Thursday, July 7, 2022

Injury strikes Wilshere again, leg fracture feared

According to Jeremy Wilson in the Telegraph, Jack Wilshere is set to miss the rest of the season with fears that he’s suffered another leg fracture.

The midfielder was hurt in a clash with Harry Kane during Bournemouth’s 4-0 defeat to Sp*rs last weekend, and the report says that although an initial x-ray came up clear, further scans have indicated there may well be a problem with a small fracture in his fibula.

It seems the problem is with the same leg that was broken on the eve of last season during a training session. A tackle from Gabriel caused a small break, but the England international was only expected to miss 6-8 weeks.

Instead he sat out most of the season with complications arising from the initial injury, making his first Arsenal appearance in the 0-0 draw with Sunderland in late April.

He had a disappointing European Championships with England, and after being left out of the England squad last August, sought a loan move away from the club.

He’s had an almost injury free season with Eddie Howe’s side until now, but as ever with Wilshere it’s a game of wait and see with regard to how long this latest problem will keep him out of action.

The 25 year old, like others, is heading into the final 12 months of his deal at Arsenal, and as yet no new terms have been offered.

This new injury is sure to complicate matters further.

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Get well soon Jack


I feel so bad for him. However, I was thinking while watching that scum vs Bournemouth game that this season has pretty much proven he’s probably not going to cut it at Arsenal. I mean he is barely a starter in a weak lower table team. So sad for a true Arsenal fan.


He only failed to play in 4 matches. How does that make him barely a starter.


I think that’s a bit harsh. If wilshere is not good enough it’s simply down to fitness issues because the guy is pure class. This season was all about just staying fit, it’s kind of hard to judge him when he’s playing for a bottom 10 side.

I feel sorry for him and I hope the injury is not too serious. Hopefully he’ll be fit in time to get a full preseason in him for Arsenal.


Ultimately Jack is never fit. I think the only reason why he has lasted as long as he has at Bournemouth this season is due to the fact they don’t hold the ball anywhere near the same amount as Arsenal do. So Jack hasn’t so far picked up the impact injuries which have plagued his Arsenal career yet simply because he isn’t on the ball as much. But his fitness is always a ticking time bomb – its not a matter of if, but when. So the true telling of his fitness issues this season were always going to boil… Read more »


Sad, but that probably calls time on his Arsenal career.


Maybe he’ll never be the player his talent promised but I’d rather we kept him like we did with Diaby and Rosicky rather than give up on him. Unless he wants a fresh start I think we should keep him because the guy is Arsenal through and through, I’d be very surprised if he didn’t sign a new contract.

It wouldn’t be appropriate to announce when he’s on loan at another and club but maybe we have some sort of verbal agreement with him or his agents. I wouldn’t count on it because it’s Arsenal, but you never know…


Being Arsenal “Through and through” won’t change the fact that he’ll be pretty much useless for us – Both Tomas and Diaby couldn’t have stayed fit for even a couple of consecutive games…
He needs to be offloaded just like those guys were supposed to.
Still, seems like a great guy and I hope he’ll manage to somehow get back stronger and stay healthy.


This is a man that’s been at Arsenal for over 15 years. It’s not that the guy lacks the talent it’s just the injury issues. I’m not saying to save a space for him like we did with Diaby, we’re in a position where financially we can afford to keep him while having someone to cover for him then when he’s fit he can compete for a place like everyone. And important point as well is that these are all contact injuries to the bone. So yes his injury record is shambolic but if he can avoid those 50/50 challenges… Read more »


Another reason to dislike that fat tongued Kane!

David C

I said very early in his career that he holds onto the ball too long. He’s too small to play the way he does. He’s always going to be injury-prone because of his mentality. Sad, but inevitable.

Best wishes Jack. Arsenal, please plan a replacement.


And that’s the end of his Arsenal Career. So so sad. Feel really sorry for him. Sadly, he sums the Arsenal of the last 10 years up perfectly – massive potential that just turned into huge disappointment.


Him and Walcott


Theo is doing ok this deason with 19 goals in all competition. I feel tt so long as a front 3 player can contribute between 25 n 30 goals +assists per season hes a gd productive player.
We now have theo n alexis doing it, ozil close to it too i we’re just missing 1 more such player


Given his love of Tottenham, breaking his leg in a clash with Harry Kane has really got to suck. I guess there is only one thing to say in times like this…





The squad should look hard at themselves and think who is going to the hospital to tell lil Jack that there’s no St Totteringham’s Day this year?



Sad news about Jack, but this comment really cheered me up (in an ironic way)

Lord Bendnter

An x-ray would show a fracture quite easily, so for it to have been missed I would say either the physician was sleep deprived or the fracture is quite small and thin. Would be expecting him in pre season training. Not worried.

Shabab Choudhury

As a doctor, all I can say is, wut? It may just be my medical degree talking but have you ever seen a radiograph?

Heavenly Chapecoense

Wut, are you sleep deprived?

The kneebone’s connected to the… something. The something’s connected to the… red thing. The red thing’s connected to my wrist watch… Uh oh.


Call 1.800.DOCTORB! The B is for bargain!

Early Mournings with Arsenal

The size of the fracture doesn’t matter as much as the location. A small fracture within a weight bearing joint is far worse than a large fracture in the shaft of a bone. Distal fibular fractures are more likely to involve an avulsion. That’s when a ligament of tendon pulls on the bone and breaks a small piece off at the attachment site. If the bone doesn’t reattach (non-union) then surgery may be required to fix it in place while it heals. If Jack has had a previous non union avulsion fracture then they may decide to operate quickly this… Read more »

Lord Bendtner

Thankyou for this 🙂


Well, I had a fracture on the fibula and I can say that it’s really hard to find some times even though it hurts like they cut your shitty leg off… but still, pretty much visible.

Lord Bendnter

Don’t get me wrong. I didn’t mean to say that an x-ray is hundred percent sensitive modality for detecting fractures. I’m just saying that the doc would have ordered more than one view when ordering the x-ray. So if a fracture was missed, I’m not expecting a complete transverse or oblique fracture.
Yes, I cannot predict how long it would take for his fracture to heal. But my money is on that he should be with us for the preseason sessions (well, unless if he’s sold that is)


He’s 25? Wow.



John Doe

Offload him to the Championship


Oh FFS. Heal quick Jacky boy.


Well that’s the end of of Jack’s time at the arsenal.

Faisal Narrage

How would an x-ray not show a small hairline fracture?
What else are they gonna use?


My daughter had a sore wrist, we had it x-rayed and the doctor said no break. A week later an x-ray specialist who was reviewing the hospitals x-rays for the week gave me a call, he had seen a minute fracture. It depends on the location, the size and the experience of the person looking at the x-ray. BUT one would think football clubs would use experts yeh?

Early Mournings with Arsenal

Human error does occur on occasion because X-rays are hard to read if you are not a specialist radiologist and thus sometimes things are missed. Most of the time though it is because X-rays are not sensitive enough to pick up the smallest of fracture lines and further imaging techniques are then required.

Lord Bendtner

She might have had a scaphoid fracture. It can be missed quite frequently on initial xrays. So much so, that if the xray is negative, you may need to revisit the hospital for a repeat xray after 1-2wks

Early Mournings with Arsenal

Happens all the time. If I get a negative X-ray result but suspect a fracture I can refer on for a bone scan or CT or MRI depending on the site and need for further evaluation of soft tissue.

Sylvinho\'s suspicious passport

Too sad for him, but it’s time to say:

Hit the road Jack.


Question is if a club offered £20m for Jack over the summer, do we take it? Or what if they offered less, say £15m? Do we take it?

Another 2 years(it hurts)

We are lucky if we can get £10m for him. I remember City interested in him, i hope we can leech their money as big as we can get for him

Lord Hall

Whichever way it goes for him good luck jack


All these promising players we’ve had and still have who have never managed to reach their potential because of injury actually makes me really sad, not just because it’s bad for Arsenal and I feel sorry for them, but because I was excited and really wanted to see how good they could become and now it seems we will never know. I mean Jack looked like he was gonna become a world beater, Diaby like he had shades of Viera, TR7, Eduardo even the Ox and Rambo (though hopefully its not too late). So sad.


This guy ,I think ,will be having the 2nd if not 3rd injury. At one time Arsenal seemed to be suffering an injury crisis.This sort of thing cannot be happening all the time.Why doesn’t it happen to other teams on a regular basis..
Btw,Rm have beaten BM.The Germans whacked the gunners but could not make
much headway against the Spaniards. Wenger will ponder why,
My belief is the fm doesn’t bother about the defensive side of the game.
He will do well to reflect a strong defence can win you games and trophies.


Soooo…at what point does he go the way of diaby?

Another 2 years(it hurts)

His body is just too fragile, another Diaby if it keep continues.
It’s time to move on from him and find a replacement, we already have Cazorla who also has injury problem, but Cazorla>Wilshere, so we should keep Cazorla, sell Wilshere, and sign new CM to replace Cazorla in the future.


I love both Jack and Santi. I went to Austria to watch them during summer training camp couple years ago and I was astonished by both’s ability to get out from the tightest of spaces with ease. Yet I have my doubts about both’s Arsenal careers. Even though I like the fella, I agree on selling Wilshere. But what about Santi? He’s been out for 2 seasons already. 33 years old this December. Even if he’s fit, how many seasons can he go at the top level? And will he be at the top level anymore, once (and if) he’s… Read more »


Ramsey could be that guy, along side Xhaka. Ramsey runs all day, tackles well, and makes recoveries. Now only if he stopped worrying about his hair so much..


It’s not Ramsey for me – definitely not under Arsene Wenger. He lets him run around the pitch too freely. The guy next to Xhaka needs to be tactically very mature, knowing his position on the pitch. Ramsey likes to go forward too much. Yet Ramsey still can make his way into the squad – even in the current setup. I would definitely like us to try the back 3 thing again, but shake up the squad a little bit. Put Gibbo instead of Nacho at LWB (or Bellerin, but I don’t like the idea that he would always have… Read more »


It’s The Jeff that will carry Cazorla’s mantel


I like Jack…he’s one of the few around the squad at the moment who can carry the ball with feet through the middle.

But he’s distracted and not getting younger and has injury issues.

We should let him go and make room.

uncle D

Really feel terrible for the lad. Hope he recovers real soon!


one of the main disadvantage of players stalling signing new contracts.

Hank Scorpio

Time to get ruthless & move him on. Realistically how many relatively injury free seasons do we expect to get out of him? One or 2 if we’re lucky going on past experience. With that in mind it’s time to show him the door & bring in someone to take over from Santi.


Ok, it’s sad for him but he is unfortunately not the only young player (now no more so young) who has been pushed too strongly too early in his young years labelled the Future of England and whose body is weak now… He has never been good for Arsenal, he is a selfish and extremely over-rated player (because he is from Arsenal and English). Then please, guys, open your eyes: in Bournemouth, the team was stronger wihout him and the coach understood it and put him regularly on the bench! Where would he be in an Arsenal team except in… Read more »


You cannot fault his courage. How many breaks now? Yet he still puts his body on the line and never shirks a tackle. He’s just unlucky I spose, brittle bones maybe.

Spanish Gooner

He’s on £100k a week – £20 000 000 since he signed the contract. In that time he has managed 44 appearances (not all starts) meaning we’ve paid him nearly £500 000 per appearance. This is unsustainable from a financial point of view, and his performances have not been good enough to justify taking a financial hit to retain him


Do players depreciate for tax purposes? Not being sarcastic, genuinely curious.

Q Mantis

Poor jack he’s his own worst enemy, some of his impact injuries could of so easily of been avoided with better decision making but the red mist still takes him over.i used to scream at him to release the ball before someone clattered into him, I was hoping he would mature and stay away from injury while on loan and show his class, can’t really say that’s been the case. With our history of keeping players with long term injuries and we no how that turns out. Maybe it’s better for both if he moves on.


Unfortunately not at all surprised by this and surely going to be out longer than expected as has always been the case with him. I can only imagine the frustration he is feeling. Doubt we could get much if we tried to sell him now.


He reminds me van Persie… the guy was injured like 4 of his 8 years at Arsenal. He simply cannot stay fit. It’s sad but I think Arsène will renew his contract anyways. He’s a good player but never materialized his potential because of his fitness.


I say we keep him, as a back up to our new left wingback position of the 3 4 3 formation.

with him and nacho switching around, and bellerin/ox on the other side..

hell, we can sell walcott…there’s no place for a right winger now, thanks.

Zombie Gooner

One has to wonder if his bow-leggedness is a factor. I recall hearing an athletic trainer speak on this one time about how it causes a lot of degenerative wear and tear – a high rate of injuries are expected.

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