Arsenal training & pre-match tops revealed


Dutch publication @voetbalshirtjes who specialise in football kit and boot leaks have a few shots of Arsenal’s training and pre-match shirts for next season. 

The three colour schemes correspond with our new Puma home (red), away (two-tone blue) and third kits (black and pink), which you can view here.

We’ll let you make up your own mind about them.


Arsenal ‘home’ training top
Arsenal ‘home’ pre-match top

Arsenal ‘away’ training top
Arsenal ‘away’ pre-match top

Arsenal ‘third’ training top
Arsenal ‘third’ pre-match top


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Well that confirms the horror that is no yellow away kit next season. Sad times.


Its been generally alternating between yellow and blue since about ’93

Keith M

Wenger out /s


I like it. Hey, but it’s me, one of the few fans that supports the team however they are. Through good or bad. Great sponsored t-shirts or sad.

Dan Hunter

Yuck…. looks like a painter threw up on a shirt


The stuff that Puma come out with is fairly garbage. I saw an article circulating online suggesting that we were looking to buy out of the contract early as Adidas are supposedly looking to sign us since Chelsea have cancelled their contract due to the interest in Nike. Which would be ideal for me, I think Adidas kits are class. It would harp back to the Rocky Rocastle days to see the Adidas logo on our kits again – and I don’t recall seeing a really distasteful Adidas kit in recent times. I would love it to see Arsenal reunited… Read more »


Look at MLS then. Entire league is Adidas and you will see some ugly kits there


Maybe – I am not too familiar with a lot of the MLS teams kits apart from the mainstream ones. But in Europe the Adidas kits always tend to be fairly decent, I cant recall seeing an Adidas kit and being like ‘man that’s awful’

Either way – I didn’t realise it was an April Fools jokes as pointed out below as I must of seen the article a day or so ago. I do hope we don’t renew the Puma kit deal as I think what they’ve come out with has been fairly tacky so far.


A possible April fools joke about Adidas? Few articles circulating on the 1st of April.


It was an April fool



Belfast Gooner

Unfortunately that was an ‘April fool’ s joke’ on behalf of footy headlines. Some other sites have ran with the story. Puma will make the kits until 2018/19. Would much prefer adidas though.

Belfast Gooner

Sorry didn’t scroll down before commenting – been said below.


We aren’t doing ourselves any favors with our poor run of form keeping in mind future talks to extend the Puma deal / switch the provider. Less success on the pitch usually translates into less lucrative contracts.

\'desi\'gner gooner

Adidas make really boring 3 stripes along the shoulder kits all the time. You can’t go wrong with that anyway!! I much rather prefer Puma. The third kit this season hasn’t been good, but the home and away kits this season (despite the grey instead of blue in combination with yellow in the away kit) have been quite good. Last season they goofed up with the away kit which looked terrible once the players sweated. Puma are yet to get all three kits spot on but Nike could not manage that either. But both puma and Nike do much more… Read more »

Crowd noise PA system

The Arsenal ‘third’ pre-match top reminds me of watching the first episode of The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air when Wil gets his school uniform blazer and turns it inside out. That’s about as positive as I can be about any of it. But hey I have no intention of pumping a single penny into this club until they can show they have some element of ambition so it’s really of no loss to me.


When will we see the Arsenal Toilet break top? Or the official press conference cool down towel?


Now that you’ve given them the idea, I expect it to become a “splash release” in August.


Thank God.

George Graham.

Very bland.



Uhtred of bergkampberg

Do they really need a training top and pre match top? Bloody ludicrous! That’s money grabbing at its finest!


Makes the yellow and blue lightning strip of old quite tasteful and the green with blue quite bland!
Do they really expect to sell pink/black camouflage shirts?
Do they not see shirts that can be worn by normal people as money-spinners?

Gerard McGonigle

I like the home and away training tops. The rest are meh…

Thierry bergkamp

I like those blue tops

Jason Witt

While I don’t hate the blue away kit, I’d rather have the training top as the away top.


The press release we have all been waiting for. About bloody time


Those pre-match tops.. I want them!!


Jesus they look shite

Big Ticket

Don’t mind the training and pre-match tops but the kits next year are just absolute dog shit. Can you believe someone actually got paid to come up with that? I’m in the wrong line of work.