Friday, June 9, 2023

Wenger: Alexis Sanchez future dependent on agent agreement

Arsene Wenger believes that Alexis Sanchez wants to stay at Arsenal, but says the club have to find an agreement with the player’s agent to make that happen.

The Chilean striker is heading towards the final 12 months of his current deal, and with 22 goals and 13 assists to his name this season, is in the kind of form that makes other clubs take notice.

The rumour mill is in overdrive and the 28 year old has been linked to Chelsea, PSG and Manchester United in the last seven days.

Asked at his press conference today if it was simply a matter of financial incentives or, if as was reported he required a show of ambition tb in order to pledge his future to the club, the Arsenal manager said it was down to a combination of things.

“I believe that basically he wants to stay at the club and it’s down to finding an agreement with his agent,” he said

“I think the players first have to see are they are happy to the club and after most of the time it’s down to finding an agreement, but the finances are involved in it, yes.”

Wenger once more fielded questions about his future, leaving us still none the wiser about what’s going to happen this summer, but what’s going to happen with the star players is still a worry for fans.

For more on Wenger, the win over West Ham and more, check out today’s Arsecast

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I think if we did the triple last year he’d sign in an instant.

Dan Gunn

I think if he wanted to sign he would sign.


Thought Alexis has agents instead; Atom and Humber. We can always reach an agreement with those I believe


A chew toy and two scoops of pedigree chums finest dog biscuits should do it

Too Drunk To Be Offside

[Insert long post about how agents with too much power are ruining the game.]

Lord Bendnter

[Insert post about how I agree with some but not all of your points]


[Insert post about Groundhog’s Day.]

Hank Wankford

(Insert post about how shit Ramsey is)


(Wenger out etc etc)


(Wenger in etc etc)

Tasmanian Jesus

[insert post about Giroud not being a world class striker, and that he’s too slow, and that Mertesacker also is too slow and that Wilshere should have stayed and fight for his spot, or that Wilshere is not good enough and is too injury prone]

Original Paul

Insert post to complete the fence job.

Dan Hunter

{insert post with different brackets}


[insert pointy thing into John Terry and wiggle it a bit]

Original Paul

You win lol!


(Insert Post)

Harry Kane

(Insert post about why I like to push Crayons up my nose)

Romford Pelé

I find this actually encouraging for the first time. The manager putting it on the agent instead of the player shows, in my mind anyway, they seem to have a good relationship. Otherwise if it was down to Alexis I would imagine him to be pretty pissed off with the managers quotes. Could Arsene have been talking sense when he said he’s relaxed and doesn’t see the worry? This is entertaining at the least(even if it does drive us nuts) which is what the great game is for if I’m not mistaken?


Question to all: Would 225K p/w contract be enough for him to stay ?

Olivier Girouds left testicle

How the feck would we know?

Dan Hunter

I’ll ask him when I see him

Original Paul

No Jim, he is looking for 279K p/w contract.


Besides reaching an agreement with Alexis’s agent, I believe it will also hinge on whether Arsenal can offer Champions League football next season… It’s therefore imperative that we clinch top 4, to say the least.

Heavenly Chapecoense

Costa still hasn’t excluded going to China. Samuel Eto’o in his prime went to play for Anzhi. Show me the money is what drives players not Champion’s league.


If they’re playing in Europe, players would prefer clubs with CL football. Then again, some players signed for clubs offering Europa League football, if their pay packets were huge enough to overlook that small detail.


Alexis isn’t really like either of those people. Costa and Eto’o are (were in Eto’o’s case) mercenaries. Alexis isn’t as cold-blooded.

Arsene\'s Zip

Alternative headline:
Wenger: Agents are dicks.

Thierry bergkamp

If that were the case, couldn’t Alexis agree to the deal and sack his agent?


In other words, it’s down to Alexis to agree or not.


Nice, the Blame-the-agent-game. Absolves everyone involved of any resonsibility including Wenger. What can you do with these gants everywhere?


EDIT: *agents


I preferred gants

Anteneh Ademe

Once again the board and the manager will be required to make a statement by keeping our top players and you can almost guarantee they will fail us.


Well I’m not so sure, all the pressure and also alexis wanting ambition I think this summer will be most excited one on term of players we could well see 2 top players coming and then Alexis signing a new deal.

Let wait and see.

Lula da Gilberto

Its not down to the agent, its down to Alexis. He’s not five.

Scott P

To be fair, many transfer/contract negotiations now also include settling upon a fee for the player’s agent. Arsenal (from what I’ve read) have historically been very reluctant to cough up a large sum that will go straight to the agent. So even if Alexis is ok with his 250k/week or whatever it is on offer, we might not be willing to pay his agent millions for no reason.


Yes, the agent gets his cut, that’s his payment for doing his work. The players now shift part of the payment to the club so that their cut is bigger, but in the end the club will take the wage package into consideration. No deal at this level just implodes because no one is willing to pay the agent otr rather that’s never the real reason. Agents are just a convenient scapegoat for clubs and players to shift the blame the agent is willing to take.


Exactly. The agent is just a convenient, willful villain for everryone to shout at. At the end of the day Alexis decides if he wants to sign the contract. The agent is just a bargaining tool and consultant to Alexis. These stories that it’s only down to that or that Alexis wants to stay in combination with the story by Cross seem all to delibertaley placed to be taken seriously. Looks more like the PR depertment being productive.

Lord Nicki B

From these quotes I’m imagining Alexis’ agent to be a Hank Scorpio-esque flamethrow wielder and Arsene as Agent Bont.

Somewhere in the corner, Alexis is going D’Oh

Jakey Boy

So you’re saying that you imagine Alexis’ agent looks just like Shkodran Mustafi


Aslong as we buy a great replacement I dont mind him leaving.


How about 4 cute beagle dogs Alexis? Ok I’ll throw in the neighbors Dalmatian too

Dan Hunter

There’s no such thing as a cute beagle….

Dan Hunter

-Alaskan Husky, now that’s a dog amongst men


You see articles in the BBC today on how fees paid to agents by clubs have gone up by 38% to 220m quid. There’s plenty of hidden cost not to mention the decision for a player does not entirely rest on the individual. So it is NOT surprising that it isn’t as simple as signing a piece of paper like some would presume. This isn’t the 1990s David Dein era anymore. I would suspect that it is in the interest of the players (AND their agents) to wait the summer and see what kind of offers solidify. Until then, the… Read more »


The sad part is this is and indication that Arsenal are not going to pay market rate for superstar players that are in demand of the best teams in the world. With the financial commitments from the new stadium lessened, we were all told this would not be the case. It isn’t just Arsenal fans that see this, the big teams of Europe now know they can get our best players if they want them and our current players know that managing our payroll is more important than winning championships. This has had no small effect on our current run… Read more »


Funny Arsenal Inc. crying poverty over paying him and some delusional fans believe they are gonna sign Griezman, Reus and Cristiano too.

Dr Whale

Did they not sign Sanchez, Ozil Xhaka, Mustafi, and Chec? I think you are delusional.

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