Thursday, July 7, 2022

Ramsey: Concentration key in top four chase

Like Arsene Wenger, Aaron Ramsey believes Arsenal will need to win all seven of their remaining Premier League games to finish in the top four, and that it will require total concentration in each of those fixtures.

The Gunners are currently 6th, six points behind fourth placed Man City, but they do have a game in hand on Pep Guardiola’s side.

Speaking after the 2-1 win over Boro, in which he provided a clever assist for Mesut Ozil’s winner, the Welsh international believes the team are capable of winning the games, but insists there’s no room for error.

“Of course it’s going to be a difficult run but we’re up for the challenge,” he said. “We had to start by getting the three points.

“I think we have seven games left now, so it’s important for us to take it a game at a time.

“I think we’re going to have to win them all – we’re capable of doing that but it’s going to take an enormous amount of concentration in every game.”

Earlier, Wenger said, “For us the clarity is there – we have to win every game to have a chance to get into the top four.

“Mathematically it is still possible even if it is difficult, but we have to give it a go.”

Arsenal’s remaining Premier League fixtures

Weds April 26th – Leicester City (H)

Sun April 30th – Sp*rs (A)

Sunday May 7th – Man Utd (H)

Weds May 10th – Southampton (A)

Saturday May 13th – Stoke City (A)

Tuesday May 16th – Sunderland (H)

Sunday May 21st – Everton (H)


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Shot your mouth and do the talking in the field.

Petit\'s Handbag

How is shooting himself in the mouth going to help his performances??


You shut your mouth.


I shat my mouth once, don’t ask me how

The Loon Ranger

If I’m ever drunk enough to ask please don’t tell me

The Loon Ranger

I don’t see your tongue sticking out Mr Ramsey and mine always does when I’m concentrating. Like when I’m trying to colour in the pictures the doctors give me without going over the lines.


They don’t call you the loon ranger for nothing obviously


Yeah I agree. Drives me nuts when players say stuff like bla bla ‘its going to taken an enormous amount of concentration in every game,’ As if him and Theo just found ‘concentration’ stuffed down the back of the sofa at London Colney – like ‘Oh, look? So this is where we’ve been going wrong, if only we’d found this earlier,’ Like Aaron, is it not necessary to concentrate in all the other games before these ones too? So I donno, we maybe could try and win a league or something? Then we’d maybe not be sniffing around 6th place… Read more »


Nice run in


Don’t share his optimism. The performance last night wasn’t decent at all.

At least three of those seven games we’ll drop points. Especially with how good Leicester look on the counter again.


Feels like we have regressed this season despite all our new signings… Very real possibility of playing in the Europa league next season.


Worst case scenario that is


No worst case is we slump and drop out of Europe all together… But good news is given how things are going atm 7th place might still be good enough for Europe next this season.


Better chance in the league without europe. Thursday nights are worse than champions league.

Faisal Narrage

No, worst case IS playing in the Europa.
Would prefer to not be in it and have a fresh season to go straight at the League. Not like we ever had a chance of winning the CL anyways (we all know the board only really care of the CL money than actually winning it).


After United fatigue will set in. I don’t think there will be top 4 this year but if we can win the FA Cup and fuck up Spurs chance at the title, that would be better than nothing.

Wright on the money

11 points is the most we will pick up out of the remaining 7 games. I think Spurs will win the league too they look the best and strongest side in the league at the moment.

I really hope we done end up in the shit Europa league though that is just more games next season and it is the Mickey Mouse cup.

Let’s get some decent players and concentrate on the league next season I say, let’s win the league and put this season behind us.


I think you should be taken out in the woods and left there for such blasphemy.

Wright on the money

I’m a Arsenal fan but I am not a shamed to say that Spurs have a better squad than us it shows doesn’t it in the position of the league or do you need glasses.


No they do not have a better squad imo. They are playing far better as a team, that’s all.


Which Paul are you?


The original one who likes Gibbs. Got fed up with typing “Original” 🙂

Wright on the money

They do have a better squad if you had to choose 11 players between Spurs and Arsenal maybe 2 Arsenal players would get in the starting 11 overall.

John C

Who gives a fuck if we’re in the top 4, what does it mean?

It isn’t an achievement, the way we go on about it is pathetic.

Why in the last 10-12 years have we developed this inferiority complex where we now believe that top 4 is as good as we can hope for?

Godfrey Twatsloch

It means an additional 90 million pounds a year in the clubs account if nothing else.

Because we’ve been shit we’ll be lucky to make the 4th spot this season. You seem like a feller with lofty ambitions for the club. Would you like us to try and climb as high as possible or keep sinking like a stone?

John C

It’s not £90m, that’s a gross exaggeration, i think it’s more like £50m, still a very large sum.

But that doesn’t answer the question as to why the manager and players go on about it, what difference does an extra £50-90m make to them apart from bigger wages? It isn’t success, it isn’t progression, it isn’t an achievement.

The quicker we rid ourselves from this Wenger induced inferiority complex the better, we can’t ever hope to win with it holding us back.

Godfrey Twatsloch

The team is underperforming and the manager has lost the plot so let’s turn down 50-90 million pounds.

John C

League positions aren’t something you can accept or reject, they’re something that’s decided after playing 38 football matches, so it’s not about turning down £50-90m is it?

Godfrey Twatsloch

But it’s no achievement so we may as well not bother and just stay where we are in the table. Right? By your logic you are saying that things are bad so we may as well allow them to stay that way and possibly get worse. I know you always moan, John C. Even when we do well and I mean really well like sitting at the top spot and beating good teams, playing with confidence etc. I don’t think I’ve EVER seen you happy about anything the team does. You always find some angle to moan the living fuck… Read more »

John C

Firstly i will disclose i haven’t been happy about this team or it’s direction for a long time, because i’ve seen what’s happening now from a mile off. It’s what i’ve expected and our current position is the result of several years mismanagement. So yes, it’s been very difficult for me to be happy when i can see what’s happening even despite the odd good result. My logic is not that we should give up, that’s your logic, mine is the opposite. We should have more ambition, we shouldn’t be going on about top 4, or talking about how much… Read more »

Godfrey Twatsloch

Wenger will be gone soon. Of that I’m convinced. The owner is another matter. I doubt we’ll see the back of him for a very long time.

John C

I hope you’re right and like fixing anything you start with the quickest, easy fix first, in this case a new manager.

Godfrey Twatsloch

Regardless of his tenure turning sour in the last year there is honour in saying “I tried and this is as far as I can take things, here’s to the next manager, long live the new flesh!” and make an exit. I hope he does that. It’s time.

Thierry Ennui

All hail the new flesh! Death to Videodrome!!

Godfrey Twatsloch

Wenger Out! Professor Brian O’Blivion in!


It means we will be able to sign players who won’t be interested in not having champions league football… And we are in dire need of quality.

John C

Like who? Ngolo Kante or Ibrahimovic?

Top players what to play for a team with ambition not one’s that are happy just to qualify for the Champions League. I think the 10-2 defeat to Bayern will have caused us a great deal of reputational damage amongst any top player we might have wanted to sign.


So you build a young but extremely talented squad like Monaco, it can be done, and has been done before

Lula da Gilberto

He’s not said anything wrong. Looking at those fixtures though, I think its ll but certain that we won’t do that. I think we’ll have given it away within three weeks max.

Its going to be weird next season playing on a Thursday. But to be perfectly frank, I don’t think, and haven’t for a long time, we’re capable of winning the Europa League. Sure group qualification and up to the semis. But then you play good sides and we’ll get served then too.

Just my opinion, though


Thought Ramsey was okay last night, we all know how rarely he actually occupies the centre of the midfield (makes you realise how good a job Arteta used to do next to him) but at least he gives us an extra body in the box, which helped. It’s not been spoken about much but this season has been absolutely awful for him in terms of injuries. If we do stick with this shape I’d like to see Bellerin back in at wing back, Ox moving up and playing next to Xhaka, and Ramsey and Ozil behind Sanchez as our 9.… Read more »


You, sir, speak too much sense to be allowed to comment on this blog. But seriously, I agree, except (1) I want to like Ramsey again (I admit I’ve begun to hate him as a player these last 2 seasons), and I agree he’s probably better off further forward in a role with a lot of freedom (“wide”, but with another attacker playing wider, he doesn’t really have to stick out there). But my one problem with this is his relative lack of pace. He just can’t go past people. This is why, even though he himself seems to not… Read more »


I think many of us feel the same, those of us who don’t operate under twitter handles such as ‘@OzilTheGoatest’ or similar have the diplomacy to appreciate Ramsey’s capacity as a player whilst judging that his output over the last few years has seriously deteriorated due to injuries, form and a system that doesn’t seem to fit for him. Granted he doesn’t have the pace with the ball at his feet to go past people, but whilst Ozil and Sanchez frequently drop deep to receive the ball and play passes, and The Ox prefers to receive the ball in front… Read more »


I think its all about taking it one game at a time. Will be happy to finish in top 4. But no matter what happen from now till end of the season..this season is an abject failure.

Cliff Bastin

Because we’ll definitely go past the round of 16 this time right ? (maniacal laughter followed by sobbing)


My predictions

Leicester City – Draw

Sp*rs – Lose

Man Utd – Lose

Southampton – Lose

Stoke City – Draw

Sunderland – Win

Everton – Draw

fed up

Wow how negative is that for a range of predictions!! I’m negative but think we will beat Leicester, draw against spud scum and manure, get beat by Southampton, draw against stoke, beat Sunderland and draw against Everton!!!


T-Bag. Your are a “ray of sunshine” aren’t you! 🙂

Uncle D

Ramsey deserves a better manager. Wenger Out


4 pts out of those remaining matches. Draw Leicester City and beat Sunderland.



Do you realise that Spurs have more probabilities to win the league than Arsenal get the 4th

Thierry Ennui

Ramsey had originally intended to say much more, but a tweety bird flew past during the interview and he wandered off mid sentence to see where did it land


That’s deep I like it…


I wish they tried ethos goal earlier before the disastrous run. A couple of the back, we were in and around Spurs and the press had already given the title to Chelsea. I mentioned Wenger should have set the goal then to win all remaining games. There was still plenty of points to play for. Look at Spurs now, they’ve closed the gap. The same sort of people now who give us no chance of winning 7 games are the same sort who said Chelsea are uncatchable. Granted the likelihood is we may well fall short, its not done d… Read more »


We’re 7 points behind Man City, not 6.

Dan Hunter

Dead in the middle of Little Italy, little did we know
That we riddled two middlemen who didn’t do diddilyound

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