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Report: Ospina injury means Hammer time for Martinez

David Ospina looks set to sit out tomorrow night’s game with West Ham United after picking up a knock in the 2-2 draw with Manchester City on Sunday.

The Colombian’s absence, coupled with Petr Cech’s injury, means Emiliano Martinez could make his first Premier League start since the 3-2 “Get out while you can Joel” defeat away at Stoke City in December 2014.

The Argentine keeper has made 11 first team appearances to date and kept goal in the EFL Cup earlier in the season.

It’s a chance for the 24-year-old to stake his claim for more regular football at the Emirates with Ospina widely expected to leave in the summer and Wojciech Szczesny’s future at Arsenal also in doubt.

The presence of Andy Carroll will certainly make tomorrow evening a test for Martinez with the boss admitting his side will need to keep the ball away from the England striker.

“The best way to keep him [Carroll] quiet is to play in their half,” the manager said.

“Apart from that, Carroll’s strengths are that he protects the ball well, he’s good in the air, he’s very forceful with his commitment as well, so we will need to be good to stop the crosses. Once a cross comes into the box, he’s always very dangerous against anyone.”

“Once a cross comes into the box, he’s always very dangerous against anyone.”


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Cue the 20th minute when carrol has a free run in the box and scores from a corner. We know their strengths. So do your utmost to prevent them. And playing well with the ball also helps…end product boys…hit the net!!


At least Martinez is taller than Ospina.


Putting money on Andy Carrol to score tonight is practically the bookies giving away free money.

I’ve found Andy Carrol to score West Ham to lose 5/1

Chris Siple

Half right. Carroll just wasn’t a factor.

Faisal Narrage

““The best way to keep him [Carroll] quiet is to play in their half”

Isn’t that his answer to everything?
Either way good luck Emo. I’m confident in his abilities.

In other news….Chesny is currently leading the race for the Golden Glove over at Serie A.


I think if Ospina leaves, Szsc should shoe in to compete with Cech.

he’s had a very productive time out in Italy on loan and he is a big character which we can do with.


In a league/country known worldwide for it’s goalkeeping prowess.

Chris Siple

Yeah, I really want Szczesny back. At this point, I’d drop Cech to backup. He’s fine, but he will not improve, and I’d rather have our #1 between the sticks now.


Carroll only ever plays well against Arsenal. You watch him, any other game of the season he’s basically invisible.


Or we let him free headers every time


Hahaha, “get out while you can, Joel!”. Never gets old. Shame Ospina is injured, I rate him highly as a shot stopper – and it’s also a shame he’s not a couple of inches taller as I think he otherwise checks a lot of boxes on the modern keeper profile wish list (quick off his line; can play with his feet; has the reactions of a cat on speed etc.). But actually, up against Andy Carroll, could Martinez be a better option anyway (given his height)? Despite his limited experience, I’d fancy him to nick a ball off Carroll’s bonce… Read more »


I’m not sure about “can play with his feet.” There have been a few instances this season when Ospina makes my heart speed up by needlessly passing the ball back and forth in front of goal. I’d prefer he quit it. Good shot stopper though.

Godfrey Twatsloch

And wouldn’t we all love to see Lucas Perez starting on the pitch tomorrow?


I guess you are new Arsenal fan. He’s unfortunately hurt.

Someone\'s Something

Martinez is already 24 years old!? Damn how time flies


Emi has been nothing but a total and patient pro in recent times. I hope he takes his chance because he deserves it albeit under unfortunate circumstances.

Good luck, Emi!


No Cech or Ospina, coupled with No Kos.
Then throwing in the height on Andy Carroll…
Will this be the return of the BFG in the centre of defence to add some much needed authority and experience?


Well, that would mean picking a team and formation based on the opposition’s strengths and weaknesses, so it probably won’t happen.


Stop it with your common sense!

Lula da Gilberto

Good luck to him. He’s stuck around and has obvious qualities. Lets hope it readily translates into good decision-making and sensibility. When he was at Rotherham people seemed to rave about him for a bit, and in League One at the time, you’d think he knows how to deal with crosses into the box. You’d think…

Kolo Tourette\'s

Martinez is a very good goalie. I really belive he is our future.
24 years old, been with us for a long time, professionally waiting for his chances.

Remember my words, he will be a breath of fresh air for us.


Ospina always gets injured when he plays doesn’t he.

Clive St Helmet

“Once a cross comes into the box, he’s always very dangerous against anyone.”

So dangerous you quoted him twice.
So dangerous you quoted him twice.


“The best way to keep him quiet is to play in their half”

To me this is a fallacy of logic. You can not keep the ball in their half 100% of the time. If the strategy is to keep them from having possession then that’s not a strategy. There WILL be crosses, free kicks, and corners sent in to big Andy, no matter how much possession we have.

Sure if we have more possession then they will have fewer opportunities, but the sole plan of keeping possession will not prevent Andy from having some chances.

Heavenly Chapecoense

You know any tactics that prevent all other situations or tactics? If you park the bus, is that mean you will never counter attack? If you play offensive game, you will not bother defending ? You understood Wenger’s intent by stating yourself: Sure if we have more possession then they will have fewer opportunities.


I just mean that while keeping possession will limit WHU’s chances, what is the plan to counter the chances they will inevitably get?


do you really expect any manager to go into details about what they plan to do for the match? really??


Yeah I agree Wenger totally illogical I mean how can he not see that “There WILL be crosses, free kicks, and corners sent in to big Andy, no matter how much possession we have”? Your comment is extremely sharp and perceptive. Wenger has like totally lost the plot, can’t even see basic logic and reason anymore. He’s like really old or something.



If you don’t have the ball, you can’t score.

If you are further away from our goal, it will be harder to score.

Seems perfectly logical to me.:D

The stoat

Id drop him for Martinez anyway


Might be a blessing in disguise.Ospina struggled against West Ham last year when Carroll scored a hatrick. Martinez is a big lad so might be better at coming out and claiming the ball.


Glad to see him get another go. Remember that CL game he had against BvB 3 years ago when he got the nod due to similar circumstance. He did fantastic to keep a clean sheet. I really wouldn’t feel too bad to see Ospina off and Emo move up a peg – if that was in the cards. I tire of Ospina’s incessant theatrics …. but maybe that’s just me?


Watching Utd game. We are having a poor season but I can’t think of any outfield player that would get in oir first XI. Maybe zlatan and pogba and that’s all


What does that say about our manager, if they have got shitter players but above us in the league?


Look at the money they’ve spent

Donald\'s Trump

One Mata.

Chris Siple

I’d love Rashford here, and Herrera, Mata, and Mkhitarian would get a lot of playing time with us. I wouldn’t trade squads, but you’re being a bit harsh. The teams have the same number of points; they are not far apart in talent.


im real glad for Martinez i think he has the attributes to be no2 he has a presence with his height and is a good shot stopper i would have shez back tho as no1 and him as no2,, Cech’s good years are behind him now he has not been the same since the injury he plays within himself, shez is competent to come out for crosses and corners and helps dilute the danger by punching or catchin it


I thought Ospina did well against City.

In a way, it was more tailored toward him. There wasn’t any big bruising CF and they like to take shots. He is a good reaction keeper, less convincing at commanding the box and crosses (something that West Ham will strive to test us with)

Martinez can step up hopefully. But the players will have to give him plenty of protection too (particularly midfield stopping crosses)


Wasn’t it “Get out while you can, Joelie!”


Remembering that 2-1 victory away to Man Utd when we had Szczesny and Fabianski injured he was the one that saved us the other time. Before that he had 3 games and all 3 games he kept a clean sheet!! I believe in Damien Martinez!! He will do well against West Ham! COYG~


I have rated Martinez for a long time so I hope he performs well and stakes his claim. In order to protect him, I can only wish Wenger makes some changes at the back. With Kos out we should go big! Why not play Gab and Holding as CB, shift Mustafi over to RB and give Bellerin a rest.

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