Thursday, June 1, 2023

Wenger dismisses Bellerin Barcelona reports

Earlier this week the Catalan press started their usual thing of linking an Arsenal player with the club ahead of a big summer move.

We’ve been down this road many times before, so we all know the drill. Negotiations, behind the scenes contact, player open to the move, all the usual swill that they have produced countless times over.

They need a right-back. Arsenal have a very good right-back with an obvious connection to the club, but asked about it today Arsene Wenger outright dismissed their chances of doing any kind of deal for Hector Bellerin.

“He has just extended his contract,” said the manager. “It’s an unbelievable amount of years to go. I believe again it’s very difficult to take these things seriously.”

The 21 year old just signed a 6 year contract extension back in November, and said at the time, “I wasn’t thinking about anything else other than staying here and continuing my development.

“This is where I’m happy. I’m just very grateful and pleased to have signed.”

So, for now, Barcelona can look elsewhere. And for some extra reading, check out the manager explaining the concept of bonuses to a journalist who didn’t quite understand.

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Arsenal DNA

Graeme Hawkins

We’ve been here so many times before, another player that Barcelona had literally zero interest in at youth level, and had he stayed there with them he probably wouldn’t be anywhere near the player he is now, and . surprise, surprise ….now they want him back because it turns out he is quite good. But what Wengers saying is literally out of his hands, players contracts aren’t worth the paper they’re written on now, they have all of the power, not the clubs. So if Barcelona are willing to pay up for him, and with silent Stan in charge, I… Read more »


If he’s got to go, he’s got to go. Till he doesn’t want to …don’t be going giving the chap a reason.


Its a sad realisation, but Hector will go at some point.


Great player, control of the ball usually fantastic, huge speed, intelligent.

Looking forward to him being here for years to come, ideally retiring with us.


Looking forward to him realising his potential and actually doing something of worth before these rumours start flying.


Have any of our players in recent years not left in this situation?


Bellerin and Koscielny both renewed amid rumors like this.

okorosha ibekwe

Neither will I want to believe Wenger’s denials, because he’s never truthful in this type is talk. Didn’t he say the same thing of Fabregas, and at last he left for Barcelona? Has he not recently affirmed that Ozil and Alexis will not be sold even if they refused to sign contract extensions, but I bet Alexis, at least will be sold this summer. Anyone who says he’s not fed up with Wenger doesn’t love Arsenal and stands on the way of this club’s progress. You see, a Chelsea fan friend(in Nigeria) was mocking me the other day with the… Read more »


Don’t let Chelsea fans tell you what you are or what you aren’t

Kampala gooner

My mama RIP always told me to be weary of the company I kept.


Weary = tired.

Once I get tired of people that’s that.


true dat


One of the main problems is negative supporters like you.


Agree. Too much drama.

Al Gilmore

Sounds like lots of “fans” who “chose” a club who was winning titles only for it to stop winning titles and don’t like it cos other fans who chose the new team who were winning titles now make fun of you.

Don’t like your “choice”?
Feel foolish for your choice??
Feel less of a person?

Sure. Lay down your burden. Choose someone else.

Let the real fans get on with supporting the club.



I’m not even sorry when I say this: F*CK OFF Barca. And shove your DNA up your *rse.

Terry Neill's conscience

Hector is one of a ever decreasing amount of players with honour…….unless the whole team falls apart I don’t think he would go……and I am still fucked off with that elbow in the face he got from Alonso which every dick pundit and newspaper thought was ok


None. All left.


wenger dismisses everything.. it’s hard to trust him on matters of transfer market…. if we do sell him, at leas 70mil… wtf is with the 35mil that’s being reported now?


Is that David Bowie in the stands?


It’s the lovechile of Van Gaal and Moyes as far as I can tell


Since this article is about him. Bellerin needs to up his game, tackle harder and get rid of that weird stache he’s got going. Looks like Escobar’s flunkey likely to get shot in the first minute of a shootout.


Six year contract. Middle finger to Barca.



Can I be removed from moderation please?


Thanks ?


Me too, what have I done to deserve moderation?


Debuchy is available

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