Sunday, October 1, 2023

Report: Arsenal make record-breaking wage offer to Sanchez

According to James Olley of the Evening Standard, Arsenal will make a £300,000 a week wage offer to Alexis Sanchez to keep him at the club.

The Chilean is heading into the final 12 months of his current deal, and despite previous negotiations him and Mesut Ozil, nothing has yet been signed.

Over the last few weeks there have been stories linking him with Chelsea, Man City, PSG and Juventus, as doubts over his desire to remain in North London persist.

It remains to be seen, however, if this is a genuine offer from the club made in good faith, or a bit of kite-flying. If they already know Sanchez is determined to leave then making an offer like this public allows the finger of blame to be pointed at the player for not accepting such fantastic terms.

It also signals that if Arsenal can afford to pay that kind of salary – even if it is to this season’s best performer – they can afford commensurate rates for other players currently at the club and those they’re looking to bring in this summer.

Of course, it could also be a desperate attempt not to lose a man who has scored 22 goals and made 14 assists this season.

Oh football clubs, with everything they do sending us into the realms of conspiracy.

Also, Sanchez is not the only player heading into the final 12 months of his deal – see the full list here.

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Wenger\'s Pony

Poo meter?


Would rather sell him, than offer him that much money.

Glory hunter

hahahaha what a silly comment
He more than anyone else has earned every penny he’s paid since he joined the club


Hmm.. I get that £300K a week in literal terms is an absurd amount of money for a person to earn especially playing sport. But when you look at footballers salaries taking into consideration the business world of football they are kind of worth it. They make billions of pounds for their owners. So if you worked at a company where you were making your boss billions of pounds a year – you would want your salary to reflect that, because that’s what you’re worth to the company. Obviously its a hard concept for people to understand because the players… Read more »

uncle D

I guess we appreciate the invisibles more and more each day!

Gudang Pelor

We sure do, even if we dont see them anymore.


Don’t think it’s about money with Sanchez now, it’s the ambition of the the club, hence the manager. If Arsenal bring in a manager who’s not comfortable with the minimum target, Sanchez will sign for less. The other players will step up to his playing level, as his leadership would be respected. It’s not at the moment because Wenger rules all. This has been going on for too long, and people have to realise changing players would not bring more than the minimum target with Wenger at the helm.


I agree and also think that the board could well offer this wage packet to Sanchez in the hope he signs despite Wenger staying 2 years in the hope that it placards the fans in the storm that will happen when they reveal arsenes 2 year contact.


Very right


The bottom line is always money. Look how city built their team. They were awful so the paid massive salaries to get the top players. Players would prefer to be in champions league but if Sunderland offered rvp or Cesc or nasri or any player 400k that player would go. Obviously not every player but money is what the sport is all about to players.


Not exactly true. When city got Robinho they also tried to get Kaka at the time. But. with Hughes as manager, there was a limit. When Mancini came then they were able to show the ambition and the players started coming. The club has to show the ambition as well. Right now under Wenger, Arsenal is losing that pedigree.


@Iamagoober and Lash89 Arguably, it’s not about the money but literally it is. Arsenal FC is a registered company dealing in limbs kicking a round thing called ⚽. They play, Kroenke and his board earn billies. Why not Sanchez for 1% of that. He’s the underdog. Lash89 says it’s about ambition. Which ambition if the kids don’t get motivated to do their thing on and off the pitch because all they see is doing same old tricks in a different way. I believe commitment of the club needs to be questioned from above than from the lads. No significant signings… Read more »


Yeaaah like we were 10th before we signed Sanchez right?

Heavenly Chapecoense

There were one or two seasons where Adebayor gave us more goals. He doesn’t have the leadership to make the team follow him. Look at where we are with him as our best player.


Adebayor is a joker – Alexis and him are completely different types of player. Adebayor is a joke and the definition of everything wrong with the modern player; he is a Mercenary. He was never as good as he thought he was. His career proved that because he did nothing with it. And on the eve of the biggest game of his career with Arsenal, in the pre match presser he was more interested in talking about how he was linked with AC Milan then he was about playing for Arsenal – I hate Adebayor. Alexis number one motivation is… Read more »


And look where we would be without him…!


He leads by example. He won’t be your captain but every team needs at least a few players like him.

Romford Pelé

It is not your money, why would you even give two fucks what arsenal pay him? Made me chuckle to be honest


It’s not the fans’ money?


So if you are so precise with the money, could please do elaborate on the specifics of the remuneration you believe is fitting for this concrete ball kicking, Labrador friendly bloke?


Going rate for that standard of player Assshavin.


Didn’t realise Arsenal board members read arseblog!

Heavenly Chapecoense

Totally agree with you. How much does for the pilot who saved 250 lives on Hudson River earn?


Money most easily flows where people want (or have) to spend it, and also where the attention is. People enjoy football so are willing to spend money on it. Also, lots of people watch football so advertiser are willing to pump money into it. People (mostly) don’t enjoy flying as a leisuretime, it’s a means to an end. You also don’t fly every weekend (unless your a baller / for work). There’s also no attention on flying – people won’t pay to watch planes fly. There’s simply less money in it, so that pilot might not get 20mil a year,… Read more »


Not relevant


In straight economics this is cheaper than the transfer fee(s) + wages we would surely have to pay to replace him like-for-like or with 2 players. If he’s got 12 months left we won’t get as high of a fee because he can Bosman off to Chelsea or City.

If there’s any truth to it and he’s up for this, DO IT.


Wenger is that you?


I agree, the money is immoral. Simple! He already earns more in a week than I will do in the next 5 years! It’s bullshit, especially when ticket prices are going up again.


Maybe you should have become a professional footballer then?


It’s not even representative as him as a player, as much as I like him, it’s more avoiding the humiliation of losing players having been so bullish a couple of years ago that we were on the precipice of ascending to European heavyweight status. If we lose Ozil and Sanchez now it’s a very public acknowledgement that we’ve completely and utterly failed (even though that’s pretty obvious). What’s even scarier is that Spurs and Chelsea are beginning their stadium construction soon and both have the squads to likely remain competitive throughout- if we don’t sort ourselves out now we could… Read more »


Sorry, Spuds competitive throughout?? No. of times they have qualified for the last 16 in last 50 years? I guess competitive is relative to what you are used to. Hence all our upset at slipping out of the top 4 for once. Ask the question, would you still be a supporter if Arsenal spent the next ten years in the bottom half of the table? It’s happened before and it might well happen again. I’ve supported the club for 50 years, sometimes proud (Charlie’s winner, Mickey’s winner, Alan’s winner and so much more), sometimes ashamed (George Graham, even more so… Read more »


Think you’ve taken offense to something i never said. I have no expectations of Arsenal to win the league. I’m not old enough to remember pre-Wenger, but i hate the attitude of many of our fans that we are somehow entitled to be up there year in year out. Simply put, we’re not a Man United or Real Madrid. However to discount Spurs based on their history is foolish- i think their team is incredibly strong, they have a manager who though he’s as yet unproven in terms of winning is clearly learning year in year out and will soon… Read more »


This is what makes this site Arseblog the BEST Arsenal reportage. Aside from the excellent spread of articles, there is a healthy atmosphere for discussion with all views represented. Some sites I have frequented before are sycophantic or will down right ban you if you do to follow the same narrative. We all know Arsene has faults and that he has perhaps hit a glass ceiling. BUT it is important to take things into perspective over the big picture rather than listen to asinine Pundits with no experience in management or over reactive fans who let their passion (and sometimes… Read more »


I never understood that argument. Why does it matter to us? It’s not coming out of
our pockets. As long as we are financially stable enough then the skies the limit really.




Yeah you’ve really worked hard for that money, and you still need to put your kids through college. Completely understand where you’re coming from. We should let Alexis go because we’re not willing to spend a tiny portion of the ridiculous amount of Cash reserves we have. We should sell him and sign some young striker like M’bappe who in need three to four years time will be in the same situation as Alexis is now because either the club isn’t willing to pay him what he’s worth and/o he’s come to the realization that he won’t win anything at… Read more »


Get the eff In!

Mr November

Let him go, go all out and sign Mbappe. It would be a downgrade at this moment in time but Arsenal have to scrap a lot and rebuild so let’s start doing that this summer.

Too Drunk To Be Offside

With Mbappe’s form, not sure he would be a downgrade on anyone right now. Except maybe Messi and Ronaldo.

Saw the game last night and so wished he would sign for Arsenal. Then I remembered what Wenger has done to the club and realised it ain’t happening. With the present mess no top player will want to come and play for Wenger.


If Viera or Henry were here at Arsenal involved in some way. Maybe a player like Mbappe would sign, but not with Wenger still hanging around.


Why would a highly coveted talent that’s just making his name prominently in he Champion’s League, that can pretty much pick his club, sign for Arsenal? Monaco is probably getting picked apart in the summer but I highly doubt Arsenal is going to get anyone of those players. Most have already turned us down when they weren’t so coveted, why now?


We could do a lot worse than take their manager though…


Jardim would be my prefered pick as well. I doubt Allegri is really interested, for Jardim it would be a real step up.


If this story is true then this club has truly become a joke. What happened to the ‘values’ and ‘principles’ of this club? I’d rather sell him to the highest bidder and move on than give him that kind of money.


And simultaneously you want us to compete with the likes of Man utd, Man city and Chelsea?

Glory hunter

I dont think u understand how business works!! So Its ok for the club to get paid hundreds of millions of pounds by TV companys, to get millions from sponsorship, to charge fans the most expensive ticket in all of europe. But its against values and principles to offer our star player what he would get at other top clubs?!?!


Well a few months ago it was reported that he wanted about 250 k, which the club wouldn’t said no to. Suddenly the club is feeling generous offers this much? Just how much better is Sanchez compared to Koscielny, Cazorla and co?


*club said no to



I think Sanchez was stalling on a new deal not because of the money, but because of the fact we couldn’t beat a Grammars school first 11 in any sort of big game at the moment.

Look at the way he plays – he wants to win. More then any other player in our whole dressing room. And I don’t blame him for wanting to leave, I don’t think the £300K is going to make him stick around.


Not fit to tie their shoelaces!


Star player? He’s ruined TEAMWORK. We are Arsenal FC not Sanchez FC!


How much would it cost to replace him ? It makes commercial sense


It’s either keep up or slip up. That attitude is perfectly okay if you’re happy seeing Arsenal finish 10th every season.


I thoroughly agree with you, not only on the money front, but also his attitude and behaviour.


let hope he sign and Wenger can bring stability to the club. So much negative news about Arsenal and Wenger from day one Wenger signed for the ARSENAL. I guessed they are jealous about him and the ARSENAL. Don’t let press turn the ARSENAL to another Liverpool. COYG


I think we should keep him and play him in the Ozil position. He is too far out when he plays on the left. Ozil roams around too much and he is not on the ball enough so might as well put him on the left. For now they need to pack the mid field specially against City. Play Xhaka Elneny Coqelin in the Center with Ramsey or Ox just infront and Sanchez with Ozil uptop. We are bare in the middle of the park and not enough players are wanting the ball. When Xhaka gets it everybody runs forward… Read more »


Being in Özil’s position means not losing the balls and not being selfish. So nothing sanchez.


Have you ever looked at his assist stats? I think Alexis may not be a pure passmaster but he brings a dual threat of scoring/assisting. Defensively he’s much much better but will be free of being on guard all the time like he’s on the left wing. As a no. 10 being defensively good is a big bonus but not necessary all the time so his drive will help us and his lack of concentration at times will be offset by two other midfielders. He’d make a great no. 10. Hazard isn’t about finding the killer ball or being unselfish… Read more »


To your question: yes, but not only for one season.


I think where he loses possession is more important. On the left, he gets crowded out too quickly because they stick 3 men around him understandably and to give away possession around the half way line is not ideal. But you weight that out against the number of times he retrieves possession himself and the way he closes players down. He should not be the one to be setting up play as he is too valuable and he will be more efficient in and around the box.

Oh No Not Again

Once you offer one player then everyone will be after it. Money as really spoilt football now. I say sell him to Juventus or PSG, if he wants to stay in England then make sure you make Chelsea and City fight it out for big money. I would buy Mbappe as he has youth on his side in exchange for Sanchez also get Lacazette from the money of the sale of Sanchez. I hope we get the Juventus manager too but I can’t see it happening unless the board are willing to put a huge amount of money on the… Read more »

Glory hunter

Without champs lge football, it might have finally dawned on our club that there is no way we’ll get a player of Sanchez’s quality and maybe it forced their hand, Thats what im hoping has happened anyway!! Ozil on the other hand can go.


Why not? Manure got all their targets with CL football last year.


We have zero chance of getting Mbappe, really. He’s coveted by the whole world, why would he come to Arsenal? Seriously, he has already turned us down when he was younger, why would he sign on now.


Everyone can bang on the door, need to be good enough to demand it in the first place.


As with anything around the club these days, taken with a large grain of salt.

But what if Gazidis realized he’s square in the target of fans ire as Silent Stan’s mouthpiece, and next to see the axe decided to do an end around on Wenger’s decade behind wages and transfer fee valuations? With a new Sporting Director also taking Wenger and Law out of our frequently botched transfer negotiations?

Kroenke, Gazidis and the board are a odious and secretive bunch these days, but if true could mean real progress.

Too Drunk To Be Offside

Hopefully he will sign, but only, and ONLY IF, displays like what he produced at Palace are out of his system. If that is the kind of performances he intends to put in, he doesn’t deserve even a penny.


I’m more inclined to believe at this point, this is the public part of making an offer you know won’t be accepted so you can say – “see we tried”. Hope I am wrong – would love him to say


I read that initially as “the pubic part of making an offer…”

I feel like that’s just as valid a thing to say in this predicament.

Christopher Wreh

Unfortunately I am inclined to agree. Imagine kroenke and gazidis’ reaction if he turned round and went ‘alright, I’ll stay for £300k a week, done’

They wouldn’t know wtf to do!

‘Erm sorry Alexis, we were only saying that to make the fans think you were bad guy, it’s not a genuine offer’

Dunno why but I find that image amusing


Have we made any concurrent offers to Atom and Humber?


Interesting that there is a lot of talk about Sanchez’s offer, with no mention of Ozil being offered anything…

David Carlisle

As fans, I think we get bogged down too much in the financial aspect of running the club. I couldn’t care less. Sanchez is one of our best players and I enjoy watching him, therefore I’d like him to stay. The terms upon which he stays are of little interest.

Romford Pelé

This ?


This ?


This ?

A player I have coveted since his time in Italy.

Don’t care too much about the how.

Just keep him.


I disagree. It matters. I want the club to be successful my whole life, not just right now, and however rich we may be, money isnt unlimited so we should use it sensibly. For me the only question is whether Sanchez is worth 300k a week or not (and that should apply to everyone – plenty of players at the club not even close to being worth their current paychecks), which I’m glad I don’t have to decide as I really don’t have a clue.


lol no way is he staying, just look at his body language

he has no (non-financial) incentives to commit the best years of his career to a club that shows no evidence of genuine ambition to challenge for major trophies


Maybe the offer is with included bonuses that comes up with the 300 000 per week that would make sense, something like 220 000 per week including bonuses rising up to 300 000 per week for goals appearances etc.

Of course if it is true.


It is for sure. These numbers are always highly simplified while the actual contracts are much more complicated and incentive based. It makes for an easier headline as well.

Thierry bergkamp

This story is about 12 days too late.
If true, I feel it was only offered because the chances of accepting are slim to none.

Clive St Helmet

The trouble is, clubs like City or PSG can match or offer further improved terms. We can’t compete if it comes down to money, so we’d best hope that he wants to stay anyway and just needs a little remuneration.

Petit\'s Handbag

So many non truths coming from the club, and this is who this message is from. I love the Arsenal but the owners are turning my Heidi Klum into Seal.

Lord Bendtner

The poo-o meter just shit itself

Dog Lovers Unite



Offer him a new dog please!


Solid PR. Put the onus on the player.


And the player will respond by seeing out the final year of his contract and challenge the club to meet his ambitions with world class signings, putting the onus on the club once again.


They’ll probably have to give his agents (spits) another 5 mill on top so they’ll “advise” their client to sign.


Every big club does this but us. Finishing 6th on principles gets us nowhere.

Time to get with the program, if we’re such a great club when it comes to commercial deals and turnover, it’s past time to make that mean something on the pitch.

Rich T

Fucking ridiculous that this Yaya Sanogo situation has been allowed to develop. Wenger had better be giving it his full attention.

Stuck on repeat...

Personally believe that it’s the “they already know Sanchez is determined to leave then making an offer like this public allows the finger of blame to be pointed at the player for not accepting such fantastic terms” option. Sneaky & under handed leaks to the media from the top that is notably silent on everything else. Either way can see Stan frantically counting his beans today trying to work out exactly how this will affect his personal finances…Not much Stan to be honest, so you can relax, & you’re still rich beyond belief. I love the club but hate the… Read more »


Tells me that he is gone in the summer and they are trying to save face. We know Kroenke is liar, and this is nothing but spin.


Ah the Evening Standard known worldwide for their accurate football reporting!

Stuck on repeat...

Any reason why I keep getting moderated blogs? What’s the dealio???


Let Bouldy get at him with a water bottle.

He’ll know what to do. Just ask Ozil. ?


Saw that Paulo Dybala just signed an extension with Juve for 110k per week. So when you speak about commensurate salaries, I think that in England the wages are ridiculous. 300 per week should really only go to the elite players. Sanchez is fantastic but is he elite? Thought 250 per was fair. If he didn’t accept that you sell him to a Chinese club for 100mil and move on.


I don’t think Alexis is in this for the money per se. It’s about the club’s ambition. Poor chap, probably thought he was joining a club that would be scaling the heights, only to get a reality check. The club owner, board and manager all lack ambition to win trophies. To them Arsenal is nothing more than a money minting machine. No player, however good, Will join Arsenal and change anything with the kind ambition the club has. Let’s ask ourselves, so many good talented or promising players have joined Arsenal in the past decade or so, what has happened?… Read more »


Like putting Thierry in a strikers role and Kolo at center back? Gio at left back and Lauren at the right back? What about Santi in the deep lying role and the Ox as well? Hmmm, how are we going to get the best out of RvP? He might work well as a forward… By playing central midfielders out wide, they’ll get more time on the ball and have more time to think things over with the ball on their feet – like Cesc, Ramsey, Wilshere, Rosicky, Edu – and it would make them more comfortable on the ball? Well,… Read more »


No, he’s not consistent enough and looses the ball too much to be elite….


It will likely depend on if we can finish inside top 4. Media and some fans will like to down play the Top 4 finish (maintained WITHOUT INTERRUPTION for 2 decades as a MINIMUM standard) but it isn’t an easy achievement for ANY club in England. Liverpool are continuously lauded by the same media as a team in “transition” with a hopeful future. They have been without success winning the title for a quarter of a century despite media prescribed succession of different managers (some purported to be genius variety) Ditto the Spurs who likely this season will avoid St… Read more »

Bendtner\'s Ego

Not a damn one of them deserves a raise.


Alexis is a wonderful player. But frankly, I don’t think that he’s worth that much. (Is any player?)


So is that really 15.6 m pounds a year?? holy shamoly


Where’s the Poo-Meter for this one?




Nobody seems to have looked at the source of this so-called ” Exclusive ” story. The Evening Standard’s Chief Football Correspondent James Olley – a man whose younger brother Declan Olley is a self-confessed dyed-in-the-wool supporter of the White Hart Lane mob, contributing Spurs supporter articles to the Ham and High. And you don’t think supporting a team is a family matter? Anyone studying James Olley’s coverage of the Arsenal over time can plainly see the animus he attempts to keep concealed – but make no mistake – the man is on a mission : to destroy Arsenal’s standing as… Read more »

Tony Hall

Yes let’s keep paying players more and more till some of them are on 1,000,000 week even. Let’s just completely ruin football till it is just a game for super rich players/managers and fans. Still hoping one day a player with some morals will come out and say *actually I don’t need an increase in salary, I already earn a ridiculous amount* but of course they won’t …
Money and greed ruins everything in the end …


Does any player earn more than Wenger at the moment? I don’t think it will happen with Wenger as manager because he is too proud to accept lower wages than a player.


I say SELL HIM than paying that ridiculous sum of $$$!! He works hard yes, he teacks back yes (most of the time bcoz he has lost the ball himself), he scores, he assists…but his attitude (esp when he was sub)’just stinks, whatever the motivation may be. Look at second goal by Walcott after Ozil assist…he didnt even went to celebrate with the team or congratulate Walcott. That stinks!!
We can seriously use that amount to get good 2-3 players in.

Not a robot

Rather give Sanchez the money than watch Kroenke steal it.


Spend the fuckin money on Alexis, Ozil, get rid of Arsene in a respectful way ! Bring in winners and get rid of the underachievers, Ramsey , Wilshire, The Ox, Gibbs, Monreal, Coquelin, Ospina and try to cash on them specially the so called british core and get in top drawer players. They will come if top wages are there . And start working with the top agents too !Cause the best players have the top agents and there is no choice but to pay them heavy commissions something Arsene has always been very reluctant to do and that’s why… Read more »

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