The uncertainty is toxic not just for the fans but also for the players.

D dubbs

The tone of that question is extremely unprofessional. The media (by and large) have had it in for Wenger. They do not like him. His intelligence is seen as being pretentious and he’s managed to stay in a job (opinions on this valid of course) where the media has always managed to be one strong element of a driving force behind this merry go round of managers in the PL.


… and the pretend Arsenal fan Piers Morgan is the media spearhead wanker.


First of all… Wenger has a untenable position. But He is not the cause of this. Stan kroeke is. He is the guy who sets the agenda. He sets the targets. He approves the purchases. If he is happy with top 4 and last 16 then Wenger has knocked the last 8 years out of the park. Wengers replacement will face the same low ambition from his owner. To be successful he will have to be more of a cloudy or a mourihno than a Wenger or a guardiola. He will have to bully and cajole the owner. So Kroenke… Read more »


To some degree this is true, but only from the capacity that there is clearly no pressure from above. However, on the other hand, he doesn’t interfere with footballing matters. We also don’t know who he would appoint. The only rumour that came from one of the Kroenkes was Thierry Henry which is hardly a safe pair of hands. That being said, if that does indeed happen, then people will be looking directly at Kroenke which will hurt his investment because the team will suffer, sponsorship deals will likely be affected, more empty seats, etc. I would imagine that a… Read more »


I disagree on Thierry.. Thierry is the quintessential “safe pair of hands” he has always said and done what his paymasters demanded. He is an Arsenal legend, but he’s also a Pr man. He rocks the boat from the outside. If your looking for an ex player… Dennis bergkamp would be better. He is actually coaching. And has a status at the club that is rivalled only by Henry, Bergkamp would not tolerate kroenke. I don’t care if he can’t make it to every away game in Europe. His number two can fill in out in Kiev or Norwich or… Read more »

Bendtner's Ego

Does Stan recruit the players?
Does Stan decide who to buy and sell?
Does Stan manage the paractices?
Does Stan decide the tactics?
Does Stan fill out the team sheet?

No. Kroenke and co. provide the infrastructure, but Wenger does all of the above and that is why he has to take the blame for these players not achieving because on paper, this is a very good squad.

Bendtner's Ego


Can you please take me off comment moderation? I’ve done nothing to warrant this.


Me too Blogs. Been posting here and in the arses (Dadoprsosponytail) for ages

Crash Fistfight

I think it’s to do with the device you use (I think you brought it up the other day). I can post fine on a PC but stay in moderation limbo for (literally) hours on my phone.

Crash Fistfight

ok, this is weird. I’ve posted below fine and got moderated above. Is it because I replied to blogs?


I keep getting moderated even though I’ve been posting here for ages and in the arses (under Dadoprsosponytail) for a long time too.


90 million pounds spent last summer, Stan might not be applying pressure, but he surely is not preventing Wenger from doing better. I honestly don’t understand the blame on Kroenke, excepting that he could be publicly more ambitious and place more pressure on Wenger. The question is do you want a more engaged owner that interferes with the manager?


what did our rivals spend that we are trying to compete with?


“We need a disruptor, we need a Brian clough.”

Brian Clough was Forest’s greatest manager and he got them relegated from which they have yet to recover. #KroenkeOut

Liam Bradys left peg

Exactly. Wenger loves the game and our club. Kroenke knows fuckall about FOOTBALL and probably calls it soccerball and knows fuckall about Arsenal and doesnt give a shit about our club or results as long as he picks up his slice of pie. The next manager will face the same lack of ambition from the board. Kroenke needs to fuck off or spend big to pay for top players + wages and we all know that wont happen. KROENKE OUT!!

Sir Henry Norris's Brown Envelope

Who thumbed this down? Sp^rs fans?


I agree that fan protests should influence his decision. But if I was him I’d focus more on the fact that he can only get about six decent performances a year out of a 200 million wage bill. Or how, after 20 years of champions league money and ten years in a money hoovering stadium his club are an average of about a point better than Spurs, and are in the process of being taken over by them.

That’s more the kind of things I’d be looking at if I was him.


“My decision is to focus on the next game and make sure that we respond well on Saturday.”

How’d that work put last time?

Chins up everyone, we’ll be back…..Bigger and better COYG


Wenger will (or at least should) be remembered as a legend of the game and our greatest manager. But it’s possible to believe that and also believe he doesn’t have the answers for the current team, it’s not either or


Firstly, Dan Roan can fuck right off. Now I’ve got that out of the way…Do I want Arsene to sign a new deal? No I don’t, I think we need new ideas, tactics & motivation. BUT..Stan Kroenke & Ivan Gazidis are getting away scott free at the moment, sitting on their hands while Arsene is taking all the flack and it’s not on. The board have been happy to sit on their hands for (literally) years while Arsene did (virtually) everything while they counted the coins. It shouldn’t have to come to the point where fans are demonstrating against a… Read more »

Crash Fistfight

I haven’t listened to the clip yet, but Dan Roan is a cunt in any case. I seem to recall him logging in to the comments section of one of his ‘pieces’ on the BBC website and abusing posters for having the temerity to criticise the shit he put out. From that point on, whenever I see anything written by him or his punchable face on TV I turn my attention to something else.

Wilshere's good fibula

It hurts to see one of the greatest in this situation. It’s like a bad dream. Hopefully the players recognize who’s taking on the media agenda and do what they’re supposed to do while being paid thousands of pounds a week.

Dale Adams

Stop attending matches. Demand he goes. #kroenkeout. 100%, but wenger out 1st. I dont think Kroenke has anything to do with the constant mental weakness at the emirates, the regular collapses, 8-2, 6-0, 5-1, 6-1, 5-1, 5-1. That is 100% wenger, he needs to admit it and leave our club alone


I think Wenger should go at the end of the season, but I do believe that it’s unfair to put the blame solely on him. If fans could protest Kroenke and Gazidis as loudly as they do arguably our greatest manager in history, that would be great.

Gunnersaurus Rex

Yes, Stan Kroenke is not innocent in all this, but as someone pointed out above, he does not get involved in footballing matters. That is down to AW. He has mismanaged this team for a number of years now. He hasn’t tried a new formation in years, persisting with 4-3-3 when clearly we haven’t had the personel to play this way. Every single player in this squad is his so he must take the majority of the responsibility. If they are not good enough it is because a) they haven’t been coached well enough b) his eye for a player… Read more »


All valid points; I might add something 7am recently pointed out. Ramsey, Walcott, Chamberlain and several of our long-term prospects can’t deliver a measured pass. For a team looking to play Wengerball, it’s a mystery as to why Wenger hasn’t been able to coach that in them. Previous Wenger teams did not have the same problem. Almost all of our players could deliver slick, perfectly-timed passes and that’s exactly why we were able to stay afloat all those years, and even come close to winning the league a couple of times.

Mustrum Ridcully

Just looking at the last two year’s results, it is clear that Wenger has not achieved the result that a club of Arsenal’s statute deserve. Looking at the way the team has played in the last few matches, it is clear something is awry with the tactics and the motivation. Unless Wenger addresses this, he should declare he is leaving at the Ned if the season like Enrique at Barcelona. Perhaps, he should take a hands-off role as a non-exec!

Dale Adams

WHat can he address now that he couldn’t in 12 years? There should be no option to stay, in fact he should leave right away if u ask me. All he did was get us elevated to the so called ‘elite’ status, only for us to be the whipping boys of this elite, guaranteed, every time. #wenger out now


I’m pretty sure the quality of the food offered on Taco Tuesday might also influence his decision on his future though I assume that is higher on his list than what the fans think.


All of this discussion is pretty irrelevant. Arsene isn’t going anywhere. He loves football. He loves managing. He doesn’t want to retire. The board is behind him. They don’t want to bring in a top-line manager who demands a big war chest. So, after pretending to give the issue serious consideration, Arsene will say he’s the best man to solve Arsenal’s problems and loves the club too much to walk away, etc etc, and soldier on.


Wengers in or out doesn’t matter what matters is this gent gets the respect he clearly deserves. 21 yrs this man has given to us and took us from mediocrity the the lofty heights of unbeaten season. Anyone who can’t respect that is a poor Arsenal fan as far as im concerned.


The best thing would be for Arsene to come out and say “next season is my last”. That’d give those who want to see him go out on a high one more chance to see it, and it’d give those who want change the knowledge that change is coming.

Also it’s clear that in lieu of a decent title race the media have selected the next easy copy. I really hope Arsene writes a book when he retires and makes it clear what’s gone down in the past 10 years.


I agree with this 100%!


I HATE how we talk about him, and to him. Us. Football fan all around. Of every club. Mourinho apart, I doubt ANY football, neutral or otherwise, should ever bad-mouth a manager with as much legacy as Wenger has. Ever. Even a Sp*rs manager. Even in their worst period of performance. Some things are just not right


Wenger has brought all this on himself. He will sign that contract and we will be talking about the same thing next year right around this time.


I will remember this season not for going out to Bayern (which has happened before and will happen again whomever manages), not for not winning the league (which has happened before and will happen again whomever manages) and not for the fact that we seem to have plateued (which has happened plenty pre-Wenger boys and girls and will happen again but probably not top 4 for 20 years plateau) but for being utterly embarassed by Arsenal fans


Dan Roan is an arrogant prick…


Hi Dan,
Are you going to be remembered more for:
a) being a massive cunt
b) having a large spherical head
c) being mediocre at everything you do

Yes, you’re right, it’s d) none of the above. You’re not going to be remembered. By anyone.

Yankee Gooner

Two points: 1) if you feel the need to add abuse of Wenger to protests for a new manager, it’s you–not Wenger–who most needs to evaluate their relationship to AFC;

2) has there been any thought to a “buy nothing” form of protest? Not turning up may be visually effective, but the ticket money is still in the bank. But showing up, supporting the team, and not spending a cent in the grounds DOES affect income.

Crash Fistfight

Erm, not turning up would also guarantee those people that haven’t turned up would not spend any money. Unless you mean “not buying a ticket in the first place”?


I don’t want Wenger to leave. I think he’s a great manager and in my mind one of the best in the world.

I hope he stays. I hope he keeps fighting as he has had to this day. And I hope he lifts both the champions League and the premier League trophies with arsenal.

I understand people have different opinions and that’s always welcome. What I don’t understand is the vitriol and abuse. Especially to a servant of the club, and regardless of anyone’s opinion no one can fault Wenger for his commitment.


I’m with you, Ali. I think Wenger needs to reboot the way Arsenal do things, on all fronts, but I still believe he’s more than capable to win titles with Arsenal. Though I admire his loyalty to the players deeply, he has to be more demanding and ruthless to achieve our goals. The under-performers have to be moved on, and those bent on winning the big games have to show themselves. I love our team, but Wenger needs a little more to work with out there (Bayern, Barcelona, Real all have lineups that put much of ours to shame), just… Read more »


The blind leading the blind! We need a reboot, a manager who has at least a fresh new decent idea about training, tactics, who will get rid of Wenger’s Dross players & old ways. Jesus how much longer, please nobody feel sorry for this multi millionaire anymore.


I can only say that this is a terrible time to be an Arsenal fan and not just because of results. Some some fans seem like they just hate the club which is weird. I get irritation at not winning the league. I get the same old story rhetoric but really Arsenal have consistently been a top team when other big teams have dropped off…like really dropped. Watching the ridiculous toilet roll protest on Tv just pissed me off. I think people should get off blaming the manager for everything while the players laugh their way to the bank and… Read more »


Shame this is. I don’t disagree that people should make their voices heard but I think there were classier ways to do things. Particularly in respect to a man who has poured his sweat and tears to build this club up to an extraordinary level. To accuse him of ruining the club is simply ludicrous and hyperbolic. Personally I would save any protest till end of season (last two games maybe). Also the banner should maybe read “Time for change” rather than the more crass and accusatory “Wenger Out”. We have still significant battles ahead and the last thing we… Read more »


Get in Vieira with Henry as his assistant and Wenger can become director of football. Failing that- we can sell out and get a Russian billionaire to own the club. Except we have our own Russian billionaire, don’t we? But our board refuses to take his money…or something like that. Actually, as I write this, I’m really warming to the idea of selling out. If Wenger goes then I hope Gazidis and Kronke follow him. We’ll get a rich foreign guy who love the premier league and wants his own super club. We can didn’t obscene amounts of money on… Read more »


A theory. Maybe the players have been informed of Wengers decision to leave. Why do I think this? Ozil and Sanchez have been implied at one stage or another that the biggest reason they signed for Arsenal was the fact that Wenger was manager. Both players contracts are being run to the wire with Ozils performance dropping drastically and discord being shown from Sanchez. Is it possible players are aware of Wengers decision and the negative response from Ozil and Sanchez has trickled into the dressing room and into our performance on the pitch as a result. Who knows but… Read more »

Edgar rossignaud

If this is any help for Wenger to take the decision, my opinion is “GET OUT NOW” whatever today’s result

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