Friday, December 1, 2023

Alexis nominated for PFA Player of the Year award

Alexis Sanchez has been nominated for the PFA Player’s Player of the Year award.

The Chilean striker has scored 22 goals and notched 14 assists in what has been a disappointing season for the Gunners, but he’s still performed well enough to be one of the five nominees.

Sanchez joins Eden Hazard, Zlatan Ibrahimovic, Romelu Lukaku and Harry Kane in the list for the award.

The last time an Arsenal player won the award was in 2012 when Robin van Persie picked up the gong just before he buggered off to Man United.

Before that Thierry Henry won it in successive years in 2003 and 2004, but I’m really only mentioning that to pad out what is a pretty thin story.

When it comes right down to it, I couldn’t care less who the players consider their player of the year. I mean, if you asked them their favourite film 98% of them say The Shawshank Redemption which is a grand, pretty watchable film but not the masterpiece they all seem to think it is.

Let’s also remember they think Nando’s is super-nice too, so I don’t see why we should pay any real attention to any of this.

Finally insert a line here about how if Alexis does win it will probably be the only silverware he’ll pick up this season etc.

End communication.

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bon jonbovi

charlie adam must be gutted to have missed out again


And rightly so. He’s been off the boil for the last month or so, but he still been our best player this season. At times he has been Arsenal FC on his own. A lot of people still say Hazard is the best player in the league, but for me, it is Alexis. He has all of the same technical prowess as Hazard but he also has the application too, which I think at times is something lacking from Hazards game big time. If we had another 3 players in our starting 11 with his effort and fight, and refusal… Read more »


If we had three just like him we would hardly get into the final third with the way they would not pas to each other because none of them are as good as each other.


They should do alternative awards for shittest player, biggest cunt etc




I think we should shorten that to kant


Alexis kante win it

Once, twice, three times Afobe

Give him the award! Purely so i can see atom and humber in bow ties

Old Boy Gunner

Great player that he is, and like the others, he’s only making up the numbers for Hazard to win… On the other hand and sadly, if he was part of the current Chelsea squad who have shown this season what a change of Manager can do, he might have been in with a chance!


If u honestly think changing the manager will help us win the league immediately just like Chelsea, you must be in lala land. No doubt we need a change of manager now, but it will be a hard few years ahead to transform the team into a title winning one. We are more likely to suffer like Man Utd for a few years rather than win it immediate like Chelsea. A change of manager will not get you miracles.

John C

Whilst i don’t think we would win the league straight away i think a manager who instilled a better balance between attack and defence would see results improve immediately


A change of owner might. KROENKE OUT!

Kwame Ampadu Down

The point is though iceberg that the longer Arsene stays the harder the few years after he goes will be.


Guys, if you see my comment in its entirety, I did not disagree about Wenger leaving. But let’s be realistic, we would be in for a few tough years ahead before we see Arsenal performing the way we would like again. We need to give the new man enough time.


Their suffering was 7th, 4th and 5th. Probably somewhere around where we will finish this year anyway. It’s not like we having been winning leagues recently like Fergie had.

Too Drunk To Be Offside

While I agree that a change of manager will not immediately lead to a league win, but with a manager of a proven track record of success in recent years, there will be more steel put into the team. The team will stop being so utterly useless defensively, will show some fight in games, especially big games and the sense of shamelessness that prevails among the players who merrily go from one embarrassment to another like it means nothing, without learning or improving, will come to a stop. Those steps alone will be worth a lot. They will ensure that… Read more »

Jo Jeffery

As it’s player voted I would expect Kante to win not Hazard. But Alexis deserves it given what he’s done and under what circumstances.


If the ‘circumstances’ you’re referring to have been the tumultuous past few months, then frankly he’s not done much under those circumstances (in fact he’s been pretty bad in a lot of games). He did most of his good stuff this season when the team was in reasonable shape and the mood around the club was more positive. I’d go as far to say he’s a debatable inclusion in the shortlist at this point.

Clive St Helmet

This is the same Chelsea squad that won the 2014/15 Premier League, then fell out with Mourinho. Properly managed last season, they would probably have won the league and would be looking at a third successive title.

People tend to overlook just how strong that squad is when they shower Conte with praise. Yes he’s done a good job but the foundations were already in place.

Our squad needs some surgery.


He’s certainly got the petulant footballer of the year award in the bag

Ponsonby Gooner

Bit harsh

Cliff Bastin

omg a trophy

Too Drunk To Be Offside

Speaking of films, how about we all list our 5 most fav films. It would be a welcome diversion from talking about this mess of a season.

I will go first –

1) Citizen Kane
2) 2001- A Space Odyssey
3) Schindler’s List
4) The Good, The Bad & The Ugly
5) Dr. Strangelove


1) Solaris
2) Do the right thing
3 ) Breathless
4 )Citizen Kane
5) Touki Bouki


Im 28…so i dont know alot of them.

1- pulp fiction
2- top gun
3- True Romance
4- goonies
5- Stand by me



Recently watched a banging Ukrainian flick called The Tribe. Set in a boarding school for deaf teenagers it has no audible dialogue but the action is non stop. Lots of blunt object violence. Banging!

Otherwise almost anything by Winding-Refn.


Manchester evening news last night has a double page feature/ article about a swap deal Sanchez plus ten or 20million for Sanchez. As Sanchez fits in pep. Style of play that aquerio, doesn’t and the bait of aquerio would help Persued arsenal. To will do the deal.


Sanchez for aquerio ( correction)


Manchester evening news double page article of Sanchez plus ten to twenty million for Sergio aquerio from man city ( correction)


Aguero (correction)….and btw, that is papers talking bollocks



Too Drunk To Be Offside

“Manchester evening news last night has a double page feature/ article about a swap deal Sanchez plus ten or 20million for Sanchez.” – Riku

I think I speak on behalf of everyone here- WHAT!!?


Sorry correction -Sanchez plus ten or twenty million for Sergio aquero to man city. The article lists a number of reason from pep’s previous with player transfers , to style of play and tactics, and is written by the main sports writer who generally gets transfer talk correct. I think it would be better than selling Sanchez to Chelsea .. Don’t you ? I think they are equally good aquero, not worth the extra ten million. But ten million would cheap way of getting a replacement straight in with premier league experience.

Too Drunk To Be Offside

Its clearly a nonsense story. Aguero would never come to Arsenal. Arsenal are way way down every top players’ priority list.

Thank You Wenger!


Barcalona – don’t need him
Real – he played for athletico Madrid and don’t need him
Bayern- not if they keep Robert L.
Athletico – would have to take pay cut , which is why, Antonio greismsnn’ may leave
Juventus – got higuin’
China – nah
So who’s left ,arsenal or Milan clubs ! Who could pay Sergio aguero’s wages………,,Arsenal

Godfrey Twatsloch

As there seems to be little love for my film about deaf teenage criminals in the Ukraine I’ll raise the Kubrick stakes by adding A Clockwork Orange and Barry Lyndon.


Thankyou Dr Strangelove for going doolally, what song is that a lyric from?


“Damnation Alley” by Hawkwind.


1- fucking Amal (show me love)
3-Jesus son
4-citizen Kane
5 melancholia / any woody Allen

Too Drunk To Be Offside

Some interesting films mentioned below. Touki Bouki seems the most interesting. Will give it a go soon.

Too Drunk To Be Offside

Also a little surprised no one else has gone for Schindler’s List. However keep the lists coming

DB10\'s Air Miles

1) Apocalypse now
2) Apocalypse now
3) Apocalypse now
4) Apocalypse now
5) Airplane!

Too Drunk To Be Offside

Ah Airplane :D! Don’t call me Shirley!


Mine are

1) The Dark Knight
2) It Follows
3) Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring
4) Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers
5) The Matrix

David Hillier\'s luggage

1) The Arsenal Stadium Mystery
2) Fever Pitch
3) The Full Monty
4) Goal II: Living the Dream
5) Arsen(al)ic and Old Lace

DB10\'s Air Miles

This is the internet, welcome.

Crash Fistfight

The place where my taste is good and yours is bad. Anyone would think taste is subjective.

Original Paul

Bloggs with this new interface I think you have the ability to show who thumbed up and down? That would be a right laugh! Go on make it happen I dare you! 🙂


Star Wars, Empire Strikes Back


The Usual Suspects


The Godfather

David Hillier\'s luggage

The PFA young player of the year award is a bit of a joke this year – four of the six nominees are 23 or over, two of whom have been playing regular Premier League football for 4-5 season. Hardly sounds like an award for recognising young emerging talent is it?


I’ve never seen the Shaw shank redemption and as y

Arteta\'s Hairline

He has as much chance winning this as we do as Wenger admitting to seeing a red card to an Arsenal player…


1. Lethal Weapon 2
2. Rush Hour 2
3. Toy Story 2
4. Sister Act 2
5. Die Hard 2

Just a load of number twos really

I thought you had to play a whole season to get pfa award, not just give up for the last third?


shawshank is definitively a masterpiece


When Wenger took him off CF place, Arsenal stop scoring on the first half of the game.
By this return to initial “strategy”, Alexis limitate his goal potential and, in concecuence, his career for the golden boot as well.




I think we should make him Captain. All these insipid choices, Walcott, Gibbs, Ramsey. Wenger needs to cease his Little Britain project. Frankly we should be shedding some of these players to make room for more technical players. Ox is the only English player with good control. Maybe Jack but he is injury prone, even Welbeck is lose with his touches. Frankly Walcott I think we should sell whilst his stock is still reasonable. His pace is only going to wane with age and for an experience player, he still lacks nuance to his play. For me, jack, Walcott and… Read more »

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