Monday, November 28, 2022

Wenger fight support blah blah

Arsene Wenger is looking for his team to replicate some of the form from the first half of the season that saw them go 19 games without defeat.

Having earlier spoken about a top four finish, the Arsenal manager expanded on what might be needed to achieve that.

Touching on having done this more than once in the past, he’s urged his team to stick together and to show sufficient character to get the results they require.

“The experience will pay a part of course but we have to stick together and continue to fight,” he said.

“If we show the same spirit as we did against Man City we will win football games.

“We were 20 games unbeaten this season [it was actually 19]. This is a good opportunity to remind that we are not fighting to go down, we are fighting to have a positive end to the season.

That’s why we ant the fans to stand behind the team. Let’s finish as strong as we can and show we have some resilience, some quality and mental spirit.

And as for whether he feels like fans are with him or against him at this moment in time, he continued, “I’m not in politics – it’s not about majority or minority.

“You just want the fans to stand behind the team and that’s what they did. It’s not about me.

“I care about Arsenal, about the club, about what we have achieved and what we want to achieve.

“I will support Arsenal exactly the same when I am not here anymore.”

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blah blah blah


My comment is about the headline, not Wenger’s speech.
I followed the blah blah from twitter and it led me here

Zombie Gooner

Still not good.


I think it’s that third blah that offended everyone, there’s only two in the title.


“I will support Arsenal exactly the same when I am not here anymore.”




Bould\'s Eyeliner



Om nom nom nom nom.

Clive St Helmet

Omniscient. Arsene knows, after all.




Om gonna get a pint

Zombie Gooner


Romford Pelé

True though

Godfrey Twatsloch

Go Arsene!


just go 🙂

David Dubery



Well, what else is he supposed to say? Some fans are wanks and some are not? At times we look fantastic and at others we do not? Sometimes you feel like a nut …. sometimes you don’t?


Some days you eat the bear, some days the bear eats you


Sometimes you’re the windshield, sometimes you’re the bug.


Every thing appears to be blurry for some fans.

uncle D

Blah blah! Anyway… I am fully in support of the team, manager and staff included! This is my choice.


I set myself no targets on where to finish set the start of the season! Great

Faisal Narrage

Hey Arsene, do you remember in that 19 game stretch, we played with Alexis as CF and it even got Ozil scoring goals? Yeah? Well you see how for whatever reason you stopped with Sanchez as CF and we’ve looked somewhat toothless ever since?
Well I’m not claiming that’s the cause for it, but considering you’ve admitted to trying everything else but nothing working, maybe it’s worth trying it again, seeing as it worked for 19 or so games.

Also, try Elneny rather than Coquelin and see if that works.


And to add to that it seams as Alexis is growing more and more frustrated with his own and team’s ineffectiveness when he is dispatched on the left wing. It is so much easier to predict his moves when he is on the left. If we are going to get the best out of Alexis, for as whatever long he stays, then he should be brought back to CF.

Lord\'s Left Foot

I watched the first 45 seconds of Wenger’s press conference in the Arsenal website.

Reporter asked how can you best defend against Andy Carroll?

The best way is to play at West Ham’s half said Le Boss.

Another reporter asked how can your side regain confidence when starting tomorrow’s match?

Look, confidence is something that goes quickly and comes back slowly.

Rolled my eyes and closed the interview. Is it just me who is finding it hard to hear his answers lately?


It would help if they asked better questions


The questions are spot on. Our defense has been leaking goals and Carroll is a real threat, especially with Kos out injured. Confidence is bound to be shattered after such a long winless (I’m being gentle here) spell. What would you want them to ask? Why is Wenger the best in the world and wider?


Usually they just ask him the same thing over and over

I suppose these are not the worst but confidence comes from playing well and winning, and we try to beat people mostly by not letting them have the ball so nothing surprising in the answers really

John Tacry

Is Wenger quoting George Harrison? For this team to function:
“It’s gonna take time
A whole lot of precious time
It’s gonna take patience and time”

Ulysses 32

Also from George Harrison : “It’s been a long cold lonely winter”, or “Long time ago when we was fab”.

Too Drunk To Be Offside

Arsenal’s Annual March End Checklist-

Title Hopes Over Before March ✅
Out of UCL ✅
Star Players refusing to Sign new contract ✅
Wenger saying Spirit Mental Strength Togetherness ✅


Only one more goal to achieve and its been a season of consistency – make the top 4.


Classy manager.

Pity about some of the fans.

Hleb\'s dancing feet

It says something that even blogs is tired of the monotonous motivational speeches that come after the inevitable collapse year after year.


My greatest fear is not feeling anything or passion when arsenal plays…and that’s what kinda happened on Sunday..I dint even celebrate our goals….I look at this team,its a reflection of the manager n am sorry its come to this,something has to give and unfortunately its Wenger….listened to Zlatans interview n you see the kinda man he is,Wenger will never want tht kinda player with character,cos he’ll fill threatened or challenged…challenges we take on,is what makes us better…


Call yourself a fan?? “I dint even celebrate our goals” You should be ashamed of yourself.


Yeah Arsene, support Arsenal AWAY from the club

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