Wenger questions teams who are ‘on holiday’


In what appears to be a fairly obvious attempt to rouse the teams that will be facing Man City and Liverpool this week, Arsene Wenger has questioned teams who don’t give their best right until the end of the season.

The Arsenal manager clearly watched West Ham go through the motions against Liverpool on Sunday, and knowing that we need one of the teams above us to drop some points, has tried to sting opposition into action with some choice words.

“Some teams turn up, some teams are on holiday,” he said. “We had to fight very hard at Stoke and Southampton, but some teams once they are safe have a breather which didn’t happen 10 years ago. The league has changed mentally. Morally it has changed a lot.

“It’s very difficult to plan. You just want your team to do well and to focus completely until the last. I think to be professional is to do your job properly until the last second of the season.

“It looks at the end of the season that many teams who have been assured to stay in the league have just released their focus.

“I think to be professional is to do your job properly until the last second of the season. It is vital.”

It’s worth pointing out that his comments could apply to tonight’s opposition, Sunderland, while there was certainly some of the usual intensity missing from Stoke’s performance at the weekend, so it works both ways.

For more thoughts on this, read today’s Arseblog.

Arsenal play Sunderland tonight, while Man City host West Brom. On Sunday Liverpool welcome Middlesbrough to Anfield, City are away to Watford, while Arsenal take on Everton at the Emirates.

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Donald\'s Trump

No one moaned when he took Arsenal on holiday for nearly 3 months.

Also Stoke could not be less arsed.


Hello, fan of Spurs. Welcome to Arseblog!


Truth hurts eh?


Wasn’t a holiday. Looked like a spell in the slammer for all concerned.

Liam Bradys left peg

No mid season break here lads

Too Drunk To Be Offside

This is stupid by Wenger. This won’t rouse Middlesborough into action or anything like that.

What Wenger could do is get on the phone with Middleborough chairman and tell him that Arsenal are interested in their crappiest 16 yr old player and want to splash out some cash on him. 10-15 mil or so.

Of course this will only happen if Arsenal get into CL so you know …

New guy

Do league rules prevent arsenal from simply offering straight cash bonuses to Middlesbrough’s players for winning? That seems easier.

Too Drunk To Be Offside

Remember in La Liga recently Barca and Real were neck and neck going into the final day and both offered the final day opponents of the other team ‘incentives’.

The argument was that as long as the opponents are being asked to play to win, its all fair.


Is this a combined dig at Wenger and every young player he has signed?

Too Drunk To Be Offside

No its a geniune suggestion of how to incentivise Middlesbrough to not let Liverpool win.

Early Arsenal

Wenger went on to say that it’s down to Arsenal and their own lack of consistency that will cost them a place in the top 4. He said that we have no one else to blame but ourselves.


Everyone was smiling against Stoke. Even Sanchez the ill tempered beauty and pride of Chile and London. Now normal service has been resumed by the people wil agendas.

Liam Bradys left peg

Dont forget the jetlag for a few weeks after they returned and another long holiday coming up very soon. Lifes so tough for players.


Guardiola on Wenger’s comments: “So you don’t want to complain. Do it better during the season and you will not have this problem.”
Says it all. If the team weren’t a shower of piss for half the season and only started winning when teams were safe from relegation and weren’t interested than the team wouldn’t be in the mess they’re in. Simple as that. He’s coming off as foolish and desperate at this point. Own up to your failures Arsene.


Yeah, no, well, but if you only count the first halves of games we’re totally better…right…right?


Wenger’s excuse is getting more bizzare and frankly embarrassing each year . he is basically complaining westhams inability to beat Liverpool as a reason arsenal could not get into top four when he could himself beat Liverpool even once this season. If he had worried about his own team earlier we would not have been at the mercy of results of westham or other teams. And you’re right pep gave a fitting reply for this. As long as wenger won’t accept his failure and stop this maoning he will never win anything with this club


Not to mention we were given a free go at West Ham ourselves…


He’s trying to get a reaction from teams facing Man City and Liverpool. With your Wengerout bias you are gaining …err what?


That looking for a reaction thing is making him look like a hypocrite, and a desperate one at that.


think wenger was better off trying to get a reaction from his own team when arsenal was off to holiday a month ago


I’m really not sure he used this an excuse for the whole season though

Heavenly Chapecoense

Wenger will be eternally known as the God of excuses just like Erebus is the god of darkness and shadow in the greek mythology.


Played our reserves first two games of the season because players were tired after tournament football. Liverpool at home being one of them games.

Besides that we seemed to be on holiday when we were supposed to be playing West Brom, Crystal Palace and the bloody potatoes!!


Comments on teams not giving it their best is a bit rich considering the season we’ve had.


Arsene Whiner


Umm. Try harder.


It was by our hands arsene …

Cliff Bastin

Just when he was building up a bit of good will.


Was he? I think most people have made up their minds. Good thing he doesn’t give a fuck.

Dan Hunter

Are the WengerOut police?
All hail our supreme leader… Arsene Wenger


I’m not sure if he’s making a general observation or complaining that it’s unfair.
I’m sure most teams would have loved to play the Man Utd. side we faced

Kwame Ampadu Down

Absolutely. Man Utd/Southampton, Stoke. EXACTLY the sort of fixtures he is giving out about are exactly the sort of fixtures that have given us 3 wins in a row. It’s utter nonsense.

It should be pointed out he also dragged out this excuse last season….ignoring the fact that we got wins over Everton, Watford, West Brom & Villa that fell into this category of games too.


“Man Utd/Southampton, Stoke.”

You like stats? I’ve seen you bandy them about. Please educate us about our struggles with these teams.

More than Spurs fans or Chelsea fans it is Arsenal fans who want to bring us down.


Sachin – get back in your box please


Thanks, I am happy where I am.

Faisal Narrage

Go away.
You’re a tediously obnoxious troll.


And nope.


If Boro or west Brom get a result this week well be calling him a genius. Seems pretty standard to me!


No pressure Calum, but please ensure you keep a clean sheet on Sunday. Thanks.


Well, we got the holiday memo a little early this season too 🙂


I think statements about the ‘Team’ being on holiday is somewhat misleading guys…

… Xhaka never went on holiday, he pissed off the check-in lady and spent the night in the local nick.


It’s always the same . When teams lose the manager will complain about match congestion and the referee etc and when they win theirs no mention at all about the referees decisions . Players try to deceive the ref with dives etc all season but when the ref gets it wrong there the first ones to complain . If they were honest all season then it would be much easier for refs. another example I’d like to point out is say Arsenal for instants getting a penalty awarded to them that should never of been and end up winning 1-0… Read more »


West Ham were shit. They stood there watching the ball go in. Just compare the goals with what we did to Stoke. You have You Tube access in your part of the world?

I’m pretty pissed off this casual cynicism that passes off as Arsenal fan sentiment.


This cynicism is based on material facts. Wenger’s just giving out excuses and this season has been his worst. The team has been poor when it mattered and wins against teams who can’t be bothered isn’t enough. Stop trolling and go back to your cave.


Maybe we ought to not call people trolls, whiners and other names just because they have a different opinion.

Or perhaps you can charter a plane against Sachin.

John C

Always quick to see fault in others but never himself!


That’s the first step John. More introspecting please.


Shows he is ill-prepared to use the mirror for the answers required, instead blames others


It’s all just a great big scam. Nothing will change because they like us the way we are right now, divided and fighting amongst ourselves. As long as this continues the club will remain the same because they don’t care. They are feeding off of our negative energy. Why did our team look like a bunch of robots programmed to lose for four months and now it’s like they flicked a switch and we have passion and desire? We are all being played folks, just keep that in mind next time you watch our glorious team. It’s just a puppet… Read more »


Yep. No moon landing either. Was a studio.


We can have that conversation if you want but I thought we were here to talk about Arsenal.

I am stating my personal perspective and opinion​. I am wondering what your perspective and opinion is and making fun of mine doesn’t count as your own opinion.


“Why did our team look like a bunch of robots programmed to lose for four months and now it’s like they flicked a switch and we have passion and desire? We are all being played folks, just keep that in mind next time you watch our glorious team. It’s just a puppet show for the masses.” If you have ever played football you’d know sometimes you lose. Sometimes you actually suck at it and lose a lot. It is never because you have been ‘played’ or because you are a ‘puppet’. My opinion is that surprise, there is no conspiracy..… Read more »


Didn’t Arsenal just come back from holiday?


I think Arsene did too…


He might consider the choices he made in our two six pointers (potential in the case of the first game as it was at the beginning of the season) against the very club he accuses West Ham of being in holiday mode against.
A draw in either of those two games against Livepool would have been enough to place the dice. In our favour.

Klopp could level the same accusation at Stoke City who are supposed to hate us! Even their fans were subdued.


What match were you watching????? They shut up after Alexis scored the third!

This misplaced scorn and whitewashing (blackwashing) is doing your club a world of good. No?


Pretty sure we need to look at ourselves and in particular the WBA, Palace, Watford and Chelsea away games. We were rubbish and got nothing from them games, three points out of one of them and we would be in the top four now. It’s more excuse making from a man whose performance from himself, his staff and his players has not been good enough this year and in previous years too. We were told for years that top four is a trophy. Now that it looks like we are going to miss out on the top four Wenger comes… Read more »



He is not making an excuse. This is needling. God!

He has been the first to admit this season has been very bad. Though he has buffered his interviews ‘bouncing back / reaction’ quotes as he to as a RESPONSIBLE MANAGER OF A FRAGILE TEAM.

To answer your question: We will screw United, City and Liverpool with this same squad and manager next year. Some sensible signings and we will screw Spurs and Chelsea, too.


Optimistic and delusional…well done

Faisal Narrage

“He has been the first to admit this season has been very bad”
Is that when he blamed our defeats on merely “a bad run of defensive stability” and “if you look at just the first half, we would’ve beaten Bayern”?

Yeah, not delusional at all.
The fact you feel the need to respond to everyone indicates you’re in the world of delusion too.


The reason I’m responding is because I care.

Wenger isn’t anyone’s supreme leader. But I am in no mood to see him be some idiot’s whipping boy either. It’s like a fucking lynch mob out here. I’m 100% Arsenal and I’m 100% Wenger. Don’t like it? Too bad.


Its only idiotic Wenger ass lickers that will thumb down this post, and we seem to have many of them on this blog.


here we go again dont under estimate the Psychology of Wenger he is deflecting his team and his failures onto others we have not been good enough worst performances ever in 5 years that is a real cheap shot.love or hate maureen he dont give a shit now for top 4 he knows the prize is winning the EL cup other teams that are secure can now give other team members a game be it from the youth they are concentrating on there own goals not the failings of Wenger and his tactless idealism


Hate Maureen.

Losing consecutively against Arsenal and Spurs sits lovely with United fans? That guy is a clown. Dude you are deluded.

Dan Hunter

That’s what serial winners look like.You hate him because the truth stings


Look I can tolerate the rabidest Wengerouter. They might be making a fool of themselves but they are extremely upset for fair/debateable reasons and they don’t know what to do or how to behave. Ergo planes and booing and hate posts. I get that.

But anyone who sings Jose’s praises is just an asshole. Serial Asshole. An asshole with parasitic infection.

Dan Hunter

It is embarrassing to say what he has said about teams being on beaches. We have been on holiday since December to May. Watford, Palace, West Brom, Bayern Munich twice, Chelsea, Liverpool – we can go on and on and on. Do the job at hand and we wouldn’t need a snooker. Everyone is laughing at us. The shittest clubs in the league are singing they want Arsene Wenger to stay. THAT is embarrassing. He HAS to go now. The fact that certain fans do not see it is beyond me.


More BS from Wenger. did our team turn up against WBA ? no Crystal Palace ? no what about any game away to city spurs liverpool chelsea.. how about Bayern . Its the same as his continual bleating to the 4th official. the guy is a joke


Fucking West Brom haven’t won at the Hawthorns since they beat us there.

I’ll officially forgive them of that particular hoodoo if they win tonight.


Is he just trolling with this?

I mean it’s hardly a co-incidence that we finally managed to beat a Mourinho team and win away at Stoke and Southampton, just at the point when each of those sides had nothing to play for in the league.


My friend it is all a scam. A scam to keep you unhappy while sucking all the money out of your wallet. Spend, spend, spend, hate, hate, hate. It’s been happening for years and now we are finally waking up. I bet that Middlesbrough pull out an unreal game and tie Liverpool. We win and sneak in in the greatest escape of all time. It will keep our attention, give us hope for next season and justify Wenger staying. It’s like a tv show.


Hey there Tyler Durden.


Sup buddy! Ready to join the conversation with some of your own perspectives and ideas?

Faisal Narrage

His MSN Chat script doesn’t allow this bot to add anything insightful.

Ulysses 32

Even a fluke top 4 (which I dont think will happen) and an FA cup win (which I dont think will happen) should justify another 2 years. Roll the fucking dice already. I honestly wont blame anyone if it goes titsup ‘Moyes at Utd’ style next season. We are stale, we need something new and different.


“I honestly wont blame anyone if it goes titsup ‘Moyes at Utd’ style next season.”

I will blame you though.


Given it’s Sunderland we want 4-0 to close the goal difference gap. But given our season I expect us to nick an offside handball winner in injury time.


I think a more interesting angle is to look at Chelsea vs Watford. Chelsea put out their reserves, which they are entitled to do especially after winning the league, against a struggling Watford side. In the end they Watford scored 3 goals against them, and could have won.
So we now know that beyond their first 11, Chelsea do not have a strong squad, and may struggle again next season. But more importantly, Chelsea are certainly beatable on cup final day if their mind is too busy relaxing already.


Coq to get revenge against Hazard. (Maybe even fuck Cesc up for his comments.)


See the down votes to me saying Coq gets revenge on Hazard? These are the very people that WANT US TO LOSE TO CHELSEA. Because that furthers their Wengerout agenda and fuels the insane hatred against club personalities. Mostly it is Wenger, but frequently it is Ramsey or Walcott or Gibbs or Giroud or in this case Coq. Fool someone else about your intentions and doing waht is good for the club. Forget Wenger, he’s anyway close to the end of his career. These people will be like hyenas after the next guy and the next. Out to suck the… Read more »


I cannot believe you are getting downvoted for that comment, and I think you’re right that the only people voting on this article are those who want Arsenal to lose against Chel$ki. Too much hatred for the club in our so-called fan base right now. Let’s see if I can deflect some it from you.


Also, ARSENAL 3-0 Chelfuckingshit$ki in the Cup Final. So fucking there.


Revenge is reserved for brutes like Arnautovic and Shawcross who willfully injure others players. Not people like Hazard who although playing for a cunty team is a decent guy and a good player who scored a goal against us because we were shit on the day.

Coq was made a fool of because he allowed himself to made a fool of. What’s to be avenged? Play better or get the fuck out!


Well we’re fortunate that Sunderland players have decided to be “injured” to get an early jump on their holiday, so…

Indian Gooner

Arsene is just trying too hard to play the mind games here! Nothing else.


And there’s nothing wrong with that, either. You can bet that if we were coasting to the title but Pep needed us to beat Sunderland for his team to make the CL, he’d be saying exactly the same thing.

Early Arsenal

Wenger was asked specifically about the poor performance of some teams and gave the above answer and then went on to say that we have no one else to blame but ourselves and our own lack of consistency. He made it clear that the performance of other teams is not an excuse for Arsenals own failure.


We take 2 or 3 month holidays every frikkin’ season under Wenger which prevent us from challenging for the pl title……


For the past few years I’ve actually watched or heard every Wenger quote and counted how many excuses he uses! Love the guy but it’s over……..


He’s trying to cajole some response from the remaining teams facing our ‘rivals’ for top 4. In truth they are all weak teams… West Brom, Watford are unlikely to stop City, Boro is as poor as you can get for Liverpool. And if we are banking on them to give us a slim chance, well, we did the damage to ourselves early on when we went on our own ‘holiday’. Contrast our two remaining games, Sunderland is a banana peel for this team, the sort of game the team expect to role over and do not approach it with the… Read more »