Friday, September 30, 2022

Wenger tight-lipped on his future, relationship with Stan Kroenke and the board

Speaking in his pre-match press conference ahead of our trip to Boro on Monday evening, Arsene Wenger has remained tight-lipped about the state of his relationship with the board and majority shareholder Stan Kroenke.

With Arsenal in serious danger of finishing outside the top four for the first time in Arsene’s tenure, there have been numerous reports of tensions and fallings out behind the scenes. Arsene was fairly coy when asked about goings on at board level, though he allowed for a wry smile when asked about “divisions” in the board room.

“I don’t know, honestly,” he said, when asked whether the club hierarchy were unified in their outlook. “I think what’s happening above me in the board is not down to me. What is important for me is the performance of the team, and what the fans are interested in is the performance of the team.”

Responding to a question about how often he communicates with Stan Kroenke, he said: “I believe our relationship has always been the same. It has not changed.”

As for any update on his future as manager, he simply said: “Nothing, nothing.” All in all, an elusive few answers on the politics of the club and what he plans to do going forward.

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I constantly feel insulted by stories like this. It is really annoying…

Mein Bergkampf

Why do I feel more and more like I’m supporting a political party, not a football club?

Too Drunk To Be Offside

In light of more of Wenger talking a lot and yet saying nothing, let us all keep ourselves entertained with video of Sam Allardyce meowing like a cat.


Silent Stan. Silent Wenger. Stubborn Wenger. Stupid board. Silent board. Indecisive combination.


The key word, in my humble opinion, that I haven’t heard in all these discussion is “face-saving”. Very likely, Wenger has been offered a 2 year contract which now lies on his desk and can be signed at any time (or has already been signed, it makes no difference). Yet, probably some of the board members have taken up a more divided position towards Wenger’s contract extension in the current situation which means that “Kroenke’s contract offer” to Wenger (since he is the decisive person in the board) creates a situation where football experts (Gazidis, …?) need to convince Kroenke… Read more »


Unfortunately the LA Rams is a decent template of how Stan operates. He tolerated massively underachieving until it became clear that no one in LA would support his laughing stock of a team. Then he fired the coach and went out and got a young up and coming coach. It’s only when it became apparent that fans weren’t going to go to the games and it would impact his bottom line did he get involved.


Ask the folks in St. Louis what they think of Silent Stan! Better yet don’t, if you don’t like that kind of language.


Really boring now.


Really really really really


*Stan and Arsene begged to differ by pressing the thumb down.




It’s hard to be angry at nothing! It’s like our club is stuck in stasis. Is this actually worse than a interlull?…….probably not but it’s bad!


It’s now getting to the point that you wonder if Wenger is just enjoying the attention of the ‘are you staying or going’…currently keeping it a secret is for no one else’s benefit except himself in my view

Romford Pelé

Just don’t, honestly please just dont


This is all making Ronnie O’Sullivan look decisive…


He’s going to sign a new contract. Trust me!!


Is it just me or does Stan look like Dennis Farina aka Avi from Snatch?

Wyn Mills

I long for the day when the club actually begin to care about what the fans want rather than their shareholders, and that manifests itself in straight talking.

I also long for the day we get a manager who runs up and down the touchline rather than holding his head in his hands every week.


Running up and down does fuck all except make you look a prick but some verbal encouragement would be appreciated.

gooner of Oz

@masterofthegoonaverse not doing so and sitting with a tight frown while being thrashed time and time again then saying we didnt want it as much as them. Yeah Running up n down is doing fuck all for Conte comparing to our managers attitude.


Have to disagree to that. The players are drilled all week, five days a week before match day. That includes video analysis of their own performance, tactical analysis of the other team, etc, etc.

If you’re in a situation where despite all that training and analysis as a professional player it actually helps you to have some twat screaming at you from the sidelines (on top of the thousands of fans) then I really think you’re in the wrong job.

Managers run up and down the sideline to ‘show how passionate’ they are. It’s a fucking performance, nothing else.

Wyn Mills

The only ones getting the verbal during matches are the 4th official and Steve Bould! That’s what makes Wenger look like a whiny twat. How do you think that translates to the players? He shows more resolve doing up his zip!


*3 fans plus Stan and Arsene dont like that idea. #dontchangethisshit


goons saying Wenger does the same thing and expects different results. Kettle and pot spring to mind! Don’t tell them anything Arsene!


We are, or have become, a riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma. In modern terms, no one knows what the fuck is going on.


Only explanation I can come up with for this madness is that the higher-ups want Wenger on the board further down the line and it’s just not cricket to fire a guy then give him a position in the Executive Suite.

And Wenger knows this. So even though the entire board might agree he needs to step down, they’ll still insist on the decision being “mutual” (in the words of Sir Chips Ketchup).

Mark Walsh

No one from wenger or the board give a monkeys what the fans think


“I believe our relationship has always been the same. It has not changed.”

*”you know the drill Arsene. Take your cut and put the rest at my door.”

Laughing Stock of Football

Can’t wait for that selfish old man to leave, and hopefully Wanky Stan will follow him out of the door 🙂


The fans are not only interested in results on the pitch Mr.Wenger!! Don’t speak for ys please! what happens off the pitch can be just as important!

uncle D

Nothing to feed off!!?


And he’s STILL the manager. Forget about Wenger and the players, our board is a huge pile of moneyed up shit. Petition to bring back David Dein please.


the board just don’t know what to do and arsene is lost for the first time in many years. and the board thinks he can fix it once again but he is older less creative and tired and he knows this and he also know that the this board cant do much better . if i was him i will just quit in june and leave them with the mess. as for people who think a manager has to gesticulate on the touch line thats just the gimmick of the moment with the likes of conte and simeone and klopp.… Read more »

Fourth Place

Man, fans are bitchy. Wenger tight-lipped about ….. is something that has happened multiple times in multiple seasons about multiple things…and will probably be a thing every week from now till the end of the season when he announces he is going/staying/going to remain tight-lipped just a little while longer cos its fun watching heads explode like that scene from Kingsmen




Surprise surprise. 1) If Wenger says Yes I’m leaving, a number of players with agents in their ears will be looking to the summer. This won’t help the focus or lack thereof as we try to cross the finish line. We can survive not finishing in Top 4 but finishing in CL spots will help a potentially complicated summer as is. Oh and there’s the FA cup 2) if Wenger said No I’m staying, a bunch of noisy sweet nothings will start up again and poison the atmosphere, adding tension to the already as always edgy Emirates. How that will… Read more »


The players have already openly admitted they don’t have the desire and aren’t prepared to play (Walcott and Belerin). If they announced Wenger was leaving at least the players would know they are playing for their future as no new manager would tolerate this. It seems far more likely Wenger has already agreed to stay and they simply don’t want to announce it until the season is over given the growing fan revolt. That won’t be a popular decision even with a top 4 finish as it’s clear how far this team is from actually competing.

Oluropo Ojo

Arsene Wenger and complacency reign supreme in Arsenal


Digruntled Gunner …. Stan K. just like what you did to the St. Louis Rams is what you have done & are doing to the Gunners ! You are a businessman and not a true fan of football or soccer !! You pulled the Rams from Missouri out of greed and never cared about the fans or performance. All about the money… in the same vein you operate with the Gunners ! Wenger’s ill advised respect and loyalty to ownership is reflective of the slow demise of the club. Till there is again true passion, heart, soul from the owners… Read more »

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