Report: Arsenal 2-1 Chelsea – inc goals


Arsenal: Ospina, Mertesacker, Holding, Bellerin, Monreal, Ox, Ramsey, Xhaka, Alexis, Ozil, Welbeck

Subs: Cech, Coquelin, Elneny, Iwobi, Lucas, Walcott, Giroud

Referee: Anthony Taylor


On a sunny spring day with one half of Wembley painted red and one painted blue Arsenal faced their old nemesis Chelsea to contest for the FA Cup. The story of the day was either going to be a double for Chelsea and the end of successful season for them or a positive end to Arsenal’s poor season and Arsene Wenger’s record 7th FA Cup win.

A pall has hung over Arsenal since December. Wenger’s future undecided, Alexis and Özil’s futures undecided, Arsenal getting blown out in Europe, and a losing streak thrown in to see Arsenal drop out of the top four and finish below Tottenham Hotspur darkened those clouds that hung over the club. But sometimes dark clouds can be blown away if even only for a moment, which is exactly what happened when Arsenal beat Chelsea 2-1 to win the FA Cup.

Arsenal went ahead on controversial circumstances in the fourth minute. Chelsea attempted to break on a counter but a good tackle by Ramsey broke up the play. Alexis tried a chip to Ramsey but it was half-cleared. Alexis attacked the clearance and it looked like the ball may have bounced up and hit him in the hand. The ricochet fell to Ramsey who was now standing in an offside position but Ramsey didn’t make a move for the ball and the referee didn’t call offside. Chelsea had stopped playing thinking that offside was going to be called so Alexis simply walked up and poked the ball into the back of the net.

Referee Anthony Taylor went over to talk to the linesman while Wembley waited in almost silent anticipation. Then Taylor indicated goal and the red half of Wembley celebrated.

Moments later Diego Costa fell over while trying to execute a headlock on Holding. After he threw the Arsenal man to the ground, he tried to donkey kick him. The referee didn’t see anything but Holding pointed to his head and had words with Costa.

If fans were expecting Arsenal to sit back and hold on to the lead they didn’t. Chelsea’s first real shot of the game was blocked and Arsenal countered through Alexis. The Chilean found Özil steaming in on his right for a one-v-one with Courtoise. The Arsenal man waited until the Chelsea keeper went to ground and tried a cheeky chip which Gary Cahill cleared off the line.

The Arsenal action was coming thick and fast. Arsenal nearly scored again on the 18th minute when Welbeck’s header hit the post. Ramsey was there again and probably could have walked the ball into the net. This time the ball took a funny bounce and he could only hit the side netting.

Ospina made a great save with his face when Holding was beaten to a ball over the top to Diego Costa. Costa shot and then after the ball was blocked he crashed into Ospina and with legs flailing kicked the Arsenal keeper in the head. This was the second time that Costa accidentally kicked an Arsenal player in the head, in just 20 minutes of game play.

Arsenal broke on the ensuing corner again through Alexis Sanchez. Alexis found Welbeck steaming in on his left. Welbeck collected, passed back, and made a run. The return pass saw him one-v-one with Courtoise and again the ensuing shot was cleared off the line. Yet another lucky escape for Chelsea.

Chelsea’s best chance of the half fell to Pedro who was through on goal for a brief second but blasted the ball over the net.

As the first half wound down, Monreal clipped Pedro from behind and Taylor gave a foul on the edge of the box. Marcos took the free kick and put the ball a few yards over the bar. Taylor blew half time and the Arsenal went in with just a slim 1-0 lead which could easily have been two or three.

The second half started a bit muted but quickly heated up. Arsenal were sitting back and Chelsea probed. Kante eventually took a shot from distance which took a deflection but Ospina claimed easily. Chelsea got a second shot minutes later as Diego Costa broke through the Arsenal lines but his shot was kicked out for a goal kick.

Everything that Arsenal had been doing well in the first half seemed to blow away in the second. Oxlade-Chamberlain tried to dribble out of possession but was easily tackled in the middle of the pitch. Moses broke and took a wicked low shot which was saved by Ospina.

Holding was given the first yellow card of the game after a Diego Costa dive. This yellow came despite the fact that Chelsea had effected several professional fouls in the first half to stop Arsenal on the counter.

It wasn’t all one-way traffic. Arsenal had a great chance when Alexis picked out Bellerin streaking down the right side. Chelsea were caught out with Özil in the middle but Bell couldn’t get his cross right and Courtoise claimed.

Moses collected Chelsea’s first yellow just a few seconds later after he fouled Welbeck on a counter opportunity. It would turn out to be a huge error on his part.

Antonio Conte brought on Fabregas in the 60th minute to a chorus of cheers and jeers. His first touch was a clearance. His second touch was a failed tackle on Xhaka.

The match was full of action and another fantastic opportunity went begging for Arsenal. Welbeck collected a wonderful throughball, then played back across the top of the box where Bellerin latched on and tried to place the ball past Courtois. The Chelsea man reached out a telescopic arm and saved.

Seconds later, Anthony Taylor had a massive decision to make. Victor Moses cut inside Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain and dribbled into the 18 yard box. Then he fell over to draw a penalty. Taylor whistled for simulation and then surprised everyone by walking over to Moses and showing him a second yellow and red. It’s rare that a player will get a yellow card for simulation at all, much less a yellow which will see the player sent off.

Despite being down to ten men Chelsea equalized. Costa chested a lofted ball down and past Holding who had overran his marker. Costa took a snap shot and Mertesacker stuck a leg out to block but only managed to deflect the ball past a rooted and weak looking Ospina.

Chelsea were still celebrating when Ramsey put the Gunners back ahead. Wenger subbed on Giroud whose first touch was a cross to Ramsey who headed home with no one marking him. Once again Aaron Ramsey provided the winning goal for Arsenal in an FA Cup final.

Arsenal had just 10 minutes to hold on to the lead and Wenger brought on Coquelin for Ox to shore up the defense. There was some confusion as to where Coquelin would play but he was slotted in to the left wingback position against Chelsea’s Willian. Coquelin received a yellow card within seconds after his introduction after fouling his marker and kicking the ball away. Brainless from the Arsenal man.

Arsenal weren’t through though and continued attacking with every possession. Bellerin had yet another open chance, played in and through on the keeper, he placed his shot just wide. It was end to end stuff and seconds later, Costa had a shot saved from mere inches away. Then Özil and Alexis broke on the other end and Özil faked Azpilicueta and his shot hit the post.

Conte took a huge gamble with three minutes left in the game and took off Costa for Batshuayi. But he wouldn’t make a single lick of difference in this match. Arsenal looked composed down the stretch, intercepting every loose ball and clearing away every Chelsea chance.

Arsenal fans sang to their team as they danced and hugged, celebrating the fact that they have won more silverware than Tottenham this season and nearly every season since the 1950s.

Match stats:

Stat Arsenal Chelsea
Goals 2 1
Big Chances 3 1
Shots in the box 11 14
Shots outside the box 5 4
Passes 487 432
Passes in the opp final 1/3 148 175
Successful dribbles 8 14
Tackles 23 25
Interceptions 17 13
Possession loss 29 28




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Well deserved win.

Too Drunk To Be Offside

Indeed. Spare a thought for poor fans of the team from Sh!te Fart Lane. Even in the season of their supposed BIG power-shift they have won fewer trophies than Arsenal. Not only that they have actually won the fewest trophies possible – 0. If it was possible to have won even lesser trophies than 0, then I am sure they would have managed that also. As for new contracts, I really fear for the team, if Sanchez were to leave. It would be a big blow to the morale. Sign him up ASAP. Ozil I feel is replaceable. If he… Read more »

sad eyes

Shite Fart Lane…. best and only good thing about that comment


Ozil replaceable with who exactly? How much would the replacement cost and would probably want the same wages.


Julian Brandt at Leverkusen for 1


Lol are you being serious? yeah maybe in 3 years


you deserve a long break somewhere…maybe in Middlesex…


You are too drunk

OzIL may be a liability on defense at times, but as offensive inspiration, he is irreplaceable


Hear! Hear! Bully to the Ole Alchemist!


London is RED.


This is why we love this club. It never ceases to amaze us. Having endured what has been a really difficult season, just when you thought we were down and out, our boys came up with a performance I will enjoy in a long long time. I will not single out a player because today everyone played out of their skin, like men, to beat the seemingly invincible champions of England. What an incredible team performance it was! Lastly I can’t help but salute Arsene Wenger for his tactical masterclass today, but overall for what he’s done for us. In… Read more »


Wow… FA cup champions.. Third most important trophy of the season, and much less important than the other two. It has been a good day, and for a second it was nice to be happy and enjoy a win, but still it is a fact that the team took a vacation from Jan to May and for that Wenger must be accountable. If I were Stan, seeing this today, us outplaying current champions in almost every aspect, I would immediately ask Wenger to give a proper answer on why the team under him cannot perform like that more consistently, as… Read more »


if your thoughts hours after winning the FA cup final in thrilling and glorious circumstances are ‘well, that was okay I guess, but don’t forget that everything is awful’ then you need to stop doing football because you’re bad at it.


KPIs, fucking hell

Uhtred of bergkampburg

Isn’t it blogs that’s supposed to do the blogging? Please just enjoy winning the cup would you! God damn some people are never satisfied! It’s the FA cup, it’s a really important trophy and always will be

Mein Bergkampf

Thank you so much for another wonderful memory Arsene. It’s been great. Now saddle up your horse and ride off into the sunset. You deserve it. So do we.


leave it. please.


Exactly, mein befgkampf!


Bold and brave decision by Anthony Talyor. I’m starting to dislike him less


I am so proud of the team. So so proud. And even more happy for them, Wenger and us fans. They put it in a shift every second of the match. Ospina – Great saves. Holding – What a talent, gem discovered this season. Monreal – Mr. Consistent. Love his attitude. Mertesacker – Captain great. Never played a back 3 but what a performance he put. Xhaka – Great siging and growing as a player. Ramsey – 2 times FA cup winner scorer. FA CUP LEGEND. Ox – Great again. Glad he played this final. Bellerin – I just wish… Read more »


no no no!! this cant happen. paul merson declared that mertesacher would be “ripped to shreds by chelsea”

BFGGGGGGGGGGGG!!!! what a legend

dr Strange

The back three is made for Mert.


One of the best performances by any arsenal player in the last 20 years. The BFG was absolutely incredible.


Did anyone else hear the commentator say he’s the BFG – the Big Friendly German? No. He’s the BIG FUCKING GERMAN! Awesome performance.


Mert was my MOTM


Nacho for me..but who cares..hey were all fuckin excellent


BFG is a legend

Merson a bigger legend. He’s a gooner. Definitely a messer and says shit like that to stay in the media. But he could play! And smiled. He loved the club


You even forgot Welbeck who grafted his arse off. He’s still got a future, that one.


Haha yes.
I forgot Welbeck. Purely accidental. He worked tremendously hard as well.

Let’s give a special mention to Giroud too.
Comes on. Gives the assist for the winner.


Credit to Alexis for the assist to our first goal and also for scoring it!


Again. If Ramsey is the “2 times FA cup winner scorer,” then Giroud is the “2 times FA cup winner assister.”


Well said! Absolutely…


Both times to Ramsey too!


Giroud’s best assist since THAT Wilshere goal vs Norwich!


Love the work welbeck does without the ball. He may not score much but he works tremendously hard to make it hard for the defenders of opposition team . his runs in behind also create space for the likes of ozil and sanchez to prosper. If he could remain injury free he should Starr for us as our first choice striker


The Mountain wins us the throne!

Jungu Beans

I’d add to Holding’s plaudits. He did an amazing job, but his part in winding up Costa was magical. The team clearly had a plan for the Brazilian shite, and Rob played his part to perfection. I dunno, watching Costa get all pissed like that just warms my heart.

cazorla\'s smile

Arsenal My Arsenal… COYG!!!!


Well done lads, played Chelsea out of the park!
Arsene Wenger, the most successful FA cup manager 🙂

David C

on another day that could have been 4 or 5-1 for the Arsenal!


Incredible to think that we only scored two. Hit the post three times, Cahill had to clear the ball off the line twice, Courtois was kept very busy throughout. If anything, Chelsea can count themselves lucky that the scoreline was just 2-1.


Certain people are saying the Russians didn’t turn up. My response is that they did turn and field 11 men but Arsenal also turned up!!!


Clock-End Mike

It’s the second time under Le Prof that Arsenal have won the Cup three times in four years (previously in 2002, 2003, and 2005).

It was good to hear him acknowledge his pride in both having gone a league season unbeaten, and having won the Cup more than any other manager (Ramsey was at Aston Villa for 42 years to gain his 6 FA Cups). Specialist in success!

Original Paul

I think our team were superb today.


And Chelsea were shit and had a man sent off.

Original Paul

No, Chelsea were over-run by us, and when they came forward we neutralised them. Brilliant display by The Arsenal imo.


Speaking of Chelsea, Moses thought he’d part the red sea of Gunners before him by diving through them. Instead it was he who saw red. Lol !


@GunneRon i thought the same thing when that play was happening and he turned the Ox haha, ‘Moses trying to part the Red Sea!’


@Anonymarse, could you please be realistic?? Chelsea was 2nd best all through the game. We’ve had a poor EPL season, yeah, but the lads gave an outstanding performance! No need to ooze with negativity towards #Arsenal at this time. COYG!!!


Wasn’t trying to suggest we didn’t play well …


Usually it is the other way around


They were shit as we didn’t give them a chance to be anything other than shit. They really weren’t that bad which goes to show how good we were.


you got issues anon man. Have u actually seen arsenal play like that in agessssss…i swear imho we would of beat any team in the world the way we played today. But we should have embarrassed they’re arses excuse the pun. COYG!!!!


Great performance. Thought Xhaka bossed it again, really growing into this team. Hate to say it, Arsene Wenger seemed to be really soaking it in, emotional. Maybe im reading too into it but i feel hes leaving. And sanchez looked a bit like it was done for him too. What you guys think? COYG, well done Arsene!


Think he’s leaving, too. Also the fact that he said he kept his winners medal for the first time points in that direction. It’s utterly sad ?


I think Arsene is going to Barca




BFG unbelievable. I love the arsenal. Ramseys goal took me back to being an 8 year old watching alan Sunderland in 79. Loved it.


BFG was unbelievable indeed. Captain’s performance. Remember what he said pre game about owing the team a perfomance. He certainly more than delivered today. He slotted perfectly into the back 3 despite never playing in one before, and to top it off, who would have guessed that he was playing his first full 90mins of the season. He really looks brilliant in this back 3. His reading of the game looks to be exemplified in a back 3, while his only weakness would be covered with two pacier CBs beside bim. Hope to see more of him in this system… Read more »


BFG was MOTM for me, dominated costa



Foggy Bottom

This game shows why we need to offload Giroud and keep Welbeck as our #9


We need both.Did ya even watch the match for god’s sake??!!

Jung Beans

Umm, assist to Rambo 39 seconds after coming on…hello?


Yes!!! So happy right now!!! Fully deserved win.


Well done boys! Celebration time

Scott P

Cheating fuckers got what they deserved! Oh Arsenal, we love you!


About time


Chelski sleeper cell detected.


About time cheating fuckers got what they deserved …


What a game! Record FA cup champions, record number of FA cups for a manager and sticking it to Chelsea! Well done lads!!!


Cometh the hour cometh the man, Aaron Ramsey again


Great team performance from all players and a tactical masterclass from Arsene Wenger.
Difficult to choose the best player but at the back, Mertesacker, Monreal, and Holding had storming performances.
Additionally, what a nutcase Victor Moses is.


I love Per

Original Paul

“Who are you” Chelsea?? You were taught a footballing lesson today.

determined culture

arsene taught conte wat 352 is all bout!


perfection. everything about today was perfect.


I’m sloshed COYG!!!


Loved it!!! Nobody gave us a chance – whole team played magnificently. BFG outstanding! Holding doesn’t seem to back down to anyone – the boy has steel! Monreal super! Could go on but it’s back to Beer ‘oclock!!!


Holding…the guy looks soft but damn is he tough


Fug yeah, Monreal is the real unsung hero.

bob davis

Brilliant! Just so happy for everyone! I knew Sanchez and Ramsey would get on the score sheet. Great assist from Giroud for the second.

Please, please show some ambition and sign up Sanchez and Ozil!!!!!



We all thought Wenger had lost the dressing room.
Fair play he turned it around.
Quietly optimistic for next season with this new formation

dr Strange


The best game of the season.

Man of the match: everyone including Wenger and the staff.


Good to end the season on a positive note ! great win the boys did put a shift . A big shout out to Per , he was immense.


Get in!

Ethiopian Gooner

Please please please let this not be the year Wenger leaves in ‘high’.


Fantastic team performance and the Welsh Jesus is back !!

Clock-End Mike

I commented after the Everton game that Ramsey was coming into form just in time for the Cup Final. And how! He and Xhaka bossed the midfield between them, both having their best games all season, I’d say.

6 games unbeaten is the best current record in the PL. COYG!!


One of the all-time great Arsenal performances. Nothing more needs to be said.


I absolutely go along with this. Certainly at least one of the all time great FA Cup Winning performances for us. Of which we have thirteen. which is a record, btw.

An Arseblog News Comment

Coquelindinho is LANS

Ben Y

Yeah, what was that all about! Ha Ha
Twisting and turning like a Bergkamp


He really showed some nice ball control and footwork. Effects of that loan spell at Freiburg eh


I am so proud of this team! I love this group of players and I hope they are able to carry this success on to next season.



Mertesacker was excellent. The question will be, why didn’t AW play him earlier. Still Arsene got it absolutely right today.


Yup, I had commented during our not so good times this season how Per should be eased back into the team and people said ‘oh not the slow Per’ and I had cited stats on how we’ve conceded more goals than each of the other seasons when Per played. He makes others around him look good with his positional intelligence and organises defences well. Yes he picked up a red against Costa but that could happen to anyone, even then he was the last man and did it for the team & wasn’t a mindless rash tackle. I’ve great respect… Read more »

Ulysses 32

Big fucking german. Who’s got a big fucking german?

Sideshow Mo

We do! 😀

lovely arse

What a game. Mertesacker huge.


And he also played very well, too.


Ooh to be a Gooner. Lads played very well today. Tails up. You choose how you view our Arsenal. They played with purpose. How do I feel about winning the FA Cup for the 3rd time in the past 4 years? To steal Freddie and Blogs footnote … It’s fuckin excellent!

Clive St Helmet

Quick note to Spurs: this is how you win at Wembley.


I think this win feels a bit more special than the last two FA Cups wins (As good as they were) due to the opposition. Brilliant game, everyone played well, only complaint was 2:1 flattered Chelsea.

Fifth Duke of Portland

Thank you Arsene- the best we’ve ever had.


Congratulations fellow Arsenal fans!!
Upwards n onwards!!!


These kind of performances piss me off because we know what the team is capable of..Chelsea were not great but i don’t won’t to hear that they lost the final…We beat them and took it from them. To a man we were fucking superb today..Bellerin was our worst player and he was excellent. Got stuck the fuck in and we actually outfought and outbattled them all over the park..That was what i was especially proud of today…We played some nice football and matched them as men…Cant ask for a more complete performance. Take a bow Per Mertesacker the Big fucking… Read more »


Ramsey is worth keeping on the team purely for his FA cup final performances, he shows up when it counts. Mertesacker had an amazing game even without considering the circumstances. We got really unlucky not to blow Chelsea out with the amount of goal line clearances and times we hit the woodwork. It really seemed like chelsea must have scheduled a party to celebrate the double for last night rather than tonight and by the time they realized their mistake it must have been too late to cancel the strippers so they just decided to go ahead and have the… Read more »


Deserved win; now Wenger, go on a high please, thanks for everything, but GO


So happy, had my doubts pre kick off, but the bfg was immense….. And to see john terry sad on the bench at the end gave me the biggest buzz and to the satan abromovitch looking glum made it all the better and to see wenger smiling gave me a feeling of pure bliss….

Love the Arsenal, and my yid mates are hating the fact they won nothing this season lol except second place….

Come on you gunners


Superb final, breathless end to end stuff. Couldn’t be happier we outplayed Chelshit today. Wenger the most successful manager with 7 FA Cup wins and 13 for Arsenal. He deserves the record.


I cried.My father was a huge gooner and passed this year. He loved the Fa cup. I know he was smiling down on us today. This was my favourite cup final performance and i will remember it for the rest of my days. Not the first time we won a trophy at spurs home ground;)

Keown\'s Sideburns

Wish I could vote your comment up more mate. Respect.


One of the best arsenal wins for a decade. Brilliant every man, and battered the PL champions. Just buzzing!!


I fucking love Arsenal, Arsène Wenger and the BFG.


Oh and I forgot: Mrs Blogs should do ALL the live blogs from now on. What a performance! 🙂

Frisco gooner

As Per says, Mrs. Blogs was superb and dare I say more informative than that other fella.Time to celebrate!

Original Paul

Only three FA Cups in the last four years??? What a load of shit…

Merlin\'s Panini

I do love it when I am wrong, although I did feel tempted for some reason when I saw 12-1 odds on us to beat Chelsea 2-1 in the bookies window. That was a great game though and money can’t buy the happiness an FA Cup win brings. The best, most competitive final I’ve seen for years and we won it. It’s great when the controversial decisions go your way too and great to see twats like Costa not reaping the benefits of their snide cheating. Wanker. If we play like that next season we’ll be doing alright! No idea… Read more »


So happy for the team. Mertesacker surely just played the game of his lifetime, and Ramsey has once again proven that when the chips are really down, he’s the guy you bet your house on.

Happy most of all for Arsene, though. We have been so privileged to have had this man as the manager of our club, no matter what we may think about whether he should stay or go. When he does go, football will surely never see his like again.


Also, is there anything more perfect than Chelsea getting a man sent off in the FA Cup Final for being a divey cheating wanker? Sometimes you think there is justice in the world after all. The only way it could be any better is if it had been Costa.


All I know is I love Arsenal and I love all of you guys on here too. Today the football gods paid Arsene back just for being a great human being.

What a beautiful day!