Friday, January 27, 2023

Jamie Carragher lays into Arsenal following Palace defeat

Sure, he might be an ex-Liverpool player but Jamie Carragher seemed genuinely annoyed at how Arsenal played at Selhurst Park on Monday night.

The Gunners went down 3-0 and the Sky Sports pundit wasn’t shy about criticising what he saw from the players.

It was very hard to argue against anything he said. Watch below.

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It makes me wonder whats going on with the world when the likes of Carragher start making sense.

Once, twice, three times Afobe

Even Piers Morgan’s responses are agreeable at this point!?!

Did i die?

Red But Not Dead

I would say Piers Morgan was right from the start – we just didn’t want to believe it..

Dan Hunter

Why is he a cunt? Because he tells it as it is?


Do you not know who he is?


No, because he’s a cunt.


Red But Not Dead was making no claims about Morgan’s inherent cuntiness. Your response is an ad hominem fallacy.

Don Cazorleone

This is a football forum not a faux philiosophy forum. You fffantastic fartbox

Godfrey Twatsloch

Still a cosmic level cunt though.

Mein Bergkampf

I remember when Chelsea did ‘chuck it’ for Jose and I was so smug, so embarrassed for them, thinking what kind of a club would implode on purpose to make a point? Have they no class? No pride? Then a year on we are here and I struggle to find an excuse for what we are seeing on the pitch other than that. What a betrayal. What a toothless, cowardly, despicable thing to do if that’s what’s happening at our club. As most of you know, I haven’t been a huge Wenger fan for a few seasons but what a… Read more »

Red But Not Dead

Perhaps he should stop defending them and start chastising them because it seems he is giving them license to act this way. But then again that typifies Wenger – never see’s anything !


I agree with everything you said apart from dragging Sanchez into it. And I keep seeing him in these kind of points. Why are people attacking the only player who actually seems to give a shit


Lets face it lads. This season has been long overdue, its been on the horizon for a long long time. In previous seasons after our annual February to March collapse we’ve always had enough in the tank to drag ourselves out of a hole and finish the season strongly to scrape fourth place, but clearly this year is the year when we fully grind to a halt and finish outside the top 4. There will be no Champions League football next year, and its almost worth trying to avoid the Europa League places too because the scheduling is an absolute… Read more »


Downvote this above comment all you want, but there have been games he’s turned singlehandedly with his determination. He inspires (or used to) people around him to work harder. If in April, you start comparing his performances with those when the whole team was clicking, it may seem like he’s not doing enough. But go ahead and tell me he’s being lazy. Go ahead and tell me he’s not constantly trying to make things happen. The same determination and will may not be there, but maybe even someone like him needs an inspiration at times? Something like a title to… Read more »

Yankee Gooner

I don’t think anyone would call him lazy, but it’s possible to simultaneously have a high work rate, bang in some goals, and be slightly toxic both on and off the pitch. Not saying he is, but it’s possible.


Yankee, I agree brother. But have you wondered why? If he is being toxic, there must be reasons for it right? I think I know the reasons now.


Everything that locksley said – this Arsenal team has no proper structure, and the ability of a few of our players to score or create assists only covers up our weaknesses. Ozil’s magical start to last season put us in title contention – then we fell off. This season Alexis’ form at CF put us in title contention – then we fell off again. In both seasons Santi Cazorla, the player whose ability does the most to cover up the lack of structure around him, got injured before Christmas. Focusing criticism on individual players is just an old-school approach to… Read more »


One positive to draw from today is the unity of the fans. I’ve seen others in the past on here really slag each other off. Not the case today, and some very articulate intuitive points about what’s really happening with the club. And blogs’ post today was spot on 100%.

The club and the fans will get through this difficult time. We want the best and we want change, that’s all. A lotta love still exists between the fans of this club.

Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. Albert Einstein

Dennis the menace

Wish I could like this post 100 times, so on the money, Wengers style requires him to have the right players he focuses on creating an environment for creative freedom, and in todays market that means spending a shit load of cash, which we all know, ain’t happening at Arsenal any time soon. To now compete the manager has to micromanage every aspect of the teams tactics, like (I shudder while typing this) Pochettino at sp*rs, he gives his players very clear instructions and almost uses them as pawns, the team has to be greater than the sum of its… Read more »

Gus Caesar

Absolutely spot on. I knew that Wenger’s days were over after the players didn’t turn up for him at Old Trafford last season. But they’re his players and they’ve let him down time and time again – it is disgusting but Wenger’s loyalty has become stupidity and ultimately that is how his legacy shall end.

I feel so sad this morning.


What if the players are disappointed with everything they try just not working? I mean, Wenger’s cocked it up so many times tactically, that even the most loyal of players will begin to doubt him. I’m not saying they are boycotting him, I’m just saying they’ve lost faith in him.

Heavenly Chapecoense

Totally disagree. These guys are paid every week what the average person does not make in a year. What they are doing is cheating the club.


This is the single biggest myth in football – the idea that the wages paid by Premier League clubs is a direct correlation of their talent and ability. It leads to a tabloid way of breaking down the game; a player’s form drops and headlines begin to focus on how much a player earns per hour or what fancy car he drives.

It’s lazy, primitive guff. Stop it.


millions thumbs up


Wow what a nice conclusion to reach, players are betraying Arsene by deliberately playing poorly. Fact is they are not good enough as a whole team to sustain the rigors of the CL or PL challenge. They don’t know as a team, how to defend or attack when there is pressure to perform. They don’t come out with guns blazing, mainly cause they are not set up . There is no tactics on how to beat a particular opposition. And who’s job it is to make them play a certain way?. Who’s job it is to teach them a lesson… Read more »


With you all the way on this one. I know things are bad but this idea that Ozil and Sanchez “destroyed” our team is delusional claptrap. Those two are just the latest in a long line of players going back to Anelka, Henry, Overmars, Vieira, Hleb, Nasri, Fabregas and Van Persie… players with incredible talent whose personal ambitions did not sync perfectly with Arsenal’s trajectory. Wenger gets twenty seasons to fulfill his ambitions at Arsenal but the very best players have only 5-6 seasons at their peak. Yes, some left too early like Hleb and Anelka but sooner or later,… Read more »


Let’s not give Carragher too much credit, anyone could have seen this coming, and we’re not paid millions. A broken record is bound to be right once every while.

Heavenly Chapecoense

When playing Carragher was exactly what we are missing today: Fighting spirit and leadership.


Even a stopped clock tells the right time twice a day.


Well I just need that Jeff Goldblum gif now…….”and there it is”

Bould\'s Eyeliner

Life finds a way…

naija gunner

Things are so bad even an ex-liverpool player got emotional. How does Wenger sleep at night?


what about the players, who were not “up for it” from the first minute – in the words of their ‘captain’! f**ckin cowards

carragher’s right, they have “chucked it”

Once, twice, three times Afobe

In a Reiner Wolfcastle voice “on top of a pile of money with many beautiful ladies”

Not even acute Arsenal depression can escape random Simpsons quotes


How does Wenger sleep at night? How do the players sleep at night. Wenger is a man who has given everything for this club. Yes, someone needs to tap him on the shoulder and say ‘times up, mate’ – but jesus, have a little respect.


Not dragging Wenger into this is hilarious, the guy has solely built this squad. He IS responsible for the results. Half of our squad would have never wore the Arsenal shirt under a different manager.

Gran Xakh

He is the manager. He is not responsible for the entire culture at Arsenal. When he leaves the ownership and board will be completely exposed. His recruitment has been poor but there’s no excuse for how little bravery those players showed last night. Wenger isn’t out there telling players to not bother tracking back, lose the ball easily in midfield and duck out of headers..


He raised an interesting comparison between how the players “chucked it” under Mourinho and now Wenger. Yes, Wenger has declined over the last few years, and yes, Wenger should not sign a contract. The difference between the two managers is: – Mourinho is a cunt. He deliberately sets out to wind up opposition players and managers (sometimes to the point where he directly insults them and their families), and rarely gives chance for youth players to break through. All the decisions he makes are for his own benefit of winning trophies and being admired. – Wenger is a gentleman. Yes,… Read more »


There is another interesting comparison here. They sacked mourinho and won the title next season . while Wenger is here yo stay another 10 years taking arsenal as low as he could


Spot on. I hate to say it. But everything he said is true. Sanchez has been shit,ozil has been shit, Cech has been shit, the whole club has been shit.


Fuck, he’s right. Arsene needs to win FA Cup to stay. And nail down top 6 cos top 4 is gone. Sanchez should be back at centre forward. Welbeck has been poor. Ramsey/OX in for Elneny and bring back a great big Coq to shut the other teams down.

Mein Bergkampf

I think you’re missing the point mate. No FA cup, no unbeaten till the end of the season, and certainly no squad adjustments are going to convince me that this team and this club isn’t rotten from the top down. In Stan making financial ambitions more important than footballing ambitions, he’s allowed this team and this manager to fester. Now he’s going to see his finances affected and we can but hope it causes him to loosen his grip so we might somehow prize our beautiful, wonderful club back from his dirty, greedy hands.


Why all the down votes? If we won FA Cup and got top 6 would Arsene deserve to stay? I would vote yes, but bring in former players as coaches and assistant manager. Stan has fuck all to do with losing away to a fired up Palace. Zaha for Arsenal? He might want Champions League football tho.


Sir. You are, with respect, out of your mind.

Gus Caesar

No, he wouldn’t. And I love Wenger and nothing makes me sadder. His time is up mate. An FA Cup can’t cover what has been another diabolical meltdown – he doesn’t have a job for life (or shouldn’t have at least) and 6th place for a club of Arsenal’s size is well below par. Time for someone else to be given a chance.


But fourth would be okay?


You are either deluded, a fool or both.

Drogheda gunner

What are you smokin


There are some total cluster-fucks on here. You’ll all be there for the street parade if we win the FA Cup. Or the Europa League next year.


I called the players cowards after Chelsea hammered Arsenal 6-0 in 2014. You can still see my post there just search for “Ricardo”.

Shame nothing has changed since.


Your post sucked then, it sucks now. Like us.


Thank you….coming from someone calling themselves Frog. An amphibian that literally sucks.


How many time should we repeat it ?

WAIT : wenger’s fan : shut up !!

Bryce G Hauver-Reeves

We all have different opinions but have some respect mate


Respect needs to be earned. He’s lost it all with his blatant arrogance and selfishness, that ultimately leaves the club in tatters. If he’s gone this summer, the squad his successor inherits is a smoldering ruin with no one to rebuild around. Nice management there, Arsene.


What the Fuck.
Carrager seems to be in pain like any Arsenal fan would be in.
What has this come to.

Yankee Gooner

I thought he was in pain just trying to form words, go be honest.

Rich T

The only time I want to see Jamie Carragher is when he’s falling on his arse as Thierry Henry runs at him.


Unfortunately, those days are looooooong gone


I won’t pay too much heed to Carragher. He’s a bit of a plonker. OTOH, I think we were rubbish. The gaffer put out the wrong squad. Bellerin was poor but under constant duress. Walcott did not help sufficiently. Wenger should have started with Ox. I said it beofre that Theo may grab the odd goal here and there but otherwise doesn’t give us way enough for such an experience player. Elneny was as expected poor. Got played around like a school boy for the first goal, not strong enough challenging for the ball, I’m not sure why all these… Read more »

Cyprus The Immortal Gooner

Passion and sheer will… We get to see them twice a year from this team (Chelsea & West Ham this year). We don’t care if we lose, just show some passion and all the fans will know you did your best FCOL… Is this so difficult? I wrote a while back that what comes out of the players mouths (supporting Wenger) and what comes out on the pitch are two opposites and that only means that something is not right. We need a change whether you are a Wenger fan or not…

Stuck on repeat...

Dearest Board, Please watch 3 interviews today: 1) Big Sam in his post match, where he spells out how to beat us. It’s obvious for all to see…& we’ll play exactly the same way in our next game. Christ, we’ve basically given our next opponents the weekend off. 2) Watch Theos post match, where 20 mins after the game he looks as fresh & spruced up as if he’s just come out of a day at a spa. “We weren’t up for it” he says. All that was missing was that he wasn’t leaning out of the window of an… Read more »


This club is just rotten to the core at the minute.

Boring, sterile, predictable football and a manager who is too stubborn to change anything.
Squad has no heart or fight.
Players allowed to run contracts down.
Board couldn’t give a fuck.
Youth team not producing much.

I’d say the only positives are the fans (especially away fans) + the financials.


Nope. The finaces are going to shit after this season and I can’t say that I’m feeling bad about it. In fact, the more Stan is crippled financially – the better I’ll feel until he finally fucks off.

Gus Caesar

The finances are very poor compared to where we should be and where other clubs are going. The Puma deal was decent but we’ve done s*d all else commercially for many years.


Oh my! When the Wolves pity the sheep, you know how bad the situation is! And we certainly are playing like sheep and I thought this team would grow into a tiger over the course of the season!


Yes, Remember when Fergie started feeling sorry for us after the 8v2 hammering. You know you’ve reached the bottom when Fergie felt sorry for us.

Red But Not Dead

Everyone is saying the same things and seeing the same things.
Arsenal leave the decision to a megalomaniac who still believes he is a top manager so nothing will change.
There is too much at stake to allow him to decide when the time is right for him to step down – people pay far too much money to have to watch this.
Looking to the right of my screen I see Walcott holding his head saying they wanted it more from the first whistle – says it all really…


1. Wenger needs to go because he didnt manage to build a team in which every player gives it all for the club
2. There have been 5-6 players at least that should have been sitting in the stands for a while due to lack of will to perform. That includes God of so many Özil


Just make the players sit in a room with Adams, Keown, Henry, Viera shouting at them for an hour. This lot of players are pure shite. At least Jack wanted to win.

Dan D

Last week during the West Ham game I dared to criticise Sanchez and was quite vocal throughout the first half in particular that we weren’t playing with any urgency, there was no movement for the man with the ball and we didn’t look like a side that cared all that much. I was criticised for being “a negative fan.” Bloke was entitled to his opinion but my argument back that I was just being a realist and saying what I saw was echoed by of all people Carragher tonight. We’ve gone from having ‘our best squad in years’ to a… Read more »


Yeah. I was getting criticized for saying that Wenger has to go. I was being “too negative”. Now none of those “fans” can be found.

Faisal Narrage

Cathal Riordan Not how Kronke works. If you’re not familiar with American sports he’s one of the worst owners we have over here. I nearly died when he took majority stake in Arsenal because this is his MO. His NFL team the (formerly) St. Louis Rams, relocated to LA last year (for money), but were even hotter garbage than usual. No one came to the games and their revenue fell off dramatically. It was only then did he fire the team’s head coach of 5 years (a fairly long tenure in the NFL), Jeff Fisher, who is a laughing stock… Read more »

Yankee Gooner

Kroenke buys his teams right after a peak (except for the nuggets, whose last peak was…) and rides them into mediocrity and stays there. Been saying this, literally, for years here and the only way forward is without him. How to achieve that, however, is anyone’s guest. Here’s a nice anecdote: my neighbor in Denver was an architect on Kroenke’s arena there, and Stan has a large private living/entertainment area high up in the arena. After the arena was already under construction, Stan decided he didn’t want to access the living area using the same elevator as staff–although he could… Read more »

Godfrey Twatsloch

Seems like the kind of guy who’d be ready to listen to what others have to say. A true servant of the teams he’s usurped.


Carragher absolutely spot on with his analysis. If the Arsenal players showed just half his passion & enthusiasm on the pitch then at least we’d have a fighting chance.


The worst part in all of this is that we have invested almost 200m in the squad and we’ve gotten worse….

Gus Caesar

The thing is, on paper it’s really not a bad squad. Ozil, Sanchez, Koscielny, Xhaka, Bellerin are top quality players who most big clubs would take willingly. Ramsey, Iwobi, Monreal, Mertesacker, Mustafi etc aren’t sh!t players. The issue is the lack of organisation, the lack of a logical gameplan, the inability to set up a team that can stop West Brom on set-pieces or Palace playing direct to Benteke. The players clearly no longer believe that they are set-up the best way to win and, frankly, they’re right. Another manager might very well get the best out of this squad… Read more »


This squad beat Chelsea 3-0 at the Emirates and were joint top in and around December. So no, they aren’t bad players but something has gone deeply wrong. It happens season after season but this time feels much worse than before. I think at first we were worked out tactically, that’s lead to dressing room unrest and a poor mentality, and right now the players aren’t fighting for their manager or for themselves.


Why are you advertising for sky? Jamie Carragher is an imbecile an he’s never had anything positive to say about Arsenal. I prefer to draw my own conclusions rather be spoon fed them by inarticulate, moronic pundits.


He may be right in what he says, but what is going on at Arsenal is far deeper than things falling apart on the pitch. We’re a broken team, from the fans right up to the board. We’ve been hounded for so long by these fucktard pundits with their constant narrative that it’s finally taken its toll. Arseblog playing Jamie Carragher’s punditry is probably the lowest point for me.


we do not deserve wenger or all the work he has done for arsenal. fans and board have taken him for granted. he brought arsenal to the first world and noone has helped him. the board is criminal in its negligence letting him out to dry and face fans wrath and media on his own. he was warning from asia: ‘we cant sell all our world class players and still pretend to be a big club’ ..and what does the club do? sells cesc and nasri in the same summer. then robin to manuitd the next. however now i will… Read more »


I don’t need Jamie Carragher to tell me how shit we are. He can still fuck right off.


Metaphorically speaking, Stan Kronke and Ivan Gazidis please fuck off and die.
Literally speaking, please just fuck right off. A long way away.

Gran Xakh

We’ve all railed against the cliche for years but it does seem hard to deny that our team is full of weak characters, players that can’t compete physically and no “leaders” at all. Watching that rocky and Wrighty documentary the other day where they stayed up all night talking about Arsenal, where all those players fought together and it meant such a huge amount to them to play for us and then, of course, we all remember how it took off when Wenger took over. It is a long time ago now and it really feels like Arsenal are a… Read more »


When I think of fighters on the team, ironically I think of the French players not the English core.

Koscielny (A silent fighter but a battler none-the-less) Coquelin (dysfunctional as he is without Santi), Giroud.

We are missing our spine.

I think Gabriel and Mustafi have deputised decently in absence of Koscielny but the midfield has not covered well (second balls) which means if you keep putting a defense under duress, something will give eventually.


Carragher was standing next to the manager who won the league last season, who has been sacked, arguing that the manager who came second in the league should also be sacked. It’s as also the first time Wenger has ever lost to Crystal Palace. He could win his 7th FA cup this season. The greatest manager Arsenal have ever had. Wish the fans would get a little perspective.


Everybody knows he is the most successful manager we have had, but that doesn’t mean he should get a license to stick around as long as he wants. He was great, now he isn’t, it’s not that hard to understand.


Let’s see if he lays into Liverpool now.

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