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Henry pleased, but says we’ve heard it all before from Arsene Wenger

Thierry Henry says he’s glad that Arsene Wenger has signed a new deal with Arsenal, but says he must back up his talk with action, especially when it comes to transfers.

The Arsenal manager outlined his summer plans earlier on, saying he had to cut some players from the squad and find some ‘top quality’ recruits, but the club’s record goalscorer says he’s remaining dubious until those players actually arrive.

He insisted this is a road well traveled, but this time Wenger has to do what it takes to bring the title back to North London after 14 years.

“As an Arsenal fan, and as a guy who had Arsene as a coach and have maximum respect for him, I’m happy to see him at the club,” he told Sky Sports.

“Everyone is waiting for the title. The club, the players, the fans and Arsene himself.

“That’s what I want to see because raising your game for one day is one thing, but everybody is waiting for that to be done over 38 games.

“He might buy one or two players having, as he’s claimed, created a dynamic to win the title finally.

“But I’ve heard that before, and the year before, and the year before.”

Where Henry did hold out some hope was in the Frenchman continuing with the formation he implemented towards the end of the season, playing three at the back.

“Hopefully a change in system might be the thing that helps them win the title next year,” he said.

“They finished the season strong, although they have done that before. Raising yourself for the FA Cup final, to beat one team on one day is one thing.

“To do it over 38 games is a different story.”

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Don’t kid yourselves. Wenger and the board have made the wrong decision, because there was finally no other possible decision in their minds.

Arsenal is not about to step up and compete in the market, taking a player away from a rival who wants them for example.

We are notorious for bungling our summers. I’ll be the first to applaud a new approach. But, like Thierry, I’ll believe it when I see it.


Comments like these are fair enough, but look, Wenger doesn’t wield a magic wand in the transfer market, he needs serious money! Everyone knows who the top top players are, you, I, arsene and a million other fans. Criticise the boss for things in his control, but I would be amazed if he can convince 2 world class players to join this summer and keep the current 2.


I think the board is under pressure this time for the first time. No one has ever chanted against Kroenke and the board, they’ve sort of hid behind Wenger who took all the blame and criticism. I think the fans need to be a bit more optimistic as well. Wenger out fans – you need to accept that this man will be the manager at least until next summer, we need to get behind the manager and the team. The negativity this season (in comparison to spurs who had the ultimate support) has created an environment that’s impossible for the… Read more »


Both the games you mention were away games, in fact most of our worse performances came away from home, with the only one where our away fans contributed to a sour atmosphere being the Crystal Palace one and that was only after we had lost it, In general the away fans were, as always, very supportive. Surely this disproves your theory


Have you been to the Emirates recently? If so, you’re kidding yourself.


Yes, but I solely talked about away matches so I don’t see the relevance


I don’t disagree that the atmosphere at the Emirates is terrible and definitely needs addressing, my view is that it is at least partly due to such high ticket prices meaning that the kind of fans who go are largely people too self concious to really shout and chant, at least that’s what it’s like around me. What I disagree with is that this can be used as an excuse for all of our problems. Firstly that atmosphere has been crap for longer than just our bad spell and secondly as I previously stated our bad spell mostly consisted of… Read more »


Very well said. I can strongly relate to this as a season ticket holder. After the Christmas slump in form, I was genuinely turning up to the Emirates with the expectation that the atmosphere was going to be terrible. For the first time in 12 years. A lot of that comes down to the incessant pressure from the media over Wenger’s future which he is partially to blame for (and has now admitted to). Despite that we fans have a duty to, like you said, give UNCONDITIONAL support. That means not being silent from the first whistle. That means not… Read more »


Nobody can disagree with a word of that. I went to the Sunderland game at home only a few weeks ago. Champions League qualification on the line, hammering shots at the Sunderland goal, yet me and my brother were the only ones singing. Embarrassing support. We literally felt awkward from singing as all the regulars were not fussed. Why attend if you are not enjoying it or there to support? Absolute waste. The biggest issue at Arsenal is not the manager, it is the support. Some will say the players need to show us something… I saw the players doing… Read more »


Well said. This contract situation hasn’t been well managed but you’re right, our biggest issue is not the manager but the toxicity of our support. There’s a growing minority that actively wants the club to fail because they are so absolute that AW should be gone. Let’s hope that their relationship with the club is so irreconcilably damaged that they never come back because they should have been been Arsenal fans* in the first place.
*Originally typed Gooners but they don’t deserve that title.

Chris Siple

I don’t disagree, but didn’t they used to call Highbury “the Library”? Maybe the Arsenal supporters are harder to please, or older (those ticket prices?), or jaded. Whatever the reason for the negativity, it would be great if the atmosphere were more positive. But the people in the stands paid to be there and they have every right to be as positive or negative as they like. The players are pros and will do their best, but the crowd can add energy or subtract it.

Tasmanian Jesus

One of my best friends is, unfortunately, a Spuds fan. And let me tell you, them fans are no better than us when the going gets tough over in that camp.


I think that what ever the form of protest was, it was the right thing to do. You fans have the right to make mention their concerns but in the right way and avenue. And I ask where is ther ight avenue? The board and Wenger are one big joke and you expect people to pamper them? No way. If this was at Liverpool, man u, barca,real Madrid or Chelsea, the fans at those clubs would have been more united to force the management to act. You can’t say that if you won’t support the team then you don’t show… Read more »

Bouldy\'s Bald Spot

Would keeping both Ozil and Alexis at Arsenal and adding ONE super signing be enough for Arsenal fans to be happy with Arsene at the helm?


And then there’s the little matter of performing well over 38 games….


@Rogerbij To a degree I get what you are saying, but then there are so many occasions when the reason we haven’t acquired the top players is because we have just dithered in the market or not payed the money and there are so many examples that due to Arsene not having the satchel to put the money down, we’ve lost out on a top player. Take Hazard as a prime example. we scouted him for like two years we wanted him off Lille and they asked for £2 million more then we were willing to pay so we said… Read more »


You cannot pin all the blame on Wenger for missed transfers. He shouldn’t be responsible for deciding on the value the said player is worth. Remember Dein?… Wenger use to just approve of the player, not really get too involved in valuations and negotiations. The club has failed in that regard. He needs support. The whole club hides when we are in poor form, leaving Wenger to deal with the flack. The board and Gazidis need to resolve this once and for all. Structural fixes needed for sure. Last summer was our biggest net spend for transfers but we still… Read more »


You can buy players in the market for 5m. They’re just shit. Except for Holding. He’s a beast.


Couldn’t have said it better King Henry. I don’t see much changing this season tbh. Missing out on the ucl have given clubs like Liverpool and Spurs a chance to catch up and even surpass us.
I’m not holding my breath for next season. We won’t win the league – that’s certain. There’s a 40 percent chance we make ucl. Next season will be difficult as it comes.


40% eh… I would say 38.754521%

The Blerch



It’s arguably the most crucial summer I can ever remember at this club. I don’t believe much will change but I’m willing to see what they do before going mad.

Wright on the money

That is the main thing is to keep the players we already have before buying other ones.

I would like to see Sanchez upfront with Ozil and Rodriguez behind him, also a good CM like Carvhillo or Kessie.

Also get Marhez and a couple other players for back up and Europe league football.

Can’t see world class players coming when we can’t offer champions league football so we may have to look a bit further down the peaking order.

Jung Beans

I hear this a lot: players wont come without champion league football. But that simply isn’t true. Pogba went to United, Kante went from champions Leicester to 10th place Chelsea in 2016, as did David Luiz, and others. I agree that the CL lure is useful, but it can be overcome if we get other things sorted.

Wright on the money

Yeah I agree to clubs that will pay the wages not like Arsenal.


Pogba and Ibra went to United because they offered them exorbitant wages. Ibrahimovic alone makes as much as Alexis and Ozil combined…


Be real. Rodriguez+Carvhillo or Kessie+Mahrez+squad players+keep the players we have I’m assuming we are talking about the Sanchez, Ozil, Ox and not the Debuechy, Gibbs, Jenks.

Close to 200M.


Players like Morata and James,dont care so much abt UCL as it is made out to be,willing to go to Inter and AC Milan who have not qualified for UCL for ages and are in a one team league.


Exactly. The song remains the same …


But seriously, does anyone care anymore what Henry thinks. He seems to have followed the same road to riches as his team mate Adams rather than do productive work. He thinks he has an expert opinion, but i have more respect for the humble ex players who don’t back stab or eagerly critisize. Let it rest Thierry. Go criticize clubs that you may coach one day from the lower leagues.


Is anything he said here wrong?



Wright on the money

Henry is a legend if it wasn’t for him Wenger wouldn’t have as many cups and trophies to his name you idiot Arser.


TH14, what a legend. Whoever it was who signed him and helped turn him from a little-known winger into one of the world’s greatest strikers must have been a fuckin’ genius…


Haha ‘little known winger’. Ligue 1 young player of the year 1996, Ligue 1 winner 96/97, CL semi-finalist 97/98 scoring a french record 7 goals in the competition, World cup winner 1998 transfers to Arsenal 1999. Yes Wenger made him better but ‘little-known winger’ give me a fucking break.


still….couldnt win the champions league for arsenal, for wenger, for the fans …when it really mattered….our highest scorer… (but we demand/ed it from bendtner and walcott…we are funny lot)

poor freddie was running for 3 that night to set him up ….

oh titi… finish it!!!!!!


Would we have been in that final if not for Henry?


It’s a double edged sword really I mean yes henry should have finished at least one of his three chances but at the same time would arsenal really be there in the first place without him ? think about it.

Shreyas Ram

Henry wouldn’t be where he is right now if it wasn’t for Arsene Wenger.
But nothing wrong in what he said. Back the talk with action.


Behave yourself!!!

Jung Beans

Simple answer to your question: yes, I care what Henry says. He actually is the definition of an expert opinion! He has lived the life of a footballer, he epitomizes the glory years of Arsenal more than anyone else, he has always proclaimed himself an Arsenal fan (not a Barca fan or Juventus fan or Monaco fan), he is going for his coaching badges, he knows how the business works, etc. So when Henry speaks I listen. Far more than most of the morons in the media.


Corporate news agencies set narratives and have scripts/headlines written that are to be followed. He is paid big money to follow the headlines. So you have to take everything he says with a pinch of salt I’m afraid.

As legendary as he is for Arsenal, he chose a lucrative job elsewhere rather than learning to coach and potentially become Arsenal manager.

He chose Sky over Arsenal. He chose headlines over substance. He has an opinion, that is all. Stop glorifying everything he says people.

Arsenal Pakistan!

Off topic but I’m in picture 9!!! And back on topic can’t argue with anything Thierry said. But I really hope Arsene will do as he says this time because he knows if he doesn’t the atmosphere at Emirates next season will be hostile whenever we lose or draw to lower opposition. I hope Arsene is not that naive and can see that and does bring in one BIG name which has the same effect as the signing of Özil did


Bring in one big name, maybe 2, and keep Sanchez and Ozil. Anything less and he is in for a rough ride.


Wenger surprised us all with a change in formation. And an unlikely cup win …maybe these are the seeds of change, maybe Wenger will get the business done in good time and we can have a positive start to the new season with fans behind the team. it’s what I hope for. otherwise……

Faisal Narrage

Everyone keeps mentioning this tactical change as possible evidence for something different, but how is it any different from recent seasons? In the last seasons by March after everything has fallen to pieces, he stumbles on a new tactic and then drops players who should’ve been dropped months ago for fringe players. Whether it be changing to a counter attacking team in the last couple of seasons around march, or stumbling into the Santi-Coq axis, or dropping Giroud/Flamini/Vermalean/Chesny/Giroud and giving Rosicky (savour of 2 seasons on the trot)/Benayoun/Campbell/Coq/Sanogo etc. Whatever the case, a change of tactics in the second half… Read more »


Spot on and it’s not as if it was some radical, inventive thinking from Wenger, basically every other top team tried 3 at the back after Conte’s success with it and we were the last ones to give it a go. It was just a case of we’re doing shit let’s try this seasons trendy formation, a desperate throw of the dice. I don’t think Arsene really deserves credit for only being very tactically stubborn rather than completely


Just like any other pundit. …


So the FA cup is one game then? I must have missed when the other 750 football teams boycotted it this year…

Jung Beans

Nice! I think most of your thumbs downs are because people don’t get what you are saying. But well done sir/madam.


FA cup was 6 games, two of which we played against non-league teams, one vs Preston North End, one against a Southampton reserves team and two against good teams. Yes the cup win was very good and the City and Chelsea wins were positive but not really comparable to a 38 game league season against PL opposition is it. Completely valid point from Henry


The press and fans make it sound so easy to get “world class” players in but how many teams – including all those above us in PL – have cocked up buys and bought turkeys? The point is to get players who will fit into the system and approach of Arsenal and not upset the whole balance of the club in doing so. We can’t go out and get Messi, Lewandowski, Pogba, Hazard. We could get the next Kante or Holding cheap but don’t expect instant results. We could develop the next Bellerin or Beckham but again no instant results.… Read more »

Faisal Narrage

I also find this talk of buying more players such a red herring. Simply fact is the squad last season and the season before haven’t been playing to their potential, and that’s a bigger concern. New players doesn’t explain why we’ve been so abject at Setpiece defending for so long, culminating in that tragic show against West Brom where we repeated the same mistake at every setpiece that’s been the case for the last few years. Personally I’d be more excited if Wenger actually updated his coaching staff with some fresh minds and gave them a chance to implement their… Read more »


Can’t agree more, we have the players to compete -as end of season games showed. The problem is tactics and motivation. Three at the back seems to work well for this team -but I’ve seen Wenger abandon the formation that worked well last season to tinker in September, usually to bad effect, loss of confidence, then a good run to give us hope, before the inevitable collapse and CL exit. It is so predictable and boring, but, but, if we break the cycle the release of energy and positivity will be outstanding.

Faisal Narrage

We still haven’t been given an explanation as to why he dropped the Sanchez as a CF tactic so well.
If it’s because Iwobi lost form then fair enough as he brought so much to make that set up work. But surely then the answer is to buy a first choice LW and keep Sanchez as CF and not plop him back to the wings for the sake of Giroud having another of his Christmas purple patches.

Last preseason especially it just seemed like there was no plan or set up at all.


Personally, I prefer Sanchez in the wandering role which enables him to create more havoc whilst also allowing Ozil the freedom to pick out a centre forward.

I found Sanchez at CF a confusion to our midfield and lost the pressure on opposition defences, who could focus on play in front of them. Welbz at CF creates more space for Sanchez to work in.


Sanchez wasn’t a very good centre forward because he was always running around out of position and the only reason there is this myth about it is because we won so many games, but they weren’t convincing wins at all. Sanchez is what he is, he’s allowed free rein in the team and he’ll score from anywhere, but he’s no good as a centre forward. You insult Giroud but he’s actually a very good striker, we just need to play to his strengths when he’s on the pitch. We put in good crosses when the box is empty and stop… Read more »

Faisal Narrage

That’s what a false 9 is supposed to do, they’re not meant to be classic CFs. Sanchez as a CF ensured he gave the ball away in less dangerous areas, but also brought out the best in Ozil and Theo’s goalscoring; both of which dried up once Sanchez stopped being a CF. And where did I insult Giroud? I merely said he has his usual Christmas purple patch, which historically he has. And surely your not blaming the fans for refs not doing their job. Maybe the arsenal players should put pressure on the refs if they feel wronged. Getting… Read more »


Unless the board is prepared to cough up some serious dosh and really splash out on 2 or 3 top shelf players and pay the associated huge wage bills these kind of players demand, then no matter who is in charge the title will be out of reach.
I think unfortunately for Arsenal, to get back into that top echelon of clubs they are going to have to go above their wage structure and break their transfer and wage records to secure the players they need. And that is something I am not sure they want to do.

Indian Gooner

I stopped loosing respect for most of our legendary players..except for Ian Wright. The other guys just become so sick in their head. Don’t really care about what they say anymore.
They are owned by their respective media channels.. so no wonder they act like it but please stop acting like Arsenal is still your whole world or something… while clearly most of us could see that money is all you guys are after.

dr Strange

I’m already bored of the 2017/18 season.


I think Tim Stillman or the man from East upper said it perfectly on the Union Chapel podcast. Conte could win the league with our *current* squad. We have a good squad. its not about splashing money around in the transfer market. Even if we keep Ozil & Sanchez and buy MBappe and Greizmann, I still don’t see us winning the league under Wenger. I love the man, but he’s lost his mojo. Maybe softer European commitments next season will help a bit, but I have low expectations.

Still – we won the cup!


You know Henry took the cowards way out and snipes from the sidelines now. Sure its just words. We should measure intent with action this summer. Wenger needs to cover for deficiencies (created largely by his ideology of non intervention) by adding enough quality from market. No more projects be it youth or Little Britain core. The words coming out from the manager seems to allude to a good spend this summer. It will get complicated though with Alexis and Ozil. Keown is already calling for both to be sold. Honestly, I think we are better off keeping one (I… Read more »


It’s a fair criticism from Henry, not a single bit of insult here. Just questioning Arsene capability to win the league based on the last decade performance.


On the one hand, the Wenger outers say that we have so much talent that we should be challenging for the PL title every season. On the other hand they say his transfer dealings have been inadequate. Which is it? In no particular order: Santi, Sanchez, Ozil, Kocielny, Giroud, Monreal, Bellerin, Holding, Xhaka etc, etc. Which of these players was bad business? If there is any scope for criticism on transfers, it is that he has not moved on a few players that he should have, e.g Walcott. That is the test for me – will he finally sell Walcott… Read more »

Donald\'s Trump

Sanogo, Perez, El Neny, Gabriel, Park etc etc


Explain to me how Gabriel and Elneny are crap

Donald\'s Trump

Theo scored 19 goals. Not sure why we should move him on.

Also there are failings on who he has not bought. We’ve needed a striker for years. Welbeck was bought and if he’s a striker then I am the pope.

Eric Blair

I mostly agree with this, it’s really a bit of both though. Transfer dealings haven’t been disastrous but we’ve missed a few in recent years which would have taken us to another level and as we’re not run by a criminal oligarch with a bottomless money pit, and although the squad is good and we’ve under-performed, you would need a lot to go your way to win the league with this group (injuries, form etc). The time has come for Walcott to leave. He can’t play in this system and is symptomatic of the failures of the last few years.… Read more »


Theo is a good option to have, I wouldn’t sell him but I’d buy someone like Mahrez to keep him at the top of his game. We’re going to need a full squad of good players next season and like for like replacement isn’t going to help. Challenge Theo and I think he’ll do well for us, the problem is that it’s all been too comfy for him for too long. When he’s up for it he can be unplayable, I’d like to keep that and see it more often.

Faisal Narrage

They’re not muturually exclusive.
He’s born failed to bring out the best in the TEAM and he didn’t buy the right players WHEN WE NEEDED THEM.

Christoph Thornton

The first season with CL will give us much more focus on the league, looking at this years chelsea who didnt have CL as well, it could be a good booster for us


They didn’t have Europa either.


The problem we have at Arsenal is that we have so many soccer amateur analysts masquerading as Arsenal fans. I wander if the know what it means to be a Supporter! Check an Ancarta Thesaurus probably you may change your mind about supporting Arsenal F.C.

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