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Wenger gives insight on security in light of Borussia Dortmund bomb attack

Arsene Wenger has given some interesting insight on security in the aftermath of the Borussia Dortmund bomb attack.

Dortmund’s team coach was hit with several reported pipe bombs ahead of their Champions League clash with Monaco on Tuesday evening, leaving Marc Bartra with a fractured wrist but no other players hurt. The swift rescheduling of the fixture drew criticism from almost all quarters, with Dortmund’s players given only a day to recover from the shock of the incident.

Though Arsene didn’t comment on that controversy, he did speak about security more generally and how it has changed in his time at Arsenal. Asked about any security concerns he might have in his Boro press conference, he said: “You have two securities: one internal security organised by the club, and then the public security organised by the state, or the government.

“I think, internally, we have improved our level of security and protection.”

That said, Arsene’s reflections on the tight security measures of the modern day were far from fond. “I think it’s a very sad way that our society develops,” he said. “Today, you come out of a football game and you cannot speak to a fan without having a bodyguard around you. You cannot go to your room anymore without telling security in hotels.

“I find that a very sad side of the development of our society, but on the other hand it just reflects what our society is about today. There is insecurity there, and it’s just in sport like in any other part of society.”

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If AW was in charge of security, 5 blokes with guns would be able to slip through the net no problem


Those who value freedom need to criticise this hateful ideology whenever it rears its ugly head,not by dropping bombs. The thought of a whole team being blown up seems otherworldly at this point but not at all likely. Glad nobody was seriously injured


Not at all unlikely*

Romford Pelé

This has played a part, in my opinion, in the detachment of football players and coaches from the fans. Unfortunately there are too many nut jobs around to declare it safe to interact with the open public. He’s right its a shame but the only way

nimble foot

You have to wonder, maybe some keyboard warriors are not just keyboard warriors and the kind of hatred you feel in their comments and attacks of players and manager could easily Translate to real actions. It’s a crazy world now really.

Das Gooner

It’s pathetic that players and staff can’t interact with the paying public like regular people. The pedestal we put athetes on in general, and footballers in particular, only leads to situations where we don’t feel like they understand what it is to play for Arsenal (or any other significant club). Of course they don’t, any chance they get to speak to a regular fan someone is shoving a camera in their face or trying to catch them out so they can embarrass them on social media. A lot of the time those assholes aren’t even fans, but they ruin it… Read more »


I agree with you in principle….but is there any actual evidence tha this is necessary?? -in the 90’s, people could meet the players outside Highbury after matches…they would happily sign autographs, pose for photos and even thank you….who chose to change this and based on what?? Hasn’t exactly the internal security measures of the clubs done its part in ever- increasing the mental distance between fans and club, leading to fan frustration, making people scream ever louder to be heard -again leading to increased security and so on…..


“….who chose to change this and based on what??”

In the past there used to be a negligible gap in lifestyles of footballers and your common man. They could relate naturally.

Today an average PL footballer gets in a week twice more than you’ll earn per year. What can you talk about with this guy, natural philosophy?

nimble foot

Err in the 90s you didn’t have people screaming ‘die you cunt of a player, die’ on the internet.


Will Magee, you’ve been busy this morning. Thanks for the news updates.


Hmmm, I post a comment thanking the author of this news article and the previous three articles which were posted on this website this morning…..and people want to thumb this down. Strange, very strange.


It’s also very strange that people have a whinge every time someone down votes them.

They down voted you (in general) because they didn’t agree with your opinion or thought your comment was irrelevant.

Simple as that. They don’t need to explain their position.

Wade wilson

People are asshats, It really doesn’t pay to be nice. Kindness is taken for weakness, so it limits the opportunities for interaction with players and fans. Mertersacker, Bellerin and the manager are recent examples. Respect and class is what this club used to be renowned for. Time was, wearing The Arsenal colours in an Arsenal environment meant you were safe. Sign of the times I guess.

Original Paul

Nice deep thoughts Arsene but it’s not enough any more.

nimble foot

You’re going to come on a thread about security and bring that? This is unlike Paul

Unlike Paul

Apologies for posting out of character. Profusely so.

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