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Dick Law says Wenger has ‘strong support’ from the board

Arsenal’s chief transfer fixer, Dick Law, has told a Brazilian newspaper that Arsene Wenger has strong support from both the board and fans as the manager goes through the most difficult period of his Arsenal career.

Under fire because of results and performances, the Frenchman has been the brunt of serious criticism, and yesterday his comments about the appointment of a Director of Football led to suggestions he’s at loggerheads with Chief Executive Ivan Gazidis.

Wenger was adamant he would not work alongside a boardroom appointed football person who he feels would impinge on his own responsibilities, but Law insists that the board are behind the manager, as are the fans.

“He has strong backing from the board, and strong support from the fans,” he told

“Now, the fundamental issue is that the biggest critic of him is himself. He wants to win.

“He suffers when we do not win. But right now, I think the results will tell. The game against Manchester United was crucial.

“The game on Wednesday (against Southampton) will be another test.”

Attending the same conference as Law was Gilberto Silva, who said that the pressure Wenger is under is normal, but that it has been too aggressive at times.

“The pressure is normal,” said the former Invincible, “but not in the way it is being done.

“It’s even unfair and aggressive on the part some of the fans. He does not deserve this for everything he has done at the club and for everything he has done in English football.”

For more read Arseblog: On Arsene Wenger and the Director of Football comments

via Football London

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Charlie George\'s yellow socks

He’s definitely not telling the truth about fan support so hard to know whether he’s bullshitting about the board as well.

Cool. So board are happy and Wenger refusing to even think about change. Which bit of this doesn’t feel a bit dictatory?

Kwame Ampadu Down

Yawn….it’s just a PR onslaught now to ensure we’re all grateful when they announce Arsene is staying.
I get the reasons for it though I don’t agree obviously..
Can i just ask one thing : when we reach the point next season when we’re not challenging for the title can we please not go through the ‘i can’t believe people are giving up, we’re only x points behind with x games to go. Why don’t you fcuk off & support the Totts’ etc etc etc
Arsene is staying. We won’t win the league while he remains. Let’s just accept that.


Some of you Arsenal supporters are short sighted like Kwame who is hallucinating in his opinion concerning the team performance. Arsene Wenger is old and he has not achieved any significant thing with Arsenal. If Arsenal had been owned by people with money, Asene Wenger wouldn’t have lasted this long. Why was he fired by Monaco Fc? He has reached the point of saturation and he must leave.


He actually did pretty good at Monaco steering the team to second place in a league where the first position was won by Marseille which was found to be won through bribing officials a fee years later


Hahahaha, ‘Kwame Ampadu Down’, that’s a fucking brilliant name.


What a wonderful and factfiled insight… Thanks Dick


Wake up in a good mood, read an Arsenal PR story, get into bad mood and hate all things Arsenal again. I’ll try again tomorrow.


Well Wenger has my support, in a club and league increasingly corporate and lifeless as the Premier League and large elements of Arsenal LLC, its important for me that Wenger remains a central figure in defining Arsenal as a more than just a corporate organization. Kroenke and co. make it difficult but Wenger sticks to a vision of good football, where academy players are not only given a chance but are taken care of by the club, loyalty and belief in the players and staff, wage structure isn’t widely uneven or threaten the financial health of the club, and the… Read more »


What are you talking about. It is known that those who work for arsenal at ground level have shitty salaries. If you don’t make it as an Academy player your done with the club. Like it is in any pl club.
What’s special and unique about arsenal is the manager, and for most of the fans not in a good way.
I want to be proud of the trophies we win, of what happens on the pitch. Not the wage structure. I want to support the players at the club, not the accountants

Kwame Ampadu Down

‘A vision of good football’ is a great thing in a manager if he can get his players to play good football. Arsenal under Arsene no longer do this though. We are really quite boring to watch quite a lot of the time.


“Now, the fundamental issue is that the biggest critic of him is himself. He wants to win.”

And what do the boards want Mr.Dick?


Less responsibility

Me So Hornsey

I don’t think Dick Law has a clue what’s going on at board level much like almost everyone else.

Gilberto’s ‘all he has done for the club’ comment is exactly a statement you’d expect from someone who’s not been around the club for the past decade.

I personally have a hunch Wenger will leave after the FA Cup final, win or lose. And it will be his decision.

Clock-End Mike

Gilberto Silva has made no secret of his continuing support and regular contact with the club since he left. He’s someone whose current opinion I would respect.

As for his reference to “all [Wenger] has done for the club” — well, he’s spot on, isn’t he? It’s exactly the kind of statement you’d expect someone who hasn’t forgotten what we all owe to Le Prof, and is aware of what we still owe him.

Donald\'s Trump

I don’t owe him shit.


The night of the long knives is coming soon and everyone at Arsenal seems concerned that one of them will end up in their back. The two Kroenkes’ will be doing the stabbing and I’m pretty sure Dick will be feeling the cold steel shortly and he senses it. Who gets the other one , Wenger or Ivan is anyone’s guess but things have to change and i’m sure they will.

Fourth Place

I don’t know if Arsene has the support of all or most fans but he has mine still. Football clubs go through bad spells and I don’t know that history will even look upon this as a blot on Arsenal’s history.

Lord Bendnter

Would you guys favour replacing our current scouting network with that of EA Sports Fifa 17?

– “It’s in the game”

dr Strange

If Fifa 17 ain´t working football manager usually comes out in november so we can come well prepared for january.

Lord Bendnter

Hahah true dat! Need to install FM on all the computers at Arsenal FC

Toure motors

In relation to the support, would you say it’s stiff dick?


arsene Wenger should leave while he still has all the supports..things could get far worse if he continues to stay.#wexit


Former invincible??? Once and invincible, always an invincible.


The fans are divided for the first time. It is stupid to say that everyone supports Wenger. Changes can only bring temporary relief. This mentality of fans being restless will only grow and there will never be a philosophy at the club. Look at what has happened at manutd. Even the pundits are finding that hard to digest. Judging just by results is not a step towards progress


I always thought he was bald.


Wenger really really loves this club that’s for sure. I wonder if he is taking it upon himself to get rid of the board. Probably not but whatever happened between Wenger and the board or individuals came to a head around the time of our Bayern games and noises of it clearly got around to the playing staff and non senior peeps. The reason why I say this is that this season’s capitulation feels very different and perhaps beyond just players having the bottle and Arsene being. smarter with his choices. Shit went down and it seems Arsene is the… Read more »


I think if he is not here things would be super fucked(for him, not Arsenal)

The Loon Ranger

I’m just bloody yearning for the times when all the conversations were about football FFS those years when the only thing that mattered was how we played on the day and which bunch of twats we were playing next week.

Bouldy\'s bald spot

Gilberto Silva as chief negotiator and part of recruitment team!!!

Gunn Cabinet

so; THAT guy is the Dick law?

over the knee socks

For the longest time I honestly thought Dick Law was not a real person and that blogs made him up. Not sure how I feel about knowing the truth


most people wish he wasn’t a real person

Donald\'s Trump

I hate them all.

And I am starting to hate all the ex players who come out and say yeah but look what Wenger did 15 years ago.

It was fucking 15 years ago! 15!

Godfrey Twatsloch

What the fuck is Max Clifford doing out of prison and why is he employed by Arsenal as a transfer scout?

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