Thursday, September 28, 2023

Managerial transfer tittle-tattle begins as Bilbao boss ‘contacted’

Arsenal fans are well used to the ins and outs of transfer news. We believe the stuff we want to believe regardless of how ludicrous the story peddled by is, and we poo-poo anything that doesn’t suit us.

Indeed, on this very site we have a Poo-o-Meter (currently undergoing a serious enema) with which people can rate transfers from 1 poo to 10.

What we’re not used to are stories about our interest in other managers. Sure, there’ve been names mentioned in the past as potentially good candidates, and even the likes of Thomas Tuchel and Max Allegri touted as successors to Arsene Wenger with little or no substance, but given the way things are at the moment that looks to be changing.

Marca report (via Independent), that Arsenal intermediaries have approached Athletic Bilbao boss Ernesto Valverde about his interest in the job should it become available this summer.

They suggest that the contact is mostly speculative, sounding him out so to speak, but it’s certainly a departure from the norm to see stories like this in the paper.

Athletic Club are currently 8th in the La Liga table, and the Spaniard’s name is an anagram of Enervated Lovers, which sounds like the name of an 1980s Goth band.

Meanwhile, given it’s been a miserable week … again, here’s a puppy. I love puppies.


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That puppy must be an Arsenal fan too ’cause he looks moody as hell.

Sandy Domenique

More puppies! Less stupid, annoying football! 😉

Judith Le\'Strang

How about having the puppy as our new manager I’m sure he would motivate the team a hell of a lot more than the current manager!!¬

Ljungbergs mongoose

More puppies playing football!

The Loon Ranger

More puppies cuddled by pole dancers or kittens playing with string and pole dancers are watching

Romford Pelé

Thanks for the pic blogs, love an Irish blue staring back at me with those baby blues. All is good in the world as long as we have puppies

Lord Bendnter

Puppies are cute yes. But why does this puppy look like he’s disappointed in me?


Because he’s way past being angry at you.


Because you slapped your flute on a mini-cabs window?


That is one judgemental hound.

David Hillier\'s luggage

Thought he was off to Barca?

No way

The puppy? Barca DNA I’m assuming.


Thanks for the puppy blogs!

Perry S.



Sorry but I will take Arsene over whoever this dude is.


Clue’s in the article, mate.


Yes, whoever this dude is he needs to sign da ting immediately.


must be cheap.


Valverde is also tipped as favorite to replace Enrique at Barca. He’s a good coach, but I’d want us to go German or Italian. Allegri, Tuchel, the guy at Leverkusen, Favre or Jardim. But knowing our board, they’d get Eddie Howe or Graeme Souness.


Her valverde ?


Big Sam, for sure.

No way

Surely pulis has to be the favourite,

Donald\'s Trump

Bet we’d collapse less often with big Sam


That’s looking on the bright side I suppose


I do wonder how many coaches we’ll have to evaluate before Wenger finally signs dat thing 😀


that allegiri pulled of a masterclass against barca . he is the best candidate to replace wenger option right now . but it increasingly seems difficult to nick him from juve .


There are bigger sharks looking for good managers right now. As with players, we’ll have to look for the crumbles, if at all.

Faisal Narrage

I don’t think so. Only Barca are the bigger sharks looking for a manager. I wold argue Arsenal is deffo top 3, arguably best job for any manager. – Great history – A dumb arse owner who clearly doesn’t ger involved. – A super patient board – Say what you like about our fans, most are pretty damn patient. Shoot it only took this season for the Wenger Outs to finally outnumber the Wenger Ins. – sleeping giant of a club, generally underachieving in Europe – Well paid position – state of the art stadium and training facility with serious… Read more »

Faisal Narrage

Isn’t it rumoured Josh Kroenke wants Henry as manager?

I know the fans are anti-Ivan (personally I think he’s keeping quiet because he actually doesn’t want to back Wenger, but Stan does), but we better pray to high heavens Jen doesn’t leave. Because if so, yu just know Josh Kroenke will stake his claim as CEO.

And at lead the Ivan is somewhat of a football man. Josh knows the square root of f*ck all, if he thinks Henry should be manager.


Also, fuck John Terry.


chelsea fan spotted


Goes without saying


Where are my testicles, summer?

Toure motors

By way of anagram.. Thomas Tuchel is Macho Shuttle (irony), max allegri is rage all mix, diego simeone is iodine goes me and Sam allardyce is a lardy camels….


Requesting you to pull out the Poo-o-meter for these as well, blogs.


Because there aren’t comments on the main site, I just wanted to say thanks for the brilliant spoof article Blogs. Gave me a laugh during this Arsenal misery

Enervated Lovers

In fairness, when looking at the main page via iPhone running chrome, the blog posts often say “no comments” even when hundreds of arses exist.

Original Paul

Can’t we have a comments page like this following your morning post Blogs pleeeeeeeese???


He’s got the cold, hard face of a bastard. The coach, not the puppy.


He is favorite to go to Barca, Sevilla looking to keep Sampaoli the first choice.He is a good coach and on the up. But the board should go for Allegri !


Allegri be the best option, but no doubt we wont get him..I’m guessing a rather non household name from the German or Spanish league will end up with us. It’s quite fascinating all the same, just sad that its deteriorated to all this. 🙁

Oh No Not Again

They will end up keeping Wenger I don’t want the club to do this but I think the decision is already made.


Lovely puppy Andrew. Just out of interest why do you dislike dolphins ?

Original Paul

Because he thinks they are going to take over the world.


And to think they’d go for a big name who has shown he knows how to win things with a big club. Last mounth I read couple of comments saying situation wouldnt change until the owners are these passionless businessmen, I disagreed at the time but after reading some rare interviews from them and some financial reports over the years I gotta say Im sorry whoever said the board was the real problem I totally agree with you now. Though that doesnt change the fact Wenger still isnt the right man to lead this team.

Old Boy Gunner

The puppy’s certainly more faithful & reliable than Wenger & his current squad because he “wants it more”!


Don’t know much about him but for him to be linked to barcelona means he must be quite good. However, i want Allegri…we should be going all out for him!

Gooners & Roses

Why not Pochettino? He’s is proven I believe. Plus, it will be hilarious really if it really happen.


We could do like Real, Barca, and Bayern – leak that we’re going to buy half of whatever club we’re up against next just to wind them up. Once we’re past City, that is. Nobody would believe for a second we’d pony the money for one of their stewards, let alone players.


We should do that just to piss spurs off and then sack him straight away


Why would he lesve Tottenham for us?


Bigger club innit 😉

Too Drunk To Be Offside

Have these so called Arsenal intermediaries gone mad. How is Simeone not their first phone call?

Lula da Gilberto

Puppy out!


I see the deluded puppy In fanboy brigade is active today.

fed up

I vote for the puppy to be the new manager

Ryan Westcott

I think we’re barking up the wrong tree with this guy


Just no. Can you imagine the distraction if Wenger said he isn’t continuing tomorrow, the number of questions coming at the club and manager as to who will succeed him? the number of rumours in the mill and the distraction to players who will now have one eye on summer (their managers in their ears) and no reason to finish strong for us to end of season? I said it before it makes NO sense for the club or Wenger to say anything right now. If he says yes, the anti-Wenger crowd will spew their poisonous bile in the terraces… Read more »


People like simpleton Carragher may prescribe managerial change as answer to our woes. His Liverpool has not been able to wrestle the title for a QUARTER of a century even with a host of new managers so it is clearly NOT a given. The issue is WHEN not whether Wenger leaves. I’ve said it before people are getting unnecessarily worked up. Yes he has flaws and yes he looks to have hit his glass ceiling (several seasons ago) BUT he was always going to step down sooner than later. The question now I feel is whether it will be this… Read more »


Your using glass ceiling wrong


As for Wenger, I think his problem has always been he is a ‘project’ manager. As mentioned, he has countless times played young players who have yet to prove their mettle in order to give them the time on the pitch to blood them and season them. Point in case Walcott, Ramsey whom for large spells before they came good (arguable), Wenger persisted with even when practicality may have demanded otherwise and enroute, the journey was to the team’s detriment. Case in point more recently Welbeck. Played against West Ham and Palace…ineffective for both. Missed a number of sitters. He… Read more »

Faisal Narrage

Seriously dude, get a blog.


lol seriously no ones going to read all that smh

Ray from Norfolk, Virginia

If it has to be an anagram, what about the very relevant “Revolver de Senat” that means Senate’s revolver, a mandatory “piece” of equipment nowadays, and one that would come natural to a Gunner?

Godfrey Twatsloch

When he hangs up his boots it’s time for TGSTEL to make his mark as a manager. And why not for us? If anyone can save this sinking ship it’s him.

TGSTEL – He manages when he wants!

Oooh Ahhh Ray Parlour

Good manager, but I don’t think he is in the league of the likes of Conte, Pep & Potch.

John C

This is clearly a made up story, there’s absolutely no chance anyone on the Arsenal board has heard of Athletic Bilbao let alone Ernesto Valverde


There’s certainly a chance it’s true, usually the underwhelming links are but bollocks to all that. I only forced myself to read it out of respect to Blogs, at first I just skipped to the cute puppy 🙂

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